IPCFS: Chapter 22

Hengcheng, the Central Hospital.

He Ling watched the increasingly fierce trend of public opinion and his irritation the whole day was finally relieved. He looked at the comments on Ji Li’s Weibo and gave each abusive comment a like with his side account.

“Has the topic of dismissing Ji Li from the crew been arranged?” He looked to the side and asked Sun Yong.

Sun Yong shook his head and spoke with worry, “The company has called to warn me. He Ling, it is almost done. There is no need to spend money to arrange this hot search entry deliberately. If fans want to make it rise then it will naturally rise.”

After all, Ji Li was an artist of Dream Media. The company couldn’t completely indulge He Ling to suppress him into the dust.

“At this time, the company is still trying not to favor one side?” He Ling dismissed it and took two photos of his plastered leg. “If you don’t arrange it, I’ll find a way to arrange it myself.”

Sun Yong heard this and felt something was wrong. “He Ling, you can’t take advantage of the rhythm on your Weibo now. Currently, fans and netizens are standing on your side. Be careful that things don’t reverse. Just report your safety on Weibo like normal.”

“Yes, I know.” He Ling spoke duplicity.

He logged into his Weibo and quickly sent a message with a photo. Then he deleted it in seconds.

He Ling’s fans had been worried about He Ling so they had been waiting on Weibo for the latter’s message. Thus, they noticed it the moment He Ling’s new post came out.

“Struggling is just life. I have no shortcuts to take but I have a clear conscience the entire way.”

The sentence that was deleted in seconds immediately stirred up waves among the fans and melon eating netizens.

What did this mean? Wasn’t it a verification of the authenticity of the explosive post?

Ji Li relied on the shortcut of ‘Qin Yue’ to seize He Ling’s role. The latter had no capital to fight and could only accept fate.

The brains of the fans made up a big show and they were angry and distressed. On the one hand, they were comforting the injured He Ling. On the other hand, they made a fierce attack on Ji Li who ‘robbed the role.’

It wasn’t just the fans. Even the book fans who were attracted by the video yesterday were involved.

These days, it was difficult for the 2D IP people to be interpreted into a suitable real image.

It was hard to find an actor whose image was in line with the original and was accepted by most book fans. The other person dedicated himself to filming and due to the crew’s mistake, he was accidentally injured. Then he was replaced on the same day by a person with a relationship.

Who could bear it?

Who didn’t feel disgusted?

Public opinion didn’t fall but rose instead. It wasn’t just Ji Li. Some extreme fans even cursed Qin Yue.

Sun Yong read this and couldn’t sit still. “He Ling, are you taking my words as nothing? Sending this Weibo and then deleting it in seconds, do you think the connotation isn’t obvious enough?”

He Ling was unmoved and just raised his mouth proudly. “Why are you panicking? Don’t you see that the fans and netizens are turning toward me?”

The book fans concerned about this matter and He Ling’s big fans joined forces to ‘boycott Ji Li.’ The heat of the Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth topic was increased.

Tomorrow morning, he would ask Mr Zheng to put pressure on the crew in the name of an investor.

Netizens didn’t like Ji Li and an investor was boycotting Ji Li. He didn’t believe that Ji Li could stay in the crew after all this!

“The relationship between Ji Li and Qin Yue was originally arranged by us but it was sent out by the stinky marketing account. Why are you joining in as well? If the news reaches Qin Yue’s team…”

Sun Yong was obviously thinking deeper.

According to the gossip, Qin Yue didn’t only have achievements in the entertainment industry. His wealthy background also couldn’t be underestimated.

Qin Yue had debuted for so many years and had never been involved in this type of ‘black material.’ There were no media who dared to write about his fake scandals.

They spent money to buy a marketing account and it was already risky behavior involving Qin Yue. Now He Ling wasn’t afraid of death and secretly ‘revealed’ the relationship between Qin Yue and Ji Li?

“The relationship between the two of them is the rhythm of the marketing account and the guesses of the fans and passersby. I didn’t say anything.” He Ling calmly picked himself clean.

“Don’t bluff me. Teacher Qin Yue is so busy. How can he be free to stare at the comments on the Internet.” He Ling started to rush this person. “Okay, it is almost 11 p.m. I want to rest.”

He Ling sent another Weibo post reporting his safety. He saw that more and more people were resisting Ji Li and fell asleep in a satisfied manner.

What was the saying?

A blessing in disguise.

After this, his popularity was much higher than when he was in the competition. Even if he took a three month break due to his injury, he wouldn’t have to worry about work after his comeback.

Sun Yong wanted to talk but stopped. There was always some uneasiness in his heart but things had already happened. It didn’t help if he said anything else.

He remembered the other protagonist who was at the center of public opinion and walked into the next room.

Sun Yong arranged a large speech in his mind. He wanted to pretend to ‘care’ about Ji Li, only to find that—

His WeChat was blocked by the other person and his number was also blocked.

He was completely abandoned as an agent by Ji Li the moment the incident happened.


He Ling had a good dream all night and was energetic when he woke up. It was as if even the pain from his leg had reduced a lot.

He turned on the phone and planned to see the result of the night. However, the smile on his face instantly faded when he saw the number one entry on the hot search.

-He Ling acting self-important.

He Ling entered the hot search and checked the content, only to find that the most popular Weibo was actually published by the official Weibo of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth.

“We respect every good actor. The following video represents part of the truth.”

It was a 10 minute documentary from the crew with the date stamp on the upper left.

He Ling instantly understood. This was his first day in the crew!

In the video, He Ling had a terrible expression. He was only hanging around three or four meters high with the wire but he yelled badly. He complained that the back of his hand was scratched and that the wire hurt him…

Under the scorching sun, the wire staff accompanied him to test the filming over and over again, only to receive his increasingly impatient, dark expression.

“Why are you asking for so much? I won’t shoot! Whoever wants to shoot can shoot!” In the video, He Ling yelled at the director before turning away and leaving everyone behind.

In addition, there was a video from yesterday. He Ling was perfunctory with the martial arts instructor and even put on a foul face.

As a result, he not only hurt himself but also injured two wire staff.

“Have you seen the online video?” Sun Yong quickly entered from the next room, his expression not pretty. He had obviously seen the Weibo released by the crew and the hot search.

“These videos have clearly been edited! The crew is really shady!” He Ling gripped the phone, his heart angry and panicked.

It didn’t show Yao Chuan accusing him with a fark face. It only showed his one-sided tantrum.

‘If you controlled  your temper, how could the crew get these things?’

Sun Yong reluctantly suppressed these words and sighed. “Don’t say anything. I will immediately call the crew to ask.”

The attention to He Ling in the past two days was much higher than usual. There was the marketing account and hot search in wave after wave. He sold misery using the fact that he was injured and his role was robbed. This caused many people to follow the trend and scold the crew.

As a result, no one expected that the crew would actually go out in person and provide evidence to fight back.

Acting self-important, not taking it seriously, getting hurt and also dragging the crew with him… these scenes were completely different from He Ling’s marketing to the outside world.

In the face of the sudden reversal, fans were at a loss, black fans chose to ridicule him and passersby shook their heads, condemning He Ling’s attitude during filming.

-Wow, this is an eye-opener. He is so awesome on the set? Daring to openly challenge the director?

-Is it so easy for a star to make money these years? Becoming angry over just a few shots?

-Who does this guy think he is? The pretentiousness makes me sick.

-I am a book fan and I’m starting to feel doubts. How can a person like He Ling play Xie Yan well?

-It is a fact that He Ling was injured. There is no need for the crew to deliberately release a video to blacken people, right?

-Fans, don’t come here. Our eyes are blind. Did the crew force He Ling to perform these scenes? His personal setting is broken. It is a high-maintenance demon.


In the hotel suite, Baozi stared at the direction of public opinion and finally showed a cheerful smile. “Brother Ji, it is as you expected. A large number of netizens have already switched to blaming He Ling!”

Ji Li was very calm facing the expected situation. “He Ling wanted to ruin my reputation and use pressure to let the crew dismiss me. I naturally can’t let him do as he wants.”

Therefore, once the news was posted last night, Ji Li directly asked Baozi to contact the crew and discuss a solution.

He Ling’s showy operation didn’t only target Ji Li but also hurt the interests of the crew. The change in role was done after the entire production team thought about it and it wasn’t due to the news on the Internet. They definitely wouldn’t agree with the intentions of He Ling’s team and the fans.

If even the roles were decided by netizens, how could the scenes in the crew be shot in the future?

Yao Chuan and the others agreed with Ji Li and helped him fight back on the cusp of the storm. In any case, the drama had been filming for a while and they could use this opportunity to stir up some positive enthusiasm.

Ji Li picked up the naughty Snow Cake and placed him next to the food bowl. The latter smelled the milk powder and rubbed the back of his hand affectionately before starting to drink.

Ji Li glanced at the time and instructed Baozi, “You can send the next wave of news.”

“Yes!” Baozi happily switched to his drafts box and sent out the message that had already been typed and edited.

That wasn’t all. He quickly notified the entertainment blogger friends on his list to help forward it.

Baozi’s Weibo was a popular entertainment V. Not only did he have many fans but they were also active.

It didn’t take long for the netizens who were searching for melons to notice a new Weibo post.

@Entertainment Circle: I can’t hold back. Let me tell you one more thing. Ji Li was He Ling’s stand-in in the crew at the beginning. The video, which was wildly praised by fans and book fans the day before yesterday, was actually Ji Li.

The additional video was taken from a different angle and released with the permission of the crew. The picture quality was very high-definition.

The man in white jumped down from the tree. His superior and neat posture was eye-catching. Then the white gauze of his hat was blown up by the wind, briefly exposing the side of his face.

At the end of filming, the ‘obstructive’ gauze hat was lightly removed and Ji Li’s overly exquisite look in ancient costume was revealed to the public. In the video, his eyes fell on one place and he suddenly showed a moving and radiant smile.

-Ahhhhh, f**k, Ji Li’s appearance is delicious!

-The video clip that made everyone scream for so long has always been Ji Li? Have the He Ling fans been slapped in the face? Who vowed that they wouldn’t be mistaken about their idol? So shameful hahaha.

-A Xie Yan book fan here. I bounced in place, rotated in the air and finally pulled out a banner: Ji Li, I can!

-This pure melon eating passerby says that this person’s ancient clothing is better to look at than He Ling.

-Don’t talk about fans being slapped in the face. This book fan feels pain on my face. Ji Li, I shouldn’t have scolded you on impulse yesterday. This appearance is really good!

-To be fair, He Ling acted arrogantly and delayed the shooting. Now he needs three months to recover. The crew can’t wait for him that entire time. There is nothing wrong with Ji Li filling in, right?

-The breaking news said that Ji Li took He Ling’s resources? But he can only act as a stand-in at the beginning?

The rumors about Ji Li and Qin Yue seem to be nonsense at first glance. If the two of them really did have a relationship, why be a stand-in? Some people even scolded Ji Li for bringing money into the group. Yes, this person looks good so he brought it into the crew~

Baozi was amused by the sharp and cheerful comments of the netizens. His gloomy mood since last night was swept away. “Brother Ji, netizens are complimenting you! There are many book fans who say they were slapped in the face but they are hit willingly.”

The reason was simple.

It was because Ji Li’s ancient clothing was too good-looking. In this circle, the saying that ‘beauty is justice, capital and popularity’ wasn’t outdated.

As for his and Qin Yue’s black material, there was no evidence and it couldn’t hold up at all.

Baozi watched Ji Li’s increasing number of fans and was about to hum a small tune.

The real-time comments were no longer overwhelming abuse. Rather, the formerly popular, foul comments were being criticized by new netizens.

Ji Li’s heartstrings loosened. He held Snow Cake in his arms and rubbed the cat’s bulging body. Suddenly, he received a call.

Ji Li saw the caller ID and immediately picked up. “Brother Qin.”

There was a chuckle from the other end of the phone. “You are really great. You reversed public opinion with just two moves.”

Ji Li’s lips curved up and he asked, “Brother Qin, did you do what I asked you about last night?”

He Ling had a wealthy backer and the other party was likely to be an investor in the crew. However, Ji Li couldn’t find the person’s identity with his current ability.

Therefore, he called to ask Qin Yue.

“Yes, I found it.” Qin Yue replied before asking, “Are you sure you really want to release the matter of He Ling and his wealthy backer? In this entertainment industry, it might not be a bad thing to leave a hidden hand.”

He Ling took the idol route. Once this news burst out, even if he didn’t die, he would have to lose several layers of skin.

“Leave a hidden hand? It isn’t necessary. I have to return the dirty water that He Ling poured on me. Before he hurts others, he should think about how it would end if there is backlash.”

A hint of toughness flashed through Ji Li’s eyes as he spoke honestly, “Even if I stop now, He Ling won’t remember my goodness at all.”

This young man looked warm and kind but he was tough and direct in private.

Qin Yue received this unexpected and reasonable answer and replied lightly, “Okay, I’ll help you.”

In fact, he didn’t think the young man’s approach was excessive. Rather, it was justified.

The stars in the entertainment industry wanted to create a ‘good character’ setting but they weren’t a true Virgin Mary. Why should they have to swallow down their anger when bullied?


In the hospital, He Ling on the hospital bed felt like he was an ant on a hot pan. He hadn’t expected that in less than an hour, the backlash from the marketing would rush over him.

He relied on his role to attract fans? No, the person who the book fans were truly thinking of in their hearts was Ji Li.

He was hurt while filming? No, he acted self-important in public and also injured the crew members.

Various videos had completely circulated on the Internet, hammering him into the bottom of a pit.

Sun Yong packed back and forth in the same place in an upset manner. He had asked the company’s PR department to help and slowly reduce the heat. It was just that the netizens were still in the excitement period of ‘eating melons’ and the effect of controlling the field wasn’t obvious.

“Can you stop walking around and annoying me!” He Ling roared out.

Sun Yong was so angry that he stood beside the bed. “Are you still acting angry with me? I’m telling you, all you can hope for now is that this matter will pass quietly and nothing else will come out.”

“The Internet has no memory. By the time your leg injury recovers, none of the netizens will remember it.”

The moment he finished speaking, He Ling’s voice trembled slightly. “…It’s over.”

“What’s over?” Sun Yong wasn’t clear about it.

He stared at the top entry in the hot search and his heart sank to the bottom: He Ling sleeping with others at a drinking party.

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