IPCFS: Chapter 19

Ji Li’s eyes darkened in an instant. Before he could snap, Baozi came out from behind him. “He Ling, your words are too terrible!”

“There is no room for you to speak here!” He Ling gave him a fierce look. “If you don’t want to be my assistant then get the hell out of here.”

“…Who wants to be your assistant? I will resign now!” Baozi’s chest moved up and down. He was obviously very angry.

What the hell?

Just because he had a bit of money behind him, could he boss around others so casually?

He Ling hadn’t expected Bao Zixing to actually come out to support Ji Li and became even angrier. He grabbed Ji Li by the collar and said, “You are quite good at buying people’s hearts.”

“It seems that you’ve been following around in the circle for two years and haven’t learned to be human yet.” Ji Li stared at the other person’s clenched fists and his eyes were completely cold. “Baozi, open the door to your room.”

“Eh?” Baozi was stunned but he immediately found the room card and did it.

The electronic door on the left opened in response.

He Ling was unclear about what was going on and his clenched fists gradually turned white. “What do you mean?”

 “I don’t mean anything.” Ji Li stretched his wrists and enunciated every word clearly. “There is surveillance in the corridor. It isn’t convenient for me to hit people.”

After he finished, Ji Li violently pulled He Ling into the room and kicked shut the door. “Baozi, stand aside and don’t get involved.”

He Ling met Ji Li’s cold eyes and the anger in his heart momentarily froze. Before he could react, the latter struck him in the chest with an elbow.

“Hiss.” He Ling withdrew in pain.

Ji Li didn’t give the opponent a chance to counterattack at all and quickly tripped him.

He Ling fell to the ground in response and the back of his head slammed into the ground. Ji Li used his physical advantage to suppress him from above. Then he drew the fruit knife from the table and ruthlessly inserted it beside the side of He Ling’s face.

The cold sharpness of the blade loomed over him, as if his skin would be cut the moment he struggled.

He Ling took a deep breath. “…Ji Li, are you crazy? It is illegal to hurt someone with a knife!”

“You were the first one to speak insults.” Ji Li turned the handle of the knife indifferently and seemed to be smiling. “I didn’t do anything to you. How am I breaking the law?”

“Do you know who is standing behind me? If you dare to hurt me then I will never be done with you in the future.” He Ling gritted his teeth but didn’t dare to move.

Ji Li admired his angry and suffocating expression and laughed. “Do you think I care about who is standing behind you? Do you think you can fly into the sky just because you have a wealthy backer? I’m afraid to mention these dirty activities in case I stink up my mouth.”

He Ling had joined Dream Media and received jobs from Sun Yong. He was the first male lead in a small cost ancient drama three months ago yet now he was using money to join a big crew…

What type of deal was hidden behind this qualitative leap? The answer was self-evident.

He Ling heard this and his heart was filled with fear and shame.

How come?

He was taken by Sun Yong to the ‘drinking party’ but outsiders didn’t know about this. How could Ji Li know? Did Sun Yong tell him in private?

“What do I need to be clear about?” He Ling was stubborn. “You volunteered to follow Sun Yong. How can your mind be better?!”

“At this time, you are still in the mood to slander others? I won’t let Sun Yong have his way. I don’t have as much skill as you.” Ji Li’s eyes grew darker as he slid the knife down. “Stop talking nonsense and apologize.”

A slight tingling sensation came from his neck. He Ling saw from the cold eyes of the other person who wanted to act for real and his breathing froze. “…What apology? Don’t be impulsive.”

Ji Li stared at him. “Apologize to Baozi first and then apologize to me. No one wants to suffer your bad temper.”

Baozi witnessed all of this and felt the powerful aura emitted by Ji Li. Not only did he have no fear but his eyes were full of admiration.

Brother Ji is so charming! He actually wants to make He Ling apologize to me? Wuuuu.

The other person’s coercion continued to spread and He Ling lost to the psychological pressure. “I’m sorry.”

It was as low as a mosquito and slightly inaudible.

“Speak up. I can’t hear you clearly.” Ji Li raised an eyebrow with dissatisfaction.

“…I’m sorry. Is that enough?!”

The gritted apology came at the same time as an anxious knock on the door. Sun Yong shouted from outside, “Baozi, are they in your room?”

Baozi was stunned and quickly turned to Ji Li to ask for help.

Ji Li nodded and stood up.

He Ling touched his neck in a trembling manner, only to find no traces of blood. The subtle smile on Ji Li’s lips made him instantly realize that he was tricked.

It was the back of the knife that had just touched him.

He got up from the ground and sat down on the bed due to his weak legs.

Sun Yong opened the door and saw such a scene.

Ji Li was leaning against the table in a leisurely manner, an apple in his hand. Meanwhile, He Ling was sitting on the opposite bed in an extremely unnatural manner.

“What’s going on with all of you?” Sun Yong wondered.

“He Ling is hungry so he is acting like a young master.” Ji Li’s technique was extremely good and he peeled the apple without missing any of the skin. He cut off a small piece, poked it with the tip of the knife and handed it to He Ling with a clear and friendly smile. “Eat it?”

He Ling was inexplicably scared. He always felt that the other person would stab the knife in his throat in the next second. He hurriedly shook off Ji Li’s hand and exclaimed in an embarrassed manner, “Get lost. From tomorrow onwards, don’t even think about being my stand-in!”

Then he quickly left the room but his back made him look a bit depressed.

Sun Yong glanced at Ji Li suspiciously and pointed at him, “Take a break for me.”

It wasn’t until he left that Baozi moved to Ji Li’s side and quietly asked, “Brother Ji, did you really want to do something to He Ling just now?”

“How is that possible? I am a good citizen in a society ruled by law.” Ji Li chuckled and handed the apple in his hand to Baozi. “I just acted to scare him. That person deserves a lesson.”

70% was real and 30% relied on his acting to threaten He Ling.

He Ling was so fooled that he didn’t even dare to lose his temper.

Baozi happily took the apple before becoming worried again. “However, I’m worried that He Ling will want revenge. What if it is really bad for you?”

“The entertainment industry has never been just a game of capital. Why should I be afraid of him?” Ji Li had experienced many storms and wasn’t afraid of He Ling’s threat at all.

He was still a contracted artist of Dream Media and he hadn’t violated any of the company’s regulations. This meant he couldn’t be easily hidden by the company. As for the wealthy backer behind He Ling, this person wouldn’t be easily controlled by a temperamental boy.

“By the way Brother Ji, you played the role of Xie Yan very well.” Baozi was upset. He always felt that he had dragged down Ji Li.

“Okay, I haven’t eaten yet. Have you ordered something?” Ji Li changed the subject while light flashed in his eyes.

It was a pity but with He Ling’s temperament, he would’ve been dismissed as a stand-in sooner or later.

No matter how good the role, it had no destiny with him. Therefore, he had to become stronger as soon as possible to control his life.


In the luxurious suite on the top floor, He Ling listened to the verbal abuse on the phone with a bad expression.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you can do anything you want just because you climbed into my bed? I gave you 30 million to join the crew. What are you not satisfied with?”

“You want me to help you block a newcomer? He Ling, do you think I am idle all day?”

“I’m telling you that you are just one of my many bed companions. Don’t put yourself too high! For Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth, apart from the 30 million I gave you, I have also invested in it. If you dare to do something that will affect the future ratings, I won’t let you easily go.”

Then he ruthlessly hung up.

He Ling trembled with anger and slammed the phone onto the ground.

Sun Yong picked up the phone, his expression terrible. “This ancestor, what is wrong with you? What are you crazy about again? Do you think this Zheng is someone you can easily call?”

“Tell me, how did Ji Li provoke you that you have to make trouble for him? Isn’t it just a few words of praise in the crew? He is a stand-in. No matter how good he is, you will be the one to benefit in the end.”

“I am the main actor of Xie Yan yet Ji Li is making such a fuss. Do you want me to endure it?!” He Ling roared.

Sun Yong let him express his anger before laying out the facts, “You are the one who made a fuss and left after a few scenes. How much coldness did I receive from Director Yao in the morning due to this?”

He Ling took a few sips of cold water and said through gritted teeth, “Have Ji Li go back to the company. I will shoot the next scenes all by myself.”

From the first day he saw Ji Li, he felt an inexplicable threat from the other person. Ji Li would surpass his popularity and replace him in the company as the ‘leading newcomer.’

Now this sense of threat was becoming more and more serious. He Ling must not allow it to come true.

“Are you sure you want to do it yourself?” Sun Yong was skeptical.

He Ling took out his phone and clicked on a video that lasted less than 10 seconds. “This was sent to me by a crew member, Xiao Yao. Find a way to put it on the hot search. Remember, it is in my name.”

Sun Yong watched the video and couldn’t make a decision for a moment.

He Ling stared directly at him. “Sun Yong, I am the official actor in this drama. Don’t you understand how an agent like you can maximize the benefits?”

“You have become more and more unruly since you climbed into Mr Zheng’s bed.” Sun Yong was dissatisfied.

“You are the one who sent me to his bed.” He Ling sent the video over. “So between me and Ji Li, you must have a bias.”

Sun Yong pondered on it for a moment before getting up. “Wait.”


At 9 o’clock in the evening, the room was filled with the fragrance of food.

Snow Cake stared at the food scraps and used his short legs to try to get from Ji Li’s arms onto the table.

“Be good, Snow Cake. You can’t eat it.” Ji Li played with the fur on Snow Cake’s head with a smile.

Originally, Ji Li saw that the filming schedule was too long so he specially brought Snow Cake to Hengcheng to take care of him. Unexpectedly, he only stayed for a few days and would have to go back tomorrow morning.

“Brother Ji!” Baozi rushed over from the opposite room and placed his phone screen in front of Ji Li’s eyes. “Look at the hot search!”

“What’s the matter?” Ji Li put Snow Cake down on the carpet and took the phone.

Soon, he noticed a high-ranking hot search: He Ling’s white clothes style.

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Thank you very much♡♡♡♡.

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He leaked footage and bought a hot search without asking the director first?! I don’t know how he’s going to keep the role after that, especially since his backer is also an investor and cares about the final product. He Ling hasn’t even filmed one scene yet, what does he think he’s doing…?
Thank you so much for translating! <3

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Ho. This He Ling just won’t wake up, huh? Maybe he needs a stronger stimulation to get it in his head that all actions has consequences. Especially his.
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