IPCFS: Chapter 108 Part 1

Ji Li exchanged looks with Yu Fuya when he heard this.

Next Friday?

At that time, he was meant to be in a transition period of recording the reality show.

Running around at home and abroad with long flights and reversals of day and night were very hard for artists.

Yu Fuya saw that Ji Li’s schedule had collided and was about to speak to discuss it, when the latter took the initiative to agree.

“Thank you, Director Xu. I naturally have time.”

Ji Li looked at Xu Cheng, and sincerity overflowed from his eyes.

It was rare to encounter a high quality male protagonist script, and he had to fight for it no matter what.


Which rising star wasn’t tired?

In the entertainment industry, tiredness was an established element if an actor wanted to climb up.


Early the next morning, the second episode of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ officially started filming. According to the prior requirements, this time the filming started directly from the guest’s residence.

Due to the concerns about the layover times, this recording started very early.

It wasn’t even 5 o’clock when the program team arrived.

Ji Li had just woken up and appeared in front of the camera with messy and cute hair. His eyes were sleepy, and his delicate collar bone showed due to his slightly open collar.

“Good morning.”

His voice was soft and sticky, with a hint of lazy sleepiness.

It was soft and cute while also full of seductive allure.

The exclusive director was already crying inwardly when she saw this scene.

Whose baby is this?

Before dawn, he runs out to mess with people’s hearts!

Wu wu wu, I really want to rush up and kiss Baby Ji Li wildly.

Just then, a cat’s cry was heard.


Snow Cake came out of his nest. He saw so many strangers and immediately became vigilant, rushing into Ji Li’s arms.

Ever since he encountered the perverted sasaeng fan at the hotel last time, Snow Cake had been extra wary of strangers.

“Be obedient.” Ji Li rubbed his head and introduced him to the camera. “This is the cat I picked up in the crew during my first film. He is called Snow Cake.”


Snow Cake had always enjoyed Ji Li’s touch.

Perhaps he felt the relaxed attitude of his owner, but his attitude toward the program team also relaxed.

According to the requirements of the program team, Ji Li introduced the contents of his suitcase, and it was over in less than five minutes.

“Is this much enough?” The exclusive director questioned.

“It should be enough?”

Ji Li replied uncertainly.

He didn’t like to leave his personal belongings out for someone else to organize. This suitcase was temporarily sorted out by him last night.

He had to return to China for an audition halfway through, so he didn’t bring many personal things.

Once the suitcase showing process was completed, Ji Li quickly changed into a set of casual clothes and followed the program team to Qin Yue’s house.

“Ji Li, have you been to Brother Yue’s house in private?” The dedicated director interviewed randomly.

Ji Li shook his head and answered honestly, “No.”

It wasn’t a deliberate lie for the fans. He truly had never been here.

It was funny.

The two of them were obviously in a relationship, but Ji Li had never been to Qin Yue’s home in Shanghai.

The two of them confirmed their relationship after finishing ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’ Then when they returned to China, they were busy with the movie promotion and attending the awards ceremony.

Later, Ji Li encountered a sasaeng fan and the two of them lived together in the capital. Once the holiday was over, they went to work separately.

Ji Li hadn’t expected that the first time he came to Qin Yue’s house in Shanghai would be in the name of ‘recording a program.’

The door opened, and the first one to emerge was Major General.

The dog had smelled Ji Li early on and immediately pounced in a clingy manner. Of course, what he liked more was the smell of Snow Cake on Ji Li’s body.

For Major General, Ji Li had long become his second master.

Qin Yue leaned against the door, and his eyes immediately fell on Ji Li’s body. “I’m sorry, my dog is very friendly to strangers.”

It was natural that an actor could convince people with just his words, and Qin Yue’s acting skills were extremely outstanding.

Ji Li couldn’t help smiling as he rubbed Major General’s head. “That’s fine.”

The two directors looked at each other, and questions rose in their hearts.


Then why was he only sticking to Ji Li?

Was this a so-called face con dog? He picked handsome guys to wag his tail at?

The established process of the show was similar at Qin Yue’s residence.

However, Qin Yue’s suitcase showing time was much longer than Ji Li’s. It was because his packing was too detailed.

Perhaps it was due to the long travel cycle, but Qin Yue brought two large suitcases with him this time.

Each set of clothes was divided into bags, from underwear to coats, from thin shirts to thick clothes, and from accessories such as hats and sunglasses. Needless to say, there was even medicine packaged in special medicine bags, and even special granule type tea bags…

In fact, he didn’t just bring his own things. He also brought many of Ji Li’s ‘exclusive’ items. Of course, no one would know if he didn’t say it.

Qin Yue cooperated with the program team and carefully introduced the items in his bag. He showed familiarity with the suitcase, and it seemed that he had packed them all himself.

The two female directors were already dumbfounded. They were completely immersed in Qin Yue’s charm and unable to extricate themselves.

Brother Yue was too careful, right?

Wu wu wu, they didn’t expect this person to be such a good family man. The type they wanted to marry!

Once this episode was aired, how many girlfriend fans would go crazy for Brother Yue? After all, who didn’t want a boyfriend who took care of everything when they were away from home?

Ji Li silently stood aside. He watched the gradually shocked faces of the staff members with interest.

He didn’t know why, but he actually felt a sense of pride.


Excellent men were the most attractive, and this excellent man was his.

The recording was temporarily over. The program team started looking for a place to prepare for the recording of Qin Yue’s solo interview.

Ji Li saw this and took the time to speak. “Brother Yue, where is the bathroom?”

“Go to the one in my bedroom.”

The corridor on the side of the bathroom was crowded with people, and Qin Yue didn’t want Ji Li to feel inconvenienced.


Ji Li headed in the direction he pointed out, and the corners of his lips rose slightly.

Qin Yue’s bedroom was a space that no outsiders were allowed to enter, yet it was easily pointed out by him.

Even though the two of them had long become lovers, Qin Yue’s subconscious acquiescence and guidance still made Ji Li feel warm and sweet.

The door of the room opened. The surrounding furnishings entered Ji Li’s eyes, and in an instant, the emotion called ‘touched’ swept through his entire heart.

Qin Yue had bought all the magazines and endorsements he had done since he debuted so far, and they were properly placed on the desk.

The room was full of items for two people. Even the toiletries in the bathroom were in a pair…

The items were almost all inadvertently mentioned by Ji Li during their cohabitation period. In addition, all the colors purchased were of his preference without any exceptions.

Even if Ji Li had never been to this home, he could still feel his weight in Qin Yue’s heart from this small room.

There was the sound of the door opening, closing, and locking.

“…Li Bao.” Qin Yue saw Ji Li, who was standing there in a daze, and approached him from behind. “What’s wrong?”

Ji Li couldn’t contain the throbbing in his heart. He turned around and ran into his lover’s arms without hesitation. “Qin Yue, thank you.”

In the entertainment industries of both worlds, Ji Li had seen too many people of all kinds, and he had seen many couples go from being sweet to separating.

There were also many couples who broke up stiffly in the end. This made a group of CP fans shout, ‘I don’t believe in love any more.’

Ji Li had seen too many of these get togethers and separations, so he decided to simply focus on his career. He was originally slow and resistant in terms of feelings. He always felt it was difficult to have both.

This was until Qin Yue’s appearance.

This person silently invaded his life and occupied his thoughts, while staying firmly within the acceptable range, never doing anything to hinder his career.

This let him put aside any previous resistance and willingly immerse himself in this relationship.

Ji Li clearly sensed it.

Even if everything in the entertainment industry changed, Qin Yue’s treatment of him would never change.

“I said that there is no need for thanks between us.” Qin Yue withdrew slightly. He looked at Ji Li’s face in a worried manner. “What’s wrong? Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

“Yes, I really want to sleep in your arms for a while.” Ji Li lost his previous restraint. He was obviously wantonly indulging in his true emotions.

There was a hint of love in his eyes. He actively and firmly hugged Qin Yue.

In the future, he wouldn’t say ‘thank you.’ If possible, every ‘thank you’ would probably turn into ‘I love you.’

Qin Yue naturally sensed his emotions and was stunned.

In fact, Qin Yue knew very well that he was the one whose heart was moved first in this relationship. This was why he never forced Ji Li, who was slow-moving and self-sufficient, into giving too much of a response.

Just because he didn’t force it didn’t mean he didn’t want it.

Ji Li’s flash of love that he showed at this moment made Qin Yue flustered and nervous at the same time. “Why did you become so clingy to me all of a sudden?”

“Isn’t it okay to be clingy to you?” Ji Li pecked his slightly cool lips. “Qin Yue, congratulations on finishing filming.”

Qin Yue was infected by Ji Li’s initiative, and his breathing obviously became tighter. “Baby, don’t seduce me. I can’t stand it.”

God knew that the two of them hadn’t done anything intimate for a long time.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they would have to travel and film next, he would’ve already ‘corrected this goblin’ on the spot.

Ji Li saw Qin Yue’s difficult look ‘wanting but not getting’ him and the smile on his face became even more obvious.

He didn’t know when, but he started to have a little-known hobby.

His hobby was watching Qin Yue, who was serious and abstinent in front of outsiders, become clingy and unable to control himself.

Ji Li liked this type of contrast very much. Apart from that, he also had a bit of satisfaction and pride.

“Qin Yue, I…” Ji Li was about to say something when he glimpsed the microphone on Qin Yue’s collar.

In an instant, his face turned so red that it was almost dripping blood.


This was the end.

He was so deeply moved by the layout of the room and completely forgot that Qin Yue would continue with an interview session.

Seeing Ji Li’s expression, Qin Yue immediately guessed the other person’s true thoughts.

He took the opportunity to bite his lover’s lower lip, spoiling him very much. “Let’s see if you can act presumptuously in front of me. Do you know how to be afraid now?”


Ji Li didn’t dare talk nonsense any longer. He mouthed, “What should I do?”

“I turned off the microphone a long time ago. Don’t be afraid.” Qin Yue calmed down the flustered Ji Li in time.

Having lived under the camera for so many years, Qin Yue knew more about propriety than anyone else. He would never let himself indulge when he should be restrained.

In addition, the cute Ji Li in private could only be his exclusive baby. No one else was allowed to watch or listen to it.

“The others should almost be ready outside. I’ll go to prepare first.” Qin Yue estimated the time and reluctantly let go of his lover.

After turning around and taking two steps, he couldn’t help stopping and instructing, “If you didn’t rest well last night, sleep more on the plane later.”

Ji Li smiled. “Okay.”

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