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IPCFS: Chapter 108 Part 2

The program team divided to film the two groups at the same time.

During the time when the director was fascinated by Ji Li and Qin Yue, the director on the other side was also stunned by the gorgeousness of the Ji mansion.

Two groups of people arrived at the airport one after another and headed for their second destination, Austria.

Compared with the last trip, this trip was much more high-grade, and it was called the ‘Journey to Explore Music.’

Of course, the essence of ‘poor’ travel hadn’t changed. The routine of the program team was as deep as ever.

During the tour, Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei seemed to be under some type of unsolvable spell every time it was the blind selection.

It didn’t matter if they chose first or last. They continued with their ‘unlucky’ temperament to the end.

This wasn’t the worst thing.

The two of them were unlucky, and their physical strength was completely crushed by Qin Yue.

As for Ji Li, he was just a follower who stayed by the side of the ‘lucky emperor’ and was unbelievably relaxed during the entire process.

Three days flew by.

In the hotel room, Qin Yue looked at Ji Li, who was packing his luggage, and asked uneasily.

“Do you have all your documents with you? Have you contacted Sister Yu? Will there be someone to pick you up when you get off the plane?”

“It has already been arranged. Don’t worry.”

Ji Li was qualified for the second round of auditions for Director Xu Cheng. He was going to take advantage of the gap between trips to return to China.

Ji Li had already discussed with Chen Xiaoyun that he would be missing from the third phase of the tour. Feng Cheng from Yuexing Culture would temporarily fill in.

Once the domestic audition was over, Ji Li would go directly to Iceland, the final travel destination, and join up with the program team.

“I heard that the windmills in the Netherlands are spectacular. Unfortunately, I will miss it this time.”

“It isn’t a pity. We can go privately when we have time in the future.” Qin Yue thought of his lover’s itinerary and was very distressed. “Can your body handle rushing back and forth like this?”

“It is bearable. I have one more day to adjust after returning to China.”

If this was in the past, Ju Li would’ve encountered an even more hasty schedule.

Thanks to Qin Yue, Ji Li also had fun and rested well during the past three days. He was recording a show in front of cameras and always felt like he was on vacation in disguise.

“Jiayou, don’t be too stressed about the audition.” Qin Yue suppressed the reluctance in his heart.

“Director Xu Cheng’s movie team is very good. Winning a leading role in his movie will help you in the future.”

Qin Yue fully understood and respected Ji Li’s hard work.

They were actors, and movie filming was an indispensable job. If they encountered a good springboard for their career, they should rush for it in time, fight, and try to grab it with all their strength.

Just then, a staff member urged them outside the door. It was almost time for him to go to the airport.

“Qin Yue, wait for me to come back with good news.” Ji Li came closer and his smile seemed to be asking for a kiss.

Qin Yue couldn’t bear it, so he lowered his head and kissed his lips. “Okay.”

Friday, 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

He arrived at the interview location designated by Director Xu and found that it was a private house.

The area was large but empty.

In addition to the white paint on the walls, there were no redundant furnishings. Even the chairs for guests were plastic stools for temporary use.

The moment the staff member led them inside, a handsome young man suddenly stood up from a stool.

“Hello.” The boy bowed with a sweet smile, his eyes clear and clean. “My name is Zhang Ye.”

“Hello.” Ji Li maintained his courtesy among peers.

The staff member left, and Ji Li’s group of three found a place to sit down.

In the front row, Zhang Ye turned around with the same smile on his face. “Hello, Ji Li. I like your Xie Yan very much!”

It seemed that he was a friendly person.

The moment these words came out, a man in his early 40s walked in.

There was obvious displeasure in the other person’s eyes. “Zhang Ye, come with me. I have something to explain to you.”

He finished speaking and deliberately looked at Yu Fuya.

“Okay, Brother Chen.” Zhang Ye’s smile dissipated and he responded with a nervous expression.

He got up, but he didn’t forget to politely gesture goodbye to Ji Li and the others.

However, this behavior aroused strong dissatisfaction from the man surnamed Chen. “Aren’t you coming here yet? Why are you taking so long?”

Zhang Ye heard this and quickly ran out.

The figures of the two people disappeared into the living room, and Baozi muttered in a low voice, “He is too fierce.”

Ji Li didn’t know the person just now and asked rhetorically, “Sister Yu, do you know that person?”

“His name is Chen Chao and he is a gold medal agent of Jincheng Pictures. He had some tricks in the early years.”

In the beginning, it was he and Jin Xianliang who jointly planned the public opinion operation and poached Zhu Xusheng from Chaoying Culture to Jincheng Pictures.

Chen Chao had faded out of the circle a few years ago. Unexpectedly, she saw him here today.

The entertainment know-it-all Baozi was launched. “Brother Ji, Sister Yu, let me tell you. That Zhang Ye is Jincheng’s new artist.”

He was only 20 years old this year and hadn’t even graduated from university. He had participated in ‘New Generation of Actors’ at the end of last year. In addition to the big hit Qi Heng, his popularity was also good.

Due to Zhu Xusheng’s ‘car shock’ incident, the ‘number one brother’ position of Jincheng Pictures had been vacant. Cai Yishu, who had always been praised by the company, was also boycotted by the public some time ago due to him ‘adding scenes.’

Ji Li asked in a low voice, “Do you think this Zhang Ye has become Jincheng’s new favorite?”

“That should be the case. The fact that Jincheng gave such an important audition spot to Zhang Ye shows that they attach great importance to him,” Yu Fuya replied.

Last time, Vivian personally admitted that Zhang Ye’s holy monk looked good. Now that she had seen him in person, he did have a bit of a clean and soft youthful air.

Looking at Chen Chao’s situation, he should’ve re-emerged to become Zhang Ye’s agent.

Ji Li was silent.

This was the first time he was meeting Zhang Ye, but he had an impression of this name.

It was written in the later part of the original novel that Zhang Ye’s development momentum was very strong. He also competed with the male protagonist Ji Yunqi for the ‘Best Actor’ trophy.

A character who could have such a positive image in the original novel wouldn’t be bad.

It was said that gaining an impression of someone came from the heart. He couldn’t see the ‘malice’ that belonged to Zhu Xusheng and Cai Yishu in Zhang Yue. Ji Li had a good impression of him.

However, that Chen Chao didn’t look like someone easy to get along with.

Yu Fuya broke the silence. “I don’t know who has entered the second round of auditions besides Zhang Ye.”

Director Xu’s casting news was blocked too tightly, and it was impossible to dig up a specific list.

Ji Li raised an eyebrow slightly. “It’s fine. I just need to do my best.”

Just do his best.

The final result depended on Director Xu Cheng’s choice.

Within a few minutes, Zhang Ye and Chen Chao walked back into the room.

The former had lost his previous relaxed energy, and he sat on the stool with a straight back.

Ji Li stared at his back, eyes flickering slightly. Then there was the sound of footsteps outside the door.

Director Xu Cheng walked in first, followed by three or four others behind him.

“Director Xu.”

The waiting group all stood up.

Xu Cheng waved his hand, tone relaxed. “Let me introduce them to you. These two are the screenwriter Lan Lingmeng and the casting director Chi Ji. We will be in charge of your audition today.”

“By the way, there is also him…” Xu Cheng pointed to someone else. “He is also one of the actors auditioning.”

Everyone followed his gaze and saw a young man standing at the end of the group.

Baozi realized immediately.

It was Xu Yanzhi!

The other person was a child star who debuted at a young age and occupied many costume dramas as the young version of the male protagonist. He had countless girlfriend fans and sister fans.

At the age of 18, Xu Yanzhi starred in the male protagonist movie ‘Dream Corridor’, directed by Xu Cheng. It was released the following year, and his character image of ‘evil and beautiful’ won a lot of recognition.

Some media outlets once commented that Xu Yanzhi’s lonely and cold temperament was unique in the entertainment industry, and that he would definitely become a top actor in the future.

After the movie was released, Xu Yanzhi was nominated for ‘Best Actor’ at the top Chinese award ceremonies, and he was the youngest nominated actor in history.

However, the competition was particularly fierce that year. After Xu Yanzhi lost, he disappeared from the public eye.

Unexpectedly, five years later, he actually planned to return to the entertainment circle? He was also one of the actors auditioning for ‘Demon Monk.’

Baozi and Yu Fuya looked at each other and silently sweated for Ji Li.

From any perspective, Xu Yanzhi was definitely a strong competitor.

Chen Chao also recognized Xu Yanzhi. He glanced at his own artist, Zhang Ye, and felt that it wasn’t good.

The main plot of ‘Demon Monk’ revolved around the male protagonist’s ‘demon transformation.’ The demon monk had to be equally beautiful and evil.

Now that he thought about it, this character was simply tailored for Xu Yanzhi, not to mention that he was Director Xu Cheng’s nephew.

Both for public and private reasons, Xu Yanzhi’s chances of becoming the male protagonist were higher than the other two.

“Let’s go. The scene has been set up, and the three of you should go in together.” Director Xu Cheng didn’t speak nonsense.

Yu Fuya was surprised. “Director Xu, they are auditioning together?”

“I need them to act against each other so I can see their strengths clearly.” Director Xu Cheng nodded.

It was only by putting them together and comparing them that he could see the winner and losers.

The director finished speaking and took the lead to walk in.

The screenwriter handed the audition content to Zhang Ye and Ji Li.

Xu Yanzhi followed at the end and glanced at his two competitors indifferently. He didn’t even greet them and walked into the inner room without saying a word.

Chen Chao stood where he was and sneered. “After a long day, both of you are just here to accompany him.”

Fortunately, he had lectured Zhang Ye for a long time and asked him not to get too close to Ji Li, a competitor.

Zhang Ye squeezed the small book in his hand, and his expression became more nervous.

Ji Li flipped through the audition scenes he had just obtained, and there was a rare desire to win in his eyes.

Accompanying this person?

Sorry, this phrase never existed in his dictionary.

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