IPCFS: Chapter 103 Part 2

Not long after the official announcement of ‘Poor Travel Notes’, the news was spread by black fans to the entertainment sections of various forums.

“Is anyone paying attention? Ji Li’s variety show was officially announced. How did his resources become so bad?”

It wasn’t a variety show on satellite TV or produced by one of the three major video platforms. This resource battle was a complete failure!

Satellite variety shows referred to those that would be aired on major TV stations.

TV dramas were the most popular pastime in the past, and each TV station had their own built-in audience.

The three major video platforms referred to Penguin, Green Peach, and Strong Beauty respectively.

These three video websites had the most rapid development momentum with hundreds of self-produced variety shows and online shows every year. Their audience base had accumulated to over 100 million members.

Ji Li’s ‘Poor Travel Notes’ wasn’t a satellite TV variety show or a self-made variety show of the three major video platforms. It was instead a rising ‘joy spreading’ barrage website.

According to the list of variety shows published on the website, the investment for ‘Poor Travel Notes’ wasn’t much, and even the sponsors hadn’t been found.

A small broken website that wasn’t mainstream?

A variety show without any sponsor investment?

At this moment, it became mocking material for black fans and the fans of other artists.

“Ji Li can’t do it right. ‘Time Lobbyist’ might’ve exploded as a dark horse, but it doesn’t have much to do with him, the third male lead!”

“I heard on the grapevine that Ji Li has always had a wealthy backer. Last year, he offended his wealthy backer, so he was abandoned by Chaoying. Ji Yunqi is the next main target of Chaoying.”

“My god, I have always liked Ji Li, but it is too cheap for him to take on a variety show on a small platform.”

“I said that the articles about how he was a reserve top actor were due to money! Some time ago, there were many marketing accounts who said he was going to be on a S+ variety show. Then this result?

“Ji Li is probably the only good guest that ‘Poor Travel Notes’ can get. I am already waiting to see a good show. Ji Li’s blood will definitely be sucked by the program team and other guests.”

“Is it time for Chaoying to support Ji Yunqi? Oh, Ji Li is better! What kind of trash is Ji Yunqi? Since his debut, he has been copying Ji Li’s old path.”

“Black fan upstairs, get lost! Ji fans would never say such words to sow discord!”


The places where the black fans went were naturally places where the ‘foul smell’ gathered.

Ji Li’s official announcement had just appeared and they ridiculed it. They even built a hot post forum which was transferred to Weibo by a marketing account.

However, Ji Li’s fans had persevered through many ups and downs. They didn’t take this type of thing seriously at all and firmly believed in supporting the choice of their idol.

It was just a reality show. All that mattered was that Ji Li had fun! Who said that he needed to be on a satellite TV variety show or that it needed to be on one of the three major video platforms to be a good variety show?

That was nonsense.

Nevertheless, there were some career fans who were anxious.

Being happy was one thing, but the most important thing for an actor was exposure.

If there were better variety shows, why didn’t Ji Li choose them? Was he really not favored by the industry?

Some career fans were too anxious and couldn’t help sending private messages to the company to inquire.

Ever since Baozi became Ji Li’s Internet publicity agent, he had always paid attention to public opinion.

His personal Weibo ‘Baozi Are Filled With Meat’ was mostly followed by Ji Li’s fans.

Baozi saw a lot of anxious messages inquiring about the situation and with the consent of Ji Li and the company, he forwarded the official announcement of ‘Poor Travel Notes.’

“Don’t worry, what Brother Ji chooses is the best. Those who open their mouths and speak indiscriminately, be careful of your face becoming sore.”

All the fans were completely at ease after seeing these words, and some were even looking forward to it.

Oh my god, wouldn’t there be a counterattack in the matter of their baby taking this variety show?

Facts proved it.

At the same time the next day, ‘Poor Travel Notes’ officially announced the second travel guest.

It was someone from Chaoying Culture again. It was Ji Yunqi, who was gaining momentum during this time.

Ji Yunqi forwarded the official announcement as soon as possible and directly mentioned Ji Li: @Ji Li are you ready? Us twin stars are going to travel together!

Ji Li replied with an emoji of a face wearing sunglasses.

The black fans, who were originally thinking of stirring up discord, suddenly lost their voices.

Chaoying gave up on Ji Li and were supporting Ji Yunqi?

If that was the case, could the two of them accept the same variety show? Could they still interact calmly on Weibo?

The friendly relationship between the two of them immediately promoted the relationship between their fans.

In the comments area, the fans of both artists were complaining about the black fans who failed to disguise themselves.

Do you see it?

Our masters are on good terms!

Internal strife and infighting? Impossible!

I advise black fans to be more careful! Don’t be meddlesome and take care of your own business.

That night, the number of fans on the official Weibo of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ rose to 200,000.

Among the newly added fans, apart from Ji Yunqi’s fans, there were also many of Yuan Yifei’s fans.

In addition, many forums started to break the news and discuss it hotly.

“Everyone, go and see! Yuan Yifei added a reply to Ji Li under the Weibo post that Ji Yunqi forwarded. These three people will participate in ‘Poor Travel Notes’!”

The picture showed Yuan Yifei’s Weibo reply: Wait for me hahaha.

“I saw it! I think he should also be participating, right?

“F*k f*k f*k, three handsome guys on the show together? ‘Poor Travel Notes’ is awesome!”

“I am suddenly interested. Don’t talk about how these guys will be traveling in a poor manner. I will think that it is interesting even if they lie down together at home.”

“Sit back and wait for tomorrow’s official announcement!”

Yuan Yifei’s reply was too obvious, so everyone saw his participation in this variety show as a sure thing.

Sure enough, at the same time on the third day, the official Weibo of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ announced its third guest—it was the much anticipated Yuan Yifei!

The number of fans of the official website increased again, and even the data of these three Weibo announcements was very eye-catching.

The attitude of ordinary netizens toward ‘Poor Travel Notes’ had undergone a 180 degree change after three consecutive days of official announcements.

The popularity of the Chaoying Twin Stars was strong enough, and there was Yuan Yifei, who was stable at the top all year round. This show was going to be popular!

“Why do I feel like everyone was misled by the black fans? Just look at the status of these three people. How can ‘Poor Travel Notes’ be poor?”

“What about the black fans hahahaha? Why don’t you come out and shout now? Ji Li taking ‘Poor Travel Notes’ is a failure in resourcing? This sentence offends three families!”

“I see that the program’s plan on the official website says there are four guests? The position of the fourth guest shouldn’t be low, right?”

“F*k, now that you are saying this, I’m suddenly looking forward to the fourth guest!”

On the major forums, the melon eating netizens started a new round of fierce speculation.

They thought they would have to wait until the next morning for the answer to be revealed. They didn’t expect that the official Weibo of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ would act unusually, and a new post was issued at 8 o’clock that night.

“The fourth heavyweight special guest, guess who he is?”

The program team didn’t directly announce the guest this time. They put a silhouette of him.

The silhouette of the guest was outstanding and charming.

Less than a minute after it was posted, screams filled the comments area.

“Ahhhhhh! It is Qin Yue!”

“Brother Yue! It is definitely Brother Yue! I can’t be mistaken about his silhouette!”

“Wow! ‘Poor Travel Notes’ is awesome! In my lifetime, I can actually see Qin Yue participating in a reality show?”

Someone in the comments released the original photo of this silhouette, and it was 100% confirmed that the fourth travel guest was Qin Yue.

Qin Yue’s fans let out tears of excitement when they heard the news.

When considering the actor who disliked doing business the most in the entertainment industry, if Qin Yue ranked second, then no one would dare to rank first.

‘Don’t expect Qin Yue to be on a variety show’ had almost become the default principle of Qin Yue’s fan circle. Unexpectedly, this iron-clad rule that couldn’t be shaken was broken so easily tonight!

Qin Yue’s fans were ecstatic. They didn’t have time to worry about other things at all and obviously forgot—

Qin Yue and Ji Li were the most popular CP.

At the same time, the CP group of ‘Chinese Rose is Real’ had fallen into a situation that was close to madness.

-Who will pinch me? I’m not dreaming, am I?

-Wu wu wu, I slapped myself. It hurts so much. It is absolutely real!

-Sisters, I have a strong premonition. These two are absolutely real! It must be true!

-I am completely dumbfounded. They are worthy of being the young couple I have my eye on!

-Wu wu wu, how is this a poor travel show? It is obviously a honeymoon!

-Just start recording now. Don’t bother with post-editing. Just live broadcast the whole process. Take photos of them sleeping as well! Hehehe!

-Sisters, I have a strong hunch that Brother Yue and Ji Li might want to take this opportunity to test the public’s acceptance of their relationship?

-It doesn’t matter! Everyone, get prepared. Once the show airs and we find someone vilifying Brother Yue and Ji Li, we must rush out to protect them!


Once the program team semi-officially announced Qin Yue, the topic rose to the top of the hot search.

Seeing the soaring fans and the topic discussions, the program team of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ fell into a sluggish state.

“Director Chen, did our show become popular before it even aired?”

In less than an hour, the program team was already overwhelmed by calls from advertisers!

All nine advertising spaces reserved in the original plan were sold out at high prices. There were sponsors who also didn’t hesitate to plead and make requests, wanting advertising slots to be added.

The show hadn’t even started recording, and it was already in a profitable state.

In addition, the program department of a provincial satellite TV called, wanting to cooperate with them to air the show.

The main leader, Chen Xiaoyun’s heart was racing. He hadn’t expected that this small broken show, which originally no one had cared about, actually had a day when it turned around!

Ji Li was the big nobleman of their program team!

He was the one who brought in Ji Yunqi, Yuan Yifei, and the large investment of Qin Yue and Yuexing!

“Everyone, don’t sleep. Hurry and set up a video conference!”

“Thanks to Ji Li joining us, our show has been given an opportunity to soar. We must do a good job on it!”

“Remember when the official announcement was made? How much did some people mock Ji Li and our team?”

“We must fight back for Ji Li and ourselves!”

Chen Xiaoyun shouted in high spirits, and the entire team responded.

On the major social media platforms, the melon eating netizens were completely shocked.

What was the origin of ‘Poor Travel Notes’? How could they actually invite the big Buddha that was Qin Yue?

There was no exposure?

First, there was Ji Li and Ji Yunqi. Then there was Yuan Yifei and Qin Yue. This exposure was unprecedented, okay!

What about no investment?

Several famous advertisers were paying attention to the program team and they were clearly ready to invest!

Which idiot black fans spread the rumors?

Get out!

We guarantee to kill you!

The black fans who publicly mocked the show on the forum were as quiet as chickens. The hot posts from three days ago were artificially deleted and completely disappeared.

There was also a black fan who posted in a pained manner.

“I swear that I will never blacken Ji Li from now on!”

“He is definitely a mountain that I can’t cross in my career as a black fan! I don’t feel any pleasure in mocking a star and being slapped in the face every time.”

“What am I trying to do? Are Ji Li’s face slaps getting more and more ruthless every time?”


A week later, ‘Poor Travel Notes’ finally started its first official recording under much anticipation!

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