IPCFS: Chapter 103 Part 1

Ji Li huddled under the blanket, too lazy to move. His questioning eyes glanced at Qin Yue’s face from time to time.

They hadn’t seen each other for a month and a half. How could he toss people around like this?

From the evening to the present, from their cooperation in the beginning to begging for mercy in the middle, and the slaughter at the end. Ji Li just felt that his bones were about to fall apart.

At the end, the culprit was lying on his side with peace of mind but also wore a satisfied face.

Qin Yue had already noticed Ji Li’s eyes, and he kissed the corner of the other person’s flushed eye. “Are you angry?”

The more Ji Li thought about it, the more he found that he had greatly suffered. He muttered, “I shouldn’t have given you the keys to my home. It would have been better if you stayed on the set.”

Qin Yue looked abstinent on the outside, but once he entered into a romantic relationship, the other person seemed to have opened a door to a new world.

Apart from the gentleness and meticulousness of their first time, he showed that he was ‘capable’ beyond words in every subsequent repeat performance.

“Really?” Qin Yue’s eyes flashed with the fun of teasing people. He hid his hand under the blanket and moved it somewhere. “Don’t you still miss me here?”

Ji Li couldn’t hold back for a moment and immediately let out a low gasp.

“Baby, your body is more sincere than you.” Qin Yue attached himself to Ji Li’s ear, ridiculing him while saying these unscrupulous words.

“Don’t come here.” Ji Li’s ears turned red and he moved his body and backed away the moment he spoke.

“If you keep retreating, you will fall out of bed.” Qin Yue quickly brought this person back into his arms. “Don’t move. I’ll massage your waist.”

His sore wrist was lightly rubbed by the other person’s fingers, and Ji Li had no extra strength to struggle.

“Qin Yue, do you really plan to participate in ‘Poor Travel Notes’?”

After Qin Yue’s debut, he had focused on filming and rarely participated in indoor studio recording programs, let alone reality variety shows.

Ji Li had just seen him eating vinegar and didn’t have time to clearly ask him.

Qin Yue honestly replied, “I will use this work opportunity to  openly go out and play.”

Ji Li recalled the number of people specified in the plan. “But the four places in the show have already been filled.”

“The quota for Feng Cheng was given to me, and his agent was very happy,” Qin Yue answered calmly, as if he was doing something extremely easy.


Facing a boss like him, who would dare to say they weren’t happy?

Ji Li ‘silently mourned’ for Feng Cheng for a few seconds in his heart. Then he couldn’t help laughing. “It is really pitiful to have a boss like you who will intercept Feng Cheng’s resources.”

“Pitiful?” Qin Yue’s lips curved up as he mentioned the compensation plan he had thought of a long time ago. “Yuexing has a movie with a big investment that will film in May. I plan to let him be the first male lead.”

Taking a quota for a network variety show and exchanging it for a movie. This wave wasn’t a loss at all.

“If he really likes travel variety shows, I will give him an opportunity to go on one again in the future.” Qin Yue hugged Ji Li tightly and swore his sovereignty in a deep voice, “I won’t let him eat and live with you.”

Ji Li hummed, but the corners of his mouth subconsciously rose.

In fact, he quite enjoyed Qin Yue’s possessiveness. At the very least, the so-called ‘sense of security’ between them as lovers was raised to the fullest in such an atmosphere.

Forget it, let’s just participate.

In any case, reality shows had appeared frequently in the past few years. No matter whether it was a small star hovering in the third or fourth tier or a mainstream celebrity, almost all of them had appeared on various variety shows.

As long as the image of the celebrity was well established, the number of fans and the degree of discussion would increase with the show.

Of course, spending almost 24 hours in front of a camera meant that all the words and deeds of an artist would be magnified by countless times. Any carelessness would expose their true shortcomings.

It was easy to attract fans, but it was also easy to be overturned.

However, Qin Yue wouldn’t have such a collapse.

There was no impermeable wall in the world. Sooner or later, the fans would know about their relationship. So let’s take this opportunity to test the waters.

Ji Li made up his mind and replied, “The show is about to be recorded. Will you be able to catch up with the schedule?”

“I will ask the crew to adjust the filming schedule tomorrow and try to end it early. If I can’t catch up, the three of you will go first.”

Qin Yue wasn’t worried at all about Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi.

The former knew him better than anyone and the latter was complete iron. The fans discussed all three of them together, and there were no CP fans who paired any of them up at all.

Ji Li heard the word ‘crew’ and suddenly remembered something. “By the way, is Sun Li the female protagonist in this movie?”

His tone was very light, so casual that the sour taste wasn’t obvious.

Ever since Qin Yue had entered the crew to film, Ji Li would pay attention to the news of the other person from time to time. A few days ago, many marketing accounts broke the news.

Best Actress Sun Li would star in the new movie, ‘Hidden Dreams’, directed by Ke Hei.

They also said that Qin Yue and Sun Li would cooperate again after 10 years. The screen couple with the most attention + acting power was coming back.

Perhaps it was because both people participated in the One Hundred Images Awards at the beginning of the year. Many netizens cheered at these revelations. The BG fans said that they were ‘sitting up in place’ and ‘it was the return of a familiar childhood memory.’

“She isn’t the female protagonist. Sun Li is making a cameo appearance, and the two of us haven’t acted together yet,” Qin Yue explained.

Ji Li reacted and he said nonchalantly, “You haven’t acted a scene together yet? You sound like you can’t wait.”

Qin Yue showed him the outline of the movie script.

Wei Lin, the role he was playing in ‘Hidden Dreams’, had a double personality. He was born in a rural area, so he was bullied in college and killed people after his extreme mental collapse. Then he used the extremely perverted method of dismembering the corpse.

Under these circumstances, the second personality derived from Wei Lin created a perfect alibi to escape the crime, and he hid the guilt under his skin.

‘Wei Lin’, who was hiding after the murder, became the number one target of the police.

For eight years, this case was unsuccessful.

Then when he turned 30 years old, the secondary personality of Wei Lin found himself standing at the bloody scene of a murder again. The thing that shocked him the most was that the deceased was his girlfriend, who he was about to marry.


Sun Li played the ‘dead’ girlfriend Zhen Zheng. The scenes in the movie were all presented in the form of ‘memories’ and there were only around 15 or 16 scenes.

“Tell me, where am I impatient?” Qin Yue didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

He detected a trace of vinegar from his lover and quickly gave an explanation to coax him. “Baby, I didn’t know that Sun Li was participating in this movie when I accepted it.”

Qin Yue had temporarily heard about the news from the crew coordinator.

The actress originally scheduled to play the role found out she was pregnant. Her husband didn’t want her to take on such an unlucky role out of fear of breaking a taboo, so she had to back out.

The original actress resigned, and the crew had to find someone to take over.

Sun Li was personally invited by Director Ke Hei, and it was said that the other person agreed very smoothly.

“I don’t know what Sun Li’s team is thinking, but we are two-thirds of the way through the movie. I can’t suddenly quit.”

For Qin Yue, Director Ke Hei was like a mentor.

If Qin Yue still mentioned the unpleasantness between their teams 10 years ago, he was not only giving Sun Li no face, but Director Ke Hei as well.

Emotionally and rationally, it couldn’t be justified.

In the entertainment industry, most people were separated by a layer of masks.

They basically did superficial work as long as none of their interests were violated, and they never completely shed all pretenses of cordiality in public.

Qin Yue’s statement back then was aimed at the unscrupulous media, but his tough attitude made Sun Li feel that she had lost face. The teams of both actors broke off contact.

Now that Sun Li agreed to cooperate, she obviously intended to turn this matter around.

Publically boycotting Sun Li’s appearance as a big person in the industry or as the most important male lead in the movie?

Once this matter spread, he would become the one who wasn’t justified in his actions.

Ji Li naturally understood this, but his heart was a bit sour.

He had seen the movie ‘The Awakening’ and the character fit of Qin Yue and Sun Li was indeed quite high.

Moreover, judging from the awards ceremony of the One Hundred Images Awards and online comments, there were still many people looking forward to their reunion.

Ji Li’s mind returned and he pretended to be magnanimous. “I didn’t ask you to quit. You are an actor and should take any role as needed.”

Qin Yue was pleased by his lover’s appearance and leaned closer to rub against the tip of his nose. “Are you jealous? Don’t worry, I am a man with a master, and I won’t mess around outside.”

It wasn’t possible back then, and it was impossible now.

“Who is jealous? I’m not like you, who knocks over a vinegar jar every time.” Ji Li denied it and turned his back to this person.

Qin Yue leaned toward his ear and asked, “Baby? Li Bao? I am working with other actresses. Are you really not jealous at all?”


Ji Li was silent for a few seconds. Then he couldn’t help turning around.

The smile on Qin Yue’s face widened even more and he quickly hugged the kitten who threw himself into his trap.

“Qin Yue.” Ji Li snorted. Then he asked in a vague but concerned manner, “…Is there a kiss scene?”

“Not with her.” Qin Yue pinched his chin and accurately captured the soft lips.

But now you can have it.


The crew only gave him two days off, so Qin Yue rushed back to film the next afternoon.

All matters related to the variety show had been confirmed, and the official Weibo of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ was officially launched. Since Ji Li was the first artist to confirm their contract for filming, the program team directly placed him in the first official announcement.

Once the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of Ji Li’s fans.

-I was waiting for Baby Ji Li to be on a reality variety show!

-Hahaha. During this time, many marketing accounts broke the news that he was going to be on a variety show. I didn’t expect that he would finally choose a travel variety show!

-All the masters of the program team, please be nice to our Baby Ji Li!

-This child debuted as a little beggar, and the first variety show he picked is a poor travel show hahahaha.

-I’m looking forward to it. I can finally see the cutie in private.

It had to be known that Ji Li’s last public ‘variety show’ was the live broadcast on the set of ‘Special Operations.’

Compared with Ji Li acting in a movie or television work that made people cry, the fans were still looking forward to him participating in a reality show.

There was one episode a week and at least 12 episodes. For nearly three months, they would see the fresh and cute Ji Li. Who wouldn’t be excited?

As a result, many fans poured into the official Weibo. They followed, commented, and liked the announcement, strongly supporting Ji Li’s variety show debut.

In just one hour, the official Weibo of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ had over 100,000 followers not long after it was registered.

However, reality shows were a paradise for fans and a garden of materials for black fans.

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11 months ago

Thank you for the chapter ❤️

6 months ago

Thank you for the chapter. See, I think because Qin Yue is so established in their field, it’s difficult to accept his meddling because it feels so disproportionate. Qin Yue comes from a family with money, he’s an award-winning actor, he’s also influential behind the scene since he owns an entertainment agency and is also a successful producer. Moreover, he’s older. So it does feel too much when he’s so jealous and possessive. I actually feel better to know Ji Li doesn’t mind, instead he welcomes Qin Yue’s possessive behaviour because 1. He’s actually an old soul so he’s truthfully older and more experienced than Qin Yue since he’s living his second life 2. I don’t remember him ever mentioning a committed relationship in his past life so he’s probably really looking forward to be in a serious relationship with a worthy partner (by his standard, not OUR standard) instead of just focusing on his acting career because remember, he was a very famous and very accomplished actor himself 3. He seems to have a possessive and jealous trait himself, which is probably why he doesn’t mind Qin Yue’s behaviour 4. He seems like the type who likes being taken care of, it’s just that he has a strong personality, so it’s not very obvious. So I think I’m not that thrown off by Qin Yue’s jealousy anymore. I mean it’s still annoying, but acceptable. So just like how I act whenever a loved one is in a relationship with someone I don’t quite like, I’ll just watch over them, warn them when there’s too many red flags as best as I can and console them once they break up. Shrugs