IPCFS: Chapter 102 Part 2

As Ji Li was distracted, Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei had continued chatting in the group.

@The Number One Cool Brother, Ji Li, he was invited by me, and I should be paired with him in a team for the recording of the show. Who did you find?

@The Number One Attack, is there any need to say it? He must be looking for Qin Yue.

“Forget it, I will have a good chat with Yifei when we meet again,” Ji Li murmured to himself and temporarily suppressed the worries in his heart.

He typed quickly to reply to the group messages.

“Qin Yue is going to be filming a movie. I just chatted privately with Feng Cheng yesterday about the variety show. His new movie is finishing in the middle of the month, and there might be time for him to receive a variety show.”

As for whether it could be done or not, it depended on the negotiations of his agent and production team.


Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

The filming of the last commercial endorsement ended, and Ji Li finally completed all his scheduled jobs.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Ji Li dragged his tired body home.

Baozi took his key and opened the door for him. “Brother Ji, have a good rest at home. You can call me if you need something.”


There was still half a month before the official recording of the ‘Poor Travel Notes’ show. Ji Li could slowly relax and prepare the travel items.

Before Ji Li could enter the room, Baozi hurriedly retreated the moment he brought Ji Li’s things in. “That… Brother Ji, I’ll go first.”

Then he quickly got into the elevator and left.

Ji Li was confused by Baozi’s speed. Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard from below.

Ji Li looked down.

Snow Cake, who hadn’t been seen for a long time, was pulling at his trouser legs and crying out in a soft manner. “Meow~”

Snow Cake and Major General were too sticky with each other, so the cat and dog stayed by Qin Yue’s side after he entered the crew to film.

Ji Li saw his pet and immediately realized something. He hurriedly entered the room while holding Snow Cake.

Before he could say the two words he thought about day and night, Ji Li was intercepted and pressed against the wall.


The door of the house closed.

Snow Cake took the opportunity to jump out of Ji Li’s arms and slipped back into his original cat nest.

Ji Li looked up and saw a familiar handsome face. He was both surprised and delighted. “Qin Yue, why are you here all of a sudden?”

“The crew has two days off, so I rushed back to see you,” Qin Yue explained in a low voice.

His hands fell on both sides of Ji Li’s body and his strong arms instantly lifted his lover into the air.

“Baby, there is something I need to talk to you about.”

Sourness flashed in his eyes when he said this.

Ji Li was taken aback by the momentary sense of weightlessness. He wrapped his hands and feet around the man’s body like a cute koala.

“What are you talking about?”

Qin Yue locked the door and sat on the sofa while holding Ji Li the whole time.

The two of them fell on the soft sofa. Ji Li was trapped by Qin Yue, and it was difficult to get out.

Before he could figure out what was going on, the long-lost passionate kiss fell.


His lips were pried open with ease and their breaths collided. Ji Li let out a low sound in panic. “Qin Yue, wait a moment…”

“Don’t move.”

Qin Yue instructed with a faint trace of indescribable strength.

Ji Li was wrapped in his arms, and his breathing still had a hint of a tremble after the kiss. “Are you angry?”

Qin Yue’s demeanor was still gentle, but Ji Li was keenly aware of his displeasure.

“No,” Qin Yue denied.

Ji Li didn’t believe this and met his eyes. “You are obviously angry.”

Qin Yue kissed his lips and asked, “You accepted a variety show?”

Faced with his lover’s question, Ji Li replied honestly, “Yes, it is a travel variety show. I told you before on the phone. It might be a small network variety show, but I like their planning.”

Qin Yue increased the intensity of the hug and patted his back meaningfully. “Who are you going with?”

Ji Li answered truthfully, “Yifei and Yunqi.”

“Yes, they are in a team of two.” Qin Yue raised an eyebrow and asked knowingly, “Who else? Who are you traveling with?”

Ji Li’s heart trembled and his answer slowed down by half a beat. “…F-Feng Cheng.”

The moment this answer came out, Qin Yue bit his lip in punishment, his voice as deep as a drum.

“Baby, don’t you know that you and Feng Cheng have had a lot of CP fans ever since the release of ‘Time Lobbyist’?”

In the final Easter egg of the movie, the feelings shown by Xiang Suian to Cheng Yu were too special. This led to a surge of CP fans between the two of them.

However, this type of movie and television CP fans had a ‘time limit.’

Once the movie was over and the two actors had no materials and communication, the popularity of the CP would naturally go down.

Ji Li heard these words and realized something.

If he traveled with Feng Cheng as a team, there would definitely be many interactions along the way.

According to the general routine of travel programs, the two people would not only have to stay together for meals, lodging, and transportation, but they might also have to ‘share a bed’…

All of this would just increase the freshness of the couple, allowing the CP fans to have more celebration.

In the next second, Qin Yue’s kiss became fierce.

It wasn’t known how much time passed, but Ji Li, who was almost out of air, cried out subconsciously, “…I didn’t think that much.”

He had only met a few actors after his debut and inviting a teammate was a requirement of the show.

Yuan Yifei and Ji Li had formed a team. Ji Li, the remaining member of the trio, was suddenly alone. He naturally had to shift his target to other people.

Zhou Qingming, the male protagonist of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’, was filming a new drama and had no time.

The second male lead of ‘Time Lobbyist’, Wei Lai, was also a member of Chaoying. After all, ‘Poor Travel Notes’ wasn’t a variety show produced by Chaoying Culture, so it was inappropriate for the show to consist of all their artists.

In the end, he could only set his eyes on Feng Cheng.

The latter loved to travel and happened to be free after completing his new movie. Thus, he consulted with his agent about going on the show.

Qin Yue buried his head in Ji Li’s shoulder and took a deep breath. Then he asked with jealousy.

“Did you ever think about me when the program team asked you to find a guest to team up with?”

“Did you tell me about how you went looking for Feng Cheng to form a team?”

“Ji Li, I’m your boyfriend. I don’t want you to overlook me in everything.”

Feng Cheng was an artist under Yuexing and had to report his itinerary every month. The two of them teamed up to record ‘Poor Travel Notes’ and Qin Yue saw it in the work report from his subordinates.

At that moment, the vinegar jar in his heart was overturned.


Ji Li smiled. “Qin Yue, is it okay if I was wrong?”

Qin Yue ‘reasonably’ asked, “What did you do wrong?”

Ji Li held his face like he was coaxing a child. “I shouldn’t have skipped over you to find Feng Cheng.”

“Baby.” Qin Yue’s kiss fell on the corner of Ji Li’s eyes and he asked persistently, “Then who are you going to find to record the show?”

“I’m looking for you.” Ji Li rubbed his hand. “Only looking for you.”

Qin Yue’s mood changed from cloudy to clear. “Yes.”

Ji Li sighed while feeling both helpless and amused. “…How can you be so jealous?”

“Yes, I was wrong.” Qin Yue’s apology was very straightforward.

He glanced at the time before suddenly asking, “Are you hungry?”

“I’m already full after eating your vinegar,” Ji Li replied.

“Then let’s not have dinner.” Qin Yue hugged Ji Li with one arm and walked straight to the bedroom. “It wasn’t easy to ask for leave from the crew. Let’s not waste it.”


Ji Li understood the deep meaning of his words and hastily changed the subject. “Qin Yue, do you really want to participate in this variety show?”

Qin Yue asked back, “Didn’t you agree to everything?”

“Your movie hasn’t finished filming yet.”

“There aren’t many scenes left, and I can handle it.”

Qin Yue had already made up his mind before he came. He found that he was far more possessive of Ji Li than he thought.

He could barely bear it if it was just filming. After all, that was their job as actors.

Yet the moment he thought about Ji Li getting along with another person day and night in a variety show, in which real CP fans would be generated, he suddenly became very irritated.

Sooner or later, the relationship between the two of them would be revealed. No matter how they hid it, they still might be ‘caught.’

If so, it was better to use this opportunity to increase the acceptance of their fans and the public. Perhaps this variety show could serve as the transitional pedal for the relationship between the two of them.

It just so happened that the other two actors participating were Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi. Then it was better to use the show as a gimmick for the early publicity of ‘Special Operations’ and collectively appear in the variety show.

As for their degree of getting along with each other in daily life, Qin Yue had the ability to control it well.



Feng Cheng had just finished participating in the movie’s finishing party and sat back in his business car. However, there was no fatigue in his eyes. He remembered the next schedule on his itinerary and said excitedly, “Kaile, what is the date when Ji Li and I record the travel program?”

He would have to pack his belongings when he got back tomorrow.

This was his first reality show after his debut, and it was with Ji Li, whom he had cooperated with before. It was pretty good when he thought about it.

“Brother Cheng, we can’t participate in that schedule.” The assistant turned around and spoke cautiously.

The smile on Feng Cheng’s face froze and he blurted out, “Why can’t we go? Isn’t the contract signed?”

The assistant’s Adam’s apple moved. “It was intercepted.”



Feng Cheng straightened the moment he heard this. “Who interjected my job?”

Ever since the release of ‘Time Lobbyist’, Feng Cheng had been promoted as a ‘main artist of the new generation.’ He was an artist of Yuexing, and his boss was Qin Yue!

Which company was it? Which artist dared to intercept his job?

Wasn’t this clearly going against Yuexing and not taking Boss Qin Yue seriously?

Where did their audacity come from?

The assistant shrank back and only dared to answer in a low voice, “Brother Cheng, I heard that Teacher Qin Yue personally intercepted it.”


Feng Cheng was speechless, and he was defeated in an instant.

He didn’t dare to say anything and didn’t dare to ask anything.

The boss intercepted an employee’s job. This was an official act of bullying a first-year university student!

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11 months ago


Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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thanks for the chapter! poor Feng Cheng who has no idea what’s going on lololol

10 months ago

To be honest I really don’t like this. I’m all for a couple of artists who are dating in secret going to a variety show to increase their CP fans, but they JUST talked about how Ji Li’s activities have all been related to Qin Yue and how it’s not good for Ji Li’s career development, but the next activity Ji Li chooses, that thought went out the window because he Qin Yue couldn’t control his jealousy. Also, recently Qin Yue also said that he needs to give Ji Li space for his own friendships, whatever happened to that? And why does the variety show groups have to be duos and not trios? And who cares if Feng Cheng x Ji Li CP fans increase a little bit for a short time? It’s not like Qin Yue didn’t have other CP fans pairing him with other people? And why is Qin Yue getting upset about Ji Li not asking him to participate in the variety show because Ji Li KNEW Qin Yue was busy filming a movie? It’s not like Ji Li didn’t think of him. And for all of Ji Li’s works to be related to Qin Yue is actually a bit off putting to be honest. It’s not like Ji Li can’t get resources and works on his own. For Qin Yue to always be involved actually undermines Ji Li’s talent and capabilities. I’be been enjoying this novel quite a bit up until Qin Yue appeared in this chapter. My previous smile froze and melted off my face for the rest of the chapter.

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This !!!!! I’ve actually been Abit irritated at how they’ve acted when they got together. I love Ji Li and I hope that he can branch out and do things on his own. But they’re sticky to the point of being so unprofessional (I’m looking at you QY). I hope they can faceslap me and show growth.

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Reply to  KisakiTsubasa

exactly what I was thinking. the way QY keeps wanting to be involved yet already established is not good for his career is throwing me off. I really was hoping he could have interactions with his other friends…

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Party Time
Party Time
2 months ago

I think sometimes we forget that MC is already an accomplished actor in his past life. He already planned to find a love and retire when he transmigrated. So all this stuff about acting accolades or being independent isn’t as meaningful as an actual newbie trying to make their way.

Tbh I think the author sometimes forgets too. The MC’s character flip flops a lot, it’s hard to remember this dude is supposed to be even older than the ML. I wish there was more focus on why the MC is continuing to act when he already fulfilled those ambitions in his last life. For example, if by becoming a low-tier actor and fighting his way to the top rekindles his passion for acting, then this would all feel a bit more meaningful. As it is, I wonder sometimes why any of this even matters to him, that he would prioritize career over his love, when he’s already an Acting King in his previous world.