INH: Chapter 95

Since he was loved by the Zerg, or rather, spoiled by the Zerg when growing up, Gu Huai was always able to understand without someone teaching him. In this world, Alves/his parents were the best. Thus, he could do whatever he wanted.

Young Gu Huai was very dependent on people and was especially good at relying on his parents and Alves. Some things could obviously be done on his own but if his parents or Alves were around then Gu Huai’s first reaction would be to seek help.

For example, in the kindergarten, Gu Huai would eat a candy. Sometimes he didn’t want to peel off the wrapping paper himself and pushed the candy to Alves. Gu Huai would look at Alves and say, “I want to eat sugar.”

Gu Huai’s black eyes were clear and bright and his voice was still tender. He sounded as soft as when he called in his cub form.

Shen Mu and Hammer were educated by their families from a young age. They saw this scene and felt it was a bit incomprehensible. If he wanted to eat sugar then peel off the wrapping paper. Troubling others over such a small thing wasn’t very good…

Shen Mu and Hammer were the only children in their family and had been spoiled by their family since they were born. However, they didn’t know that they love they received from their family wasn’t the same as Gu Huai.

For the Zerg, if Gu Huai wanted to eat sugar then it was natural to peel off the wrapping paper and send it over. There was no need to let their own king use effort for something like this.

Alves’ idea was similar. He picked up the candy and unwrapped it, but he didn’t completely peel it over. There was a layer of wrapping paper cushioning the candy and put it back on the table. Gu Huai’s next move should be to pick up the candy and put it in his mouth. However, the looked at the colour of the candy and suddenly blinked.

“I don’t like this taste.” Gu Huai pushed the unwrapped candy back to Alves and looked at Alves like before. “I want the orange flavour.”

The two human children in the third row couldn’t help wanting to stop Gu Huai. They were already surprised the first time Alves peeled the candy paper for Gu Huai. They didn’t expect Gu Huai to do it again.

Gu Huai’s eyes were always bright and Alves didn’t immediately respond to the request. Instead, he turned his eyes to look at the five or six candies stacked on his table. Shen Mu and Hammer had the feeling that Alves was really impatient. As a result, they saw Alves seemed to confirm something before reaching out to pick up an orange candy.

Alves didn’t see the markings on the wrappers of these sweets and just used his own judgment. Within seconds, the candy had its wrapping paper stripped off and it was placed on Gu Huai’s table.

The request was met. Gu Huai was happy and quickly put the candy in his mouth. Gu Huai’s eyes would slightly curve when he was happy. Alves glanced at Gu Huai’s eyes and the silver-grey tail behind him moved quietly. He picked up the candy he had just peeled that Gu Huai didn’t want and ate it.

The two human children who witnessed this in the third row were confused.

It was more than this.

For example, his shoelaces were undone. At this time, if Alves was beside him then Gu Huai would lower his head to look at his shoes. He wouldn’t crouch down to tie them himself. Instead, he would stare at his shoes before raising his head to look at Alves, saying nothing. In this way, Alves understood Gu Huai’s request and crouched down to help Gu Huai with his shoelaces.

The two human children had wide eyes as they experienced a cognitive shock. Alves was also a child but between him and Gu Huai, there was no doubt that he was taking care of Gu Huai. Alves didn’t seem reluctant and was just patient.

Life in kindergarten had Alves and Gu Huai was carefree. Apart from missing his parents, every day was happy.

On the morning of the third day of school, Gu Huai met Otto who stole his candy and bullied him yesterday in the corridor. After yesterday’s lesson, Otto certainly didn’t want to provoke Gu Huai. Gu Huai saw Otto’s candy instantly. He thought about it and learned from how the other side stopped him yesterday.

Gu Huai recalled the person’s movements and imitated it as he pointed to Otto, “Hey, give the thing in your hand to me.”

Otto had been the bully of the kindergarten for two years and didn’t want to lose face, so he immediately said, “No.”

Less than a second later, Otto saw the black-haired child in front of him pout and make the same teary expression as yesterday. This made Otto’s inner bell ring. Gu Huai made this expression and would definitely go to find Alves. Then Alves would come to find Otto to make trouble.

As a clever little bully, Otto quickly sorted out the possible causes and consequences and hesitated. “That… it isn’t impossible for you.”

Gu Huai blinked. He seemed to have anticipated this result and his expression returned to normal. “Then I’m going to grab your candy now.”

Before stealing things, he still said this sentence to the victim being robbed. Gu Huai looked down at the milk sugar in Otto’s hands. Otto pouted. Forget it. Today he was unlucky and lost these sweets.

Gu Huai looked for a few seconds before finally taking one of them. Then he pulled out a fruit candy from his pocket and placed it in Ottos’ hands.

“I grabbed it. You can go.” Gu Huai motioned for the other person to leave.

Otto, “?”

He was only going to steal one? Not only did Gu Huai just grab one, he gave a piece of fruit candy in return? Was this called stealing? After looking at Gu Huai, Otto left with an exhausted expression.

Gu Huai didn’t know what the other person was thinking. He just thought that he had acted like a small bully once and was even with Otto. Gu Huai held his stolen loot and went to find Alves.

“I grabbed it from Otto.” Gu Huai put the milk sugar into Alves’ hand. “I’ll give it to Chirp Chirp.”

He had always been taken care of and protected by Alves. Now Gu Huai was able to show his ability in front of Alves for the first time. His bright eyes looked strangely proud. Gu Huai said the word ‘grab’ in a young and soft voice and it wasn’t very convincing to listen to, not to mention that he said he grabbed it from Otto.

Shen Mu and Hammer listening from the third row, “……”

Thinking about it, they understood a little bit. Gu Huai probably relied on Alves’ power and Otto didn’t dare not give it. Alves didn’t have a talkative personality but Gu Huai had given him something. His mood could be seen from his slightly raised tail, which was a sign of happiness.

Alves put away the candy and didn’t eat it. “After class in the afternoon, we will return to Tuser.”

Gu Huai sat in his seat and waved his legs, looking forward to what Alves said. “Yes!”

In the end, he was still a child. He had left his parents for a few days and was homesick. The school time passed quickly. At 4:30 p.m., the school bells of Hillorian Kindergarten rang.

“Ding dong.”

The head teacher announced that school ended at the same time that the bell rang while the children in the class waited for their parents to come pick them up.

After sending their king to the kindergarten, the Zerg felt that every day was extremely long. It was so difficult that once they could pick up Gu Huai to return to Tuser, the three army leaders arrived immediately with their troops.

The Zerg who escorted Gu Huai to Lena Star three days ago didn’t go back to Tuser. Instead, they bought a house to live in on Lena Star to keep an eye on the safety of Hillorian Kindergarten. They couldn’t return to Tuser. If something happened to the kindergarten then Tuser would be too far away. Once Gu Huai and Alves finished studying for three days, they would return to Tuser Star together.

A Yula warship landed at the gates of the kindergarten. The size of the warship had been deliberately reduced but it still made the parents who came to pick up their children stare. Most of the parents who enrolled their children in Hillorian Kindergarten were rich or powerful but even they would only drive small aircrafts to pick up their children.

Meanwhile, the Zerg came directly with a Yula warship! The other parents were stunned while the children with their parents at the school gates looked at the Yula warship with envy and curiosity. What a big spaceship! When would their parents fly such a large spaceship to pick them up?

Gu Huai was obediently waiting in the class for his parents to pick him up. Just like he expected, the three army leaders and Tak Zerg soon arrived.

In Gu Huai’s class, his parents were the first ones to arrive. The head teacher felt like fainting when she saw three pairs of light gold vertical pupils that clearly belonged to the alpha class Zerg. Then she saw the scarlet vertical pupils belonging to the Tak Zerg.

The head teacher’s emotions quickly stopped because none of the Zerg paid attention to her. They were all staring at Gu Huai. Gu Huai had already carried his schoolbag and stood up. He pulled Alves and ran to his parents.

Seeign Gu Huai carrying his schoolbag and running to the Zerg side, Shen Mu and Hammer waiting for their parents both froze. What was Gu Huai doing with the Zerg? They weren’t his parents.

Then what happened next subverted the cognition of the two human children. They watched as a large Tak Zerg raised Gu Huai to his shoulder and Gu Huai also seemed to call out the name of this Tak Zerg.

“Karu.” The child called out to the parents he was dependent on. The Tak Zerg carrying Gu Huai immediately responded with a low hiss.

Shen Mu and Hammer were still in a stunned state. At this time, they saw the black-haired cub sitting on the shoulders of the Tak Zerg wave to both of them. “Goodbye.”

The two human children didn’t have time to respond. They were still confused even when Gu Huai and Alves were picked up at the door of the class by the Zerg and left. Did they…

Misunderstand something terrible?

Gu Huai sat on the shoulders of the Tak Zerg and attracted a lot of attention on the way from the class to the gate. Gu Huai was surrounded by the Zerg on Tuser every day so he definitely didn’t care about this attention.

“Yula, can you fly a bit faster today?” Standing at the ship’s hatch, Gu Huai looked at the Yula warship with anticipation. “I want to go back to Tuser soon.”

Gu Huai had an expectant expression as he reached out to touch the ship’s body. The hull of the Yula warship shook visibly and almost immediately, the blue lights light up. “Click—”

The cub was looking forward to it so the Yula warship broke through the limits of its ability and shortened the voyage time from Lena to Tuser by several hours. The warship landed at Tuser Star’s airport. Gu Huai came down from the warship and saw the familiar scenery of Tuser, as well as the Zerg waiting for him at the airport. Then he pulled Alves to run happily.

They had come home.

Gu Huai, Alves and the Zerg’s cute journey has ended! Hope you all enjoyed!

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1 year ago


I finally have time and mood to read this novel, and glad the Author didn’t dissapoint us! TheExtras is sooo pure!!! The main story healing the wound from the one that left behind by The King Game novel. Lol
I love it so much!

1 year ago

loved it!
thanks for translating this novel!
“waiting means his beloved will wake up”
the same line from “The King Game novel!”
Gu Huai, Alves, and the Zerg never change! ♡♡♡

1 year ago

thank u sm for the translation, very sweet story

1 year ago

This is so cute. <3 Thank you so much for your effort and patience in translating <3

10 months ago

Oh man, that was awesome!!! I wish I could see more but I’m still satisfied haha. Thanks for the translation :)!

9 months ago

Agora eu também quero ver um Gu Huai adolescente e um Gu Huai adulto sendo mimado pelos zergs

9 months ago

omg loveeee

9 months ago

Thank you so much for the translation. I truly loved this history.

7 months ago

I finished this novel, again. I love rereading such fluff stories, even when it was still in CG. Can’t help but to be addicted with the soft and lighthearted novel. Thank you so much for translating this wonderful novel. Sending my love, gratefulness, and appreciatation <333

6 months ago

Thank you for your hard work.

5 months ago

I can’t thank you enough for this I actually have read this before back. I was feeling really bad this past few days and thought about re reading this again for the fluff cause I kinda need a pick me up mood boosting novel to read and it helped thanks again for doing what you do 💖

1 month ago

Thank you so much
It been the best novel ever

1 month ago

Thank you so much for all hard work and translation ..
This novel is really cute and fluffy. ^_^

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