INH: Chapter 94

For all the other interstellar races, the Zerg were a race they found hard to understand. The class-defined pyramid structure was understood even if there were no other races with similar social structures.

The Zerg was born with their class naturally decided. The higher the class of the Zerg, the more powerful they were. This was reasonable. However, the Zerg suddenly had a king. The Zerg king was still a cub and was said to have no combat capabilities. Such a king was incompatible with the Zerg but all Zerg were willing to submit to such a weak ruler. This made it difficult for the other interstellar races to understand.

Even so, the Zerg didn’t care if others could understand or not. The type of meaning that the king had to the Zerg couldn’t be understood by people of other races. Even if it could be explained theoretically, the meaning couldn’t be fully appreciated.

At this time, in a military meeting room, a round black cub with gold eyes was freely moving on the black stone table in the meeting room. As he moved, his paws stepped on a piece of paper. It was a fairly important document about diplomacy between the two races but the black cub on the black stone table stepped on it like this.

During one meeting, the black cub stepped on the document at least three or four times. This scene shouldn’t occur in a serious military conference room.

The Popolts leader sitting on the left side of the square table didn’t dare comment on this. The Zerg sitting on the right side of the table consisted of the three army leaders and the high ranking members of Tuser’s council and they remained motionless. Although expressionless, the eyes of these Zerg were clearly following the black cub moving on the table. The place where their attention was focused could be seen at once.

“Chirp?” Gu Huai had never seen the Popolts before. He approached a few Popolts sitting opposite his parents with some curiosity and started to observe them. The observed Popolts didn’t dare to move. They knew that if this diplomacy was to be successful, it depended on the cub’s reaction to them.

It sounded strange. How could a matter involving the race be determined by the attitude and reaction of a cub but the Zerg were unreasonable like this.

“Chirp.” He curiously watched the Popolts for a while before letting out a soft sound. This showed no disgust with them and the observed Popolts were slightly relieved.

In the end, Alves who had been on the table but not moving much acted by dragging back the black cub with his tail. Gu Huai cried out at being dragged back like this but he was obedient. If he couldn’t explore then he would go next to Alves.

In theory, a cub should like to stick to their parents. It was just that Alves was Gu Huai’s first guardian so Gu Huai liked to pull Alves to do almost everything. They played together, ate together and slept snuggled up together.

The young Gu Huai was undoubtedly very sticky and the Zerg were very happy about this. Gu Huai would stick to them from time to time. Whenever this happened, the Zerg that the black cub was following would be overjoyed.

As for how Alves felt about it, you can see from how he reacted. The moment the black cub was next to him, Alves’ tail moved and the two cubs snuggled together, looking intimate. After being with Alves for a while, Gu Huai once again got up and approached his parents.

The meeting went on for some time when Gu Huai felt a bit hungry. He was hungry so he went to look for his parents. The black cub walked to the edge of the table closest to the Zerg and called out, “Chirp chirp.”

The call to eat was softer from the cub’s usual sounds. The Zerg were undoubtedly very keen on the differences in Gu Huai’s cries. This call interrupted the whole meeting and those on the Zerg side acted in a flash.

The Popolts sitting opposite them saw the Zerg present take out milk powder, Pubano sap and a small baby bottle. In this military meeting room, a bottle of milk was heated up in just 10 seconds. Could they respect this meeting room??

The Popolts thought this in their heats while their expressions on the surface were fixed. Immediately after, the Zerg’s actions told them the answer.


Not only did they make milk in the military meeting one, but the army leader Capalia also picked up the small bottle that didn’t match her and carefully fed the black cub who had just called out to them.

During the feeding, the entire meeting room was filled with the sound of the cub sucking from the bottle. This sound was soft and a bit rhythmic. The Zerg parents listened to this sound and saw the scene of their baby obediently drinking milk and their eyes lit up instantly.

Gu Huai drank the small bottle of milk and soon wanted to sleep again. Thus, he fell asleep on this meeting table. He was still a cub and didn’t understand the content of the meeting. Gu Huai didn’t know that his actions would have an impact on the meeting.

In any case, he was sleeping like this. The Zerg and Popolts sitting face to face didn’t use their voice to communicate and instead switched to text messages. The entire meeting room was quiet and the black cub lay comfortably on the table.

The Zerg loved their king very much. The Popolts became aware of this matter through this diplomacy meeting. Since the black cub at the table didn’t show any dislike toward the Popolts during the meeting, diplomacy between the two races was successfully established.

The reason why the Zerg, who were once in a state of absolute independence, were willing to engage in diplomacy was due to Gu Huai. The Zerg were busy raising their cub and had neither the time nor interest in war.

More importantly, they didn’t want Gu Huai to see wars. For the previous Zerg, war was only a neutral word. It wasn’t good or bad. The Zerg had a predatory nature and were used to war. The cub king they were watching was still ignorant of everything in the world. The Zerg suddenly felt that war didn’t seem like a beautiful thing and they shouldn’t let Gu Huai see it.

After having this idea, a group of star thieves fired on the star field adjacent to Tuser. This was no less than a provocation to the Zerg.

The Zerg quickly killed the star thieves active in the nearby star field and their neighbours gained a comfortable living environment. They couldn’t help speculating on why the Zerg suddenly came to help them and the Popolts reached out to establish diplomacy.

The establishment of diplomacy was conducive to peace and the Zerg agreed with the Popolts’ visit. One by one, after the Popolts, the Zerg’s diplomacy gradually expanded. After a few years raising the cub, the Zerg suddenly ushered in something big.

Gu Huai and Alves both advanced to their humanoid form at an early age. Gu Huai wore the small clothes specially prepared by the Zerg and sat on the sofa. He was only around one metre tall. Gu Huai in humanoid form had soft black hair,  a pair of black eyes and  a fair complexion. He might be very young but he still looked beautiful.

Gu Huai obediently sat on the sofa and looked like a standard child. Gu Huai’s humanoid form didn’t have any Zerg characteristics. The small horns of his cub form weren’t retained, his eyes changed from gold to black and the pupils were round. At first glance, Gu Huai was easily mistaken for a human child.

Still, the Zerg didn’t care. The first time they saw Gu Huai’s humanoid form, their eyes lit up. In the eyes of the Zerg, Gu Huai in his early childhood humanoid form was very cute.

It was the same humanoid form but Alves was very different from Gu Huai. In his humanoid form, Alves had racial characteristics that could be recognized instantly. His eyes had light gold vertical pupils and there was a silver-grey tail behind him. Alves was taller than Gu Huai but at most, he was only 1.1 metres. He was now three and a half years old.

Gu Huai wasn’t interested in his humanoid form but he was very interested in Alves. Just as casually as when he was a cub, Gu Huai leaned close to see Alves’ tail. Gu Huai looked at Alves’ tail and then behind himself before blinking and stating, “Tail.”

Gu Huai meant that he didn’t have a tail. This one word, others might not understand his meaning but Alves understood it immediately. At this time, he silently moved his tail to Gu Huai’s hand. Gu Huai had no tail so Alves gave him Alves’ tail. Gu Huai held Alves’ tail for a while before letting go when he had enough.

“Your Majesty, do you still like these clothes?” Aiyi half knelt in front of Gu Huai, his eyes soft. A child had little personal preference for clothing and it felt comfortable to wear so Gu Huai nodded.

His humanoid form was much more convenient to move in than his cub form. Gu Huai was interested in all sorts of activities. He chased a bird in the courtyard for 10 minutes but unfortunately, he couldn’t catch it.

The bird had yellow feathers and didn’t seem to be afraid of people. When someone tried to catch it, the bird would flap its wings and fly a small distance before heading back to the ground. What if he couldn’t catch a bird himself?

For Gu Huai, this wasn’t a question he needed to think about. He had long developed a habit of relying on Alves and his parents. Gu Huai glanced at the bird and determined it hadn’t flown away. He quickly returned to Alves. If there was anything that couldn’t be obtained then Gu Huai could easily make his eyes wet when facing Alves.

It was the same now. Gu Huai’s black eyes filled with a bit of water as he stared at Alves like this. Then he reached out and pointed to the yellow bird that had landed on the ground not far away.

“Want that.” Gu Huai quickly demanded.

In the blink of an eye, Alves caught the bird that Gu Huai pointed at and placed it in Gu Huai’s hand. Alves didn’t hurt the bird because he thought that Gu Huai should want it to live.

Gu Huai’s small hand found it difficult to hold the bird but it was probably due to the bird’s survival instincts. Alves was standing next to it and the bird didn’t dare to struggle. Gu Huai didn’t do anything to the bird. He gently held the feathered bird and curiously touched the bird’s wings. After touching, Gu Huai spread open his hands and let the bird fly away.

Birds could fly. What type of scenery could be seen from flying so high? Gu Huai naturally imagined it. He couldn’t fly but he could go to high places. Gu Huai had this thought and hugged the Tak Zerg in front of him. He was placed smoothly on his parents’ shoulders and Gu Huai was happy.

The Zerg had pampered him when growing up, making Gu Huai somewhat spoiled. Since being born, Gu Huai never had anything that couldn’t be obtained and inevitably became willful. He did what he wanted, doing it freely and rarely caring about anything.

However, since he was loved and cared for by the Zerg who lacked emotions, Gu Huai also developed the same tenderness in his heart. No matter what he did, Gu Huai wouldn’t take the initiative to hurt others.

His parents and Alves told him that he couldn’t do such things and he was obedient. His parents and Alves would never hurt him. If he was asked not to do these things then it must be because they were bad.

“Karu.” Gu Huai called out the name of the Tak Zerg carrying him. The Tak Zerg called by the cub let out a low hiss.

“Karu is the tallest.” Gu Huai’s eyes were bright as he said this sentence. Of all the Zerg that Gu Huai had seen so far, the Tak Zerg who carried him was indeed the tallest. Every time he sat on Karu’s shoulder, he could see the furthest scenery. There was the low hissing again. The low-grade Tak Zerg couldn’t speak so they could only respond to their beloved cub with hissing.

Gu Huai had given the Tak Zerg names immediately after taking human form. They all had a name so Gu Huai felt his parents must also have names.

Gu Huai transformed into human form and no longer needed to use the small bottles to drink milk. This made the Zerg feel deep regret. However, the king holding a cup of milk still looked cute…

In fact, Gu Huai was now three and a half years old and didn’t need to drink milk. It was just that under circumstances where Gu Huai didn’t refuse, the Zerg would follow their own selfish desires and continued to provide Gu Huai with a cup of fresh milk every day.

Gu Huai’s current height meant his feet couldn’t touch the ground when he sat on the sofa. As Gu Huai sat and drank milk, the chief of staff stood beside him and kept taking photos. Gu Huai’s life in his humanoid form wasn’t much different from his cub form. He still loved on Tuser and his Zerg loved him as always.

Until one day, Gu Huai suddenly pointed to a Star Network page and said he wanted to go to school here. The Zerg around Gu Huai immediately stared at the Star Network page.

—Hillorian Kindergarten. This was a kindergarten for all races in the Star Alliance. The school’s resources were superior and it had achieved full marks in almost all aspects. It was the best kindergarten recognized by the Star Alliance.

The Zerg on Tuser were 10,000% reluctant to let Gu Huai go to kindergarten. If their king went to kindergarten, didn’t this mean leaving them?? Their king was still a cub and needed their care. How could they let him go to a place where they couldn’t see him? What if in that place, the king was bullied by someone?

In just a few seconds, all negative possibilities were conceived in the minds of the Zerg and they were full of rejection signals.

“I can’t go?” Gu Huai blinked on the sofa as he retracted his hand from where it pointed and he watched his parents obediently. The Zerg easily saw the curiosity and expectations in Gu Huai’s eyes. The rejection signals in their heads suddenly became stuck and their hearts were struggling violently.

On the one hand, they wanted to meet Gu Huai’s wishes. On the other hand, they were really reluctant to let Gu Huai leave Tuser.

“Do you really want to go?” Capalia asked in a low voice.

Gu Huai nodded and smiled again. “Chirp Chirp… Alves will be with me too.”

Gu Huai’s positive answer made it hard for the Zerg to refuse. No matter how reluctant, they always took Gu Huai’s will as the first choice.

Thus, the three army leaders and Tuser’s senior members head a meeting for several hours in the meeting room without any expression before finally deciding to send Gu Huai and Alves to Hillorian Kindergarten.

The kindergarten started in September and it was August. It was too late to sign up at this time. The Zerg couldn’t disappoint Gu Huai after already agreeing. At the behest of the three army leaders, the chief of staff directly contacted the Star Alliance to discuss this matter.

In recent years, the Zerg had established diplomacy with various races and also helped in several incidents related to the Star Alliance. The Star Alliance was no longer wary of the Zerg and pulled them out of the danger list. Now they suddenly received a message from the Zerg about kindergarten registration and the Star Alliance’s executives were stunned.

“Who are you going to sign up?” The Star Alliance had to ask this question. The Zerg should’ve advanced to humanoid form in adulthood so it was impossible for them to attend a kindergarten.

The chief of staff replied, “His Majesty and Lord Alves.”

The Star Alliance’s executives couldn’t help freezing. Did they hear correctly? The Zerg king and based on the title, the other one was estimated to also have a high status in the Zerg race… Most of them were alpha class Zerg. These two wanted to go to a kindergarten founded by the Federation?

No matter their feelings, the alliance responded quickly and another communication was sent to their subordinates. The Zerg chief of staff had personally communicated with them so the Star Alliance’s headquarters had thought something happened that forced the Zerg to contact them.

The result was just a matter of a kindergarten registration.

Once the communication was finished, the executives of the Star Alliance were speechless for a while and the person in charge of kindergarten related matters received the instructions from his superior and trembled after clarifying the situation.

The Zerg king and an alpha class Zerg, both of whom had an incomparable status in the Zerg race. Thinking of this, the principal of HIllorian Kindergarten couldn’t help sweating from anxiety.

His superiors couldn’t be contacted at ordinary times so the principal could only start to arrange things. No matter how anxious he was, he asked the staff of the academic affairs office to input the information of Gu Huai and Alves in advance. Of course, he also told them to place the two children in the same class.

The future always came. In the blink of an eye, August was over and the beginning of the school year in September was ushered in. Hillorian Kindergarten was located on Lena Star, which wasn’t too far from Tuser. Based on the speed of a Yula warship, it could be reached in half a day.

The day before Gu Huai went to school, all the Zerg on Tuser fell into an unprecedented state of depression. They were all cold and expressionless but it was immediately obvious they weer in a bad mood. Or perhaps they should blow up the school—

In this extremely depressed mood, the Zerg on Tuser even had this thought.

They would steer the Yula warship and bomb the school with rail guns so that the king wouldn’t have to go to school.

However, Gu Huai wanted to go. The Zerg thought of this and could only accept reality. They heard that children going to school had to carry schoolbags. Other cubs had it so the Zerg naturally prepared it for Gu Huai.

The day before departure, Gu Huai carried a warm yellow bag and ran to his parents. Just like he chose to show the beautiful feathers he pulled out to his parents, Gu Huai now showed off the small schoolbag to the Zerg in the same way.

“If you like this type of thing then this subordinate can buy a lot of them for you.” The chief of staff spoke while lowering his head, “What colour do you prefer?”

Gu Huai placed the warm yellow schoolbag behind him and spoke to his parents in front of him, “Nothing else. I like this.”

The child’s voice was still very tender and soft. In particular, Gu Huai had soft black hair and a few strands rested on his handsome face, making him look particularly obedient. This meant the Zerg had no resistance at all. All the Zerg agreed that at the kindergarten, their king must be the cutest child.

Once he went out the next morning, Tuser’s airport was full of Zerg watching Gu Huai and Alves board the Yula warship. Gu Huai stood at the hatch. He might only be three and a half years old but Gu Huai could feel the reluctance of his Zerg.

Gu Huai thought about it before telling them with a serious expression, “I will miss you.”

This sentence alleviated the Zerg’s low mood a little bit but they were still very reluctant.

Gu Huai carried the small schoolbag and blinked again. “Will you come to the school to pick me up in three days?”

Hillorian Kindergarten had a three days of school, three days of rest system. This was why Gu Huai asked.

“Of course, this subordinate will pick you up,” the chief of staff replied from right next to him.

The amazing fleet of warships set off. Apart from the main ship, all the other Yula warships were frigates. On the main ship, Gu Huai pulled Alves to look at the nebula and unknown planets outside the transparent window. Once he saw something beautiful, he also pointed it out to the Tak Zerg around him.


The cub said it was beautiful so the Tak Zerg who loved Gu Huai responded with a hiss, raising the left forearm to gently touch Gu Huai’s soft black hair. This was the ‘stroking’ action made by the Tak Zerg.

Lena Star was frightened by the black Yula warships. The people on the planet were uneasy for a long time before later learning that the Zerg were sending their king to kindergarten. The king of the Zerg went to Hillorian Kindergarten to go to school. Once this news emerged, the entire Star Network was boiling and there was a lot of discussions. The person at the centre of the discussion, Gu Huai was taken by the Zerg to the gate of the school. After saying goodbye to his parents, he and Alves walked into the classroom together.

The kindergarten wad divided into three grades. The three and four year old children were in the first grade and Gu Huai and Alves were in class A1 (3).

The children were supposed to report to Hillorian Kindergarten in the afternoon. When Gu Huai and Alves arrived at the classroom, there weren’t many children who had arrived before them. The seat char was shown on a virtual screen. Gu Huai looked at it and found his name next to Alves.

“We are sitting together.” Gu Huai held Alves’ hand and went to the arranged seats.

Gu Huai and Alves sitting together looked like human and Zerg children sitting together. This image was a bit worrying for some young cubs who had been indoctrinated with the notion that the Zerg and humans had a bad relationship. They heard that the Zerg were a terrible race and the children were also terrible…

The cubs who left their parents were somewhat insecure. They looked at Alves sitting in the first row of the classroom and after observing for a short time, everyone instinctively developed the feeling of being afraid to touch.

Compared to the children of other races, Alves was the only one who gave them a sense of oppression. Alves looked good in his young humanoid form but he was expressionless and his light gold pupils were also cold. The silver-grey tail behind him made the children feel some danger.

Hillorian Kindergarten also had some humans. There were two in the same class as Gu Huai and they looked at Gu Huai sitting next to Alves with anxiety. Out of everybody in the interstellar world. humans were the race that undoubtedly knew the Zerg the best. Even small children would hear about the Zerg from their parents’ mouths.

Gu Huai had no knowledge of the other children’s concerns and didn’t notice any feeling of oppression. The students in the class hadn’t all arrived yet and Gu Huai felt a bit sleepy. He rubbed his eyes with his hands.

“I want to sleep.” Gu Huai told Alves. Gu Huai’s words sounded like he was expressing his feelings but he had already made a request to Alves.

Alves saw the black eyes misty with drowsiness and submissively replied, “En.”

After replying, Alves took the initiative to move his seat closer to Gu Huai. Gu Huai bowed his head and lay on the table, his head close to Alves’ side. Then Gu Huai closed his eyes and slept safely. Alves would’ve normally accompanied Gu Huai to sleep but they were in a strange environment with many outsiders. Alves wouldn’t fall asleep in this environment.

Shen Mu and Hammer, sitting in the third row, stared until their eyes almost popped out. The two children were anxious that Gu Huai would be attacked by Alves. As a result, they hadn’t plucked up their courage yet when they saw that Alves didn’t seem to want to attack the black-haired child. It wasn’t easy for children to have courage once. Looking at this scene, the two children sitting in the third row finally retreated.

The head teacher was a female teacher. She had been in the classroom since the beginning. Once all the students in the class arrived, she organized the children and had them introduce themselves.

One by one, the cubs finished. Once it was Gu Huai’s turn, the class teacher knew Gu Huai’s identity and didn’t dare wake him up. She hesitated before choosing to skip him. After Gu Huai was Alves. Alves didn’t want to get up and stared blankly at the young teacher on the podium. Facing the light gold vertical pupils belonging to an alpha class Zerg, even if Alves was a child, the head teacher’s eyelids couldn’t help twitching and she had to choose to skip again.

By the time Gu Huai woke up, it was already time for the children to communicate freely with each other. Gu Huai rubbed his eyes and walked to the window, looking out curiously. Then the two children came up to him and told him, “You were just in danger.”

Gu Huai cocked his head in a confused manner, not understanding their words.

Shen Mu and Hammer gazed at the ignorant black-haired cub in front of them, looking as serious as an adult. “The one sitting next to you is a Zerg. The relationship between the Zerg and us isn’t good. You might be attacked if you are too close to him.”

Most of Shen Mu and Hammer’s family worked in the military department of the Earth Federation. This meant they knew more than ordinary children. Gu Huai only heard the last words and shook his head, clearly retorting, “Alves will never attack me.”

Gu Huai couldn’t understand the two human’s words. He rubbed his eyes again and returned to Alves’ side. After sitting back in his seat, Gu Huai directly hugged Alves’ tail as if to prove something.

Shen Me and Hammer’s eyes widened. It wasn’t just holding the tail. Shen Mu and Hammer watched the black-haired child sticking to Alves all day long. The two children even held hands sometimes. Although Alves was expressionless when he was held by Gu Huai, he didn’t refuse to be treated like this.

It seemed that their feelings were very good. Shen Mu and Hammer couldn’t understand it. Were the elders of their family deceiving them when they were told that the relationship between humans and the Zerg wasn’t good? The two children started to doubt reality.

On the first day, the newly enrolled children spent time together. Then on the second day—

In every school, there was always a student who was the school bully. Hillorian Kindergarten was no different.

“Hey, give me what is in your hand.” Otto pointed to an apparently newly enrolled child. Gu Huai looked down at the candy he was holding in his hand. He ignored the other person and walked past.

As the kindergarten bully, Otto had never been ignored. He directly blocked Gu Huai’s way and then grabbed at the candy in Gu Huai’s hand.

“You look good so I won’t hit you.” The bully Otto said but he still had to steal the candy. Gu Huai was robbed of the candy. He had always been pampered by the Zerg and had never experienced something like this before.

Otto was able to become the king of the kindergarten because he was a Sachi, the most powerful race in individual combat in the stars. However, if asked whether the Satchi or the Zerg were stronger, the interstellar people would undoubtedly reply the Zerg.

Individual combat was useless. The Zerg tide tactic was something feared in the interstellar world. What’s more, the personal combat ability of the beta class Zerg weren’t much weaker than the Sachi. In addition, the combat ability of the alpha class Zerg was completely at a crushing level.

Gu Huai froze for two seconds. Once he reacted, he subconsciously pouted and made a wronged, almost tearful expression. He went back to find Alves waiting for him in the classroom.

“My candy was taken away.” A child couldn’t restrain their emotions. The young Gu Huai tearfully sought out Alves and complained. He originally wanted to find his parents to complain to but his parents weren’t around. Gu Huai thought about using the spiritual link to contact his parents but thought this move was too big. Finally, he decided to find Alves.

Shen Mu and Hammer behind him were feeling complicated. His candy was stolen but what was the point of telling the Zerg? It was better to tell them since the Zerg wouldn’t help him get it back. With this in mind, Hammer immediately stood up. Compatriots should help each other and he decided to help Gu Huai grab the candy back.

However, the moment he got up, Hammer saw Alves clearly waving his silver-grey tail behind him. Then he pulled Gu Huai out of the classroom without a word. This development stunned Hammer and he quickly brought his friend Shen Mu to the hallway outside the classroom.

Most of the children in the kindergarten knew each Otto and knew he wasn’t easy to provoke. None of the other children dared to help when Gu Huai was robbed of his candy just now. Otto hadn’t gone far and Alves soon found his target. Gu Huai thought about something to pay attention to and told Alves, “The teacher said yesterday not to fight.”

Hammer pulled Shen Mu pout and they weren’t far away when they saw Alves nodding to Gu Huai like he was promising something. Alves didn’t fight. He just used his tail to create a deep hold in the ground at Otto’s feet, directly scaring the other person.

Alves took the candy from Otto and came back to Gu Huai’s side, putting the candy in Gu Huai’s hand. The reason wasn’t clear but all the children from various races saw the whole process and knew that Alves was very good to Gu Huai and wouldn’t let others bully him.

Gu Huai didn’t take the initiative but since Alves was obedient to him, this incident made Gu Huai the new bully of Hillorian Kindergarten. The next day at school, no one in the entire kindergarten dared to bully him.

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