INH: Chapter 93

If anyone else came to this abandoned planet in a remote galaxy, they would probably be surprised by what they saw on the planet. There were various ferocious creatures that had evolved or mutated on this planet yet the reigning leader of this abandoned planet was a young cub with no fighting capability.

They would see a black cub wandering around this crisis-ridden planet without fear, driven by curiosity and daring to explore everywhere. In the process of exploration, if he became tired then he would just fall asleep. The fluffy body just needed to shake the little tail behind him. Wherever the black cub with round eyes and golden vertical pupils went, the creatures of that place would quickly flee.

It could be said that this cub was walking freely across the abandoned planet.

Of course, the creatures on the planet weren’t afraid of the cub himself. They were afraid of the Tak Zerg following the cub. Like parents, the Tak Zerg stayed with the cub at all times and kept him on their shoulders or heads.

Once Gu Huai showed curiosity about a peacock-like bird creature, this beautiful and very fierce raptor was threatened by the group of Tak Zerg and had to meekly let the black cub play with its feathers, even biting and pulling out a few.

“Chirp chirp.” Holding the beautiful feather he liked, the increasingly round black cub returned to his parents. Then Gu Huai showed this fiery red feather to Alves. Alves wasn’t interested in feathers but in response, he came closer and licked the horns on the black cub’s head.

Gu Huai was no longer curious about the bird after getting the feather and the Tak Zerg had no intention of attacking. The bird was let go and quickly ran away. Once he showed it to Alves, Gu Huai continued to show it to his parents. He made a chirping sound and was very careful not to let the feather fall to the ground.

The Tak Zerg around Gu Huai actually didn’t pay attention to the feather either. They saw the cub’s golden eyes were bright and the cub calling to them so the Tak Zerg instinctively let out low hisses.

The cub who received a response was even happier. The feather he held clearly wasn’t a rarity, much less a playful toy, but the black cub taken care of by the Tak was still happy. The living environment of this planet might be very bad but Gu Huai had been protected since he was born and in fact, there was no suffering. He was pampered.

Both Alves and the Tak Zerg who came later gave him the best treatment. It was just that the best things on this abandoned planet were so bad that they couldn’t give Gu Huai better things. If it was a good planet then they could give Gu Huai much better things. How to get to a better planet?

Gu Huai and Alves were cubs and didn’t think about this problem for the time being. For them, this abandoned planet was now their entire world.

The Tak Zerg thought about it but couldn’t figure out a way. The warship that brought them to this planet had completely crashed and there were no more warships on this planet. without the necessary tools, they couldn’t leave the planet.

“Chirp chirp chirp.” It was unknown what his parents were thinking but the black cub returned to his parents and starting calling out again. This cry meant that he wanted to be held. After just two sounds, the Tak Zerg nearest to Gu Huai placed Gu Huai on its shoulder.

The pampered cub wasn’t dissatisfied with the status quo. Gu Huai stayed on the shoulder of the Tak Zerg and moved left and right. He didn’t run anywhere and just let hi parents carry hin as he looked at the world around him.

His understanding was simply and he was always happy. Cubs were mostly like this. This was his life and Gu Huai felt very good. No matter how cold the planet was during winter, it wouldn’t be frozen and the other seasons after winter were warm.

However, as the new king of the Zerg, it was impossible for Gu Huai to not be found by other Zerg. After a few months, Gu Huai’s spiritual strength grew at a terrifying rate and one day, he established a spiritual link that directly covered the entire race.

This time, the spiritual link wasn’t created out of shock. It was because the cub was interested in his ability and explored it. The previous spiritual link was only one planet-wide but now Gu Huai instinctively felt he could establish a link with a larger range and did so.

「 Chirp chirp, chirp! 」

He established a spiritual link for a short moment while playing with Alves but all the Zerg in the universe heard Gu Huai’s voice in their consciousness. It was a very soft cry. It should be the sound of a cub who hadn’t been born for long.

It was also at this moment that the Zerg, who were still split into three armies, reached an unprecedented unity and started a carpet search of the interstellar world. This movement was so loud that it spooked all the races in the interstellar world.

“No, there is no way to determine the exact position of the king.”

In order to better find their king, the technicians of the three Zerg armies were gathered together. However, the spiritual link was so brief that they couldn’t determine the detailed coordinates of where the spiritual link was sent from.

This made the Zerg outside the abandoned planet very anxious. This anxiety stimulated their spirits, leaving them in a state of agitation. They didn’t want to rest until they found Gu Huai. Fortunately, the spiritual link wasn’t only conveyed once. Since receiving the first spiritual link, the Zerg soldiers looked cold but they were all carrying the hope that they would once again receive the king’s call.

Filled with this type of expectation, they waited for more calls.

「 Chirp chirp. 」

「 Chirp chirp chirp. 」

「 Chirp! 」

The emotions passed over were cheerful, making the eyes of the expressionless Zerg light up. The king’s cry was so cute…

It wasn’t the same sound as a normal Zerg cub but this didn’t prevent the Zerg soldiers who received the link from having this idea. The king should be playing. He was so happy. Just by listening to the cries, the seemingly cold Zerg involuntarily imagined the cub playing and this imagination delighted the Zerg.

Joy returned to joy. They could only suppress the extreme joy and started to immediately determine the coordinates. There were so many spiritual links that it became much easier to determine the coordinates. The technicians quickly located the coordinates of the abandoned planet.

At the time when the fleets of the three Zerg armies were preparing for a space transfer, the northern hemisphere of the abandoned planet was raining. They couldn’t go outside while raining. This was the first time Gu Huai had seen rain in the months since he was born. He was curious about the rain falling from the sky and even the sound of the rain felt fresh.

Gu Huai listened to Alves and his parents. They said he couldn’t go out so he wouldn’t go out. The black cub only approached the entrance of the cave. It was raining hard, truly raining hard. For the cub who was only a few months old, Gu Huai hadn’t seen the four seasons yet.

The cold winter ended and a lush spring should’ve been ushered in but this abandoned planet was too barren. Gu Huai couldn’t see the green and lush vegetation in spring. However, just by watching the rain, the cub would be happy due to his curiosity and sense of freeness. Gu Huai was watching when a thunderbolt suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Chirp chirp.”

The suddenly terrified black cub at the entrance of the cave ran to Alves and pushed Alves to hide behind their parents.

“Chirp chirp.” The cub told his parents that the thunder had made him scared.

Thus, a Tak Zerg placed both cubs on its shoulders. Then it carried the two cubs near the cave entrance so that Gu Huai, who was interested in the rain, could continue to look outside. He was carried by his parents and Gu Huai was no longer afraid of the sound of thunder. He was facing this rain curtain and saw a group of dark shadows not clearly visible due to the rain approaching.

Alves and the surrounding Tak Zerg were aware of the situation in advance and were on alert. The closer they got, the clearer the shadows became in Gu Huai’s golden vertical pupils.

“Chirp.” The black cub on the shoulder of a Tak Zerg suddenly gave a clear cry. The moment Gu Huai called out, all the Zerg troops outside the cave were drowned in joy.

The thing that happened next was quite logical. Gu Huai was taken by the Zerg forces who came to find him and take him to a new planet. Alves and the Tak Zerg also came with him. When it came time to decide what planet to live on, the black cub was taken by the three army leaders to a star map. He blinked his golden eyes and his paws just happened to hit Tuser Star.

Thus, Tuser Star became the capital of the Zerg, The three divided Zerg armies achieved automatic unity because of Gu Huai’s birth.

Today’s Zerg had no intention of foreign invasion. They had made a loud noise because they were searching for Gu Huai and the information recently discovered by various interstellar races was that the Zerg were busy raising a cub.

This information stunned almost every race and they doubted the authenticity of the information. However, it was true. The Zerg were busy preparing a soft bed for Gu Huai, nutritious delicious food and a variety of small toys.

After leaving the abandoned planet and arriving on Tuser, the world suddenly became very different in Gu Huai’s eyes. Gu Huai discovered that not every planet was barren and full of sand. There were also rich and beautiful planets. Many beautiful sights could be seen on other planets.

The fact that Gu Huai was born on an abandoned planet made all the Zerg on Tuser feel sad. Thus, they spared no effort to put the best things in front of Gu Huai. The cub’s bed was made of the softest nebula in the stars. Once Gu Huai arrived on Tuser, he showed he wanted to sleep and he was carried to this bed.

“Chirp chirp.” The black cub on the bed asked Alves to accompany him. He had to be with Alves when sleeping. Gu Huai had developed this habit. Alves was always willing to agree to Gu Huai’s request. This wasn’t submission but a willingness to spoil Gu Huai.

“Chirp.” Feeling the softness of the bed, the already sleepy black cub clung to Alves and called out to his parents watching him before going to bed. The Tak Zerg were okay but the other Zerg felt that breathing had become a bit difficult.

The bed made of nebula was much more comfortable than the bed only covered with feathers. it was very warm. It was the first time sleeping in such a comfortable place. The black cub on the bed just closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep. They would all live on this planet in the future. This planet was better than the previous one and he could live with his parents on a planet with a better environment. Even the cubs who were ignorant about the world were instinctively happy.

“Chirp… chirp chirp.” Gu Huai called out while sleeping. The cub’s sleeping sounds made the Zerg watching around the bed become more cautious. They couldn’t help deliberately making their breathing sounds lighter.

They had found the king. No matter what happened in the future, the king would grow up spoiled among the Zerg.

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