INH: Chapter 92

Due to going out and more importantly, Gu Huai inadvertently using his spiritual link when he went out, the consumption of mental power made him sleep for a long time. After sleeping for more than half a day, the black cub sleeping on the soft feathers opened his eyes and immediately felt another cub licking the small horns on his head.

The pair of small horns were licked and then Alves moved onto the fluff on Gu Huai’s head. During the process of grooming, Gu Huai completely woke up.

“Chirp.” The black cub seemed a bit happy as he made a gentle chirping sound. He knew that he had been sleeping for a long time but Alves was still beside him after waking up. Gu Huai was certainly happy.

It was afternoon and Alves used to go outside the cave in the morning. Once Gu Huai woke up and his fluff was groomed, Alves was ready to go out. However, Alves was blocked by Gu Huai.

“Chirp chirp.” The screaming black cub pushed Alves’ body with his pair of small horns, causing Alves to take a few steps back. If Alves didn’t comply then Gu Huai actually couldn’t push him. Obviously, Alves almost completely obeyed Gu Huai apart from some individual matters related to Gu Huai’s safety.

“Chirp?” Alves wasn’t angry about being pushed back and just questioned Gu Huai. The questioned black cub didn’t reply. He just leaned his body against Alves, staring at the other cub with beautiful eyes.

In fact, Gu Huai had no reason to push Alves back. It was just that he was scared from going outside the cave yesterday and relied heavily on Alves today. It manifested in this matter, refusing to let Alves leave. Nevertheless, Gu Huai didn’t do things without thinking. He saw that there was still a lot of food left in the cave and Alves didn’t need to go out for food today.

Alves subconsciously shook his tail due to the light rubbing of the black cub close to him. Now the silver-grey tail behind him had considerable attack power. It was easy to cause a crack once the tail hit the ground of the cave.

Alves hadn’t controlled the power of his tail and the black cub next to him was frightened by the sudden sound, squirming closer to Alves. This was a manifestation of his dependence. Once he was afraid, the first thing he would think of was to move closer to the person he was most dependent on.

Alves licked the small horns on Gu Huai’s head again while protectively placing the silver-grey tail around the black cub next to him. He wouldn’t go out of the cave today. The cub wanted someone to accompany him, not to mention that since breaking out of the shell, only Alves had guarded and accompanied Gu Huai. If it wasn’t for Gu Huai understanding the need to survive, he would probably ask Alves to stay with him all the time.

“Chirp.” Knowing that Alves wouldn’t go out today, the black cub licked on the horns called out and the fluffy tail behind him was raised a bit higher. Even if there was nothing in the cave similar to toys, the two cubs living in the cave still had fun as long as they were with each other.

The two cubs played together although strictly speaking, it was more like Alves was playing with Gu Huai. Gu Huai pounced on Alves’ tail and Alves cooperatively hid. After hiding a few times, he would intentionally let Gu Huai touch and Gu Huai was finally able to successfully catch his tail.

Gu Huai wasn’t tired of playing this game. He was in high spirits every time. Whenever he caught Alves’ tail, Gu Huai’s golden eyes would become rounder and he would lick Alves’ tail after each catch. Gu Huai’s original intention was to comb Alves’ fur but he forgot for a while that Alves’ tail had become a cold, metallic tail and there was no fur on it that required grooming.

Alves’ light gold vertical pupils were wide. “Chirp!”

They played for a while before Gu Huai was finally tired and could no longer move. Alves once again placed his tail protectively around Gu Huai. At this time, Alves’ tail wasn’t long enough to completely encircle the black cub so it was only a half-circle of protection.

Gu Huai never thought that the cave could be discovered by an enemy and Alves was with him, so he was now completely relaxed. Alves was also a bit relaxed but his keen hearing allowed him to quickly perceive movement not far from the cave and he became alert.

Gu Huai didn’t find anything. “Chirp chirp?”

Although no obvious movements were found, the obvious wariness displayed by Alves made Gu Huai quickly realize something. He no longer made any sound and stayed calmly beside Alves without moving at all.

It was estimated that the intruders had found this hidden cave. Only a moment later, Gu Huai heard a sound that was probably the intruders reaching the entrance of the cave. Based on the sound, there were more than one or two intruders. Perhaps it was a group. This made Gu Huai feel worry and fear and he leaned on Alves.

The Tak Zerg who entered the depths of the cave saw this scene. The cubs were afraid. After discovering this, the scarlet pupils of the Tak Zerg seemed to deepen and the scary, cold scarlet eyes became even more terrible.

Gu Huai was afraid and this made the Tak Zerg angry enough to want to clean up all creatures within hundreds of metres around the cave. It was because in the eyes of these Tak Zerg, it must be the environment making the cubs feel unsafe, so that Gu Huai was afraid.

Then the joy of finding Gu Huai filled the hearts of the Tak Zerg. The emotion of joy prevailed in their hearts, making the Tak Zerg unwilling to leave. They had found the most important treasure to them.

They were discovered by the same race and Alves instinctively knew that he had a dominant power over the Zerg except for Gu Huai and those in his same alpha class. He stared at these Tak Zerg and slowly left his fighting state.

Alves was still on guard but Gu Huai’s mood changed after seeing these Tak Zerg. Gu Huai possessed an ability that Alves didn’t possess. This ability was only possessed by he who was born as the king of the Zerg. He could sense the emotions of other Zerg.

Thus, after the Tak Zerg appeared in his vision, Gu Huai could sense their emotions. These Tak Zerg weren’t malicious to him and Alves. The thing that Gu Huai perceived was a very warm emotion. They seemed to care about him like…

Like parents caring for their own children. What was a parent? Since his birth, there had been no adults caring for him. He was only accompanied by another cub who had also just broken out of the shell. Thus, Gu Huai found it a bit hard to understand. He didn’t seem to have any parents.

Whether it was from the perceived emotions or instincts, Gu Huai felt that these Tak Zerg wouldn’t hurt him. During the time when Alves was still relatively vigilant, Gu Huai suddenly moved. The black cub settled beside Alves suddenly took a step forward. What he could see from this angle was the sharp forearms of the Tak Zerg.

The Tak Zerg who entered this cave had no intention of attacking. Alves confirmed this and didn’t drag Gu Huai back. The closer he got, the clearer the emotions that Gu Huai received from the Tak Zerg.

The temperature in the cave hadn’t changed, it was still cold. Gu Huai didn’t know why but surrounded by these emotions, Gu Huai felt a warm feeling. Were the Tak Zerg in front of Gu Huai his parents? He involuntarily had such an idea and the black cub, who was carefully being watched by the Tak Zerg, couldn’t help raising his head.

“Chirp… chirp chirp.” The cub tried to cry out for these Tak Zerg. The bright expectations in the black cub’s golden pupils were easy to see. the cub obviously hoped to get a response. Hearing the cub’s soft sounds, the Tak Zerg’s pupils contracted slightly but they didn’t move.

It wasn’t because they were unwilling to move. It was that these cold Tak Zerg didn’t know how to care for a cub. It was just that the Tak Zerg’s unmoved reactions entered Gu Huai’s eyes, as if they were completely unmoved. This made the waiting cub suddenly flinch a bit. Still, he wanted to try again.

“Chirp chirp.” The black cub plucked up the courage to try again. This time, his golden eyes were filled with water, making the cub’s eyes look moist. Gu Huai’s performance made the Tak Zerg realize they couldn’t stay still.

What did the cub want them to do? What should they do to make the cub happy? It wasn’t easy to think about the easy due to a lack of wisdom but instinctively, under Gu Huai’s gaze, a Tak Zerg lowered its body and carefully extended a sharp forearm to the nearby cub. It raised the cub up with its forearm.

“Chirp chirp chirp!” On the Tak Zerg’s sharp forearm, Gu Huai was taken to a high place and his eyes quickly widened. He was getting further and further from the ground. Once he stopped, Gu Huai found that he was placed on the shoulder of the Tak Zerg who had lifted him up. This was so high.

The cub was obviously happy. He wanted to be even higher up so the black cub sitting on the Tak Zerg’s shoulder decided his target position. Then without hesitation, he climbed to the head of the Tak Zerg carrying him.

Gu Huai ran to the top of the Tak Zerg’s head.

“Chirp!” This was the highest place. The black cub sitting on the head of the Tak Zerg wasn’t restful and moved around. Meanwhile, the Tak Zerg carrying the cub was motionless. Still, it wasn’t completely unresponsive. The Tak Zerg let out a low hiss from its throat.

Even with only a brief contact, Gu Huai understood that these Tak Zerg would protect him like Alves. Gu Huai easily accepted the Tak Zerg and Alves knew these Tak Zerg would be Gu Huai’s guardians and put down his vigilance.

So from this day on, there were more than just the two cubs living in the cave. The Tak Zerg also lived with them. It was also from this day that Gu Huai was free to go outside the cave.

Alves was a high-grade Zerg of the alpha class but he was still a cub who just broke out of the shell. His growth rate might be fast but it wasn’t enough for him to take Gu Huai out of the cave without fear.

It was a different story once the group of Tak Zerg came. These Tak Zerg might be low-grade Zerg without much intelligence, talking ability or even a humanoid form but they were already at the top of the food chain on this planet. No matter how ferocious the creatures on this planet, they weren’t a match for a group of adult Tak Zerg.

Just like he did with Alves, Gu Huai relied on these Tak Zerg whom he regarded as parents. Under the care of the Tak Zerg, Gu Huai and Alves freely moved outside the cave. Gu Huai went to the small forest he had visited once before. Last time, he wasn’t accompanied by his parents and didn’t make any calls along the wall. This time, there were his parents accompanying him so Gu Huai felt no concerns.

There were many beasts in this grove. After all, most places on this planet were barren. A rare green area with a water source was naturally occupied by the most ferocious creatures. A plush, round cub arriving at the grove was like an automatic snack for the ferocious creatures inside it. Such a small one wasn’t enough to fill them out but the beasts wouldn’t let go of any food sent to their door.

Gu Huai was rarely allowed to come out of the cave or move without worry about his safety. Now he ran to look at anything he was curious about. He saw a flower growing from a crack in the stone. As Gu Huai approached, a tall and fierce beast suddenly emerged from behind the stone. The black cub’s eyes widened and he immediately ran to his parents’ side.

“Chirp, chirp—!”

The Tak Zerg taking care of Gu Huai was very close to him. They saw the creature appearing and immediately protected Gu Huai. Gu Huai was placed on the shoulder of a Tak Zerg and stared down at the large beast that had just appeared in front of him.

This beast was so big. Gu Huai had thought so just now but once on the shoulder of the Tak Zerg, the beast didn’t seem so big from this height. His parents were several times larger than the beast.

“Chirp chirp!” The cub complained to his parents. Even if Gu Huai didn’t complain, the Tak Zerg saw that this beast had scared their cub.

The Tak Zerg caring for Gu Huai had no pity for enemies who tried to hurt Gu Huai and quickly settled the enemy coldly. The beasts had an instinct for survival. The ferocious creatures who once inhabited this grove were now aware of the danger. They realized this black cub was inaccessible to them and they should stay far away from him.

The black cub was thought to be food delivered to their door. Now the ferocious creatures deliberately avoided the places where the cub explored. The natives didn’t want to abandon this small forest. As long as they didn’t appear in front of the black cub, the Tak Zerg would ignore them.

This small forest became a playground where Gu Huai could explore at will. Gu Huai finally ran to the flower he just saw. He smelled the flower and suddenly wanted to take a nap on the grass. Previously, he couldn’t go outside the cave for his safety. Now with his parents present, Gu Huai wanted to sleep outside.

“Chirp chirp.” Gu Huai wanted Alves to sleep with him. Thus, Alves leaned over and the two cubs nestled together next to a small flower that grew from a gap in the stone and was swaying in the wind. The black cub on the left quickly fell asleep.

The Tak Zerg watched over the sleeping cubs and didn’t let any danger get close. Of course, no creature would want to get close. Thanks to his parents, Gu Huai became the top of the food chain on this abandoned planet.

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The bullied Chip Huai turned his head to complain to the Zerg. Too cute owo.

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