INH: Chapter 91

Once Gu Huai woke up from his sleep, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was the fluffy body of another cub.

“Chirp.” The black cub cried out after waking up.

From falling asleep to waking up, they were snuggled together without separating. After discovering this, the black cub subconsciously moved the small tail behind him and opened gold eyes that seemed to have increased in brightness. It was due to peace of mind. The cub had determined that he could indeed rely on Alves. Alves wouldn’t ignore him and he would be guarded by Alves. Gu Huai became very aware of this.

Alves didn’t move. He just stayed closer to the black cub next to him and responded while maintaining the snuggling posture, “Chirp chirp.”

This time, their location had changed from night to day. The temperature during the day was slightly better than at night.  At this time, the two cubs were still snuggled together. The black cub who was afraid of the cold felt a bit warm.

This warmth was naturally very comfortable. As a result, Gu Huai didn’t want to be separated from Alves for some time. He was clearly away but continued to cling to the cub lying next to him. Alves definitely wouldn’t refuse. He completely indulged the behaviour of the black cub and the fluffy little tail behind him always protected the black cub. If Gu Huai didn’t take the initiative to separate then Alves would continue keeping Gu Huai warm.

However, Gu Huai was a bit more curious about the surroundings. Since the temperature in the day had risen, he wouldn’t feel cold if he didn’t cling to Alves. Finally, Gu Huai couldn’t help walking around in order to explore this world that was completely unknown to him.

For a newly born cub, everything in the world was unknown and Gu Huai was curious about everything. The black cub no longer clung to Alves. He got up and looked around, round eyes that were like a glass ball filled with the light of curiosity about the world. Then he raised his front paws and started to go where he wanted to explore.

Since breaking out of the egg, Gu Huai hadn’t walked like this. Once he was born, he obediently ate the eggshell and was so sleepy that he wanted to sleep. Now he just woke up. Walking was a natural ability but the black cub ready to explore had just started to walk and it was obvious that he wasn’t skilled.

He had just taken a few steps when the plush round body accidentally tipped to the side. Gu Huai didn’t fall on the cold hard ground because Alves came in time, using his body to cushion Gu Huai.

“Chirp.” The black cub leaning on Alves’ body wasn’t afraid of anything. His golden eyes looked brighter. Despite also being a cub, Alves was better than Gu Huai physically. In all aspects of physical ability, he was obviously better by more than just a little bit.

In terms of walking alone, Alves could move agilely just after he was born and he even had a certain combat ability. His claws were quite sharp but Gu Huai was different. Gu Huai hadn’t found it easy to break out of the shell and was weak like an ordinary cub. He needed Alves’ protection and care.

Gu Huai wanted to explore the surroundings and Alves accompanied him to avoid Gu Huai tilting again, Alves always adjusting the balance with his tail. If he was too late to adjust then the black cub who was only concerned about exploring would fall.

This cave was very large and it took some time for the small cub to explore. The cave during the day was still dim but there was more light coming from the entrance of the cave. The black cub approached the cave entrance and curiously wanted to go outside but was stopped by Alves.

“Chirp.” Alves didn’t let Gu Huai go out.

Although his curiosity was heavy, Gu Huai was obedient and came back from the entrance.

Gu Huai looked at Alves. “Chirp chirp.”

Alves first glanced at the entrance with his golden vertical pupils. Then he licked the horns on the head of the small cub next to him. He did so to appease Gu Huai. Gu Huai didn’t know what type of world was outside but Alves was acutely aware of the dangers. For food, Alves knew he would have to take the initiative to face the dangers outside but he wouldn’t let Gu Huai experience this.

The two cubs would stay in the cave until the eggshells were finished. The eggshell could last for half a month. Since he understood that the eggshell was the best source of nutrition, Alves placed his last remaining piece of eggshell in front of Gu Huai.

“Chirp?” The black cub made a sound that expressed his doubts.

Alves was born a few days earlier than him. If Alves gave him the last part of the eggshell then Alves would have no food left. Gu Huai pushed the eggshell back to Alves but Alves stopped it. Alves told Gu Huai that he would go outside to find food before coming back. Gu Huai should stay in the cave.

Gu Huai was instinctively unwilling to part from Alves and called out, “Chirp, chirp chirp…”

The black cub attached his round body to Alves. He had been guarded by Alves since he was born so Gu Huai had a natural dependence on Alves. The reluctance to let Alves leave was also a sign of dependence.

Gu Huai followed Alves to the cave exit. Alves licked his fur to coax him and finally, he obediently remained in the cave.

“Chirp chirp.”

‘Come back soon.’ There was no doubt that the cub’s round eyes expressed this meaning. As Alves left and gradually became invisible, the black cub in the cave no longer looked out, waiting for Alves to return. In the Zerg race, no cub would give their own eggshell to another cub to eat. Even if he didn’t know this matter, Gu Huai could understand that Alves was very good for him.

After leaving Gu Huai, Alves emerged from the cave and didn’t show any ignorance or confusion when facing the barren scene outside. He was an alpha class Zerg and born strong. Although it had been less than a month since breaking out of his shell and the fluffy tail behind him temporarily didn’t have any attack power, he was born knowing how to survive.

All of his fighting abilities now came from his claws and knowing him to use his body to fight was an instinct Alves was born with. The indigenous creatures on this planet were ferocious but Alves was capable of dealing with one and even resolving it without any injuries.

Alves wasn’t going to bring bloody meat back to the cave. This might make some savvy enemies discover the location of the cave. In fact, Gu Huai was eating the eggshell and didn’t need other food but this time, Alves brought back a fruit he found for Gu Huai.

Once Alves returned to the cave, the black cub waiting for him chirped and approached, pupils full of joy. Alves pushed the big fruit he brought back in front of Gu Huai. The outside of this fruit was black and it didn’t look very good but before returning, Alves had opened another fruit of the same kind and tried it. He thought Gu Huai would like it.

“Chirp.” The black cub blinked and glanced at the fruit. He naturally knew it was food.

How to eat this fruit? The cub would directly bite the food so Gu Huai did this. However, Gu Huai couldn’t bite it. The black shell of this fruit was too hard for Gu Huai. Gu Huai bit it and there were no traces on the shell. Rather, his teeth hurt a lot. He wanted to eat but couldn’t bite it. The black cub failed and his reaction was very direct. His round eyes became wet and he tearfully went to find Alves.

“Chirp chirp!” Not only were there tears, the call was obviously different from normal times. It was the sound of asking for help. Gu Huai had only made this sound in the beginning when he was cold and it was also to Alves.

Alves was ruthless in the face of the ferocious creatures outside the cave. He might be a cub but he had the Zerg nature of showing no mercy when fighting. Now Gu Huai’s wet eyes made Alves want to meet the other side’s wishes.

Alves hadn’t taken into account that Gu Huai wouldn’t be able to bite the shell of this fruit. He extended his claws and raised the front claws to scratch at the fruit.

Alves seemed to just move his claws lightly and the fruit that Gu Huai couldn’t bite was easily cut open. The horn of the fruit was then cut off by Alves and the rest of it finally placed in front of Gu Huai. It was a fruit with a delicious taste.

The fruit was full of sweet juice. The black cub came close to the opening of the fruit and started to sip it bit by bit. Gu Huai liked this fruit very much and it had been brought back by Alves. Thus, after eating, Gu Huai leaned against Alves and snuggled up to his fluffy body.

“Chirp.” Gu Huai learned from Alves and licked a small amount of slightly raised fluff on the other cub.

Alves liked to be close to Gu Huai. Knowing that Gu Huai easily became sleeping after eating, Alves didn’t move and let the black cub gradually fall asleep.

During the day, Gu Huai didn’t have to cling to Alves but at night, the temperature became colder and he needed Alves next to him so he would freeze. This was why Alves would never go hunting for food at night.

Gu Huai’s eggshell finally finished after half a month passed. At this time, no changes were seen on his body but the originally fluffy tail behind Alves had changed to a silver-grey tail with a metallic texture and cold touch.

Gu Huai was particularly curious about Alves’ silver-grey tail. Despite knowing that the tail was cold, he had to touch it and even bit it with his teeth. Of course, it was just a light bite. Then he put his body on top and fell asleep. Alves’ tail was played with by Gu Huai. In fact, even if Gu Huai bit hard, Alves’ tail wouldn’t be hurt. He was just worried that Gu Huai’s teeth would hurt.

During this time, Alves went out hunting and also brought Gu Huai a few large and soft feathers obtained from some bird creatures living on this planet. The big feathers were stacked together into a soft and comfortable sleeping nest, allowing Gu Huai to sleep more comfortably every day.

All the eggshell was eaten but Alves still refused to let Gu Huai go out. Now he would bring back meat for Gu Huai and it was even a type of cooked meat.

There was a special environment north of the cave. The rocks here had a strange texture and the surface was extremely hot. Alves would throw the bloody flesh on it, wait for the red flesh to disappear and then he brought the meat back to the cave.

The black cub in the cave was led by Alves every day. This was obviously an abandoned planet with harsh living conditions but Gu Huai could be called spoiled.

Gu Huai was vaguely aware of the dangers outside the cave. Alves hadn’t said why he didn’t let Gu Huai out but Gu Huai was keen and obeyed. He knew he had no fighting ability. If he followed Alves out, it would make Alves take care of him and things would become more difficult.

Then one day, Alves didn’t come back. Gu Huai waited and waited until finally, he couldn’t help going out to look for the other cub. The black cub left the cave and saw the outside world for the first time. He didn’t see anything wonderful, just a barren landscape.

The world outside the cave was infinitely larger than the cave. How could he find Alves in such a wide world? The cub could only sniff the air, trying to smell the scent left by Alves. Of course, it was impossible to smell. Gu Huai could only hesitate before intuitively choosing a direction to search.

The cub walked until he reached a place that was a bit like a grove. Gu Huai didn’t make any noise along the way because he instinctively knew that making a sound would provoke the enemy. It was true but even if he didn’t make a sound, the sound of him moving was noticed by a beast.

A ferocious creature hiding in the bushes suddenly rushed out in front of Gu Huai. The beast was extremely huge compared to Gu Huai. Gu Huai might only be the size of the creature’s claw and the creature didn’t look average.

“Chirp…!” The black cub stared at this creature with obvious fright. His round eyes became bigger and his vertical pupils contracted slightly. He was not only young but also weak. Such a small body was nothing in the eyes of this ferocious beast. Facing such a huge and dangerous enemy, the black cub was forced to shrink back.

“Chirp, chirp chirp—” The black cub was frightened and instinctively called out to Alves.

Using this instinct, Gu Huai set up a short-range spiritual link for the first time. At almost the same time that Gu Huai established the spiritual link, Gu Huai saw a small shadow jumping up and then the huge creature in front of him suddenly fell. It was Alves who had jumped up and slammed his silver-grey tail into the beast’s head.

Alves’ glare toward the dead beast was like an icy thorn. Then he headed toward the tearful black cub in the distance. Once he arrived, Gu Huai was finally relieved. After settling down, Gu Huai soon noticed a small flower in Alves’ mouth.

Once Gu Huai returned to the cave, Alves put down the flower he was holding in front of Gu Huai. The reason why he came back late today was because he saw a flower and wanted to bring it back to the cave for Gu Huai. It had taken Alves some time to pick it.

“Chirp.” ‘This is a gift,’ Alves told the black cub.

“Chirp!” Gu Huai quickly responded with bright eyes.

Seeing Gu Huai’s reaction, Alves touched the fluffy tail of the black cub with his silver-grey tail, tangling them together. Alves didn’t really understand the meaning of this move but he instinctively felt it was a solemn move. Making this move should be a promise to protect the other person forever.

After this outing, Gu Huai finally knew the outside world was barren and dangerous. He finally realized the cruelty of the outside world.

Gu Huai fell asleep on the soft feather bed after eating. During the period where he snuggled up to Alves to sleep, dozens of Tak Zerg living on the planet were approaching this cave after receiving the spiritual link.

During the previous fright, Gu Huai had established some short-range spiritual links. This spiritual link was enough to cover the entire planet and the Tak Zerg who received them immediately entered a fighting state close to extreme anger.

The Tak Zerg had come to this abandoned planet by accident many years ago and had been living on the other half of the planet opposite the cave’s location. The outside world was cruel but their king was born at the top of the Zerg pyramid and didn’t need to experience this. The moment the black cub sleeping on several layers of feathers woke up, he would have many parents who loved him.

The author has something to say:

Chirp Huai (tears): Chirp chirp…!

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