INH: Chapter 90

This is an alternate universe that the author wrote. Thus, there will be conflicts with the setting of the main text. There is no need to delve into the contradictions.


Most areas of this abandoned planet were filled with sand and wind. Spring on this planet wasn’t gentle, summer wasn’t brilliant and moving, autumn was quiet and winter was extremely harsh.

On such a planet, it wasn’t easy to find a place to shelter from the wind and rain. The creatures living on this planet were basically very ferocious species. If they weren’t fierce, they must have great survivability. Since the living environment of the planet was too bad, all creatures on the planet had to evolve in a direction that was better suited to the environment of the planet if they wanted to survive.

For two cubs who hadn’t yet been born and didn’t have any guardians around them, the fact that they were in a hidden cave not easily found by outside creatures was already their luck. One of the less fortunate things was that in the coldest winter this abandoned had experienced in decades, one of the two cubs broke free of his shell and was born on this difficult planet.

The two eggs were black and white. Although they were actually lying quietly together, they looked close like they were snuggling each other. The first one to break was the black egg. Without anyone’s care, there was the subtle and sharp sound of cracking. After the first sound, it kept continuing and became much clearer.

This was the sound made from the cub’s efforts to break through the eggshell. Just this was enough to show this cub was very healthy and strong. His natural constitution should be quite good. Even if there was no one to take care of him and the surrounding environment was so bad, he was still undisturbed.

Thanks to the cub’s efforts, the eggshell of the black egg was completely broken and the cub inside completely emerged. This was a small, round cub with white fur and pale gold vertical pupils.

Alves knew his name thanks to the inheritance he received while conceived in the egg. As soon as he was born, the first thing Alves did wasn’t to conform to the survival instinct of eating his eggshell. There was something else that was much stronger than his survival instinct, making him pay attention to the egg next to him.

“Chirp.” The cub cried out to the egg nearby.

This was the important thing he had to protect. He was born as its guardian and Alves instinctively developed this consciousness. Since he wanted to protect the other egg, he was born earlier. Although he was only a newborn cub, Alves showed protectiveness toward the white egg next to him.

At this time, Alves knew nothing about the world or what type of planet he was born on. The first thing he learned after his birth wasn’t eating but protection. It was difficult for a cub to have any protective ability. Alves gently pressed his fluffy little tail against the egg he was protecting, his vertical pupils contracted slightly in an alert manner. This type of protection might not actually be strong but it was already the best that a cub could do.

The eggshell was the best nutritious food for Zerg cubs. A small piece would provide enough active energy and promote better growth. Thus in general, the cubs of the Zerg race didn’t need to change to other staple foods before they finished eating the eggshell.

This was in line with Alves’ heart. There was food around him so he didn’t have to leave the important treasure he needed to protect in order to find food. Eating was still necessary so deep in the dim cave, the cub kept his fluffy tail lightly on the egg next to him while eating the eggshell in a wary state.

After eating a small piece to meet his needs, Alves focused wholeheartedly on protecting the other egg.

“Chirp.” The cub gazed at the treasure he was guarding with light gold eyes and made a clear cry. The egg was quiet and unresponsive but Alves’ eyes glowed brightly as they watched the egg.

The eggshell was enough to last for half a month. After several days, Alves didn’t go anywhere and just held the pure white egg next to him. The cave was dim both day and night but Alves had excellent night vision abilities. The dark environment didn’t affect his observation and actions in the surrounding environment.

In this unchanging dimness, Alves suddenly heard a sound that broke through the darkness and silence.


The sound was very light. If it wasn’t for the cave itself being quiet then this sound might not be heard over the wind, grass and other ambient sounds. However, in such a quiet environment, Alves guarding the egg would never miss the sound.

His vertical pupils contracted tightly and Alves finally removed his tail from where it was placed on the egg. He stepped back a bit and stared precisely at a tiny crack in the eggshell. It hadn’t taken long for Alves to be born a few days ago. He had easily broken through the eggshell but this wasn’t the case for the cub in the egg in front of him.

After the initial sound, there were no new movements for dozens of seconds. A full minute passed before a second sound was heard in the silent, dark cave.

“Snap, snap—”

This time, there was a clearer and more obvious crack in the eggshell.

“Chirp chirp!”

Alves cried out instinctively when he saw the difficulty the cub had in breaking the shell, the fluffy tail behind him subconsciously hitting the ground. The cub trying to be born received Alves’ anxiety and worked harder on breaking the shell. It wasn’t easy but after some time, the cracks continued to expand and once they finally accumulated to a certain extent, the eggshell was broken.

“Chirp.” There was an eggshell piece on his head as a fluffy black cub like Alves emerged from the egg. This cub had round eyes that were like a glass ball and golden pupils, different from Alves’ light gold pupils. The moment he was born, the cub seemed to understand that Alves was his guardian and that he could only rely on the other cub.

Seeing the black cub, Alves’ tail that had been hitting the ground out of worry suddenly rose. The reaction of the tail intuitively represented Alves’ mood. Raising the tail slightly like this showed he was now happy.

The black cub who was just born also knew his name. His name was Gu Huai and he told Alves once he saw the other person.


“Chirp chirp.”

The two cubs exchanged names with each other before Gu Huai’s eyes fell on his eggshell. The black cub started to eat the eggshell and Alves guarding him, allowing Gu Huai to eat at ease. Unlike Alves, Gu Huai felt drowsy immediately after eating a small piece of eggshell but Gu Huai couldn’t sleep like this.

This place was too cold. The black cub finished eating and struggled to gather his body together, but he couldn’t withstand the cold even by doing so. This planet was in the midst of a severe winter and it was much colder than previous years. They were unlucky enough to be born in this season so they could only endure the cold. Such a cold had no effect on Alves but it was very hard for Gu Huai.

Still feeling cold, the black cub instinctively made a sound to ask the cub guarding him for help.

The round golden eyes like a glass ball seemed a bit wet. He was crying in an aggrieved manner because it was very cold and the cave ground was cold and hard. This uncomfortable environment made the black cub very uncomfortable.

Alves quickly responded to Gu Huai’s performance. He touched his equally fluffy body to Gu Huai and used his body to warm the other cub. The body temperature of an adult Zerg was relatively cool but they were relatively warm in their cub period. The fluff of the cub played an important role in keeping warm.

The two cubs snuggling together like this were naturally much warmer than when separated. Alves placed his fluffy little tail behind him on Gu Huai to make Gu Huai feel as warm as possible. At the same time, his posture was obviously protecting the other side.

There was another fluffy body attached to him and Gu Huai soon felt the cold around him driven away. He finally became a bit warm.

The ground was still cold and hard but they had stayed in the same place for a long time and the location wasn’t cold.

The place to sleep wasn’t soft at all. Alves hadn’t felt anything. He had been guarding the egg for the past few days and it had always been like this. However, he was worried that Gu Huai wouldn’t be able to adapt.

It was just that apart from his wet eyes, the black cub snuggling with Alves no longer called for help. Perhaps he knew that he couldn’t ask for a better living environment and could only work hard to adapt. It was good to not be cold.

“Chirp chirp.” The black cub with golden eyes chirped at Alves, which was a cry of dependence.

Alves also responded. “Chirp.”

Although Gu Huai didn’t express dissatisfaction with his living environment, Alves still found Gu Huai’s discomfort. He reached out his tongue to lick the fur of the black cub next to him.

“Chirp!” The black cub felt his fur being groomed and his round eyes widened.

In the Zerg race, combing the fur of another cub like this had special significance. A patch of unruly fur on his head was licked. When Alves licked it, he occasionally accidentally licked the pair of small horns on Gu Huai’s head, making Gu Huai feel a bit itchy.

The cub he was dependent on was licking his fur. Apart from feeling a bit itchy, Gu Huai felt more at ease. Gu Huai was already feeling sleepy and he gradually fell asleep in the process of Alves grooming him. Once Gu Huai completely fell asleep, Alves stopped grooming him.

Being snuggled up to and depended on… Alves felt these things for a short time and became more aware that Gu Huai needed to be protected. If he didn’t guard Gu Huai then Gu Huai would find it even more difficult to survive this cold season.

After confirming his identity as a guardian, Alves still kept his light golden eyes on Gu Huai. His innate combat instincts and excellent ability allowed Alves to quickly become aware that the environment outside this cave must be very dangerous.

To this end, Alves instinctively wanted to grow faster and have the ability to fight.

He didn’t know what type of world he would face when he left the cave. He might be even colder but at least for now, the two cubs in the cave were feeling each other’s warm temperature.

On this ugly, abandoned planet, they had each other.

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9 months ago

Really like this alternate universe, since Alves wasn’t born alone and wait for many many years to meet Ah Huai.

2 months ago

I’m not crying you’re crying

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