INH: Chapter 9

On the whole, the Zerg were a race that didn’t pay much attention to the enjoyment of life.

Since every Zerg was born as good soldiers, they were naturally suitable for combat. The vast majority of Zerg could survive in any living conditions and the comfort of living was generally not in consideration. Now there was someone they had to think about.

Gu Huai sat in the seat and slept for a while. Since his sleeping posture wasn’t comfortable, he subconsciously let out a sound.

The sound caused the Tak Zerg, standing next to Gu Huai, to make a low hoarse noise. Previously on the abandoned planet, they had placed the baby in the eggshell and rocked him to sleep. Now the eggshell was taken away by their kin.

Several high-grade Zerg in the command room had been watching the sleeping youth with bright eyes. They paused the moment they heard this noise. Did the king feel uncomfortable sleeping in a chair like this…

Sleep was a physiological need and their need for sleep was very low. Apart from some babies who might sleep a bit more, the adult Zerg wouldn’t feel tired even if they didn’t sleep for 10 days. Once they really needed a rest, they could take a short nap.

Therefore, facing this situation, the high-grade Zerg found they didn’t have any sleeping pods on board the ship for the youth to lie in. Should they take apart these seats and put together the back pieces to make a sleeping mat…

The moment the silly idea popped up, several Zerg soldiers were ready to go out and demolish their chairs outside the command room. Then the silver-haired Zerg in the command position stopped them.

Alves approached Gu Huai again and the silver-grey tail behind him touched the young man’s body faster than his hands could. It circled Gu Huai in just a few seconds. This tail was better are dealing with enemies in battle than it was with things that needed to be protected. The gentlest thing this tail had ever done was to circle the young man’s body like this. It didn’t puncture or whip anything, it just restrained its force.

In fact, there was no need to use his tail when it was just lifting the youth out of the seat. Still, the tail automatically circled this person. Alves picked up the sleeping youth and finally released control of his tail.

It was quiet. Alves has determined that as long as he could sense the presence of the young man in his arms, he would no longer hear anything that made him feel it was noisy. This didn’t mean the noises were gone. It was just that when he perceived this youth’s presence, all his attention was completely attracted to the youth.

Therefore, it was strange that these voices could no longer disturb him. For the time being, there was no desire to fight. He might not be born a Tak Zerg but Alves was no less militant than the Tak. The more intense the fight, the more it could stir up some type of cold pleasure in Alves.

Gu Huai being here was like an invisible chain around Alves. He found that his desire to protect meant he couldn’t leave this person’s side so his fighting desire could only be suppressed.

It was like a dragon bringing back precious treasure to its lair. In order to protect the treasure from being hurt or stolen, the giant dragon would lie down with folded wings, squinting its long, vertical pupils and choosing to stay in its lair.

Since he had already slept a round, it wasn’t long before Gu Huai woke up. The moment he woke up, Alves didn’t wait for him to show he wanted to be on the ground and silently put him down.

Gu Huai really woke up once he realized that he had been sleeping in the other side’s arms again. He raised his eyes to see the silver-haired Zerg’s calm and cold face. Gu Huai scratched his cheek and said, “If I make a noise again the next time I sleep, you don’t have to worry about me. You can let me sleep there.”

He knew that the thinking of the Zerg meant holding him to sleep was normal, just like the Tak Zerg always put hi into the eggshell after he fell asleep. The two things weren’t too different but inherent human thinking made Gu Huai a bit uncomfortable with this.

Alves didn’t immediately nod or shake his head. His lips showed no skills of curving at all. His flat lip line seemed to show coldness, as if he wasn’t interested in responding to Gu Huai’s words.

The young man meant he didn’t want to be held when sleeping, or he didn’t want to be touched by Alves. This was what Alves understood. Was it because this youth learned of his abnormality from Alger, so he didn’t want to be close?

They might be a natural fighting race but no other Zerg had such an uncontrollable desire for destruction. He had a blind and aimless rage and even he didn’t know when he would fall into madness. It was normal for other people to not want to be near him.

The cold silver-grey tail showed its owners thoughts by swinging restlessly but this mood didn’t show itself on Alves’ face. After a short interval, he responded calmly, “Yes.”

Their king was on board so the Yula ship performed at an unprecedented speed. It more than doubled the maximum distance of the space leaps. At this rate, it would only take a few days for them to return to Tuser.

In these few days, Gu Huai had strolled around the entire Yula warship. He had the highest authority so every part of the warship was open to him, no matter where he wanted to go. Gu Huai walked around the warship and often heard the ‘kada, kada’ sound of the Yula warship, as if the Yula was glad he was willing to walk around.

However, Gu Huai walking around wasn’t only because of interest. He was also looking for someone.

“Where is your leader?” Since the day after the warship sailed, Gu Huai hadn’t seen the silver-haired Zerg who was supposed to be sitting in the command post of the command room. Therefore, he couldn’t help looking at Alger with a puzzled expression.

The question was difficult for Alger. He bowed his head to the youth and replied, “This subordinate doesn’t know.”

He really didn’t know,  he wasn’t intentionally concealing it.

Alger added, “No one knows where he is if he doesn’t want to show up.”

This answer made three more questions rise in Gu Huai’s head. He looked up at Alger, who explained, “Lord Alves is a Zerg of the Lino ethnic group. The Lino Zerg are usually very good at assassination. Their ability in concealment is naturally excellent and the leader is the most powerful one.”

Alger felt proud and complicated while saying this.

Their leader’s assassination ability was clearly at full capacity and he could quietly kill the enemy, but he usually preferred a frontal confrontation. Since he was an alpha-grade Zerg, the ability he could show off was far stronger than theirs.

Any enemy who knew what ethnic group Alves was born in would know that the most terrible situation wasn’t when they could still see the other person. In the most terrible case, Alves would disappear before their eyes. This meant he could gently and silent slit their throats at any time.

The Lino Zerg…

Gu Huai couldn’t hold back the surprise on his face. He had guessed from the militant nature and the falling into a rage meant that Alves was born in the Tak ethnic group. He didn’t expect Alger to tell him that Alves was the best at assassination. Why didn’t he show up?

Gu Huai questioned it but the person wasn’t in front of him and he couldn’t ask for answers. These days, Gu Huai simple strolled around various places in the warship to look for this person. The result was that not the slightest trace could be found. He went to the last place on the warship where he hadn’t been. The compartment environment was clear and no one was present. Gu Huai closed the door and returned to the corridor. He couldn’t find the words. How could he make the other person voluntarily come out?

“Alves?” Gu Huai whispered the name.

This corridor was considered remote in the warship. Gu Huai tried to pronounce the name of the silver-haired Zerg but he didn’t think the other side would hear it until he heard the sound of footsteps. The footsteps were very light. Alves could move silently but he deliberately made a sound to let Gu Huai hear it.

Alves gradually emerged from a black shadow near the youth. It was true that no one could find him but there was one person who could make him come forward.

The cold and white complexion made the blindfold around the silver-haired Zerg’s eyes become even more vivid. Gu Huai couldn’t help noticing the black eye mask but he also understood that it was a taboo of the other person and quickly shifted his gaze away.

The blindfolded silver-haired Zerg stood there in silence, his expressionless face showing a cold abstinence. He seemed to be waiting for the young man to speak to him.

“Why haven’t you been present these days?” Gu Huai expressed his doubts.

Alves’ blocked eyes slightly lowered and he replied in a low voice, “It is because you don’t want me near you.”

He first thought that if the young man didn’t want him close, it would be better if he didn’t let the other side see him. However, Alves felt that hiding in the shadows close to him without being discovered shouldn’t go against the other side’s will.

This answer stunned Gu Huai for a few seconds. He started to think back on what he said that would cause the other side to have such a wrong understanding. Was it because he said not to worry about him after falling asleep and to let him sleep on his own?

Gu Huai was silent but then he saw that the silver-haired Zerg in front of him was like a tame big cat standing quietly. He couldn’t help explaining in a warm voice, “I didn’t mean that I don’t want you close to me.”

The silver-haired Zerg cocked his head slightly at this sentence. They might be separated by a layer of the black eye mask but Gu Huai felt like he was being watched by the other side.

Gu Huai added, “Therefore, you don’t have to be careful not to show up in front of me.”

It was probably because the other side looked very quiet and docile but Gu Huai thought about Alger’s words and what Alves had been enduring all this time. He couldn’t help reaching out to touch the other person’s slightly cold silver hair.

Gu Huai tried to transfer over some mental power to appease Alves, hoping to calm some of the other side’s disorder. This soothing was too gentle. Alves might be expressionless but the tail behind him was dramatically swinging.

Once Gu Huai took his hand away, Alves’ body was motionless except for his tail.

“Do you feel better?” Gu Huai asked after trying to pacify him.

“Yes.” Alves lowered his voice.

In fact, there wasn’t too much of a difference. The young man’s existence was the best tranquillizer so the soothing effect became dispensable. Yet for some unknown reason, Alves responded like this.

“That’s good.” Gu Huai’s eyes slightly curved.

The young man’s voice was smiling and it wasn’t difficult to imagine the curve of Gu Huai’s lips. However, Alves couldn’t see anything. In the darkness before his eyes, Alves subconsciously tried to sketch out this youth.

Black… soft hair, round and black pupils, a gentle look…

It just felt like there was no way to sketch out the right appearance. It always felt wrong. Alves wasn’t willing to casually imagine the appearance of the young man.

After a few days of sailing, the Yula warship finally arrived at the Nordra Galaxy where Tuser was located. The Yula warship entered the Nordra system and the top executives of the First Army on Tuser received the news that their leader had come back.

The conference room in the military building…

“I will go to the airport to meet the leader and immediately quit my job as the chief of staff. Then I will have to trouble you to take care of Tuser.” The chief of staff, Ellis’s face was cold as he announced his decision to the six colleagues who worked with him for many years.

The entire meeting room was silent. Then a high-grade Zerg in the meeting room said, “Even if you quit and leave, the chief won’t necessarily stay on Tuser for long…”

“I’ve made up my mind.” Ellis was resolute. As the person burdened by their leader being missing for many years, Ellis felt it was necessary to make the leader understand the importance of this matter.

He wanted to ask the Zerg of the other three armies if their leader would leave their capital star for so long and throw all government affairs onto the chief of staff? No, it was only their First Army.

It wasn’t easy to wait until the leader came back. Ellis planned to leave Tuser as soon as he resigned. He would temporarily stay away from Tuser. He wouldn’t come back for a year and a half at least.

With this in mind, Ellis and six other executives of Tuser went to the airport to meet the planet’s owner arriving on a specifically certified Yula warship.

The huge Yula warship landed smoothly on the ground, the ship’s hatch opened and a figure emerged from the warship. This figure was familiar to Tuser’s top leaders. The black-covered eyes and the silver-grey tail only needed to beseen to  confirm his identity.

The chief of staff took a step closer, bowing his head to the returned planet’s owner. “Alves…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw the sleeping young man being held by the silver-haired Zerg. The chief of staff’s voice completely disappeared in his throat and his vocal cords stopped vibrating completely.

A similar reaction occurred in the six other Tuser executives who discovered the same thing Ellis did. Their vertical pupils shrank sharply in a split second.


The big surprise almost shocked them. A strong sense of instincts drowned the seven high-grade Zerg in an instant, causing their bodies to stiff. Their minds became blank but their eyes were still earnestly staring.

If he was capable of thinking, Ellis would probably be thinking at this moment: What resignation?! No one could make him leave the Tuser Star!!!

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