INH: Chapter 89

Aaron and Capalia

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Love Diary Forum – Miscellaneous Section

Theme Post: How to let the person you like notice you?

Topic post content:

The person I like–referred to as A.

A has a person she cares about the most—B for short.

A usually follows B and only cares about B. In this case, how can I get A’s attention.


What is the relationship between A and B? Are they siblings or a parent-child relationship?

2L (original poster):



Then they are friends.

Brother, if you are chasing a girl these days then you often can’t’ chase her directly. You have to establish a good relationship with the female friends around her first. Once the relationship is settled, they will tell you good things that you can use to chase her.


Original poster, if the original relationship between A and B is good then you can’t interfere.

Listen to my advice. Don’t conflict with B. When chasing a girl, offending the female friends around her is just seeking death! A normal difficulty will turn into a nightmare difficulty. I’m asking you if you aren’t afraid?

Looking at these messages on the forum, Aaron frowned and typed his reply on the virtual screen.

5L (original poster):

No, I don’t mind and B is a man.


Uh… ordinary male friend? This is…

7L (original poster):

Not an ordinary male friend. They aren’t friends. B is the most important person to A. I said this at the beginning.




I can’t answer this.


I also can’t answer it.


They aren’t family and aren’t ordinary male friends. B is the most important person to A… Brother, are you telling us that you are the third party?


Or maybe A and B aren’t together yet and he wants to be the spare tire (fallback person)

Aaron, “……”

Having lived on Earth for a while, Aaron could understand the meaning of ‘third person’ and ‘spare tire’ in the messages.

[The deviation between your imagination and reality is far beyond the standard.]

Aaron replied in an expressionless manner before directly shutting down his personal terminal. He couldn’t find anything useful on this love forum.

Due to his personality that wasn’t easy to get along with, Aaron had few friends. The only friend who could give him advice on love had already thoroughly harassed him for one round. However, neither his friend or the online emotional forums could give Aaron useful advice.

His only friend didn’t know that Aaron had been chasing the person he liked for many years yet still had to worry about pursuing methods. If he knew then the other person would laugh to death. It was the gleeful type of laughter.

However, Aaron felt that his distress was normal. Capalia was always cold to him. No matter what method he used, it didn’t work. It was natural for him to be distressed. Well, today was also a day for being troubled about love.

Aaron was racking his brain for his next move while Gu Huai was drinking afternoon tea in the courtyard.

The table, chairs and large umbrella were all in place. Gu Huai was sitting on a pure white chair, the refreshing cool breeze blowing as he drank black tea made by the chief of staff. There were also various delicate desserts on the table.

Since entering the golden era of prosperity and repelling the enemies across the stargate, Gu Huai’s life had become more and more idle. There were many things he needed to do in the Zerg race, both politically and commercially.

The high-level council of Tuser was responsible for maintaining normal operations and there was basically no possibility of trouble. Thus, Gu Huai had nothing to do at work. At most, he signed a few particularly important documents.

Work was thrown to the high-level council and it wasn’t only Gu Huai who was idle. The four army leaders were also very idle. Since they were idle and didn’t need to go to the military then they were naturally all by Gu Huai’s side.

“The black tea is cold. Don’t drink from this cup. Let me make a new pot for you.” Capalia said, preventing Gu Huai from lifting the cup. Capalia was careful and insistent about anything that involved Gu Huai’s body.

“Yes.” Gu Huai nodded.

Capalia took the teapot into the house and came back. Gu Huai watched Capalia pour him a cup of hot black tea before continuing to watch him. Capalia’s expression was very cold. It was a type of indifference comparable to Alves. Gu Huai moved his eyes from right to look, glancing at the two indifferent expressions before finally being unable to help it.

Gu Huai told the others, “I have something to say to Capalia alone. Go on ahead for a while. 10 minutes should be fine.”

Simido and Aiyi didn’t question anything. Only Alves stared at Gu Huai and didn’t immediately move. Gu Huai wasn’t surprised. He reached out to touch the silver-grey tail behind Alves and then blinked at this person.

“…” Alves gently shook his tail and silently entered the house with the others. The big cat was still so easily coaxed.

Once only he and Capalia were left in the courtyard, Gu Huai touched the cup on the table and picked it up.

“Does Luna have any opinion on Aaron?” Gu Huai drank the tea while raising his eyes toward Capalia. Capalia hadn’t expected Gu Huai to ask her this question but her expression didn’t change and it was still a bit cold.

“He is useful for the Zerg,” Capalia replied.

Gu Huai coughed. “Um… what else?”

Capalia was expressionless. “He is annoying.”

This wasn’t a false answer. Capalia couldn’t lie to Gu Huai.

“Cough cough—” This time, Gu Huai coughed for real.

Capalia saw it and immediately took a step forward. “Your Majesty.”

Gu Huai recovered from his cough caused by accidental choking. He put down the tea and thought about it. “You feel he is annoying but you haven’t driven him away. Why is that?”

Capalia didn’t speak for several seconds. After a while, she hesitantly answered, “Because…I forgot.”

She forgot that she could drive people away.

Gu Huai was a bit helpless. “It shouldn’t be that you forgot but because you didn’t have this idea originally.”

“I don’t know.”

Capalia was always honest with Gu Huai. Gu Huai heard this answer and couldn’t help sighing for Aaron in his heart.

Miserable. It was too miserable. The Zerg lacked an emotional nature. Wanting to let a Zerg have strong feelings wasn’t easy. Capalia, like Alves, was the coldest even among the Zerg. Capalia wasn’t only more apathetic than the average Zerg but she was also really dull in terms of emotions.

From Gu Huai’s point of view, Alves might not understand anything but he was a straight ball player. Meanwhile, Capalia was very passive. Even if someone invested 100% of their feelings into her, she might not necessarily give 1% of feedback. It was because she might not be aware of such feelings at all.

However, in this case, Gu Huai saw that Aaron had actually touched Capalia a little bit. The best proof was that he could chase after her for so many years without Capalia impatiently cutting off his head. Counting the time, Aaron seemed to have been chasing her for 10 years.

“I don’t hate him,” Capalia suddenly stated.

Gu Huai had told her a long time ago that she shouldn’t hate Aaron. Capalia didn’t know it at the time but now she could give a clear answer. These words made Gu Huai hesitate for a moment. Then he heard Capalia add, “He is very annoying but not annoying.

It might not be particularly accurate to describe it as ‘very annoying’ and Capalia frowned. This person had always been following her while acting like a puppy. Like a puppy, he was… very sticky.

Gu Huai thought about it. “If someone else makes you annoyed, would you feel the same way?’

The question made Capalia’s frown more apparent. “No.”

Capalia imagined that if it was someone else, they wouldn’t dare follow her.

“Why don’t you hate Aaron?” Gu Huai couldn’t help showing a small smile when asking.

Capalia thought about it before replying, “I saved him once before. It wasn’t him specifically but his enemies happened to be my enemies. I didn’t want to waste energy killing the person I saved.”

This was the beginning. That’s why Capalia didn’t do anything despite finding it annoying to be followed.

Gu Huai understood what Capalia was saying and nodded.

“I let it go and I became used to it after a long time.”

This was the early stage. Capalia’s light gold vertical pupils looked cold at this moment. “Then he made you happy.”

“Huh?” Gu Huai didn’t understand how the topic jumped to him.

“The matter with the Grey Tower soldiers. He provided you with a solution to their issues and made you very happy.” Capalia watched Gu Huai. “He let you experience one less sad thing. As your subordinate, I think he is a good person and I don’t hate him.”

This was an important thing. Any Zerg paid great attention to Gu Huai’s joy and sorrow.

“He gave me many gifts and I don’t like them.” Capalia first finished this sentence before her expression changed a bit. “However, it isn’t annoying. It is the first time someone gave me such things.”

There were many types of gifts. According to Gu Huai’s knowledge, Aaron gave all types of precious gems, jewelry and other things that women would like. For the average woman, these beautiful and valuable things were very attractive.

Capalia wasn’t interested in these things. As a Zerg and an alpha class Tak Zerg, there were few men in the stars who dared to look directly at her, let alone pursue her or give her gems and jewelry.

“You don’t like or hate these gifts. Do you feel happy when you receive them?” Gu Huai’s eyebrows slightly curved.

She might be an alpha class Tak Zerg but Capalia was still female. Gu Huai was glad that someone could treat Capalia like a normal woman. After a moment of reflection, Capalia nodded. “A little bit.”

Gu Huai almost understood and he wondered tentatively, “Aaron told Luna that he likes you. When you heard it, did you feel anything in your heart? A feeling similar to when you received the gifts?”

“If there is, even if it is only a little bit, it means that Luna likes him a little bit.” Gu Huai was serious.

The emotions of a Zerg were really weak, especially Capalia who was so indifferent and insensitive to this aspect. if Gu Huai didn’t let her take the initiative to think about this problem then Capalia might never think about it.

Capalia’s vertical pupils shrank slightly as she thought about Gu Huai’s words. Gu Huai didn’t say anything. Up to here was enough. He shouldn’t be in charge of the rest.

On this weekend morning, Aaron was growing a new flower in his research room. He hadn’t slept for two nights and had big, dark circles and bloodshot eyes. It looked like he couldn’t wait to sleep immediately.

Nevertheless, Aaron stayed up and didn’t sleep. He stared at the petri dish in the laboratory, afraid there would be a problem with the flower he was growing.

A love forum on the Star Network said that giving a unique and valuable gift to a girl was more pleasing than a simple and expensive gift. Aaron felt it was very reasonable and immediately put it into practice. He might have no experience in growing a new flower species and wasn’t a scientist doing this type of research but who made him a genius who could learn everything?

“Um… once this flower has grown, it will be the 108th confession.” Aaron took out a small book and made a note on a blank page. The first 107 attempts had failed but as long as this wasn’t a zero probability event, the more times he tried, the closer he was to success.

Thinking about it this way, the 108th confession seemed worthwhile even if it failed. He had only failed in confessing 108 times. The number of failures in a study he did was more than 20,000 times. In contrast, 108 times was simply too few.

He placed his full scientific research into the pursuit of the person he liked but before Aaron could grow the flower, the door of his laboratory was pushed open by Capalia. It slammed into the wall with a bang and the white walls seemed to shake.

Capalia walked into the laboratory without saying a word and approached the only person who was inside the lab. Aaron was stunned for a second. Capalia had never taken the initiative to find him. Then he had no time to feel happy or excited. He just wanted to kill himself. He had stayed in the lab and hadn’t closed his eyes for two days.

However, that wasn’t the point. The point was that he hadn’t taken care of himself for two days. He looked like this now. It didn’t matter if he saw other people but he didn’t want Capalia to see him like this.

‘It is over,’ Aaron thought.

His 108th confession was expected to be a failure.

Aaron was still thinking about it when Capalia arrived in front of him and stared at him with light gold vertical pupils. After staring at him for a few seconds, she suddenly said, “I should like you a little bit.”

After saying this, she added, “A little bit.”

One was one, two was two.

Capalia recalled that when Aaron said he liked her, she was a little bit happy. So she now said that she should like the other person a little bit.

Aaron was frozen for a moment. Forget reacting. His body was now no different from petrochemical and he was completely stiff. Aaron stopped thinking.

Once she finished her words, Capalia turned to leave. She seemed to have come over just to say this. As she left, she didn’t forget to close the door of the lab. However, the door of the lab wasn’t lucky and the hinges had been torn off. Capalia stared at the entire door that had been pulled off by her and put it down without a sound, her expression still blank as she continued to leave indifferently.

Aaron was shocked by the loud sound of the door being destroyed. Once his senses returned, he had a faint sense that everything was unreal. Happiness came too suddenly. Even if Capalia said it was only a little bit, the Zerg had so few emotions that it was nothing to be dissatisfied about.

Don’t even say a little bit! Just give him a little bit! It was good to have, even if it was really small. Aaron’s awareness was very high.

Aaron continued to grow his flower in a satisfied manner. Once he finally succeeded in growing it, he took it with him for his 108th confession. Capalia might’ve given him the answer in advance but maintaining the form was indispensable.

Capalia glanced at the flower that was given to her and then the young man who looked at her with bright eyes like a puppy. She said nothing but accepted the flower. She took a closer look at what she was feeling now. She didn’t like or hate gifts but she was a bit happy. If this was proof that she liked this person a little bit then Capalia felt she had to say one thing clearly.

“I like you a little bit but the most important person to me is still His Majesty. You have asked me that question before and my answer won’t change in any way.” Capalia’s words sounded rather cold and heartless.

Aaron couldn’t respond for a moment. “What question?”

“If you and His Majesty fell into the water at the same time, who would I save first.”

Aaron hadn’t expected Capalia to still remember this and smiled with no concern. “Then I will learn to swim and save myself if I fall into the water. Then I will help you save His Majesty.”

“His Majesty is very important to you so he is also very important to me.” Aaron wasn’t hit by Capalia’s ruthless words at all and still stared brightly at the other person.

It wasn’t because he was humble or didn’t care about his weight in the other person’s heart. It was because Aaron had a clear idea of what Gu Huai’s presence meant to Capalia. Gu Huai was the most cherished person for all Zerg. Protecting Gu Huai was the instinct instilled in every Zerg and was even the reason for their survival. If they lost Gu Huai, all the hearts of the Zerg would probably freeze as a result.

Since he said he liked Capalia, Aaron certainly felt that he had to pay the same attention to Gu Huai. If he couldn’t do this then he didn’t deserve to say he liked Capalia.

Capalia’s expression slightly relaxed after hearing Aaron’s words and she continued, “His Majesty is the most important person to me but you can be second.”

“If I’m in danger along with you and only one person can be saved, I’ll let you live.” Capalia declared. This meant he was in second place and Capalia moved herself to third place. A Zerg’s liking was very simple and the general performance was like this. The Zerg generally couldn’t say anything about feelings so such truthfulness made Aaron feel that he could fall down on the spot.

Aaron reluctantly agreed. “This type of thing shouldn’t be said by the woman. I should be the one protecting you.”

Capalia was cold as she glanced at Aaron and simply declared, “You can’t.”

A smart, standard researcher incapable of fighting. Capalia was telling the objective truth. Aaron had never been hit but the words ‘you can’t’ made him feel like he was hit on the head by a hammer and he almost bled. A man didn’t like being told they couldn’t do something, especially by a loved one.

“I can!” Aaron quickly retorted in a firm tone. “It has nothing to do with your combat ability. I am equally willing to sacrifice my life for you.”

“I will protect you,” After finishing his firm vow, Aaron whispered, “…Luna.”

Aaron had heard Capalia’s nickname from Gu Huai a long time ago but he never called her by it. This was the first time.

Capalia’s expression remained the same. Only a slight contraction of her pupils and a flattening of her lips could be seen. This was the first time she heard someone say they would protect her and Capalia found it strange. It was new and it seemed she was a bit happy. She didn’t need protection but Capalia didn’t hate this person saying he would protect her.

“Can I call you this in the future?” Aaron’s eyes were like bright crystal. Once he took care of himself, he was quite handsome. He was like a puppy. Capalia still felt this way. She didn’t look into the other person’s overly bright eyes and took a tacit attitude to Aaron’s question.

Aaron was so happy that he didn’t want to do any research. He couldn’t remember the research data in his mind so he decided to stop thinking about it for the moment. Without the research, Aaron went back to the Love Diary forum he previously considered useless. He didn’t expect that after he wrote that sentence and left, there were still comments on his post and that it had gone to the front section of the forum.

Love Diary Forum – Miscellaneous Section

125L (original poster):

I’m with A. Although her most important person is B, she says I can be second so I’m happy.





No, don’t close it.

This post must go up to the top.


Appreciate this bizarre story.


Isn’t this the highest level spare tire…




Admiration +1


Admiration +2



Aaron originally said he wouldn’t reply again but watching these people continue to feel admiration, he couldn’t help replying with one more sentence.

155L (original poster):

You don’t understand.

After this reply, Aaron completely stopped caring about the post. The forum and his terminal was closed. Aaron happily focused on Capalia saying she liked him a little bit.

Not long after the relationship was established, Aaron received a communication from his family.

“What? Introduce a girlfriend to me?” Aaron glanced at Capalia standing nearby and decisively refused. “I have a girlfriend so you don’t need to introduce one to me.”

What?! On the other side of the communicator, Aaron’s parents showed a larger reaction. The two elders were shocked that their son could find a girlfriend.

“What does your girlfriend look like? What type of person is she? What type of work does she do?” After the third question, Aaron’s parents realized they might be too impatient and slowed down. “It doesn’t matter what she looks like or what race she is. It is fine as long as you like her.”

“Her job doesn’t matter. Even if she doesn’t have a job, your job has a high salary and you can afford to support it.”

Aaron’s parents thought their son would be a bachelor for life. The fact that he was in a relationship was a very rare thing. It was acceptable even if his girlfriend was ordinary.

“Um…” Aaron glanced at Capalia and felt his parents would be frightened. “I don’t want to answer these questions. I will take her to see you when I have the chance.”

Aaron dealt with his parents this way. He was just using excuses when he said this because he didn’t know if Capalia would want to go see his parents with him.

“We can go tomorrow.” Capalia suddenly spoke up.

Aaron couldn’t respond for a while as he heard Capalia’s cold voice, “If you want to go tomorrow, I’ll arrange a warship now.”

“O…Okay.” Aaron didn’t even know what he answered.

In short, the completely unprepared Aaron boarded the Yula warship to Sochi Star the next day. He was panicked in the warship’s command room while Capalia standing next to him was calm. No, this wasn’t going to meet his in-laws. He was just taking his girlfriend home to see his parents. Why was he so nervous? Aaron couldn’t think of an answer but he was inexplicably nervous.

Aaron’s house was in the villa area of Sochi’s capital. He took his girlfriend into the house and Aaron saw his parents’ shock when they saw Capalia. Their son’s girlfriend was a Zerg…! They never expected it to be a Zerg. Aaron’s parents slowed down and finally calmed down.

“Her name is Capalia,” Aaron introduced them.

Aaron’s parents hurriedly smiled and spoke kindly, “Yes, let’s go inside and sit. Don’t stand at the door.”

A Zerg was nothing. The Zerg race was completely different from before. Aaron’s parents thought this and suddenly found it easy to accept the matter.

“Hello.” After sitting down, Capalia nodded to the two elders.

Aaron’s parents responded happily. The more they looked at Capalia sitting opposite them, the more satisfied they became.

Their son’s girlfriend looked particularly beautiful, not to mention her outstanding temperament. They started chatting and Aaron didn’t have a chance to intervene. He watched Capalia calmly and easily deal with his parents’ questions.

“What do you usually do? Is it research like Aaron?” Aaron’s parents were curious.

“Work…” Capalia frowned.

Aaron’s mother saw Capalia’s reaction and immediately guessed, “If secrets are involved and it is inconvenient to say, don’t worry.”

“No, that isn’t it.” Capalia just didn’t know how to describe the nature of her work.

“My job should be…” Capalia thought calmly before trying to use the most accurate statement. “The ruler of a planet and an army.”

Aaron’s parents, “???”

They were frightened.

Aaron had to go on the field.

“That…” Aaron focused on explaining it to his family. After five minutes of explaining, Aaron’s parents heard the explanation and were still in shock. Their son’s girlfriend was one of the four army leaders of the Zerg race!! Aaron’s parents had the feeling that they were too shocked to faint.

It wasn’t clear that they had talked about but as Aaron was preparing to take Capalia to leave, Aaron’s father suddenly said, “Then we’ll entrust him to you.”

Aaron, “……”

Do you know what you’re talking about?

Capalia nodded. “Yes, I’ll take good care of him.”

Aaron’s eyelids twitched and he felt a sense of powerlessness. Reversed, it was all reversed. This should be his line.

“You aren’t happy?” Capalia noticed Aaron’s expression.

Aaron scratched his head. “That isn’t it…”

“I’m actually very happy.” Aaron smiled.

Capalia was watching Aaron. She had heard it was important to meet the parents.

“Well, that’s good.” Capalia was relieved.

Then she would also be a bit happy.

Aaron lowered his gaze and quietly held Capalia’s right hand without speaking. The parents had been met yet he hadn’t even held his girlfriend’s hand.

In terms of combat ability, Capalia could crush Aaron’s hand in a second. However, once her hand was held, Capalia’s face only slightly tensed up. Despite her expression of indifference, she was willing to let the other side hold her hand and had no intention of refusing.

Aaron couldn’t help smiling. He suddenly thought that it didn’t matter the role or who said what line. They were fine like this.

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✨ Noé ✨
1 year ago

“Aaron lowered his gaze and quietly held Capalia’s right hand without speaking. The parents had been met yet he hadn’t even held his girlfriend’s hand.” My God. I had forgotten this couple after we were attacked by the sad past of the protagonists, but I’m so glad the author included this couple. I loved their dynamic. They’re so cute and wholesome aaa