INH: Chapter 88

Extra One – The World You Were Born In

The heavily polluted sky was grey-blue. Dust and sand were constantly flying around on the ground and some gravel was also blown by the extremely cold wind, occasionally hitting the Tak Zerg who were walking on this land.

There were more than 20 Tak Zerg, all of whom were low-grade Tak Zerg with neither a humanoid form or much intelligence. They were led by the largest Tak Zerg. This was an abandoned planet and the Tak Zerg had fallen to the planet as they were invading an enemy warship in a war. The enemies on the warship were all wiped out when the warship crashed and the Tak Zerg survived with their strong physical defense.

How long have these Tak Zerg lived on this planet since coming to it? It seemed like two or three years. The Tak Zerg didn’t count time. For the Tak who didn’t have much intelligence, they didn’t care about their living environment. It didn’t matter where they lived as long as they were alive.

Survival and fighting, these two things made up the Tak Zerg. Their role in the war was just about survival. This had always been the case and it would still be the same from now on…

Then on this planet, on a morning that wasn’t special and was as ordinary as usual, the Tak Zerg unintentionally found something that was a very precious treasure to them. It was a white cub egg lying deep in a dim cave.

In the eyes of these Tak Zerg, the egg was very small. Since their bodies were so large, the egg was too small in comparison. The cub that lay in this egg must be much younger. It was young and needed their protection.

Just as the Tak Zerg entered the cave and found the egg, they saw a ferocious creature with exposed fangs approaching the egg. It was already close and was only one or two metres away from the egg.

This scene immediately stimulated the Tak Zerg into a violent state. They let out a sharp hiss from their throats and rushed to fight without hesitation before the creature could touch the egg. The ferocious creatures on this planet posed no threat to an adult Zerg. Even the low-grade Zerg were already at the top of this planet’s food chain. The ferocious creature trying to get close to the egg was quickly torn apart and the Tak Zerg carefully surrounded the tiny white egg.

It was just an egg. This egg wouldn’t actively send any messages to the outside world but the link engraved in every Zerg gene couldn’t be cut off. The moment they saw it, they understood how precious the cub inside this egg was.

“Hiss…” Looking at the egg, all the Tak Zerg in this cave had contracted pupils and they made loss hissing sounds. Unlike their other sounds, this was a very careful and low hissing sound like they were afraid of scaring the cub. Instinctive protection made these Tak Zerg choose to stay. They used this dim cave as a nest and started to guard the egg they found in this cave. The cave’s location was relatively secluded and had only one entrance, making it a good place to use as a stronghold.

After settling down, the Tak Zerg no longer planned to leave. Every day, they would complete their guard duty very seriously. The same thing might be repeated every day but the task of guarding the egg didn’t make the Tak Zerg feel dull.On the contrary, they felt joy for the first time as they guarded the egg.

This joy didn’t strike them violently. It was in their hearts for a long time so the Tak Zerg could feel it all the time.

As a Zerg who didn’t feel much emotions and especially as a low-grade Zerg that didn’t have much wisdom, the Tak Zerg didn’t understand this emotion when guarding the egg but they still reacted to it.

This reaction made their vertical pupils shrink slightly when they watched the egg and they couldn’t help occasionally touching the egg with their forearms. Their forearms were sharp so the Tak Zerg deliberately avoided the sharp side when they touched the egg.

This was the cub they had found. This was… their cub.

Once this idea took shape in their hearts, the Tak Zerg learned a new emotion. It was a parent’s love for the cub they cared for.

With such emotions, the sense of joy in the Tak Zerg’s hearts became clearer as they guarded the cave. Day after day, year after year…

Neither the planet’s spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons or the rain and snow could affect their care of the cub. The cub in the cave didn’t break out of the shell but the size of the egg gradually became larger, eventually becoming a large white egg.

Normally, the cubs of the Zerg race shouldn’t have such a size change. Even if it was abnormal, the Zerg caring for this white egg only thought that their cub had grown a bit and this should be a good thing. In fact, this big white egg still wasn’t very big in the eyes of these Zerg. After all, their bodies were several times larger than this egg.

After growing to a certain size, the egg no longer grew and lay quietly as ever in the cave guarded by the Tak. When would their cub break out of the shell and be born?

From the day the egg was found in this hidden cave, the Tak Zerg naturally looked forward to the birth of the cub conceived in the egg every day. They had protected the egg very well. The egg wasn’t damaged so their cub must be healthy.

The Tak Zerg looked forward to their cub breaking out of the shell and continued waiting day after day. After waiting for many years and seeing that the egg still didn’t move, these Tak Zerg finally realized something.

Their thoughts started to change. Why didn’t the cub want to be born?

For the low-grade Zerg who lacked intelligence, it was very difficult for them to think of an answer to this question. However, this matter was related to their cub and they thought very hard. Was it because this planet was ugly that the cub didn’t want to be born on such a planet?

The Tak Zerg didn’t care about the living environment but this didn’t mean they were unable to distinguish the quality of the living environment. The environment where they lived was poor and barren. Even these unintelligent Tak Zerg knew it. So what could they do? How could they make their cub willing to be born?

This problem haunted the Tak Zerg until one day, some Tak Zerg came back from hunting outside the cave. They brought back food as well as a few flowers they saw outside. The flowers that were brought back were laid down next to the egg. The Tak Zerg raised a forearm to touch the egg after putting the flower down. It was like it was pacifying the cub. Anyone who understood emotions could see that the Tak Zerg’s movements were very gentle.

The planet as a whole wasn’t very nice but perhaps if they went outside and found something that looked good, bringing it back for the cub to see then the cub would be willing to be born. After ensuring that the cave was absolutely safe, every day a few Tak Zerg would go out to collect flowers that weren’t so easy to find.

They found it in spring.

They found it in summer.

They found it in autumn.

They were still looking for it in winter but they couldn’t find the flowers in winter.

The winter of this planet was very harsh and cold. Even if they had tenacious vitality, the flowers that could survive on this planet mostly disappeared temporarily in winter and wouldn’t bloom again until spring came.

On this planet, no flowers could bloom in winter…

Flowers couldn’t be found in winter for the cub to see. For the Tak Zerg, who had been collecting flowers in the first three seasons of the year, this brought them a new problem. If there were no flowers near the place they were using as a base, perhaps they could be found far away. With such an idea, a few Tak Zerg were responsible for going out to find them.

The Tak ZErg went far away from the base and traveled for many days in the icy cold wind before finally finding what they were looking for on the shore of a large, frozen lake. They were ice blue, as if they were beautiful flowers with their own cold. After picking this flower and before the flower withered, the Tak Zerg took the flower back to the cave.

“Hiss… hiss…” Flowers were found in winter and the Tak Zerg in the cave made a low hissing sound. Flowers had been found in the four seasons. Was the cub now willing to be born?

The Tak continued to look forward to it but the egg lying in the cave remained still. The cub still seemed reluctant to be born. This discovery caused the Tak Zerg to feel depressed but they still took care of the cub. It should be lacking something…

The Tak Zerg didn’t know what was missing but as long as they persisted in caring for the egg, the cub would one day be willing to be born. Thinking about it this way, the Tak Zerg went back to their repeated waiting. They waited for many, many years until the day they couldn’t wait any longer.

All thoughts and consciousness returned to the original darkness. In this cold darkness, they couldn’t see anything.




Gu Huai reached out and patted the sharp forearm of the Tak Zerg in front of him. The surrounding Tak Zerg immediately stared at him and Gu Huai blinked. It was rare to see the Tak Zerg dazed like this and Gu Huai couldn’t help speaking to the one nearest to him.

“What happened?” Gu Huai asked.

The Tak Zerg heard Gu Huai’s voice and their pupils contracted slightly. They seemed to have a bad dream…

However, this was the reality before their eyes.

“E…n.” Gu Huai was picked up by the Tak Zerg and placed on the left shoulder of the Tak Zerg.

Although he was passively carried this way, Gu Huai wasn’t ready to move. He thought about it before smiling, “Then we shall go out for a walk. I want to look at how the garden is being built.”

The Tak Zerg around Gu Huai responded with low hisses and they followed Gu Huai’s wishes, setting off in the direction of the garden being built in the city. As they moved forward, the scarlet eyes of these Tak Zerg were clearly bright.

They were so happy. So happy.

Their baby was born in this world.

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2 years ago

the orginal timeline is so sad! T-T

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The original past is very sad. Tak Zerg wait forever.

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My heart 💘