INH: Chapter 87

“…So this is the reason.”

On that day, the battlefield became extremely chaotic due to the Zerg collectively going wild. One month later, the leaders of all the ethnic groups in the Star Alliance except for the Zerg slowly digested the latest war report from the scouts with a complex emotion.

The Zerg army had already entered the Tawez’ hometown a few days ago and directly took away all the planets in the enemy’s territory, completely occupying them.

Now in the unknown star field on the other side of the Stargate, the other races who didn’t participate in the invasion were scared and horrified by the speed of the Zerg occupation. This made them quickly clear up any association with the Tawez.

“However, the king didn’t fall on the ground at all. His ability means the Tawez soldier couldn’t hurt him.” Hammer placed a hand against his forehead and couldn’t stop the twitching of his eyes.

This was indeed the case. On the battlefield that day, the Zerg cub landed perfectly with a light posture. His round eyes stared in the direction of the Zerg army before he directly transferred over there with his space ability.

For Gu Huai, even if the Tawez refused to let go, he would move away in the next second. It was even better that the other side dropped him to the ground. After all, the other person was a stranger. If Gu Huai hadn’t been too busy observing the situation when he transferred over, Gu Huai wouldn’t have allowed himself to be held by the other person.

Gu Huai didn’t think that the Tawez had done anything to him but the Zerg present didn’t think so. Even if they had seen Gu Huai dismantle warships, the Zerg still blindly thought that Gu Huai was an object in need of their protection.

Therefore, when seeing the Tawez dropping Gu Huai to the ground, the Zerg never thought that Gu Huai would land on the ground without injury. Rather, their first reaction was that Gu Huai must be hurt. It could be said that all the Zerg had a complete parent-like mentality toward Gu Huai except for Alves.

The berserk Zerg army showed unprecedented fighting power. The other units of the coalition army felt they had won while lying down. The Tawez on Helu Star were soon defeated by the main Zerg unit. It felt like Helu Star was taken by the Zerg in the blink of an eye.

After the battle on Helu Star, Gu Huai and the Zerg returned to Tuser through the space transfer device. Gu Huai’s body had been sleeping for two years after all. His consciousness had just returned to his body and using his ability to go out had actually made him a bit tired. It was just that some things must be made clear right away. Gu Huai returned to Tuser Star and sat on the bed in his humanoid form.

It was as the will of the world told Gu Huai. He could return to this body but his soul would still be rejected by the ‘rules’ of the world. This meant he would feel pain. Gu Huai didn’t intend to tell anyone about it. The pain at this level was tolerable to him and it wouldn’t be discovered by the Zerg. Gu Huai didn’t want the Zerg to feel self-blame or sadness so only he knew about this matter.

“Why are you still blindfolded. Do you not want to see me anymore?” Gu Huai knew this was the case but he still raised his eyes to softly question Alves standing by the bed.

Alves didn’t say a word but his mouth clearly squirmed. “…”

He didn’t immediately take off his blindfold. In this state where he couldn’t see, Alves reached out to touch Gu Huai’s cheek. As if confirming something, Alves silently touched Gu Huai’s face all over. Perhaps he was afraid it was an illusion but Alves was unwilling to conform this truth directly with his eyes.

Gu Huai was able to understand Alves’ mood and his eyelashes trembled slightly.

Gu Huai quietly allowed Alves to touch his face. Once Alves stopped, Gu Huai pulled the other person toward him, expertly untying the cloth that this person used to cover his eyes. The moment the cloth was untied, it fell down and Gu Huai was extremely close to Alves’ light gold vertical pupils.

These eyes were fixed on him and immediately, two scenes flashed in Gu Huai’s mind.

One was the scene was on Tuser and also in this room. It was the first moment Alves’ blindfold was undone. The other was the scene from the past timeline where Alves had just broken out of his shell and was a cub. Gu Huai thought that no matter in what time period, the first time Alves saw the world, he always seemed to be looking at Gu Huai. Thus, Gu Huai had to be responsible for this big cat.

“It’s been a long time, Alves.” Looking at the other person from such a close distance, Gu Huai didn’t hide and just smiled at Alves.

In any sense, he had been gone for a long time.

Alves’ face slightly tightened as he circled his tail behind Gu Huai’s body. A moment later, he finally said, “I’m sorry.”

After saying these words in a voice that sounded cold, Alves added, “Ah Huai, don’t be angry.”

Gu Huai was startled and asked in a somewhat puzzled manner, “Why would I be angry?”

The cat’s apology was like a baby. In Gu Huai’s eyes, the big silver cat lowered his head and rubbed against Gu Huai’s cheek. “Because I wasn’t there when you woke up.”

He said he would wait but Gu Huai woke up and didn’t see him. Alves thought Gu Huai might be angry at him for breaking his promise.

“Chirp Chirp waited every day for Ah Huai to wake up and didn’t break my promise.” Alves’ voice was very low as he used the nickname ‘Chirp Chirp’ in a coquettish manner that this big cat had mastered himself without a teacher.

It didn’t matter what he said. It would’ve been better this way. Gu Huai would’ve liked Alves to give up waiting if he didn’t wake up. However, the big cat was acting in such a coquettish manner that Gu Huai kept these unnecessary words in his heart. He just nodded and agreed in a warm voice, “Yes, I know.”

After speaking, Gu Huai approached and kissed Alves’ eyes. Alves’ eyes shook uncontrollably at such a kiss.

“Has Chirp Chirp ever seen Ah Huai before?” Although the memory was very vague, Alves felt that his cognition was correct and he had met this person very early on.

Gu Huai understood what Alves referred to and was a bit speechless for a while. Could the memories erased by the ‘rules’ be remembered again? How obsessive was this?

“Why do you think so?” Gu Huai wondered.

Alves didn’t answer the question and just stared at Gu Huai. Alves always thought he never surrendered to Gu Huai but now he felt differently. He felt that perhaps it was because he had seen Gu Huai earlier and already surrendered that when they met again, he didn’t feel the obvious change. Still, he was willing to listen to Gu Huai not because of submission but because he liked this person. The impact of the surrender had a limited effect on Alves and he wouldn’t have been willing to obey to this extent.

Seeing that Alves didn’t answer, Gu Huai also didn’t ask. He just blinked and replied, “Yes… I’ve seen you.”

Alves still couldn’t remember the full picture but he understood the source of his irritability and destructiveness was due to losing and forgetting the thing that was very precious and important to him.

The moment Gu Huai spoke, his lips were kissed by Alves. Before Gu Huai could respond, the silver-grey tail around his waist dragged him down so his posture switched from sitting on the bed to lying on the bed.

Gu Huai stared into Alves’ slightly contracted golden pupils but he couldn’t see anymore. His vision was suddenly filled with darkness as Alves covered his eyes with the black blindfold.

“?” Gu Huai couldn’t react. He knew what Alves wanted to do but he couldn’t understand why his eyes had to be covered.

He lost his vision and the sound of clothing friction seemed much clear to Gu Huai. “Alves?”

Gu Huai’s call didn’t get a response and soon, he didn’t have the power to think or speak. Gu Huai indulged in Alves’ behavior because he felt an obligation to pacify the big cat. It was just that this method of pacification was too tiring.

The pain of his soul being rejected was offset by the joy. Once Gu Huai woke up the next day, the black cloth around his eyes had already been loosened. Gu Huai sat up, pulled off the loose blindfold and was holding it when he heard Alves’ voice.

“Flower.” Alves stood by the bed, holding out a small flowerpot to Gu Huai.

This was the little goose yellow flower that the Tuser Zerg successfully grew two years ago. In these two years, the research team had been working hard to continue the life of this flower. This was the first flower they had successfully planted with Tuser’s soil and the Zerg wanted Gu Huai to see it.

Gu Huai took the small flowerpot from Alves’ hand and gazed at the young flower in the flower pot in a bit of a daze.

“It is a gift to Ah Huai,” Alves stated.

“The present Tuser Star is also a gift to Ah Huai.” Alves stated in a low voice. “Ah Huai is awake and everyone is very happy.”

A bit of sourness surged in Gu Huai’s throat but he tried not to let a similar reaction appear in his eyes. “Sorry to let you wait for so long.”

“There is a lot of time. I can wait for Ah Huai all the time.”

Gu Huai had woken up after two years. For Alves, there was nothing to be dissatisfied with. Waiting didn’t make Alves feel pain. Rather, he thought it was a happy thing because being able to wait meant his important person might still wake up.

Gu Huai failed to control the reaction of his eyes. He rubbed them and wiped away the tears.

“It is spring and most of the flowers on Tuser should be in bloom. I’ll take you to see them.” With this, Gu Huai got up from the bed.

Two years had passed. Thanks to the efforts of the Zerg, Tuser was now full of flowers. Gu Huai just had to open the window and smell the flowers floating from a distance. Gu Huai said he was going to see the flowers and the Zerg on Tuser were very excited.

Would the king like the flowers they planted? Would the king like the birth gift they gave?

The mood of the Zerg could be said to be very consistent as they showed Gu Huai around today’s Tuser Star. They were filled with expectations but more to the point, this gift was a show of their love for Gu Huai. Once Gu Huai woke up, they wanted the young person to see a flowery planet. Of course, it would be better if Gu Huai liked this gift…

“I love it.” Gu Huai’s tone was certain as his eyes curved in a smile. “The current Tuser Star is very beautiful. I like it very much.”

It was no longer a dull black and plants other than the Tamu tree had been successfully planted. Tuser Star was now a planet with rich colours. It was like a blossoming flower and every inch of the land was watered with the Zerg’s love for their king.

Gu Huai saying he liked it made all the Zerg very happy and their vertical pupils lit up.

On the street where many flowers and trees could be seen, Gu Huai sat on the shoulder of a Tak Zerg and enjoyed the surrounding scenery. Alves had returned to his cub form and was being held in Gu Huai’s arms while the other three army leaders were nearby. Along the way, more and more Zerg joined the spring tour.

The gentle wind was blowing through the treetops and white birds flew across the blue sky, leaving silhouettes too late to be captured on the ground. All the waiting was given meaning. It was like the flowers swaying and blossoming on this planet.

TL Note: is the end of the main story! There are still a few chapters of extras left (from chapter 88-95) so don’t stop reading.

I hope you enjoyed it. This was one of my favourite arcs in The King’s Game and I was so excited when the author wrote this story expanding on it.

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