INH: Chapter 86

Before his consciousness reacted, the instincts of Alves’ body were one step faster and he immediately made a move to tear the space.

Within seconds, the space in front of Alves had been twisted and torn open. The Zerg soldiers who noticed this scene were only frozen for less than a second before starting to run back to their warships.

The main warship was loaded with a large space transfer device that was positioned to Tuser. Their warships could return to Tuser as long as they were behind the main warship belonging to the army leaders.

The Zerg army leaders who came to Helu Star were Alves and Capalia. Alves normally wouldn’t have come since he stayed by Gu Huai’s side every day. This operation was due to the constant lobbying of the chief of staff.

Since Gu Huai fell asleep, Alves had been wearing a black blindfold for two years. His state obviously wasn’t as stable as when Gu Huai was awake. Due to this, the chief of staff thought it might be better for Alves to go to the battlefield and vent.

Before Gu Huai’s appearance, Alves had used combat to solve this irritability. Thus, the chief of staff could only think of this method and made several suggestions. Alves didn’t want Gu Huai to wake up and see him in such a state of instability, so he agreed to take part in the battle.

“Your Majesty!” Capalia, who was also on the battlefield, returned to her Yula warship without saying a word and was ready to start the space transfer device. The king had woken up and he was calling them. Just thinking this, the minds of the Zerg away from Tuser became blank. Their only instinct was to respond to this call.

“Wait, what are you going to do—” The soldiers of other races noticed this anomaly and couldn’t help being disturbed, calling out with obvious tension in their voices. If they remembered correctly, this torn open space rift seemed to be used to transfer locations. Were the Zerg going to fight alone without saying a word or…

Did they want to flee?

However, no Zerg were willing to answer their questions. The torn twisted space was about to take shape and every Zerg soldier stared at the place where the space was distorted.

Just as the scene was starting to become chaotic, the sudden attack of the enemy added even more confusion. The enemy found them. Their unit should’ve been lying in wait for the right time to strike, breaking the defenses and dealing a fatal blow to the enemy. Now that had lost their advantage of moving first. Even so, the Zerg forces were unmoved.

Seeing this scene on the virtual screen, Hammer finally couldn’t sit still. “It’s impossible, the Zerg can’t be fleeing—”

As allies instead of enemies, the Zerg could only be described as reliable. Hammer didn’t believe that the Zerg forces would suddenly leave. It was due to the legendary experience he once had that Hammer had a different understanding of the Zerg. He denied the possibility of the Zerg betraying them almost immediately.

If the army of another race was to quit here, the Zerg would’ve done it in the first few battles. After all, the most important person to the Zerg was still sleeping. The Zerg couldn’t be interested in starting a war at this time…


What did he say??

The two human officers in the warship’s command room looked at each other silently, seeing the surprise and joy in the other person’s eyes.

As if responding to the speculation of the two people, the virtual screen showed a small twisted space on the battlefield. It was precisely the appearance of this twisted space that suddenly interrupted the Zerg army’s withdrawal.

The positioning had been set at a fairly precise location. Gu Huai used his space ability to tear through space and reach Helu Star. He used his spiritual link to confirm the location and knew that Alves was in a very distant place. He had let Alves wait for a long time. Now that he woke up, Gu Huai decided to go to the other person.

They would meet and hurry back to Tuser together. It wasn’t just Alves. He also made the other Zerg wait a long time. It was just that before tearing the space to move, Gu Huai didn’t expect the other end of the space rift to be a battlefield.

The twisted space that appeared above the Tawez’ army made the Tawez feel vigilant. They withdrew to a certain range and suspended their engagement with the coalition forces.

However, what happened next was beyond everyone’s expectations. With the exception of the Zerg, both armies were stunned when they saw an unknown creature emerging from the twist space. It was black, fluffy, had round eyes like a glass ball and golden vertical pupils. It looked weak and not capable of attacking… a cub.

After transferring to his destination, Gu Huai hadn’t fully grasped the surroundings when he felt his body being picked up from behind. Gu Huai subconsciously made a sound because he saw the Zerg army not far away.


This soft chirping was clearly the voice of a cub. It was very light but it could still be heard on the battlefield that had inexplicably become strangely quiet. This was—

Almost all the soldiers of the coalition were frozen in place. It was simply because they knew the identity of the cub being held in the hands of a Tawez. The soldiers of various races stopped breathing for a second as they stared in horror at the Zerg troops belonging to their own side.

Stop it!! Stop it, put him down—!!

The coalition soldiers stared at the Tawez and yelled in their hearts once they realized the situation was very bad. Between fighting the Tawez and the Zerg race collectively going berserk, everyone suddenly found that they would rather choose the former.

Unfortunately, the shouts in their hearts weren’t conveyed. The Tawez person shook the black cub in his hand as if to identify what it was.

“…” The entire battlefield was filled with a moment of silence. Even as a friend, some of the coalition forces couldn’t help distancing themselves from the Zerg.

In the face of this unexpected situation, the coalition didn’t want to take a step back. It was just that looking at the situation on the Zerg side, they couldn’t help moving their feet aside. They have a very bad hunch… no, it couldn’t even be called a hunch. The feeling of danger was extremely real.

It was clear that Alves, who was the commander of the Zerg troops, wasn’t expressionless as usual. A very rare smile had appeared on his face. Such a smile on Alves was the most dangerous sign. It was a sign that his instincts had been thoroughly stimulated.

It wasn’t just destruction. Compared with the instincts of destruction and plundering, the Zerg had been learning about protection since gaining their king. It was only because their most important treasure was still being held by the enemy that the Zerg present desperately endured and didn’t do anything rash.

However, the enemy obviously didn’t realize the weird atmosphere of the coalition army. It seemed that what he was holding wasn’t important. The Tawez man frowned and let go, allowing the cub he held to fall to the ground.

Landing at this height couldn’t possibly hurt the body of a Zerg but this scene was completely different in the eyes of the Zerg soldiers. Their king had fallen to the ground and it would be very painful.

Their king would be in pain.

A terrible feeling struck every coalition soldier present. At this time, Hammer in the command room almost smashed the table in front of him as he watched the scene projected on the virtual screen in a numb manner.

The Zerg… were going to go crazy.

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2 years ago

If I could only draw. The image painted by this chapter is extremely vivid in my head. xD

1 year ago

Tawez: drops the Zerg king
coalition: sweatdrop
Zergs: so you have chosen death