INH: Chapter 85

During the two years when Gu Huai slept, some large changes took place in the interstellar world. The most obvious one was that the term ‘Golden Age’ became commonly recognized by various races in the universe.

Regarding the Golden Age, this term first emerged after the Zerg joined the Star Alliance. At first, it only spread through the population but now it had become an official word.

Out of the shadows of the old era as well as some of the contradictions and friction that still existed in the new era, in the Golden Age, each interstellar race was developing in a most prosperous direction.

Apart from the Zerg, this was probably the best time for all interstellar races. However, it seemed they couldn’t be too comfortable. Throughout the ages, there were always some new crises in prosperity and the current Golden Age was no exception.

The current crisis faced by various interstellar races came through a star gate that appeared without warning, an unknown enemy from another universe.

The Tawez.

No one had seen this race before. They only knew that the other side had come with the purpose of aggression. The Tawez army had very special virtual energy weapons. These powerful virtual weapons were the basis of the Tawez’ attempted invasion.

If it had been before the Golden age when the size of the Star Alliance hadn’t developed to the present scale and the interstellar races weren’t so united, perhaps the Tawez could quickly capture some weaker races at the beginning of their invasion. Instead, they fought to the present and occupied 10 resource-poor planets as a base.

The Golden Age should be a magnificent and prosperous era. In order to protect this hard-won peace and prosperity, all races in the stars had the same mentality. Although the enemy found it difficult to advance, the allied forces were unable to wipe out the other side completely.

The incredible regeneration ability that the Tawez seemed to have… or the ability to resurrect meant both sides maintained the current stalemate.

In fact, according to the strength of the combined army, the Star Alliance should’ve been able to occupy an absolute advantage. Unfortunately, the strongest and most powerful force among them didn’t exert its maximum power in this war…

This force referred to the Zerg armies. It wasn’t that the Zerg army didn’t contribute to this war. On the contrary, the Zerg fully fulfilled their obligations and no one could criticize them. It was just that some of the races who experienced what it was like to face the Zerg now felt the difference in this way…

Before their ‘king’ appeared, fighting with the Zerg army was too scary. Just thinking back on it caused them to feel numb. They were a terrifying army. The Zerg soldiers might not have the ability to resurrect but no matter the casualties, it had no effect on the Zerg.

The low-grade zerg would continue to multiply and regenerate, these new Zerg quickly filling the gaps in the army caused by casualties and further strengthening the Zerg. So any race that wanted to fight the Zerg would only feel despair.

Cold and brutal, fierce and ruthless, these labels were once firmly attached to the Zerg. All of this changed with the birth of the king.

The Zerg became friendly to the outside world, showing a willingness to assist weak races and no longer refusing to associate with other races. They made important contributions to interstellar peace in many ways.

Then after the king fell asleep…

“I want to say that the Zerg are completely lacking interest in this room.” In a conference room on a human warship, Hammer sat in the main seat in a posture where he was almost lying on the table in front of him and sighed.

Two years later, Hammer had become the head of the Nisloc family and his rank had risen rapidly due to several important military merits in the past two years. Now he was the general in charge of commanding the human army in this alliance battle.

Such words and tone soon attracted Shen Mu’s stare. Shen Mu’s expression was calm and serious. “Sit in your seat and pay attention to your words.”

It was highly inappropriate to use the word ‘interest’ for war.

“Well, you and I are the only ones here so nothing can get out.” Hammer coughed. “In addition, I didn’t say anything wrong.”

“His Majesty is still asleep. How can the Zerg be in the mood to care about anything else…”

Shen Mu trailed off and fell into silence. Most of the people in the interstellar world had heard of Gu Huai’s deep sleep. Hammer and Shen Mu had rushed to visit when they learned about this.

Seeing that Shen Mu didn’t refute this, Hammer went on to say, “In this case, the Zerg race still fulfilled their obligations as a member of the Star Alliance. I think this is already enough.”

If it wasn’t for fulfilling their obligations as a member of the Star Alliance, Hammer felt the Zerg wouldn’t care about the invasion of foreign forces until the enemy’s hand became too long and reached their territory.

“…” Shen Mu had nothing to say.

Since Gu Huai was asleep, the overall state of the Zerg was different from the complete brutality of the old era and the friendliness when Gu Huai was awake. The Zerg could currently be described as in a state of calm. It was a type of calm that came from waiting patiently and guarding the precious treasure until he woke up.

“I don’t want to continue this heavy topic.” Shen Mu said, “A new round of strong attacks will soon be launched. I hope this time we can directly take back Helu Star.”

This march was to retake a planet occupied by the Tawez. They chose Helu because the planet was in the most convenient position to attack and it was also conducive to the subsequent layout of the war after it was recaptured.

Soon referred to three days later. The Star Alliance’s coalition forces were undoubtedly powerful. Various ethnic groups initially invested only a portion of their forces but the Tawez also held back their strength. Both sides were still testing each other because they didn’t have enough information.

Three days later, the black fleet of warships approached Helu. Since it was a combined army, the starships that appeared were particularly diverse. Only one thing was the same. It was the heavy oppression that these icy warships showed. They were like dark clouds, sinking heavily in the sky of Helu Star.

The moment when the coalition was preparing to launch a raid on Helu, something was happening that would catch everyone off guard. It was a change that would completely affect the combat situation.

In a place very far away from the battlefield, there was a large private mansion heavily guarded by Zerg soldiers. At this time, in a room on the seventh floor of the mansion, the dark-haired man originally sleeping on the soft bed showed an imperceptible movement. He moved the tip of his index finger.

His breathing was so very slow and Gu Huai’s movement was so small it was like an illusion.

However, this tiny movement wasn’t missed by the Tak Zerg who were always watching. The scarlet eyes of these Tak Zerg shrank to fine needles as they surrounded the still sleeping Gu Huai, obviously agitated as they released low hissing sounds.

The Tak Zerg stared motionlessly, afraid of missing any movements.

Cubs loved to sleep. This theorem basically applied to the cubs of all races and the Zerg race was no different. However, their baby had been sleeping for a long time…

They still stubbornly cared for Gu Huai as a baby and the Tak Zerg staring at Gu Huai couldn’t be distracted at all.

The Tak Zerg surrounded Gu Huai’s bed with their huge, cold bodies. Based on their eyes, the Tak Zerg had undoubtedly entered a state of high-alert. If an enemy appeared in their alert range at this point, the Tak would immediately show their fiercest and most brutal side, using their sharp forearms and teeth to tear all the enemies to pieces.

This might be Tuser, the core territory of the Zerg, and there would be no external threat in theory, but the Zerg’s innate desire to protect their king was unreasonable. In particular, for the Tak Zerg in this room, Gu Huai was the baby they looked after since birth. The Tak always thought they had the responsibility to care for Gu Huai.

Gu Huai’s consciousness returned to the body that had been sleeping for two years. The first thing he felt was darkness. Since it took a little time to adapt to his body, Gu Huai couldn’t immediately open his eyes.

Even if he didn’t open his eyes, Gu Huai in the darkness could feel himself being watched by dozens of eyes. Gu Huai could clearly feel the emotions of the surrounding Zerg. There was a type of extreme alertness, anxiety and…expectations that made them extra nervous.

Wanting to respond to this, Gu Huai quickly moved his fingers again. The action this time was big and his fingers even gently caught the sheets.

This body had been sleeping for a long time and his eyes hadn’t been exposed to the light in a while. Once Gu Huai finally opened his eyes, he found they had involuntarily accumulated some physiological tears.

His eyes were moist with tears and Gu Huai relaxed his fingers gripping the sheets. Then he looked at the Tak Zerg watching him nervously.

Gu Huai had no time to make any action or sound. His gaze had just touched the head of the largest Taz Zerg when the next second, he was picked up, carefully hugged and placed on the Tak Zerg’s left shoulder.

“Hold… Baby.” The Tak Zerg spoke in a slow voice. Such a voice was easy to associate with the word ‘awkward’ but at the same time, it was very hoarse. The language skills of the Tak Zerg were still quite limited but these two words were the clearest words remembered by the Tak.

Gu Huai’s heart softened in a flash. There was also a bit of sourness as Gu Huai blinked. “Not Baby. It is Ah Huai.”

Gu Huai was smiling and it was obvious that he didn’t really want to correct the meaning.

“Baby.” The Tak Zerg stubbornly repeated this term. Although they instinctively wanted to obey Gu Huai, the Tak Zerg still remembered the two humans telling them that humans would call their beloved cubs ‘Baby.’

“En…” Gu Huai responded gently.

From seeing Gu Huai moving his fingertips to finally waking up, the Tak Zerg had been always tense. They noticed that Gu Huai’s eyes were moist and didn’t understand the concept of ‘physiological tears.’ In the eyes of these Tak, Gu Huai’s red eyes clearly represented a sign of wanting something but being unable to get it.

What was it?

The intelligence development of the low-grade Zerg had achieved some results but they could still only think about problems on the surface. The deeper layers were difficult to understand. Unable to answer this question, the Tak Zerg in the room couldn’t help making a low hissing sound again.

The Zerg weren’t sympathetic to the tears of their enemies but they felt anxious about Gu Huai’s tears.

“I’m not unhappy.” Perceiving the emotions of these Tak erg, Gu Huai quickly understood the problem and raised his hands to rub his eyes. Gu Huai wiped away the tears that were stimulated by the light before reaching out to touch the cold and hard body of the Tak carrying him. He leaned against the Tak in a dependent manner.

After waking up, the first thing Gu Huai naturally had to do was establish a spiritual link so that the Zerg wouldn’t continue to worry about him. Gu Huai was just preparing to establish a spiritual link that could be passed on to all the Zerg when an unexpected change suddenly occurred. Gu Huai, who was originally sitting on the shoulders of the Tak Zerg, suddenly turned into a black cub with pure gold vertical pupils.

“Chirp!” The black cub lay motionless on the shoulder of the Tak Zerg. He hadn’t used this form for a period of time so Gu Huai didn’t know how to move for some time.

Why did he suddenly return to a cub form? Gu Huai thought quickly and realized this was probably an instinctive reaction to quickly integrate his consciousness with the body that had been sleeping for two years.

Backtracking to a cub form was more conducive to fusion than his humanoid form, so there was this result.

The action might’ve been disrupted but Gu Huai still had things to be done. He confirmed Alves’ position with his mental strength and at the same time, he established a spiritual link with all the Zerg.

「…… 」

This spiritual link had little substance but it was enough to make all the scattered Zerg freeze in an instant, their bodies like motionless stones.

The king…

The king —!

Every cell in their body shouted at them to rush to Gu Huai immediately. As a result of this extremely strong absolute will, the expression on the faces of every Zerg became very scary.

At the same time, on Helu Star, the ones closest to this internal and external change in the coalition forces were the Saki troops and the human troops, who were relatively close to the Zerg.

The Zerg were a friendly race. Seeing the inexplicable state of the nearby Zerg, the Saki soldiers, who were considered to have the strongest individual combat ability, couldn’t help taking half a step back.

It was unknown why but this group of Zerg suddenly released a sense of danger. Their bodies seemed to be in a combat state. Perhaps the most dangerous air emitted came from Alves, who was the leader of the Zerg army.

Alves stood still, eyes covered with a black blindfold and no one could see his emotions. However, even if they didn’t see his eyes, the coldness he released was enough to make others feel oppressed. In the moment he received the spiritual link, a crack appeared in Alves’ cold expression.

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