INH: Chapter 84

On this abandoned planet, hardly any stars could be seen in the night sky because the environmental pollution of this planet was too serious.

Gu Huai accompanied Alves, who was still a cub in this past timeline, with his current unstable body. He knew he would leave sooner or later. It had nothing to do with his will but the rejection of his soul. Even in this state, Gu Huai could feel the pain caused by his soul being rejected by the world’s ‘rules.’

“Let’s make an agreement.” Gu Huai crouched down, placed his hands on his knees and lowered his head to stare at the Zerg cub with wide eyes in front of him.

Alve flicked his tail behind him. “Chirp.”

Originally, Gu Huai wanted to take Alves out to see the stars tonight but for the sake of safety, he only went to the cave entrance. Then he found that the night sky outside was too grey to see anything.

“Just… if I suddenly disappear one day, it isn’t that I want to leave you.” Gu Huai reached out an index finger to poke the cub’s fluffy body and his eyes curved. “The promise is that you will find me again on this planet in the future.”

Alves seemed to listen very carefully. The moment Gu Huai finished speaking, the cub took the initiative to lean his white body toward the finger that Gu Huai extended. Even though it wasn’t possible to actually touch.

“Chirp.” Alves called out. He didn’t think that Gu Huai would disappear because he was always guarding Gu Huai, but he was willing to promise this person. “Chirp!”

‘I’ll find you.’

The cub’s golden pupils glowed as he made his promise.

Gu Huai heard the chirping as a promise and blinked before standing up. “Then it’s decided.”

Although he had hesitated for a moment, Gu Huai finally said this sentence.

Gu Huai sometimes thought that it would’ve been better if Alves hadn’t met him. His departure, no matter the form, would make Alves miserable. He always made Alves wait for him. His consciousness might not return to his original body and he would always sleep. Such a wait was cruel for Alves and it wasn’t fair.

Nevertheless, Gu Huai quickly figured out that no matter the promise, his meeting with Alves in the future was already fated. In addition, considering the other person’s feelings, the idea of ‘it is better for Alves not to meet me’ was even more unfair to Alves.

“I’ll try as well.” Gu Huai added in a soft voice.

Try to find the possibilities to respond to the other person’s waiting.

The normal Zerg eggs weren’t large and cubs born from the broken shell could quickly eat the eggshell. After eating the eggshell, Alves needed to go outside to hunt food. It wasn’t difficult for Alves, who had done it before for Gu Huai.

Whenever Alves went out to hunt for food, Gu Huai stayed in the cave and waited for the cub to come back. He would affect Alves’ combat if he went out. Even though he said he couldn’t be injured and other creatures couldn’t see him, Alves would always watch him vigilantly.

“Go ahead, I’ll wait for you to come back.” Gu Huai took the cub who was going to hunt for food to the entrance and crouched down to coax the cub.

“Chirp…” Alves was still reluctant to eat. The little silver-grey tail, which had shed its fur after the eggshell was finished, shook hard.

Gu Huai really wanted to touch this tail and his eyes curved slightly as he coaxed again, “Wasn’t it the same a few days ago?”

Gu Huai coaxed and coaxed before the cub was finally convinced, golden pupils starting at Gu Huai. “Chirp.”

If Gu Huai didn’t coax him like this, Alves would continue to guard the cave and minimize his hunting needs. He wouldn’t eat for several days and wouldn’t leave the cave to hunt for food until it was absolutely necessary.

After eating the eggshell, Alves’ combat ability had completely surpassed the fierce creatures on this planet so Gu Huai didn’t need to worry about his safety. Gu Huai was obediently and didn’t go. He stayed in the cave but accidents would always pick an unexpected time to come.

In addition to the pain that was a gradual habit, a sudden pull made Gu Huai’s eyes widen. This time, it didn’t give Gu Huai the chance to resist as his consciousness directly fell into darkness.

Alves, who left the cave to hunt for food, always came back at the fastest speed. He was a bit slower today because Alves brought a gift for Gu Huai. With a flower in his mouth and the small silver-grey tail behind him, the cub returned to the cave. However, he entered deep into the cave and didn’t find the man who should be here.

“Chirp, chirp chirp…” The flower was dropped and the little tail behind him subconsciously lowered. The Zerg cub opened his round eyes and looked around. There was only a dark environment.

In fact, this was an environment where he could basically see everything clearly with one glance. The Zerg cub with the silver-grey tail went back and forth in this dim cave he was born in, calling out, “Chirp chirp.”

I’m here.

The cub made a sound for Gu Huai to hear. Perhaps once Gu Huai heard the sound, he would come to find the cub. Alves also didn’t dare to leave too far because he was afraid Gu Huai wouldn’t find him.


Gu Huai lost consciousness and once he recovered it again, he was in a very wonderful space.

Here, he faced the ‘will of the world.’ Gu Huai was told that his sleepiness and pain was indeed due to the rejection of the ‘rules.’

“Is there any way I can stay?” Gu Huai only cared about this issue.

[I can’t change the rules. As the will of this world, I can acknowledge your existence and allow you to stay, but the rules will contradict me at the same time. It will still exclude you.]

It was a voice without the slightest emotions, every rule as regular as the established procedure.

[Since I acknowledge you, the rule’s rejection of you will be relatively low. It won’t cause you any substantial harm but will still make you feel pain. You should’ve already experienced this pain.]

[Even so, would you be willing to accept it?]

The Zerg had no king. The white egg that would give birth to the king was a dead egg from the beginning and there was no possibility of anything being born from it.

The Zerg without a king was missing something. They didn’t know how to protect and just kept plundering. No matter how many things they plundered or destroyed, they couldn’t fill the inner gap. This type of vacancy would one day force the entire Zerg race to go crazy.

The will of the world always thought this was its mistake and it hoped Gu Huai would accept, but it also understood that few people were willing to bear such pain.

However, Gu Huai responded firmly. “Yes, I’m willing to accept it.”

Gu Huai’s choice surprised the will of the world so it revealed a bit more.

[Your mental body went to the past timeline by mistake and the rules will correct this.]

Gu Huai was slightly stunned. This correction meant…

As Gu Huai thought this, an image appeared in front of him.

The Zerg cub, who had been screaming in the cave and looking for the missing Gu Huai, suddenly stopped because of something. Then he showed an aggressive posture. The memory of Gu Huai was gradually erased by the rules but this cub didn’t want to forget. At this time, Alves’ ability rioted.

He awakened his space power and the rioting power transferred him to another planet, but this didn’t stop the rules from modifying his memory. The rules erased Alves’ memories but couldn’t completely erase his subconscious. Thus, the Zerg who woke up after losing his consciousness still made such a cry when he opened his golden eyes…

“Chirp chirp.”

It was as if something very important and precious was lost but he couldn’t remember. This irritability made the Zerg cub shake his silver-grey tail behind him. The more he felt the vacancy, the more irritable and unhappy Alves became.

“Chirp chirp!”

It seemed that someone used to call him that. Who was it…?

“Let me go back now.” Gu Huai looked away like he was burned and immediately made a request. Once he saw the cub’s actions, Gu Huai suddenly understood why Alves would later need to wear a black blindfold.

It was because of him.

The will of the world didn’t refuse Gu Huai’s request. He was its hope.

[As you wish.]

Therefore, he once again experienced a brief loss of consciousness. Gu Huai’s soul body was returned to the original normal timeline but the time point was slightly off.

Two years after he initially fell asleep, Gu Huai finally woke up from his slumber in a room under the care of the Tak Zerg.

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1 year ago

Cub Alves looking for his A’Huai, it does not hurt. Its just a bite– a dinosaur bite.

11 months ago

Ah, my baby cub~~ I am…Soo pitiful QAQ