INH: Chapter 83

In this form of existence that didn’t conform to the rules of common sense, Gu Huai spent a short period of time in the timeline that belonged to the past, around a month or so. On the one hand, Gu Huai wanted to go back and hoped his consciousness would return to his body in the original timeline. He didn’t want to worry the Zerg who found him in a deep sleep.

On the other hand, Gu Huai couldn’t let go of Alves. It was Alves who was still a newly born cub in this timeline. This wasn’t something that Gu Huai could intervene in but he just happened to come to the past. Once he saw Alves born on this barren and deserted planet, he inevitably felt some soft emotions.

There was nothing beautiful about this place. What this cub saw after he was born was a grey world.

Gu Huai suddenly understood why the Zerg felt sad when they discovered he was born on this planet. It was indeed really sad to discover the important thing he treasured wasn’t being treated gently by the world.

Gu Huai might’ve been born on this abandoned planet and felt the hardships of the planet’s living conditions but he was accompanied by the group of Tak Zerg who took care of him. He wasn’t alone.

This cub had nothing apart from Gu Huai. So even in this unreasonable state of existence, Gu Huai couldn’t help thinking…

Could he accompany the cub for a bit? In any case, he was now in this situation and couldn’t decide to stay or not. Gu Huai could only take it one step at a time and would stay with this cub first.

Gu Huai’s eyes were now golden even if he didn’t take the initiative to switch to them. Alves in his cub form seemed to like Gu Huai’s eyes very much. Every time Gu Huai casually lowered his head, he would see the cub watching up from nearby with those round eyes.

Gu Huai stared at this cub. “Do you think my eyes look good?”

“Chirp.” Alves raised his little fluffy tail and chirped at Gu Huai.

Gu Huai couldn’t help smiling. “Your eyes are more beautiful than mine.

Gu Huai remembered the praise he spoke the first time he took off Alves’ blindfold. This person’s eyes might be cold but it was truly particularly beautiful. Once the two of them had established their relationship, Gu Huai sometimes wanted to kiss the big cat’s eyes when he was watched by Alves.

He didn’t know how to describe it. Alves didn’t care about other things and only focused on him. Gu Huai would be loved by the other person. He always felt that the big cat was quietly spoiling him.

Alves in his cub state was more understandable than in adulthood. The cub didn’t hide his feelings at all and his reactions were straightforward and simple. After being praised by Gu Huai, the cub suddenly flicked his tail.

Alves’ flicking his tail in a large manner showed he was unhappy but a small flick of the tail wasn’t the same. It meant he was in a good mood. Gu Huai wanted to touch the cub’s tail but couldn’t actually touch it. Still, Gu Huai found that he could make the cub happy by doing so. Sure enough, once Gu Huai reached out, Alves’ tail didn’t move. It was only once Gu Huai finished stroking that Alves flicked his tail again.

This was too cute.

Gu Huai approached the white egg still lying deep in the cave. The moment he moved, the round cub obediently by his side raised his paws and followed.

“Eat the eggshell on time.” Gu Huai looked at the eggshell scattered next to the white egg and spoke to the cub following him.

The cub who followed Gu Huai wouldn’t look at the eggshell. Hearing Gu Huai say this sentence, Alves obediently ate the eggshell. There was a clear sound in the cave. Gu Huai looked at the eating cub and then the white egg next to it before suddenly saying, “Chirp Chirp should be my knight.”

Born earlier than him, Alves started to guard him after birth. Gu Huai felt it was quite appropriate to call this cub his ‘knight.’ The cub stopped eating the eggshell and turned to look at Gu Huai with the round eyes with golden vertical pupils.

Gu Huai blinked. “Well… black knight.”

Because the egg was black. It was unknown if Alves understood Gu Huai’s words or perhaps he just thought it was a compliment. The cub widened his round eyes and straightened in front of Gu Huai. “Chirp!”

The cub making this move seemed to be declaring to Gu Huai, ‘I’ll protect you.’

It was pretty dramatic.

A white cub emerged from the black egg while the white egg… Gu Huai thought about his original form that had black fur.

The cub quickly finished eating and stuck to Gu Huai’s legs again.

“Sleep.” Gu Huai sat down, indicating he wouldn’t move. Alves slightly raised his fluffy tail but didn’t immediately listen to Gu Huai’s words. Instead, he stared in the direction of the cave’s entrance.

Gu Huai coaxed him again. “No enemies will come in.”

Alves stared at the cave’s entrance before finally retracting his gaze. The cub leaned his body against Gu Huai and lay down in a light sleep. The Zerg’s need for sleep wasn’t high but Alves was still a cub after all. He had to take a nap every day. Due to the need to protect Gu Huai, Alves rarely slept. Every time he napped was basically because of Gu Huai coaxing him. Even when asleep, Alves remained vigilant. As long as other creatures entered the cave, he would hear it and immediately wake up.

A cub was always weak. Although a Zerg cub could basically beat an ordinary adult and Alves was an alpha class Zerg, he still needed to exert all his strength to deal with the ferocious creatures who had adapted to the environment of this abandoned planet.

Gu Gu Huai accompanied this cub every day. There was really no other intelligent creature on this planet and it was a very lonely planet. Gu Huai looked at the cub and thought that if only he had really met Alves early. For example, he was born from the egg at this time so he could accompany the other person.

However, this was something Gu Huai couldn’t do. Alves wasn’t completely unharmed every time he dealt with the fierce creatures trying to enter the cave. One day, Alves was injured when dealing with several enemies at the same time.

“Chirp.” The cub who knocked down the enemy returned to Gu Huai’s side. He might be wounded and the fluff on his tail was stained with a bit of blood but his eyes staring at Gu Huai were brighter. “Chirp chirp!”

‘I’ve defeated the enemy. Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.’ The cub seemed to be saying these words to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai pursed his lips. Alves’ protection moved him but Gu Huai was also unhappy that he could only watch this matter.

“Chirp?” Alves noticed Gu Huai’s emotions.

Hearing the chirp, Gu Huai quickly blinked to change his emotions. Then he spoke to the cub who was clearly expecting to hear praise. “You are the cutest.”

Praising you for being cute means to like you.

There was a wound on the tail and some pain when moving it but Alves still immediately raised his plush tail behind him.

“Chirp chirp.”

On this planet that was originally only mine.

You found me.

I like you the most.

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1 year ago

I cried like hell these few chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (TT~TT)
thanks for the chaps!
sorry for not commenting previously!

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9 months ago

So sad that Alves was born alone ..
If Ah Huai did not travel back to the past .. how lonely that Alves stay alone while protecting the white egg. It is many hundred years if I remember Alves age correctly.

7 months ago

Oh my, my… I am really so emotional right now….

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