INH: Chapter 82

The sleeping Gu Huai felt like his soul was detached from his body and pulled away. This repulsive force prevented Gu Huai’s consciousness from returning to his body.

Each plane world had its own rules and will. Gu Huai’s soul didn’t belong to this world so the ‘rules’ of this world excluded him. Gu Huai’s existence was unreasonable to this world. The ‘rules’ had to maintain the order of the world and it would automatically exclude or eliminate unreasonable things.

However, Gu Huai resisted this repulsive force. His huge mental strength disturbed the rejection, causing it to deviate from the original plan.

Gu Huai just felt that his consciousness was lost for a moment before he went to a strange place. This was a dilapidated planet. The sky was grey-blue and seemed heavily polluted. At first glance, it made people feel as if dark clouds were piling up all the time. The ground was also barren. Gu Huai’s eyes were full of sand and gravel. There were also some abandoned buildings that were covered by dust and sand after collapsing.

It was a strange place but as Gu Huai carefully looked around, he found there was a familiarity to this place. It was kind of like… the abandoned world he was born on.

This scene wasn’t the same as Gu Huai’s original memories but as he looked east, he really saw a place that was probably a small forest. This was in line with Gu Huai’s memories. The trees in this forest were mostly black Tamu trees.

Gu Huai followed his memories and saw a familiar cave. This discovery made Gu Huai hesitate for a moment. He knew that the abandoned planet had been transformed by the Zerg race a few years ago and shouldn’t look like this.

The Zerg thought that the planet where Gu Huai was born should be a beautiful place. So after taking Gu Huai from the abandoned planet back to Tuser, they started to formulate a development and transformation plan for this abandoned planet.

On Gu Huai’s birthday, they gave Gu Huai a birthday present. It was the abandoned planet that had been developed and transformed. Now in Gu Huai’s eyes, the planet still looked barren and it was even more barren than his original memories. Although this was quite incredible, Gu Huai looked at his current state and felt that his state was more difficult to understand with common sense.

He didn’t have a physical form now. He had to say that he was probably in a soul state. For a moment, Gu Huai didn’t know what to do in this state. Then looking at the familiar cave entrance not far away, Gu Huai decided to go in and take a look.

Gu Huai went to the dim cave, which was constructed exactly like Gu Huai’s memories. Gu Huai walked lightly and quickly reached the deepest part in the cave. In this place, Gu Huai saw two eggs resting quietly together, one black and one white.

It was the eggs of the Zerg race. He was even more surprised than finding out this was the abandoned planet where he was born. Gu Huai was completely stunned. What happened next caught Gu Huai even more off guard as he heard a cracking sound.

The sudden sound in the silent cave made Gu Huai raise his eyes to the source. Then he saw a tiny crack in the eggshell of the black egg on the left.

“Snap, snap—”

The cracks continued to grow as the cub in the egg seemed to work hard to come out. Finally, there was a clearer snapping sound and the eggshell was completely broken. From the black eggshells till stained with the egg’s liquid, a white fluffy cub with golden vertical pupils emerged.

The Zerg cub’s body was round and the shape of the eyes was also round. After being born from the broken shell, the cub opened his eyes to see the world for the first time and saw the most precious and important thing for him. Then he instinctively moved closer.

“Alves?” Gu Huai looked at the round cub near him and found it hard to understand what was going on for a while.

The cub who just broke out from the black egg should be Alves. Apart from the tail being temporarily fluffy, not yet faded into the cold silver-grey tail, this cub looked exactly the same as Alves’ cub form.

Gu Huai was now in a soul state but the cub seemed able to see him. To confirm this, Gu Huai walked to another location and looked at the cub. “Chirp chirp…?”

The moment Gu Huai moved, the cub immediately followed.

He followed.

The newly born cub looked at the man who was very important to him with round eyes. Then the cub raised his eyes and imitated Gu Huai’s voice. “Chirp chirp.”

Gu Huai heard the cub’s cry and his eyebrows softened.

Seeing Gu Huai’s eyes slightly curve, Alves once again imitated the sound. “Chirp chirp!”

The cub was so eager to get close to Gu Huai that once Gu Huai raised his eyebrows, the cub leaned his body against Gu Huai’s leg. However, he couldn’t really stick close. This discovery made Alves’ already round eyes wider and the little fluffy tail shook unhappily.

Was the reaction of flicking the tail when unhappy originally from the cub period? This discovery made Gu Huai involuntarily smile. In order to coax the cub, Gu Huai squatted down. Despite knowing he couldn’t touch, he still reached out and made the movement of rubbing the cub’s head.

“Chirp.” The cub’s tail was lifted high.

Gu Huai looked at the round cub sticking to his side and then the eggshell not far away. He approached where the eggshell was located and stood still. The eggshell was nearby. After making sure Gu Huai wouldn’t leave, the cub finally started to eat this eggshell.

Gu Huai stood in place, trying to understand what he was seeing. Gu Huai felt that he had probably returned to the past. He felt his soul being rejected and had resisted. His resistance hindered the ‘rules’ of the world. As a result, there was a deviation and Gu Huai’s soul was sent to the past.

In this cave, the black egg was Alves and the white egg… Gu Huai thought it was him. Alves had stayed with the white egg long before the Tak Zerg found it. At this time, the white egg was still a normal size, not as large as when Gu Huai was born from it. The white egg also didn’t have a life response. If Gu Huai’s soul hadn’t crossed over, the egg would probably always be a dead egg and there would be no king born.

However, Gu Huai didn’t yet know what happened that caused Alves to not be on the planet.

After eating the eggshell, the cub stayed close to Gu Huai. He was obviously a cub but Alves showed a protective attitude toward Gu Huai, driven by his instincts. The cub’s protective posture just looked cute.

Gu Huai couldn’t hold back a smile. “I don’t need you to protect me. I am now in this state…”

His state wasn’t in line with common sense. However, even if the enemies couldn’t hurt him, it was hard for a cub to understand.

Alves didn’t understand. He only knew that he must protect the young man in front of him, so that no one could harm this person. Thus, Alves would fight when ferocious beasts tried to enter the cave. He was just a Zerg cub who had just been born from the egg but he was trying very hard to guard Gu Huai.

“Chirp.” With a pair of round eyes and vertical golden pupils, the cub pushed the food he had retrieved outside to Gu Huai.

“Don’t give me food.” Gu Huai lowered his voice. “I can’t eat now and won’t be hungry.”

“Chirp.” The cub just cried out again and continued to push the food to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai was easily touched by the cub. “Why have you been so cute since childhood?”

Thinking of Alves, who always looked cold as an adult, Gu Huai’s eyes curved as he informed the cub in front of him, “Praising you for being cute means to like you.”

So when you really meet me later and I say that you are cute, the meaning is that I like you. The cub seemed to understand Gu Huai’s words and his round eyes lit up. “Chirp chirp.”

The author has something to say:

This is why Chirp Chirp felt the abandoned planet was familiar…

A Zerg cub’s cry is a hiss. The reason why Chirp Chirp is different from other cubs is because he imitated the sound of Huaibao calling his name.

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Hua Cheng's Bitch
Hua Cheng's Bitch
1 year ago

Does this imply that they were born from the same family? Cousins?😱 Brothers?😵☠
Why wld the 2 eggs be together otherwise?

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IKR? 😶

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just curious if there are 2 eggs at that time why Alves is not king ..