INH: Chapter 81

The humans and Zerg shook hands and established diplomatic relations. This news raged in the interstellar world for months before it stopped.

Since the establishment of the alliance between the two sides, Shen Mu and Hammer had many reasons to visit Tuser and they now came several times a year. For Gu Huai, he naturally welcomed the two people to Tuser. The two human officers and many Zerg on Tuser had a good relationship.

It was just that Gu Huai thought it was better if these two humans didn’t always teach strange things to his Zerg. Gu Huai had been pitted by them many times and couldn’t help getting a bad feeling whenever he saw the two people as guests on Tuser. Of course, these two humans didn’t do it intentionally. They just sometimes said things they didn’t expect to cause unexpected results.

In the second year after the establishment of diplomatic relations between humans and the Zerg, the Zerg officially joined the Star Alliance with the full vote of the Star Alliance.

This year was the new era 218 and from this year onwards, popular discussions of the ‘Golden Age’ appeared on the Star Network.

The old era was a time of frequent wars between various races, followed by a new era of relative peace. Now the hotly debated Golden Age referred to the era of development that was the best for all interstellar races.

In this era, all races in the stars were flourishing. The days were easy and there were fewer things that Gu Huai needed to deal with. This allowed Gu Huai to focus all his energy on his plan to develop the wisdom of the low-grade Zerg.

Gu Huai had actually started this plan a long time ago. He had been insistent on guiding the mental development of the low-grade Zerg with spiritual links for a long time. Most races in the stars knew that the low-grade Zerg didn’t possess much wisdom.

This was indeed true but it wasn’t that the wisdom of the low-grade Zerg was unable to evolve and develop. It was that their own evolution was very slow and they always lacked a comfortable environment.

In the old era where wars were frequent, the low-grade Zrg would only follow their instincts to fight. The time from birth to death for low-grade Zerg was very short. Now it was different. There was a stable environment and Gu Huai could also use the spiritual links to help guide and speed up the intelligence development of the low-grade Zerg.

After a day of spiritual guidance, Gu Huai leaned on the sofa in a tired manner, eyes half closed.

Alves circled Gu Huai with his tail and let Gu Huai lean on him while whispering, “The spiritual guidance can be changed to once every two days or a few days. Ah Huai doesn’t have to work so hard every day.”

Gu Huai’s spirit awakened and he gently shook his head. “I just want to sleep after finishing the guidance. In fact, it isn’t hard.”

This matter was very important. He insisted on doing it every day so the plan could progress faster. Gu Huai knew that his physical condition wasn’t good. The unknown pain and drowsiness swept through his body, making Gu Huai a bit uncomfortable. It wasn’t serious at first but as time went on, it slowly became what it was now.

Still, he could be patient and persevere. Gu Huai thought this was still acceptable.

It turned out that persistence always had results, Thanks to Gu Huai’s continuous efforts, he finally let the low-grade Zerg touch on the ability of ‘language.’ It was just… the first word that the Tak Zerg learned made Gu Huai feel helpless.

“No, it’s Ah Huai.” Gu Huai tried to correct the TAk Zerg in front of me. He pointed at himself and spoke patiently, “Say it to me. Ah—Huai—”

The moment Gu Huai said this, the Tak Zerg lowered their heads. Then the biggest Tak Zerg stared at Gu Huai with scarlet eyes and uttered two syllables in a hoarse voice.


Gu Huai immediately covered his eyes, a helpless feeling in his heart. These Tak Zerg were unable to detect Gu Huai’s helpless mood. Each of them watched Gu Huai seriously and worked hard to learn the word ‘Baby.’

Baby meant cub. The two humans who came to visit Tuser had successfully transmitted this idea and the Tak Zerg were stubbornly reluctant to change their mouths. Humans used the term ‘Baby’ for their beloved cubs. The Tak Zerg heard the two humans say so. Thinking about it the other way around, only unloved cubs wouldn’t be called ‘Baby.’ They naturally cared for Gu Huai so they were sure to call him ‘Baby.’

“I’m sorry.” Seeing this scene, the watching Hammer couldn’t hold back his laughter. Hearing the laughter, Gu Huai silently shifted his gaze.

Gu Huai looked over and Hammer suddenly converged his smile. He and Shen Mu fake coughed a few times. “Cough… You, don’t be angry. We really didn’t mean it.”

Shen Mu and Hammer were both very desperate to survive as the culprits who let Gu Huai be called ‘Baby’ by these Tak Zerg.

“I’m not angry,” Gu Huai replied.

He just felt helpless. In addition to being helpless, there was a type of emotion that was difficult to explain. The first word these Tak Zerg tried to learn was ‘Baby. This word could be said to have been learnt for him and Gu Huai thought he might be more moved.

Forget it. Just Baby was fine, don’t correct it.

“Baby.” The scarlet vertical pupils of the Tak Zerg stared at Gu Huai as they issued these two syllables again. These Tak Zerg clearly wanted to hear Gu Huai’s response.

Gu blinked and in the end, he responded a bit vaguely. “…En.”

Hearing Gu Huai’s response, the Tak Zerg were instantly happy and the scarlet eyes that made others feel scared lit up.

Days passed and the Zerg and even the entire interstellar world were developing in a better direction. Almost everything was good, except that Gu Huai was becoming more and more sleepy.

From the beginning, his daily amount of sleep increased every time but later, he would also inadvertently fall asleep in daily activities. All the Zerg were worried about Gu Huai’s physical condition.

“Umm… Did I sleep again? Sorry… I didn’t hear what you were telling me.” Gu Huai was full of fatigue. He used a lot of strength to wake up, only to continue feeling pain. Alves didn’t speak and just kissed Gu Huai.

The medical team couldn’t detect any abnormalities. From Gu Huai’s point of view, the strangeness of his body was like his soul was being rejected by the world. Gu Huai had this idea because he was exposed to the rules and will of the world. He felt that his conjecture was probably correct.

Every time he woke up, Gu Huai saw Alves waiting beside him. As the number of times he fell asleep became more frequent, Gu Huai pulled the big cat over and spoke in a warm voice, “You don’t have to wait for me to wake up every time.”

Alves said nothing. His cold and beautiful eyes that were like gold ice and snow stared at Gu Huai, silently expressing his attitude to Gu Huai.

“In case I one day fall asleep for a long time, you can’t always wait by my side.” Gu Huai thought of his physical condition and couldn’t help telling Alves. “If I don’t wake up for a long time then don’t wait.”

Alves was no longer silent at this time as he declared, “I’ll wait.”

Alves had always been obedient to Gu Huai but in this matter, he had his own insistence. If he had to wait then he would wait.

There might not be any related memories but Alves often felt that he had met Gu Huai early, very early… earlier than their first meeting in his memories. It was just that Gu Huai disappeared and he waited a long time after that. Finally, he would wait again. It was an idea that didn’t have any basis but Alves still learned the meaning of waiting.

Gu Huai couldn’t do anything with this stubborn big cat. He couldn’t persuade Alves and he was actually used to the other person waiting every time he woke up. It could be said that Gu Huai’s heart was very moved and his love for Alves became more uncontrolled every day. This big cat was really, really cute.

“I like you the most.” Gu Huai told Alves one day. After hearing Gu Huai’s words, Alves’ eyes were slightly dazzling. His gaze directed at Gu Huai was very simple. It wasn’t a warm love but it was bottomless.

Alves replied, “I only like Ah Huai.”

This response left Gu Huai speechless and he could only blink.

Tuser’s soil improvement program had been progressing steadily over the years. Last year, the research team gave the good news that the test site’s soil testing result was approaching benign. All the Zerg on Tuser were happy at the time. The soil test results approaching benign meant that as long as time passed, beautiful flowers might be able to be planted in this test area.

In this case, they could officially prepare to give the king his birth gift. In addition, this year there was a piece of good news that came from the research team.

“It is a bud.” One researcher was pleasantly surprised.

It was very small and tender. The flower stem and bud that emerged from the soil seemed like it could be damaged by the slightest accident but despite its fragility, it showed a moving vitality. Looking at this young bud, the Zerg showed a happy feeling.

“His Majesty might feel better when he sees this bud.”

They wanted to let Gu Huai see the results immediately so a Zerg researcher carefully transferred the flower bud to a small flower pot. Then he gave the flower pot to Alves. Alves was waiting in the room for Gu Huai to wake up. Now he took the small flowerpot from his subordinate and careful held it as he waited quietly by the bed.

Gu Huai slept a little longer today but Alves didn’t bother him to let Gu Huai wake up naturally. The flower bud in the pot was very young. Even if it grew later, it would probably only grow to a small flower. It might only be a bud and didn’t even count as a small flower, but Gu Huai should be very happy seeing it.

Alves thought so and his vertical pupils squinted, making him look like a large cat. It wasn’t until the afternoon passed and evening arrived that Alves couldn’t wait for Gu Huai to wake up. Considering that Gu Huai needed to eat, Alves had to take the initiative to wake Gu Huai up.

Alves put down the small flower pot he was holding and circled Gu Huai on the bed with his tail.

“Ah Huai,” Alves voice was very soft.

The sleeping young man didn’t respond and the patient Alves continued to call out. It was just that Gu Huai didn’t show any reaction and Alves finally felt uneasy.

The matter of Gu Huai falling asleep and not waking up almost exploded the entire Zerg race. Tuser suddenly became crowded as the Zerg living on other planets rushed over. The cause of Gu Huai’s sleep couldn’t be determined. No matter how much the medical team checked Gu Huai’s health, it was like he was just asleep.

One year passed quickly and the young flower bud finally became a small goose yellow flower. Alves held the small flowerpot and brought the goose yellow flower close to Gu Huai.

“Flower.” Alves’ voice was low. Despite the expected lack of response, Alves continued to hold the flowerpot in front of Gu Huai for a while. He quietly waited a period of time before leaning down to kiss Gu Huai’s cheek.

He would wait. While waiting, the Zerg on Tuser were still working.

The king only temporarily fell asleep and they couldn’t stop working to prepare their king’s birth gift. They had to work harder. In this way, once Gu Huai woke up, they could let Gu Huai see a flowery planet.

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1 year ago

It freakin’ hurts :’)

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1 year ago

Mygodddd, the line of cutie cat having met huai before, and having to wait to see him… the author is really going all out on hurting the readers… so that’s why he went almost mad ;-;

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😭😭😭😭 my heart 💔💔💔💔

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Currently rereading the novel, and it still hurts every time I read this chapter o(TヘTo)

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