INH: Chapter 80

The number of snowmen in the courtyard this year was the same as last year. Although Aiyi had no specific memories of the snowmen, he naturally knew what to do once he was brought out to the snow by Gu Huai. Use the snow on the ground to form two big and one small snowball. Then stack the small ones on top of the big ones.

“That is a good snowman.” Gu Huai looked at the snowman that he and Aiyi built together before smiling at Aiyi, who was still young.

The adult Aiyi looked cold and noble. When he was young, his face felt particularly elegant and he would certainly be the most pleasing kind when placed in a group of children.

An involuntary smile appeared on the beautiful little face when Aiyi saw Gu Huai smiling at him. His pale golden eyes lit up. The snowman was very happy and he was also very happy to see Gu Huai’s smile. This was what Aiyi thought.

Aiyi’s humanoid form was in his childhood. This surprised all the Zerg but they quickly accepted it. Gu Huai also didn’t know if Aiyi would grow up but he felt this matter would proceed naturally. For the present result, Gu Huai was already very happy and satisfied.

“Doesn’t Tuser seem particularly warm this winter?” Gu Huai saw the many snowmen piled up in the courtyard and suddenly had this feeling.

The wind wasn’t blowing and even the falling snow was gentle. The temperature didn’t seem as cold as the previous winter. The Zerg who heard Gu Huai’s question pondered on it.

The change of seasons didn’t have an effect on the Zerg so they never paid much attention to this. Then once Gu Huai said this, the saw the many snowmen safely protecting the small snowman in the most central position and suddenly had a bit of the same feeling.

“Yes,” Capalia replied after a moment.

Since the Gavin incident, the Star Alliance had stopped allowing the existence of the grey zone. It was difficult to clean up areas outside the jurisdiction of the Star Alliance but with the participation of the Star Alliance leaders and various races, these grey areas gradually had order established.

Order was the foundation of peace. The order in the interstellar world had become more complete and was naturally more peaceful than before. The frequency of star pirates was reduced by a lot. The Zerg were happy to see the peaceful state since there would be no more emergencies to affect and disturb them. They would concentrate on improving the soil of Tuser so they could plant flowers on the planet for their king.

It wasn’t just the Zerg on Tuser. All the Zerg were passionate about this matter. Apart from knowing that Gu Huai liked it, this was also the birth gift they wanted to give Gu Huai.

For this plan, the Zerg now bought all types of flowers from the races they had established diplomatic relations with when trading. For a while, the impression that various races had about the Zerg leaned in the direction of a ‘race that loves flowers.’ It turned out that the Zerg also had a soft heart for things that were purely ornamental. People of all races thought this.

The flowers purchased weren’t ready for immediate use. The Zerg stored these flowers while the executives planned the planting areas on the planet in advance. What type of flowers should be planted around the house Gu Huai lived in? The chief of staff and other Zerg had a meeting about it but hadn’t come to a result.

In the following years, Tuser’s soil improvement continued to advance and the Zerg as a whole developed steadily. The number of races they successfully established diplomatic relations with increased.

By the seventh year, the Zerg were widely recognized in the stars. Thus, in this year, the human race finally took the initiative to send a friendly signal to the Zerg. The two races were always considered as firm enemies but this friction had decreased in the new era. At a turning point in the era, humans chose to take a step forward.

“The Earth Federated has sent you an invitation to talk. The place is on a third-planet party. Your Majesty, do you want to accept it?” The chief of staff stood next to Gu Huai and reported it.

The moment he finished speaking, the chief of staff paused and added, “However, the third-party planet is a bit far from Tuser and the journey will be tiring. This subordinate feels that we can let the army leaders go…”

The reason why unknown but Gu Huai had always been easily tired in recent years. He slept a lot longer than before. It was only after considering this matter that the chief of staff would say such words.

Gu Huai shook his head. “If I don’t go to this meeting in person then I will be insincere.”

Sincerity wasn’t as important as the comfort of the king. The chief of staff thought so but since Gu Huai already refused, he could only obey Gu Huai’s choice.

“You reply for me. Change the meeting place to Earth.” Gu Huai turned to look at the chief of staff.

The humans had set the talks on a third-party planet to avoid any concerns but Gu Huai had no such concerns. It had nothing to do with trust. In the current interstellar situation, it was impossible for humanity to do anything bad at this meeting since it wasn’t good for humanity itself. At the same time, Gu Huai was confident in their ability to deal with any unexpected situation.

“Earth…?” The chief of staff couldn’t help confirming it again.

Gu Huai bowed his head lightly. “En.”

It happened that he hadn’t seen Earth in a long time. Gu Huai was also very interested in what Earth looked like in the interstellar era. He could take advantage of this opportunity to go and see. The chief of staff responded. “Okay, this subordinate understands.”

The moment the chief of staff left, Gu Huai rubbed his eyes and involuntarily developed a sense of drowsiness.

Since experiencing the period of power integration seven years ago, Gu Huai had been able to feel a slight pain in his body. It was just that the pain was so slight that it could be ignored. However, the more pain he felt later, the most obvious it became. It was easy to become sleepy and go to sleep.

Later, Gu Huai exchanged part of his vitality for Aiyi. This matter was like a fuse that deepened the two bad conditions in his body more rapidly. Gu Huai wouldn’t feel any pain when sleeping. This made Gu Huai sometimes feel that his feeling of fatigue might be a protective mechanism of his body due to the pain.

However, Gu Huai also remembered the ‘rules’ and ‘world will’ that he encountered by accident when he was unconscious during the fusion period. Since his soul didn’t belong to the world, both of them paid attention to the particularity of his existence.

Gu Huai actually avoided thinking about the effect this incident had on him because it was useless to think about it. Now Gu Huai could guess that his abnormalities were probably related to this. Still, if this was the case, Gu Huai also had no way to deal with it. He could only take one step at a time. It was just a bit more painful. The pain in his body was more obvious than before but this was also tolerable. There wasn’t much impact from sleeping longer.

“Sleepy…” Gu Huai whispered, his body directly falling onto Alves beside him. Alves skillfully caught this person and let Gu Huai leaned on him. Gu Huai half-squinted in this comfortable position, looking like he could instantly fall asleep.

Alves didn’t go anywhere. He lay down on the sofa and let Gu Huai lie on him.

Then Alves wrapped his tail around Gu Huai to fix him in this position and stretched out silver wings to wrap around Gu Huai, blocking the outside light and creating a good sleeping environment for Gu Huai.

In the dark space created, Alves’ eyes passed over Gu Huai’s face. He could almost be called gentle as he patted Gu Huai’s back, coaxing Gu Huai to sleep better. It was just that looking at the dark-haired young man with narrowed eyes due to sleepiness, Alves couldn’t help pecking Gu Huai’s lips gently from a close distance. From time to time, a warm and soft touch would appear on his cheeks and occasionally his lips. GU Huai took a laissez-faire attitude to this.

After a while, the dazed Gu Huai heard a low sound in his ear. “Chirp.”

Hearing this voice, Gu Huai opened his completely closed eyes and fumbled in this dark environment, taking the initiative to kiss Alves on the lips. The big cat in humanoid form was too much when chirping. Gu Huai knew this sound was asking for a reward and Gu Huai easily gave Alves the desired response every time.

After all, the big cat was easy to satisfy. Sure enough, after the reward, Alves’ silver-grey tail around Gu Huai moved slightly. The tip of the tip obviously raised upward, representing an obviously happy mood.

Gu Huai gradually fell asleep in the comfortable environment that Alves had created for him. Once Gu Huai’s breathing became smooth and gentle, Alves also closed his eyes and tried to accompany Gu Huai to sleep.

The agreed time for the talks soon came. On this day, the Zerg fleet truly stepped foot on Earth for the first time in the new era. The Zerg fleet landed on Earth and the humans showed a welcoming attitude. This scene could probably be ranked among the most incredible events in the interstellar world. It had gone from an impossible matter to reality.

Gu Huai was greeted with the highest etiquette from the human side. The talks proceeded with this sincere attitude. The humans couldn’t find anything wrong and the Zerg returned the same degree of friendship.

In the new era of 217, the Zerg and humans, two races that were once rivals, reached reconciliation as witnessed by the interstellar races and both sides established diplomacy. This matter was of great significance to both the Zerg and the human race, as well as the interstellar world.

After the talks, Gu Huai wasn’t in a hurry to leave Earth immediately. He intended to visit the strange yet familiar planet. After knowing that the Zerg had come to Earth, Shen Mu and Hammer were very happy and also specifically prepared a gift.

Shen Mu and Hammer’s work in the military was very busy. in the past seven years, there weren’t many opportunities for them to go to Tuser. However, every time they met, Gu Huai was pitted by them in some way.

This time was no different. A huge Tak Zerg approached Gu Huai, the tip of the sharp forearm hooked around something. The Tak Zerg brought it close to Gu Huai and emitted a low hissing sound.

Gu Huai took a closer look at the object and frozen, his mouth twitching slightly. This was… a loss prevention bracelet? There was also this type of thing in the interstellar age?? It was the type where an adult wore one and the child the other, with a rope between the two bracelets. In his original world, Gu Huai would sometimes see the people around him take out their children with this type of thing.

Gu Huai faced the scarlet eyes of the Tak Zerg in front of him and helplessly put on the bracelet. Gu Huai put on the ring and the Tak Zerg around him were obviously very happy, releasing an even lower hissing sound from their throats.

The Tak Zerg on the other end of the rope carefully held the other bracelet, sharp forearm raised the entire time. Humans said that if the cub was given this thing, the cub they cared for wouldn’t be lost. Then they would keep the cub in their care.

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1 year ago

Hammer just loves to dig pit after pit for Huai Bao.