INH: Chapter 8

The Tak Zerg came out of the cave and Gu Huai quickly sensed the sadness of these Tak Zerg had completely disappeared, replaced by obvious joy.

Due to this emotional change, Gu Huai belatedly realized that the sad emotions of the Tak Zerg weren’t about leaving the planet but for him. They weren’t willing to part with him but Gu Huai thought in a straightforward manner. Now he had the desired result and his eyes quickly curved again.

Now that they were leaving the planet, the Tak Zerg immediately thought of the fruits they were hiding and the umbrellas the young man had made for them. They were instantly ready to go into the cave again.

However, they were afraid that the young man would misunderstand them. The Tak Zerg instinctively used their highest movement speed and completed the round-trip process within a few seconds.

Gu Huai saw the Tak Zerg bringing things from the cave and tapped the shoulder of the Tak Zerg carrying him. He spoke in a warm voice, “The fruit will go bad so don’t eat them. You can also leave the umbrellas here. Once we leave this planet, you won’t need them.”

In the interstellar era, there must be more convenient tools to protect from rain. These umbrellas used to temporarily deal with rain didn’t look good. Gu Huai only made an item similar to the shape of the umbrella using his exchange ability and there was a big gap with reality.

Hearing Gu Huai’s words, these Tak Zerg showed a rare display of stubbornness. For the first time, they didn’t choose to obey. They brought the fruit and umbrellas together. The fruit would wait until it was really bad.  The rain-blocking tools that the young man gave them would be hidden again once on a new planet.

They didn’t know the identity of the long-handled items the Tak Zerg were holding but the high-grade Zerg couldn’t help looking at them darkly. This was a gift from the king…

The moment they discovered this, the high-grade Zergs were extremely envious. Such gifts were unique. They also wanted to have a chance to own it. Forget something made by hand like this. They would be happy even if the young man gave them a small stone he found on the ground. They couldn’t take the initiative to ask for it so these high-grade Zerg could only look helplessly, saying nothing on the surface.

The warship was close to the exit of the cave. Gu Huai was carried out by the Tak Zerg and it wasn’t long before they reached the front of the Yula warship.

This was the first time Gu Huai had seen a real space warship. The things that could only be seen in sci-fi movies suddenly appeared in an accessible place. As a screenwriter, Gu Huai’s eyes couldn’t help brightening.

The icy black warship might be still but it looked very oppressive. No one doubted the combat capability of this huge warship on the battlefield. The Zerg’s Yula wasn’t inferior to the most advanced warships in the current interstellar era.

Gu Huai had just walked in front of this Yula warship and didn’t have time to enjoy looking at it when the large shape of the Yula warship became very abnormal.


“Kada, kada—!”

Sounds rang out from inside the warship and the hull of the Yula warship was shaking in a way that was visible to the naked eye. Gu Huai hadn’t reacted yet when in front of him, the Yula warship actually rolled on the ground, stirring up a lot of dust. It was a truly hardcore roll.

The ground was immediately affected and shook. After the shaking, the Yula warship flashed the lights on its body, as if to attract the attention of the black-haired youth in front of it.

“Yula is too excited to see you, so…” Alger coughed.

Who could blame this Yula warship for its response? It was so great to be able to sail with the king. If there were two Yula warships on the scene, Alger felt they would even fight for who would carry the youth.

Gu Huai heard Alger’s words and remembered something from the previous inheritance information. The Yula warships were self-aware biological warships.

The Yula was also one of the ethnic Zerg groups. Apart from the Yula ethnic group, there were four more ethnic groups: the Tak, the Isadore, the Lino and the Camus.

Each of these five ethnic groups had their own characteristics. For example, the Tak Zerg Gu Huai was most familiar with had militant characteristics. They were the most aggressive of all ethnic groups and would enter a violent state in combat.

The Yula had the ability to transform and were usually biological warships. They played the role of transport and space weapons.

The Isadore were the most spiritually powerful among the Zerg. The Zerg in this ethnic group were generally good at strategy and were the best at using their abilities, but they didn’t have as much physical ability as the other ethnic groups.

The Lino were the assassin type among the Zerg. As assassins, they weren’t as good at frontal combat as the Tak but they were very good at hiding, tracking and using various toxins. They could be very patient when it came to killing their prey.

Finally, there was the Camus ethnic group. Compared to the others, the abilities of this ethnic group were very average. However, they were the only ethnic group that consumed life force in exchange for the ability to erupt when necessary. They would use self-destruction as a means of killing enemies.

Gu Huai quickly perceived the feelings of the Yula warship. Gu Huai looked at the ship’s gleaming lights in front of him and let the Tak Zerg carrying him approach the door of the Yula warship. Then he raised his hand to touch the ship’s cold hatch.

Once touched by the youth, this Yula warship suddenly quieted down. The hull no longer trembled and the outside lights of the ship became a beautiful sky blue. In many parts of the interstellar world, red lights generally meant alertness , prohibition or hostility while sky blue was friendly.

“Kada.” This huge and cold Yula warship’s voice was gentle as it tried to show its love to the youth.

“Thank you,” Gu Huai spoke earnestly. Liking was a precious emotion, whether it was more or less, short or long-term. Gu Huai always felt that this simple like was very precious.

Gu Huai’s words made the sky blue lights of the Yula warship flicker again slowly. Once Gu Huai was carried through the cabin door by the Tak Zerg, the ship lights flickered at a regular frequency. The joy of the Yula could be seen at this time.

The personnel soon entered the warship. At Alves’ acquiescence, Gu Huai automatically had the highest authority on the Yula warship and he was led by the silver-haired Zerg to the command room of the warship.

“Leader, what planet are we going to now?” Alger inquired but his eyes didn’t move away from the black-haired youth. “There is the king so we should find a better planet to settle down first…”

“Return to Tuser.” Alves spoke briefly.

Tuser was the capital star of the Zerg’s First Army and was one of the strongholds for the Zerg. There were few other ethnic fleets in the star field where Tuser was located. If they needed to pass by Tuser for trade, these starships would choose to take a detour out of fear of accidentally bumping into the Zerg’s Yula fleet.

The answer made Alger’s eyes brighten. Alger had actually wanted to go back to Tuser but he didn’t dare say it directly. He could only hint euphemistically but he didn’t expect it to turn out as he wished. Their leader might be the head of the First Army but the days when their leader stayed at the capital star were few and far in between. He threw the government affairs to the chief of staff who stayed on Tuser. Alger even doubted if their leader even remembered what Tuser looked like.

Gu Huai had no opinion on where he was taken. Anywhere would be much better than the abandoned planet so he didn’t ask about what Tuser was like. He was thinking he could see it with his own eyes after reaching there.

The warship’s command room had a transparent window where the star fields outside could be seen. Gu Huai was curious and walked over to observe. The black universe was like an endless darkness. It should be daunting but due to the embellishment of many stars, the darkness became bright and magnificent.

The position of the young man could be discerned by sound alone. Alves sat in the command post and didn’t speak but he stroked his finger over the operator’s panel. The next moment, the walls around the entire command room became transparent.

This was more convenient to see outside and Gu Huai’s first reaction was to be happy. Then he couldn’t help looking back to see the indifferent silver-haired Zerg sitting in the command position, the eyes of the other side covered by an eye mask. He called it an eye mask but in fact, it was more like a layer of black opaque cloth. It covered his eyes and was casually tied behind him.

“Alves… why is your leader blindfolded?” Before there had been no chance to ask. At this time, Gu Huai quietly asked Alger standing next to him.

In fact, their leader could hear at this volume…

Alger thought this in his heart but didn’t say it. He answered truthfully, “It is because tangible things make the leader want to destroy.”

As long as he could see, there would be a constant desire to destroy. Being blindfolded, he couldn’t see the specific form and this was better. Even then, the noises that he heard made the leader feel it was noisy.

It was because sound indirectly indicated the existence of things and irritability would accumulate. In order not to affect his fighting ability, he had to give up either his hearing or vision. Hearing sounds was easier to endure than seeing so he blocked his eyes.

“Is this so…” Gu Huai couldn’t imagine this reason so he was stunned for a moment.

“Most of the time, the leader will feel it is noisy and then he will be in a bad mood. Still, it is much better than letting him see things. Once in battle, the enemy deliberately removed the leader’s blindfold and the entire army was cleaned up by the leader alone.” Alger was still a bit frightened when he recalled the battle. Once the leader was in a frenzy, he couldn’t distinguish them from the enemy.

The eye mask was a taboo for their leader and this was a recognized fact among all the Zergs. This felt very hard. Gu Huai thought about the unbearable things and couldn’t help being silent.

Then Alger quickly changed the subject. He hung his head and asked, “You slept for several hours. Did you want to eat now? Once your eggshell is returned to Tuser, your subordinates will grind it to powder. It will have a better nutritional effect when mixed with the sap of the Pubanuo tree.”

The eggshell was ground into powder and became… milk powder? This association made Gu Huai’s expression subtly changed but he nodded to show his understanding.

As for eating, Gu Huai touched the eggshell snack from his pocket and ate two or three pieces. Since his mental strength was still at the baby stage, Gu Huai felt like he might be addicted to eating and sleeping. No matter how reluctant, Gu Huai had to admit that he wanted to eat snacks after sleeping.

It didn’t take long for him to become drowsy. Gu Huai leaned against a seat in the command room and closed his eyes. Once Gu Huai fell asleep, the few high-grade Zerg who stayed in the command room lightened the actions of their hands.

Alves rose from the command post and walked up to the young man sleeping in his seat. Alves stood there with his head lowered and ‘watched.’

Alger was watching to the side and suddenly saw the silver-haired Zerg reach out to touch the young man’s lips. He paused before brushing away a bit of the eggshell that was stuck to the side of the young man’s mouth.

Cold fingers touched his lips and the sleeping youth partially moved his head to the side. Alves didn’t remove the finger that gently touched the lips. This momentary warm and soft touch caused Alves to immediately withdrew his hand, his face expressionless but his silver-grey tail unwittingly flickering up and down.

A few seconds later, Alves looked up and asked Alger standing beside him in a low and cold voice, “What is he like?”

“You are talking about… the king?” Alger reflexively asked. After that, he immediately felt that he had more questions.

“The king looks good.” Alger thought it was too difficult to describe the young man’s appearance because he would say the young man was good-looking, especially good-looking. The best person in the entire universe must be their king.

Alger reluctantly organized his next words. “Um… the king’s hair is black and particularly soft. His eyes aren’t like ours. They are like a human and his pupils are round and black. He looks particularly gentle when he smiles.”

It was really difficult to sketch out a person with language but Alves listened attentively. Sitting back in the command chair, Alves raised a hand and touched the black cloth around his eyes. His fingers stayed on the top edge for nearly two seconds before he put it down.

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