INH: Chapter 79

The follow-up work of this operation was completed by the Star Alliance. The planet’s stronghold was occupied by the Star Alliance. The Star Alliance’s army cleaned up the star field belonging to the grey area.

Gu Huai’s condition meant the Zerg had no room to care about these things. They brought their fleet back to Tuser.

On the bed in the room, Gu Huai had been sleeping for a day. Add in the time it took to return from the other star field and Gu Huai had slept for several days. Next to Gu Huai’s pillow lay a grey egg. It lay there quietly, the light grey eggshell looking shiny in the day. Alves stay by his bedside. He had been in an expressionless state since the moment they came back.

Gu Huai woke up on the sixth day. The moment he opened his eyes, the first sentence he asked was, “How is Aiyi? Did he come back with me?”

Alves couldn’t answer this question immediately. It was difficult to determine if Aiyi’s current stat was good or bad. It wasn’t known if this could be considered as coming back together. Alves’ brief silence made Gu Huai blink and his eyes turned slightly red.

“Here.” Alves pursed his lips and picked up the grey egg, which Gu Huai hadn’t noticed and handed it to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai saw the egg and was a bit stunned. “This is… Aiyi?”

“En.” Alves answered in a single syllable.

“Ah Huai.” He continued in a low voice. “Don’t cry.”

Hearing Alves say this, Gu Huai only just realized that his face was a bit wet. Then Alves leaned down to kiss the wet spot on his cheek.

“I will never leave you.” Without this, Alves couldn’t be reassured.

Gu Huai raised his hands and wiped his eyes. Then he held the grey egg handed over by Alves with both hands. Using the equivalent exchange ability, he sacrificed part of his vitality and Aiyi’s body to turn Aiyi into his egg…

Gu Huai reached out to touch the grey egg. Through his mental strength, he sensed the cub’s life response. It was a very vigorous life response. This was a healthy egg.

“Be sure to be born healthy,” Gu Huai told the egg.

Aiyi might’ve become an egg and it was unknown what would happen in the future, but Aiyi’s life hadn’t completely disappeared. For this, Gu Huai was very grateful.

The egg had no way to respond to Gu Huai. It just stayed quietly in Gu Huai’s hands. Still, the moment Gu Huai said this, the life response from the egg seemed more active like he was silently responding to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai blinked again and suddenly felt moved while wanting to shed tears.

Gu Huai carefully placed the egg back on the pillow and raised his eyes to see Alves standing motionless by the bed, watching him. Then he finally realized that the state of his big cat was different.

“How long have I slept?” Gu Huai raised his head and asked.

Alves replied truthfully, “Five days.”

Gu Huai immediately responded. “Have you been by my side? You haven’t gone anywhere?”

“En.” Alves responded.

Based on this expression, Alves didn’t show any special feelings. He still gave off a cold feeling. It was just that in Gu Huai’s eyes, there was more persistence than usual. This person wouldn’t disappear when watching him. Alves was very insecure right now. It meant not leaving at all, not even eating or sleeping.

Understanding this, Gu Huai pulled Alves’ hand and told the other person, “I’m hungry.”

“I haven’t eaten for five days and I’m hungry.” Gu Huai reiterated.

Gu Huai’s words caused Alves to act immediately. However, he didn’t leave the room. He just asked his deputy to prepare food. Alves’ order let the other Zerg know that Gu Huai had woken up. They came to the room one after another, careful in their movements and not daring to make a sound out of fear they would shock Gu Huai.

The king was very gentle and attached to them. Due to this, Aiyi’s affair would definitely make Gu Huai very sad.

“Your Majesty, are you feeling okay? Is there any discomfort in your body?” Capalia slowed down her voice to asked.

The Zerg race, led by Capalia and Simodo, were most concerned about this issue.

Gu Huai was surrounded by the Zerg’s worry and responded in a warm voice, “Yes, I’m fine. I have rested.”

The consumption of mental energy quickly recovered after a few days of sleep but Gu Huai’s body was still a bit weak. This was the result of consuming his own vitality. Gu Huai didn’t intend to tell his Zerg about the matter of him exchanging some of his vitality for Aiyi. Speaking would just increase their worries and Gu Huai felt this was unnecessary. The Zerg were a race wth a strong self-evolution ability and their vitality was stronger than other races due to continuous genetic evolution. Gu Huai believed he would be able to withstand this.

The food was soon delivered and a table set up by the bed.

Gu Huai didn’t immediately start eating and instead looked at Alves. “You eat with me.”

Knowing that his big cat had been guarding him for many days and hadn’t gone anywhere, Gu Huai thought this was a way to let the other person eat. If Gu Huai directly said he would let Alves go to rest, Alves definitely wouldn’t leave. For the Zerg, not eating or sleeping for five days had no effect on their physical function but Gu Huai didn’t want to see Alves in this state.

Alves didn’t respond but he obeyed Gu Huai’s request. Once he finished eating, Gu Huai picked up the egg on the pillow and asked the chief of staff, “Can you build a small heat preservation room in my room?”

“It is winter and I’m worried that it is too cold, making this egg uncomfortable. It will be better to have a preservation room.” Gu Huai expressed his consideration.

The Zerg eggs had a very strong vitality and weren’t as fragile as the eggs of other races, but the chief of staff immediately agreed. “This subordinate will take care of it now.”

Gu Huai’s room was very large. The heat preservation device was soon built in the same room and Gu Huai placed the egg in it.

Now that he was awake, Gu Huai decided to contact the Star Alliance to explain about Gavin. Facing the communication image, Gu Huai told the Star Alliance personnel who appeared, “Gavin transformed part of his body into a Meteorite. The black hole brought us to an alien space and he destroyed himself. You can confirm his death.”

This sentence revealed too much information and the Star Alliance found it difficult to digest for a moment. Gavin was dead and the thorn stuck in the hearts of the Star Alliance was gone. This naturally made the Star Alliance very happy but they found it a bit difficult to face the Zerg.

The Star Alliance was well aware of how powerful the Meteorite was. It was a horrifying weapon that almost blew up the planet where their headquarters was located. Now that the Zerg king and an army leader suffered such serious injuries from assisting them, it wasn’t so simple for the Star Alliance to say they owed the Zerg.

Once contact with the Star Alliance was completed and the communicator turned off, Gu Huai pulled the tail of Alves next to him. He took the initiative to wrap the tail around himself and smiled at Alves with curved eyes. “I’m a bit scared. If you circle me like this then I will feel at ease.”

Once Gu Huai finished, Alves tightened his silver-grey tail and hugged Gu Huai. Gu Huai calmly soothed the other side. Alves hugged Gu Huai’s body and his inner instability finally subsided slightly.

Over the next few days, in addition to seeing the egg every day, Gu Huai worked to appease Alves. Since this incident, the big cat had become particularly sticky. It used to be that he followed Gu Huai everywhere but now even the occasional gaps of departure were gone. It was the type where he followed Gu Huai to the bathroom.

Gu Huai didn’t think it was good for Alves to be in this too nervous state so one day, he gave in to the ‘bathroom’ option. It could be imagined what happened in this place. Gu Huai was forced to lean against the wall, struggling to suppress his voice.

Gu Huai put so much effort that after this, Alves’ state wasn’t so tense.

Gu Huai went to see the egg every day, very much looking forward to when it could be born. It was just that after many months, the egg still showed a vigorous vitality but no signs of breaking out of the egg.

However, the size of the egg had changed. It was several times larger than its original volleyball size. This wasn’t normal. Usually, the size of the egg wouldn’t change.

Aiyi’s situation was similar to Gu Huai at first. The egg that gave birth to Gu Huai was also very huge. Gu Huai wasn’t born until after he reached adulthood. The egg in the heat preservation device only grew several times larger before it stopped. Then it remained quiet.

“You must be born.” Gu Huai routinely went to the heat preservation room and touch the egg, warmly encouraging it. “It is spring now and it will be summer in another month. These two seasons are very warm and are suitable to be the seasons when new life is born.”

The wait seemed like it would take longer but Gu Huai wasn’t disappointed. The egg had an active vitality and would react to his words. This meant there was hope.

A year passed quickly and as Tuser steadily operated, the planet soon ushered in its second winter. This year, Tuser’s first snow fell particularly early. Shortly after Tuser entered winter, snow fell on the planet in the morning. The trees in the courtyard’s mansion soon carried snow and the ground was gradually covered in snow.

As it sensing something, the moment the first snowflake fell from Tuser’s sky, the egg lying quietly in the heat preservation room finally showed a different movement.


It was a clear sound and there was a cracking pattern on the grey eggshell.

Gu Huai was currently in the living room on the first floor of the mansion. He couldn’t help watching the courtyard where snow kept falling. The snow should stop at noon. Once it stopped, the snow on the ground could be used to make snowmen. Gu Huai thought about last winter when he said he would make a few snowmen for Alves and the army leaders. At that time, Aiyi had told him to ‘pile it with me next year.’

“Go make snowmen in the afternoon. We will make one for Aiyi as well.” Gu Huai sat on the sofa and told Capalia, who wasn’t far away.

Capalia naturally nodded in agreement but before she could speak, she suddenly heard a Zerg cry out in a visibly startled tone, “Lord Aiyi—!”

Gu Huai was stunned and quickly headed in the direction of the Zerg soldier. Then he saw a very handsome looking person with light gold eyes, a pair of curved horns on the face and two light grey patterns on his face…

In terms of appearance, he looked around five or six years old. The Zerg didn’t have such a juvenile form but according to the various characteristics, Gu Huai still recognized the other person.

“Aiyi!” Gu Huai was surprised and astonished by the situation.

This person didn’t wait for any action from Gu Huai. He might be in humanoid form but there was no doubting that this was a Zerg cub who immediately approached Gu Huai when he saw Gu Huai. Everything around him was strange but once he saw Gu Huai, Aiyi knew he should go to the other person’s side.

“Your Majesty.” Aiyi followed Gu Huai closely and subconsciously called out.

His memories were a blank. Aiyi couldn’t even recall his own name for a while. Still, Aiyi remembered, deep in his subconscious memory, that this man in front of him had been in danger and that he wanted to protect the man.

Gu Huai saw Aiyi’s reaction and asked, “Did you remember a past thing?”

The young Aiyi looked at Gu Huai, the pale gold vertical pupils as clear as the cleanest spring. Then he shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember.” Gu Huai touched the other person’s hair. “Your name is Aiyi. You only need to remember your name.”

If the memories of the past were gone then they could rebuild them.

“Do you want to make a snowman?” Gu Huai asked.

Making a snowman…

Aiyi’s mind seemed to flash to a vague memory for a moment. He couldn’t remember the details but it seemed to be related to a snowman. It also seemed to be because of this matter that come this winter, he was so eager to be born from the egg.

It was because there was a very important promise this winter, a gift that couldn’t be missed.

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Nyssa Brown
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