INH: Chapter 78

The time before the eyes lost their light seemed to go very slowly. Every second stretched out infinitely. The second hand moved forward as if it was pressed down, slowing moving.

Aiyi thought of many things in this extended period.

The role of his foresight was to know in advance what would happen in the future and then use it or circumvent it. Aiyi had always applied his foresight this way in combat. Being able to foresee the future in a few seconds made Aiyi very calm in the face of any battle because all the actions of the enemy were known to him.

Such a natural ability was unique in the Zerg race and throughout the interstellar world. It was a capability that caused fear in the enemy. Even if his usual foresight could only predict the next few seconds, this was enough for Aiyi. He didn’t need to worry about unknown things.

Yet from the first time Aiyi saw Gu Huai, he knew what the scene in his prediction dream represented and why he had such a joyful mood when facing death. After that, he suddenly felt fear. This fear wasn’t a fear of his own death but a few that something would change in the future because of what he ‘knew.’

For Aiyi, the future could change so he was always worried he would do something that would inadvertently change the known future. Every day, there was a deep fear in the bottom of his heart. The place of the event couldn’t be confirmed from the prediction dream, let alone when it happened. There were too many unknown things and he just saw the result in advance.

Despite knowing that Gu Huai would encounter a dangerous situation in the future that was life-threatening, Aiyi hid it and told no one about it. If he told others what he predicted, the future would change but no one could guarantee that the change would be a good one.

Assuming that his prediction dream changed so that it was Gu Huai who died instead of him, Aiyi would never forgive himself. Even if the odds were one in a billion, Aiyi didn’t want to bet.

Thus, it all went as planned. It was clearly a future facing his own death but Aiyi was more fearful than anyone that this future wouldn’t arrive on schedule. It wasn’t until now that he was finally free of fear.

The slow-moving second hand finally pushed forward a bit. In the midst of the loud sound and excessive blast that could break the eardrums, the huge alien creature submerged in the white light had deep cracks in its shell that was as hard as iron.

The soldiers of the Zerg race would ignore pain. The traces of breaking covered the entire body almost instantly and the extremely strong body of this huge alien creature was inevitably severely damaged.

「 Your Majesty… 」

Aiyi conveyed his voice with his consciousness. There should only be time to say one last sentence but Aiyi couldn’t think about what to say in a while.

He wanted to explain the snowman in winter. Although he wouldn’t be present, he hoped there would be the snowman Gu Huai made for him. He also wanted to talk about seeing flowers on Tuser. If Gu Huai made a snowman on his behalf during winter at the time, the snowman could see the flowers during Tuser’s winter. Then he could see them as well.

Once thinking, time seemed to return to normal and the second hand quickly moved forward again. Thus, it was too late to speak no matter the sentence.

The dazzling, destructive white light spread to the extreme. The moment it reached the peak, like day and night switching in an instant, the light disappeared like the ebbing tide.

In fact, the whole process took just a few seconds. Gu Huai, who was protected by Aiyi in his primitive form, had wide eyes when he heard the sound transmitted. Then his golden vertical pupils contracted sharply.

However, Gu Huai couldn’t move. He couldn’t move or else he would be wasting Aiyi’s actions. It wasn’t until the energy fluctuations around him disappeared that Gu Huai went out from where he was protected by Aiyi.

In this enclosed space, Gavin was no longer present. The power of Meteorite meant not even his bones were left behind. Presumably, his body had become powder.

Gu Huai wasn’t paying attention to any of this. His eyes were on the huge creature in front of him. The moment he saw the traces of cracking on the body of this huge creature, Gu Huai’s throat was blocked. His sore throat made him almost speechless as he reached out to touch the body of this huge creature. “Aiyi…?”


It was the sound of something breaking. The place touched by Gu Huai’s hand suddenly collapsed, turning to powder after the cracking sound was heard. The extremely tight string in Gu Huai’s heart suddenly broke and his mind became blank. Then his ability ran away in an instant, uncontrollably exploding outside.

The last thing Gu Huai ever wanted was to see a Zerg encounter bad things, let alone die for him. Why did this happen?

Gu Huai watched the huge creature in front of him that was slowly becoming powder. The creature with dim eyes wouldn’t move anymore and the body covered with cracks continued to gradually collapse.

“Don’t…” Gu Huai’s voice was trembling.

Don’t break down again. This heart was filled with a pinching pain and the scene in front of Gu Huai made him breathless. What could be done to change this?

Chaos affected his thinking. Before he couldn’t breathe completely, Gu Huai found a glimmer of possibility. If it was the ‘equivalent exchange’ ability…

The idea surfaced and Gu Huai didn’t hesitate for even a second to sacrifice part of his vitality. There was the possibility of saving Aiyi before his body was completely broken. Even if it was only a hint of possibility.

Paying part of his life force was far greater than the excessive burden of ability consumption. Gu Huai failed to see the result as his consciousness temporarily fell into darkness the moment he stopped using his ability.

It took 10 minutes for the different space to send out the people within it. In these 10 minutes, the Zerg had become extremely tense due to the disappearance of Gu Huai and Aiyi. In the rest room, Alves’ expression was rather terrible.

Gu Huai disappeared and this sense of losing an important treasure made Alves want to destroy everything around him. He didn’t protect…

His nerves were stimulated, as if there was another more profound and painful experience from earlier, earlier… it wasn’t in Alves’ memories but he still remembered the same feeling. No matter where Gu Huai was in the stars, he should be able to tell the Zerg his location with a spiritual link. However, they didn’t receive Gu Huai’s spiritual link so the Zerg were even more panicked.

The search had begun long again and Alves almost lost his sense of reason under this wait. His vertical pupils were contracting more and more. Before Alves’ face was completely frozen, a black hole appeared in the same place in the room.

From this black hole, a figure was sent out. Alves instantly moved to hold the person. The person sent out was Gu Huai, who had his eyes tightly closed and was in a state of sleep caused by excessive power consumption and the partial loss of his vitality.

Another energy fluctuation caused all the Zerg on the battleship to arrive immediately. They saw the unconscious Gu Huai and slightly relaxed. However, there was another person who didn’t come back.

“What about Lord Aiyi?”

Two people were sucked into the black hole but only one came back. The Zerg realized something but they couldn’t believe it.

Aiyi was one of the four army leaders and one of the only four alpha class Zerg. Yet no matter how implausible, this was the fact in front of the Zerg soldiers. If the black hole sent people back to their original positions, Aiyi not coming back meant the other person was no longer alive.

“Wait a minute, His Majesty is holding…” a Zerg soldier suddenly spoke. The soldier’s words made all the Zerg present focus on Gu Huai’s chest.

They all saw a grey egg quietly resting in Gu Huai’s arms.

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✨ Noé ✨
1 year ago

Really made to cry, then I read the last sentence, sigh

1 year ago

Aiyi!!! You are alive!

Hua Cheng's Bitch
Hua Cheng's Bitch
1 year ago


1 year ago

Really crying so sad .. until the last sentence .. Aiyi is a grey egg… (joy)