INH: Chapter 77

Gavin often felt that he had been born in the wrong era.

Compared with the frequent wars of the old era, the peace of the new era made him feel dead. This era was both hypocritical and boring. Among the vast majority of peace-loving people in this era, Gavin knew that his mental state would be considered abnormal but he didn’t think so.

As long as the era changed and war began, more and more people would have the same mentality as him. Then he would become a normal person occupying the majority. A madman was a different type but if everyone in the world was crazy then none of them would be normal.

This idea prompted Gavin to start researching something outside of interstellar law and he defected from the Star Alliance many years ago. Even in the era of peace, not every corner of the world was beautiful. In the grey area beyond the jurisdiction of the Star Alliance, everything could be bought with money.

Organizations full of villains and criminals would do anything if paid enough. Gavin had no shortage of money. Money was easy for him to obtain.

The creation of the Grey Tower soldiers and Meteorite was Gavin’s purposeful action. He expected the Grey Tower soldiers to help him destroy interstellar peace. There was nothing wrong with his expectations. The Grey Tower soldiers acted as he expected until an unplanned figure appeared.


Gu Huai and Aiyi were sucked into the black hole and entered an independent, closed space. The space seemed to be surrounded by an invisible barrier. The barrier wasn’t visible to the naked eye but could be touched.

Gu Huai had been lying in bed, not asleep. He was awake but he and Aiyi were still sucked into this space by the black hole.

The energy of this black hole exceeded Gu Huai and Aiyi’s imagination. The suction was completely irresistible and the surrounding space was severely disturbed by this black hole. Gu Huai couldn’t use his space transfer ability to take Aiyi away.

“There are only two people. I thought more people would be coming in.”

A strange voice rang out in this alien space. Before the source of the voice appeared, Aiyi showed no hesitating in attacking the third person he saw in this space. No matter if it was an enemy or not, Aiyi first used his ability to completely lock up this person.

“Gavin?” Although the young man in front of him looked completely different from the information he received, Gu Huai still made this judgment.

The man whose actions were restricted admitted it. “It’s me.”

The young man dressed in a white coat and imprisoned by Aiyi’s power looked handsome and gentle on the outside. His temperament was more like a scholar than a researcher. Based on his appearance alone, no one would think that the other person was someone with an anti-social and morbid personality.

There was no threat in this alien space. Gu Huai watched the man whose movements were restrained by Aiyi and first tried to attack the invisible barrier surrounding this space with his strength. The barrier didn’t move.

Gu Huai immediately realized that there was no way to force the destruction of this space. The space transfer ability could be used but the transfer range was limited to this space.

“What is the way out?” Gu Huai choked Gavin with his mental strength while interrogating him. However, it wasn’t to the extent where Gavin couldn’t speak. It just made him uncomfortable.

It was like his neck was held by an invisible hand and Gavin suddenly had trouble breathing. “Cough… there is no way.”

Gu Huai’s black eyes were once again replaced with the golden vertical pupils. Then he continued to increase his strength in an expressionless manner. Gu Huai only stopped a bit before Gavin choked.

“The method?” Gu Huai’s expression was as indifferent as when he was in his ability fusion period. “Don’t make me ask a third time.”

Even though a lot of power had been consumed due to the previous event, Gu Huai’s ability wasn’t something ordinary people could resist. In addition, Gu Huai wouldn’t be soft when it came to enemies.

Especially when it wasn’t only himself and Gavin in this space but Aiyi as well. Aiyi should’ve seen this black hole in advance with his foresight ability and rushed over. The last thing Gu Huai hoped to see was the Zerg encountering something bad because of him.

“There is no way.” Gavin coughed several times. Despite being near death, he showed an extremely calm attitude, almost strangely calm.

“This is a different space that can’t be destroyed. It is barely one of my research results.” Gavin stated.

Why did he say barely? It was because this alien space wasn’t created by Gavin. He just found a way to enter this alien space. In other words, he used the giant device seen by the ground troops to create a ‘black hole.’

The black hole was a channel into this space.

“You have a really powerful ability. If God has a perfect creation in the world, it must be you.” Gavin smiled. “You were born to stand at the top of the pyramid of races. Your race is also the most genetically superior one in the stars. The Zerg genes once fascinated me.”

It wasn’t just because of the power of the Zerg genes but also because of the cruel and predatory nature inherent to the Zerg genes. This nature was very much in line with Gavin’s hope.

Gu Huai ignored the other person’s words and only said, “If there is no way out then you’re also trapped here.”

Gavin smiled. “I don’t want to go out. I came in here to kill you.”

The moment this sentence was spoken, Gavin’s right hand was cut off by Aiyi. Aiyi stared coldly at the enemy. The very pale golden pupils were covered in a thin layer of ice and his hand held an ice sword made of his ability. As a Zerg from the Isadore ethnic group, Aiyi didn’t like close range combat but this didn’t mean he was lacking the capability.

Once Gavin’s right hand was cut, Aiyi placed the sword he was holding next to Gavin’s left hand. The threat was obvious. He didn’t directly kill Gavin because this space was special and the other person had interrogation value. The severe pain made Gavin pale and there was sweat on his forehead, but he didn’t make a sound of pain.

“As long as you die, all the Zerg will go crazy and they will destroy the universe. This is what I want to see.” His body might be feeling intense pain but Gavin’s spirit was full of extreme excitement. He told Gu Huai this in a tone full of fanaticism.

During the Grey Tower soldiers matter, Gu Huai’s appearance was indeed unexpected and one of Gavin’s serious plans was destroyed. However, after knowing of Gu Huai’s existence, the new group of modified soldiers was just a show by Gavin used to pass the time.

Even if his stronghold wasn’t under siege, Gavin would soon launch the giant device he was researched. It was too easy for the black hole to locate Gu Huai because he set it as—

The most powerful individual in this world.

The black hole could interfere with the surrounding space and even powerful people couldn’t escape. They could only be taken into this space.

Gavin said there was no way out of this space. This was true but there were other words he didn’t say.

“This space will only trap us for 10 minutes.’ Gavin didn’t care about the sharp weapon next to his hand and stared at Gu Huai. There was no method to go out because there wasn’t the need for one. They would go out automatically once the time ended. This was something that Gavin had tested several times.

10 minutes.

Gu Huai heard this and the next second, he simply used his ability to fracture Gavin’s limbs, first abolishing his ability to act. Although Gavin had been imprisoned with Aiyi’s ability, Gu Huai vaguely felt that there was something wrong while listening to these words.

Despite being deprived of his ability to move, Gavin’s eyes were still as calm as dead water, looking ghostly. “As you can see, I’m a very weak person. I’m not as powerful as you.”


Before Gavin finished speaking, Aiyi’s pupils suddenly contracted sharply and he retreated to Gu Huai’s side. In this very short one or two seconds, Aiyi recalled the prediction dream he had.

What was the dream…

It was a dazzling white light that could swallow all colours. The light that could hurt the eyes became more turbulent than seawater at high tide and Aiyi’s vision was completely submerged. There was a loud sound like something blasting in his ear drums and his hearing ability was also lost. The world became completely silent.

In the moment before being drowned by this dazzling white light, he changed his body back to his most primitive form. His body was as large as a battleship and the surface was covered with steel-like hard scale armour. The eyes were light gold vertical pupils. It was an alien creature.

The primitive form of the Zerg was the one with the most powerful defenses. Attacks that needed to be defended against in this form undoubtedly showed that this attack was a devastating blow.

At the same time, the retinas of this alien creature reflected an unclear figure. In the dream, Aiyi couldn’t see what the other person looked like. He only knew it was a young man with black hair. Aiyi saw himself as a giant creature protecting the young man under his body.

The light completely drowned him and the dream came to an abrupt end here.

The actual time wouldn’t stop. By the time Aiyi retreated back to Gu Huai, Gavin had fully spoken. “But I transformed part of my body into the Meteorite.”

Even if he was killed, it would automatically launch. Gavin had one-sidedly determined the result from the start. Then it happened exactly as what Aiyi saw in his dream.

The white light, the roaring sound…

Aiyi made the exact same choice as his prediction dream.

In fact, after waking up from this dream, Aiyi had been unable to understand why he would be willing to die for one person. The even more incomprehensible thing was that he felt so happy in the face of death.

Then Aiyi understood when he first saw Gu Huai. His joy was because…

It was because he was protecting the person who mattered most to him.

In the devastating white light that filled the entire space in an instant, the huge alien creature protecting his important treasure didn’t move at all, the huge body like an extremely strong steel fortress.

It was just that in the process, his eyes gradually lost their light.

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