INH: Chapter 76

The enemy’s target might be Gu Huai. This discovery made all the Zerg have very bad expressions. They were like beasts guarding important treasures, showing sharp fangs to those who intended to invade their nest.

For the Zerg, anything harmful to Gu Huai would be a target of elimination. At this point, there was no possibility of the Zerg conceding.

“The Star Alliance dispatched a special pursuit team to catch a defector but nothing has been found for so many years?” The chief of staff expressed his doubts. Being asked such a question, the Star Alliance side was very embarrassed. Although they were unwilling to admit it, they hadn’t gained any clues about Gavin all these years.

The other person was very clever and alert. He could always evacuate before the Star Alliance found clues and erase the clues of his existence. It wasn’t easy for the Star Alliance to find anything.

At this time, Aaron first glanced at Capalia’s expression before speaking objectively. “In the past few years, Gavin should’ve constantly changed his appearance. Although there is no evidence to support this, he can undoubtedly do it. With his ability, it really isn’t easy for the Star Alliance to catch people.”

“A genius who only emerges once in an era is tricky as an enemy.”

It was scary. They had both engaged in scientific research. Judging by the ability demonstrated to the outside world, Aaron didn’t lose to Gavin. However, Aaron knew this was only superficial. During his time as colleagues, Aaron was faintly aware of the hidden side of the other person. Gavin intentionally didn’t show some abilities. Yet without revealing these abilities, Gavin was already considered to be the top genius in this era.

“Of course, it is indeed shameful that the Star Alliance has found nothing for so many years.” Aaron added this at the end to show he was with the Zerg.

A person from the Star Alliance saying this sentence, wasn’t his conscience hurt? The top members of the Star Alliance looked like they were facing a dog. If it wasn’t for the serious expression, they wouldn’t have wanted to take back their expressions.

“The prisoner is in the wrong state. Has a team examined his body?” Gu Huai broke this delicate scene. “His expression and his tone of speech just now…”

Gu Huai paused, trying to think of an appropriate adjective. Then Alves spoke blankly from next to him, “Mechanized.”

Yes, mechanized.

Gu Huai nodded at Alves’ words before looking at the modified soldier who was still carrying out pointless attacks on the transparent compartment. “His appearance, behaviour, contents of the speech and tone… he seems to have little sense of autonomy.”

“An inspection has been carried out,” a member of the Star Alliance responded. “The modified soldier’s brain has been implanted with something. We haven’t figured out what it is. It is expected that once we try to remove it, that object will automatically self-destruct. That’s why we haven’t acted for the time being.”

Gu Huai turned his head and found Aaron thinking. “Aaron, do you have a solution?”

Aaron didn’t shake his head or nod. He just said, “I’m not sure. I can try it.”

“Then you try it.” Gu Huai agreed very simply before looking at the Star Alliance people. “You shouldn’t object?”

The Star Alliance executive nodded with a stiff neck. Although Aaron said he could only try it and wouldn’t necessarily succeed, he successful came up with a result a few days later.

“It is a chip,” Aaron explained. “It is like the Star Alliance said. This chip does have a self-destruct program. Removing the chip will start the self-destruct program and the soldier’s head will be blown apart.”

There was a pause before Aaron continued, “The modified soldiers implanted with the chip are similar to robots who have accepted a programming. They will follow the instructions set by Gavin. Attacking you should be one of the instructions set.”


“Do the modified soldiers implanted with the chip have any self-awareness?” Gu Huai frowned slightly.

“It is almost gone. Their emotions and consciousness are suppressed.”

It was from this point that Aaron saw Gavin’s fear of Gu Huai. Gavin developed such a chip and no longer fused the Zerg genes with the new batch of modified soldiers.

The control chip might not be able to suppress the obedience to their king inherent in the Zerg genes. After having his plan overturned once, Gavin wouldn’t allow himself to make the same mistake a second time.

“Why do you think he is aiming at me?” Gu Huai was relatively calm about the fact that he was regarded as an attack object by the modified soldiers but the Zerg around him were very upset.

“Maybe you are the first person to make his plan fail and feel frustrated,” Aaron replied carefully.

“Gavin is conceited. He doesn’t want any variables in his plan.”

This was an analysis from a personality point of view. As for the more specific reasons, Aaron couldn’t figure out Gavin’s crazy thoughts. The other side wasn’t normal. If he could understand Gavin then he would also be abnormal.

Gu Huai tapped on the table and asked after a moment, “If it isn’t removed and I directly transform the implanted chip into something else, the self-destruct program won’t start.”

Aaron wondered, “What are you going to do?”

“Use my ability.” Gu Huai’s words were simple.

HIs fusion period had ended and Gu Huai’s control over his mental power had increased significantly. if he was given another test machine now, Gu Huai could arbitrarily control the value of his test results.

This precision meant Gu Huai was able to probe his mental power into the soldier’s head without hurting his body, wrapped around the chip and use his ability in a flash. Gu Huai hadn’t used the ‘equivalent exchange’ ability in a long time.

On the abandoned planet, Gu Huai used this ability to solve the dilemma of being born with no clothes as well as to make umbrellas to protect the Tak Zerg from the rain. Then after being picked up by Alves and returning to Tuser, Gu Huai didn’t have the opportunity to use this ability again. It was because the Zerg gave him everything he wanted.

The Star Alliance agreed to let Gu Huai do this so he went to the prison again. This time, he went directly into the compartment. The modified soldier who tried to attack him was suppressed by Alves.

Gu Huai blinked lightly and the black eyes that were originally round pupils switched to the golden vertical pupils. Then he reached out a hand and rested his fingers on the soldier’s forehead. Gu Huai started to explore with his mental strength. If the accuracy of his mental force control was slightly inadequate, it wouldn’t be the chip that was scrapped but the soldier’s brain.

However, obviously Gu Huai wouldn’t fail. When it came to the application of spiritual force, there was no one in the universe who could match him. Gu Huai accurately found his target and once his mental strength wrapped around it, Gu Huai launched his ability.

He replaced this chip with another object of the same size. Once Gu Huai recovered his mental power, the eyes of the soldier suppressed by Alves obviously changed and he looked terrified at his current situation.

“The surgery to remove that thing should be completely fine,” Gu Huai stated as he looked at the other person.

He had just finished speaking when Gu Huai felt a slight sense of dizziness. It was unknown why. The fusion period had passed and Gu Huai might be more proficient with his ability but every use of his ability made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

Since the previous time when he fainted from severe pain, Gu Huai still felt some slight pain despite his body getting better. He just didn’t mention it because the medical team couldn’t detect anything. It wasn’t painful or itchy so it wasn’t serious enough to cause the Zerg to worry about him.

The moment Gu Huai was uncomfortable, Alves immediately went to hold him and his handsome face showed a bit of heaviness. Gu Huai leaned into Alves’ arms and after a short while, he was much better. He raised his eyes to see the big cat’s expression and coughed. “It’s nothing, don’t worry.”

Alves’ reaction was to lower his eyes. Gu Huai saw this and had to kiss the other person. This was a much more effective coaxing method than words and Alves slightly relaxed.

‘This big cat is still good at being coaxed,’ Gu Huai thought.

The Star Alliance was responsible for the surgery. Since Gu Huai brought them such a breakthrough, the Star Alliance owed the Zerg.

“Once the soldier is awake, he should be able to tell us many things.” After saying this, the Star Alliance’s senior members expressed their gratitude to Gu Huai.

“It’s nothing.” Gu Huai smiled calmly. “This is cooperation in the face of a common enemy.”

The modified soldier went through the surgery and was questioned in detail by the Star Alliance once he woke up. He was in a sober state as he voluntary provided his memories to the Star Alliance.

Through these memory images, the Star Alliance had a clear grasp of Gavin’s plans and whereabouts for the first time.

For Gavin, the modified soldiers with the control chip implanted were much easier to control than the original Grey Tower soldiers. Gavin had established a complete stronghold in a grey area beyond the control of the Star Alliance.

For the Star Alliance who had been chasing Gavin for many years and almost had their headquarters blown up with the Meteorite he designed, their first instinct was naturally to strike at the other person.

The grey area should also be cleared up. The senior members of the Star Alliance unanimously decided on this resolution. It was a matter of ending this person’s base. Since it was called cooperation, the Zerg would work together with the Star Alliance this time.

The two armies completely surrounded Gavin’s stronghold with a terrible number of warships. This stronghold occupied an entire planet but it wasn’t worth mentioning against the joint army of the Star Alliance and Zerg.

Gavin was on this planet.

The modified soldiers controlled by the chips were actually innocent but in this war, casualties were inevitable. The Star Alliance could only adopt a combat plan that minimized the number of casualties. The soldiers who survived would be removed from Gavin’s control by Gu Huai.

It was originally planned this way but after actually reaching the stronghold and facing the enemy warships controlled by these transformed soldiers, Gu Huai told the Star Alliance that there was no need to attack.

Then Gu Huai did something difficult even for him. Gu Huai divided his mental strength into countless parts and explored the control chips that existed in the brains of these modified soldiers.

Gu Huai’s spiritual link could accurately find each Zerg because it was his natural ability. However, for people other than the Zerg, it was too difficult for his spiritual power to find the target accurately when they weren’t face to face.

This type of thing was impossible for others.

Gu Huai was now searching for targets based on the life response. It was difficult to lock onto all targets in a very short time but he still did it. Then it was even more difficult to wrap his strength around every control chip and launch his ability.

At this time, Gu Huai’s eyes were comparable to the sun. The next moment, these golden eyes burned like the hot sun, consuming everything that Gu Huai thought needed to be cleared.

“It is okay now.” Gu Huai took back his mental strength and declared.

The Star Alliance members who received Gu Huai’s words were all in a daze and were shocked. This person didn’t need to be face-to-face to launch his ability and resolved the problem of an entire army at once.

What level of horrific mental power could do this? This was no longer a matter of ability to the Star Alliance personnel, it was a complete miracle…!

Utilizing this much strength and completing such a difficult move wasn’t a small burden for Gu Huai. The moment his ability stopped, Gu Huai’s eyes returned to black and his complexion was a little paler. Gu Huai felt a long-lost sense of drowsiness.

“Your Majesty!” Gu Huai’s condition was too obvious that the Zerg on the warship noticed instantly.

Gu Huai was carried into the rest cabin by Alves. Originally, there was no such facility on the Yula warship because the Zerg soldiers had very little need for sleep. Such a room was added only because of Gu Huai.

The control chips for the modified soldiers had been removed. In this way, there was basically no suspense in the battle. Their only enemy should be Gavin. As long as they went to the planet to capture this person, this operation could be ended.

Of course, the Star Alliance and the Zerg were very cautious and sent a considerable number of ground troops.

In Gu Huai’s warship, the Zerg were full of anger. This man named Gavin tried to hurt their king and made him do such a hard thing. This crime was enough for them to tear apart the other person several times.

Gu Huai was definitely going to rest in the warship so the Zerg split in two, one to land on the planet and one to stay on the warship. Alves couldn’t leave Gu Huai’s side and Aiyi also didn’t hesitate in making a decision.

“I’ll stay too.” Aiyi was succinct. It might be safe but Aiyi was still afraid to leave Gu Huai’s side.

Simodo and Capalia made different choices. In their view, the warship was absolutely safe. This Yula warship was protected by so many ships and the two other army leaders were left on the warship.

Simido didn’t hide his anger and although Capalia’s expression was as cold as usual, they could see dissatisfaction in her eyes. Both of them wanted to twist off the head of the man called Gavin.

The ground forces of the Star Alliance and the Zerg landed on the planet. Once they found their target, the young man in the white coat smiled at them. As Aaron said, Gavin had completely changed his appearance and looked different from the past.

This place was a huge research room or a control room for some type of device. Gavin was standing in front of the starting gate of this huge device when he was found by the ground troops.

“Thank you for coming to me but my goal hasn’t changed from the beginning.” The people who just arrived couldn’t stop him as Gavin pressed the start button while speaking. It only took a few seconds for a black hole to appear behind Gavin and suck in him.

His goal from the beginning…

Watching this person disappear, Capalia thought about his words and had a bad feeling in her heart. “His Majesty—”

In the warship protected by many other warships, Gu Huai was exhausted from using his ability and slept. All Zerg, including Alves, stayed outside the room in order to leave an absolutely quiet resting environment for him.

Once Gavin started the device, an identical black hole opened next to Gu Huai.

Regarding this matter, the Zerg were too late to respond because no one imagined that someone could lock onto Gu Huai from such a distant location. In addition, the opening and closing of this black hole took less than a second.

Even Alves was too late by the time he perceived the energy fluctuations in the room. There was only one exception.

“Your Majesty—!”

His few seconds of foresight allowed Aiyi to reach Gu Huai’s side earlier than anyone else. Aiyi grabbed Gu Huai and was pulled by an irresistible suction. Both of them were sucked into the black hole and disappeared from this room.

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