INH: Chapter 75

The overall development of the race was on the right track. Thanks to the work of the four army leaders, the chief of staff and other senior Zerg, there actually weren’t many things for the Zerg race to worry about. Ordinary documents would be handled directly by the army leaders. Gu Huai only needed to review a relatively small number of important documents.

There were more and more tourists coming to Tuser. In the short term, Tuser had become the most popular travel planet which was something Gu Huai had never expected. Due to the curiosity of the masses, once the first person came to Tuser and went home safe and sound, people of all races seemed to take Tuser as a memorable event.

Many tourists would post their impression of coming to the Zerg capital and the Zerg’s reputation among the stars was becoming more and more ‘friendly.’ Now even if the Zerg didn’t take the initiative, there would be other races who reached out to sign an alliance contract with the Zerg race. The Zerg were basically people who didn’t refuse. Even for the weak races, as long as the other party showed some sincerity, the Zerg was willing to establish diplomacy.

This winter, Gu Huai was still in the mansion’s courtyard making snowmen with the Tak Zerg, something he had promised last year. Gu Huai had said that when it snowed next year on Tuser, he would pile up the same snowmen. Gu Huai naturally remembered this matter and couldn’t break his promise.

It was just that there were more snowmen than last year because once some Zerg soldiers knew about Gu Huai building snowmen in the courtyard, they spontaneously made their own snowmen next to the big snowmen surrounding the little snowman.

The little snowman surrounded by many snowmen was very prominent. Since its body size was obviously much smaller, it could be seen at a glance. The little snowman was made by the Tak Zerg. Since Gu Huai was still a baby in their eyes, this year the Tak Zerg made a small snowman to represent Gu Huai. The snowman was small and needed more protection, or so the Zerg soldiers thought. The snowman represented Gu Huai and putting their own snowmen next to it meant staying by their king’s side. This idea pleased the Zerg soldiers.

“Shall I pile one for you too?” Gu Huai looked at the four army leaders standing in front of him and asked.

The other Zerg who frequented the mansion had already made their snowmen but there were no snowmen of the four alpha Zerg. The four alpha Zerg didn’t speak but they all stared straight at Gu Huai.

Gu Huai thought that this must be some type of restraint in the alpha class Zerg, otherwise how could they all have an expression of ‘wanting’ while not talking. Gu Huai blinked. “Then I will pile them up for you.”

Gu Huai went to an empty space and made four normal-sized snowmen. The snowmen’s eyes were still laid with precious gems. Gu Huai pointed to the four snowmen in turn and stated, “This is Alves, this is Capalia, the third is Simodo and finally this is Aiyi.”

The lightest gemstone was inlaid on the face of the fourth snowman. Gu Huai pointed to the snowman’s eyes and asked Aiyi, “Isn’t it quite similar?”

Aiyi saw the two light gold gemstones on the snowman’s face and a very light smile appeared on the cold and quiet face. “Yes, this subordinate feels that it is very similar.”

Once these four snowmen were piked up, the courtyard space filled with snowmen felt complete. Taking into account the restraint of the four alpha Zerg, Gu Huai took the initiative to say, “If you like, I will give it to you next year. You can terat it as a gift.”

Simodo reacted the fastest and nodded honestly at Gu Huai. “Simodo likes the snowman.”

To be precise, he liked the snowman piled up by Gu Huai. Alves’ response was to circle Gu Huai with his tail. Gu Huai was caught by this big cat and saw Capalia nodding at him.

“Next year, this subordinate will pile it with you if you allow it.” Aiyi opened his mouth.

Gu Huai found Aiyi’s words a bit unexpected. He raised his eyes and quickly nodded. “Of course.”

After getting the desired answer, Aiyi’s gaze on Gu Huai became softer. Gu Huai said he could make the pile of snowmen a gift and this was a gift that occurred once a year.

“Thank you,” Aiyi whispered.

He didn’t know that such a precious gift could be received several times so Aiyi cherished it. In the courtyard accompanied by a pile of snowmen, Gu Huai spiritually guided the Tak Zerg who followed him as usual.

The use of spiritual guidance to promote the advancement of low-grade Zerg was very slow but it wasn’t without progress. Compared with a year ago, Gu Huai could feel that the Tak Zerg’s understanding of language had improved a lot. Now even if he said complicated things, the Tak Zerg could understand.

First, it would be the development of their intelligence and then the advancement of their body.

In this era, wars were no longer frequent. Previously, it was because the time from birth to death was too short that the low-grade Zerg didn’t have time to evolve. As long as there was enough time, Gu Huai was confident that the low-grade Zerg would one day be able to reach a humanoid form.

Along with the development of the Zerg in diplomacy, Gu Huai was asked a question in a recent interview.

“One last question. Do you have the will to lead the Zerg to join the Star Alliance?” The interviewer tried to test Gu Huai’s attitude.

Gu Huai answered very honestly. “I will wait for the right time.”

The interview wasn’t live. Once the interview video was released, Gu Huai’s answer to joining the Star Alliance caused a discussion on the Star Network. The vast majority of people made positive statements.

[Kaja (Oron Galaxy): It is normal. Even without the interview, you can guess that the Zerg will join the Star Alliance sooner or later.]

[—(Meryl Galaxy): I think this is a good thing. The Zerg joining the Star Alliance means the power of the Star Alliance will be stronger and it will be beneficial to interstellar peace.]

[—(Vakan Galaxy): Everyone thinks so. I hope that this day will come soon. It would be great if the Zerg could scare the star thieves after they join the Star Alliance.]

To be able to see such public opinion, it could be seen that he had been successful in changing the eternal image of the Zerg.

In the face of such public opinion, Gu Huai received an invitation from the Star Alliance. It wasn’t about having the Zerg join the Star Alliance. It was about finding the Zerg to work together to solve one thing. In fact, even without public opinion, the Star Alliance would’ve asked the Zerg for help. It was because this matter involved the genetically modified soldiers.

It wasn’t referring to the Grey Tower soldiers but another group of genetically modified special soldiers. This group of modified soldiers was more difficult for the Star Alliance than the Grey Tower soldiers and they had to seek the help of the Zerg.

In the last incident, the Zerg had the deepest contact with the modified soldiers and collected the Grey Tower with no effort. The Star Alliance believed the best choice was to receive the Zerg’s help.

Gu Huai received the request of the Star Alliance and frowned. “Gavin is still doing such a thing.”

Gu Huai’s expression was a bit cold. He thought of the Grey Tower soldiers and couldn’t forgive Gavin.

Aaron saw Gu Huai frown and the expressions of the other Zerg become cold so he offered his opinion, “The scourge of the last thousand years… Gavin is a typical high-functioning, anti-social personality type.”

Aaron and Gavin were colleagues for a while and he could clearly feel that Gavin was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime genius. However, at the same time, he felt that the other person’s mental state wasn’t normal.

Aaron himself wasn’t the type who liked to have contact with others. Even if he had such a perception at the time, he didn’t dig deeper. His point was vindicated by Gavin’s defection from the Star Alliance and the things he did after the defection.

“He used to make the Grey Tower soldiers to simply destroy interstellar peace. He just didn’t expect that the Zerg genes fused in the soldiers’ bodies would become an accident.” Aaron continued.

This accident was something that no one could imagine because no one could predict Gu Huai’s birth. It was unimaginable that a variable such as the Zerg giving birth to a king would appear.

The Star Alliance’s hunt for Gavin had always been fruitless. The S-grade wanted criminal was active everywhere but the Star Alliance couldn’t capture him. This almost gave the Star Alliance a heart attack.

Gu Huai only considered it for a short time before replying to the Star Alliance that he was willing to help. The modified soldiers were the second thing to deal with. The first problem was capturing Gavin. Otherwise, the troubles wouldn’t stop in the future.

“I don’t think this group of genetically modified soldiers will have the Zerg genes.” Gu Huai honestly told his opinion to the Star Alliance. He had already lost at this point and Gu Huai thought Gavin wouldn’t be stupid enough to make the same mistake a second time.

On the other side of the communication, the top leaders of the Star Alliance were also psychologically prepared, their expressions very heavy.

“We have a prisoner currently stuck in jail. You can send someone to see the soldier and confirm the situation,” the Star Alliance informed them.

Gu Huai shook his head. “For this matter, I have to personally go and confirm it.”

Gu Huai said that he thought this group of modified soldiers wouldn’t have the Zerg genes but he couldn’t completely let go of it until he personally confirmed it. Gu Huai told this to the Star Alliance and he was soon escorted to the Star Alliance’s headquarters by the Zerg fleet. Then he saw the prisoner in prison.

The soldier’s external appearance was still a mix of ethnic characteristics but Gu Huai stood outside the glass compartment and didn’t feel any emotions from the soldier. This showed that the modified soldier didn’t have the Zerg genes. Gu Huai sighed with relief once he confirmed this matter. If he had to talk about the difference between the Grey Tower soldiers and this modified soldier, apart from the absence of the Zerg genes, Gu Huai felt that the modified soldiers’ eyes were duller.

“The modified soldier hasn’t spoken a word since he was captured.” The person in charge of bringing Gu Huai here explained.

He had just finished speaking when the modified soldier locked eyes on Gu Huai and declared, “Target confirmed. Locking on and beginning to attack.”

Aiyi blocked Gu Huai a second before the modified soldier spoke. Alves saw Aiyi’s action and didn’t hesitate to circle Gu Huai with his tail. Then he unfolded his wings to cover Gu Huai. The other Zerg present also showed a protective posture. This was the reflexive action that the Zerg would have.

Of course, this was the Star Alliance’s headquarters. The transparent compartments that made up the Star Alliance’s prison had to be blasted by a warship’s railguns two or three times before it could be smashed. The modified soldier couldn’t penetrate the barrier no matter how he attacked.

The point of this matter was that the Zerg and Star Alliance personnel present all became aware of something. The enemy’s target was likely to be Gu Huai.

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