INH: Chapter 74

After the chirping, the black round cub came in front of the Zerg, his head raised as his golden eyes fixed on the Zerg around him. Seeing the black cub lying on the velvet blanket, the low mood of the Zerg in the room was interrupted in a flash and they stared intently at the cub.

Was the king willing to talk to them? This thought came out first before it was covered by another stronger idea. Was the king’s body well?

“Your Majesty.” The three army leaders, Capalia, Aiyi and Simido, half-knelt down and somewhat nervously observed the black cub’s condition.

Aiyi’s face was full of disapproval. “You have just been ill and need more rest. You shouldn’t go downstairs.”

Despite knowing that Gu Huai’s illness wasn’t serious because he saw the future, he was still worried when Gu Huai was ill.

“Your Majesty…” The chief of staff and other Zerg were worried as they wondered if their proximity would cause Gu Huai to feel displeasure. After perceiving the zig-zag emotions of the surrounding Zerg, the black cub moved his body. He moved closer to the chief of staff kneeling down and took a closer look at the other person.


The chief of staff couldn’t maintain his cold expression as his eyes experienced a violent shock. The surrounding Zerg also received the same important message from the black cub’s actions. Their king was willing to be close to them again.

This discovery instantly cleared up the Zerg’s low and sad emotions. They felt joy again and their pupils lit up in an instant. The Zerg were a race lacking in emotions and calmness and even coldness was an instinctive expression for every Zerg soldier. Their spirits weren’t easily shaken.

However, Gu Huai was different. Gu Huai’s mood and attitude toward them could affect the mood of these Zerg. A strong sense of joy touched the hearts of all the Zerg in the room and they couldn’t wait to get close to Gu Huai.

“Your Majesty, can this subordinate comb your fur?” The chief of staff asked cautiously.

The black cub on the velvet carpet moved the little fluffy tail behind him. “Chirp.”

The chief of staff quickly looked for a small comb in the room and started to comb the cub’s fur more carefully. The black cub kept his golden eyes open as he was unable to move in the process of combing the fur.

It had been snowing early in the morning on Tuser but now the snow had stopped. The outdoor warm sunshine shone into the house through the window and the place where the sunshine fell gave off a warm feeling.

They hoped their king could always be healthy and that he could always treat them with such closeness, so that they would feel very happy. For the Zerg who lived on any planet in the universe, the dizzying happiness came from such a simple thing.

Gu Huai maintained this cub form for a whole day. It wasn’t until the next day that he returned to a humanoid form and explained to the surrounding Zerg about his previous state.

“It won’t be like this again.” Gu Huai sat upright, his attitude very serious. “I am sorry for what I said to you before.”

In his original word, Gu Huai had no family. From childhood to when he grew up, he had been alone. This growth experience made Gu Huai more sensitive to the caring and goodwill of others. Therefore, Gu Huai attached great importance to and cherished his ‘family’ in this world.

As a king, the ability to perceive the emotions of the Zerg made Gu Huai more clearly understand the concern and love the Zerg felt toward him. These feelings were purely strong. Once Gu Huai received them, he naturally wanted to respond.

“You don’t have anything to apologize for,” Capalia told Gu Huai. On the face of this traditionally cold-looking female Zerg, a tiny arc appeared at the corner of his mouth. This might be hard to count as a smile but this was the result of Capalia’s hard work.

Gu Huai faced this difficult to detect smile and subconsciously blinked.

“Yes… is it difficult to see this expression?” Capalia was reserved. “Aaron says it is better to use this expression for those I value.”

The other races knew more about emotions than the Zerg so Capalia listened to Aaron’s words.

“No, Luna smiles very well.” Gu Huai shook his head quickly.

Once Gu Huai said so, Capalia’s expression brightened. Faced with direct compliments like this, the female Zerg might be colder than the females of other races but they weren’t without shy emotions.

At this time, next to Gu Huai, a Tak Zerg was trying to use its forearm to clamp onto a small round comb on the table. The process didn’t go well and in the attempt, the round comb fell to the ground.

However, the Tak Zerg didn’t give up. It bowed its head and went on to make the next attempt. After carefully controlling its strength, the Tak Zerg finally managed to use its ‘hand’ to clamp onto the small comb.

“Hiss…” The huge Tak Zerg stared at the round comb it was holding with scarlet pupils and let out a hissing sound. The other Tak Zerg looked a bit restless and seemed to want to do the same.

“Comb here.” Sitting on the sofa, Gu Huai patted the sharp forearm in front of him, that was no different from a sharp weapon to the TAk, and smiled as he pointed to his hair.

The low-grade Zerg were originally born purely for war. These Tak Zerg in the living room basically didn’t understand anything except for fighting initially. This changed since they guarded Gu Huai once he was born. They learned how to take care of the cub and how to make him happy.

After Gu Huai pointed to his hair, the Tak Zerg held the small comb with its forearm and took special care in combing Gu Huai’s soft, black hair. It smoothly combed Gu Huai’s hair and the Tak Zerg’s scarlet pupils shrank slightly as it continued to make a lower hissing sound.

Alves sat next to Gu Huai’s body with his tail around Gu Huai and the three army leaders present completely had no objections to this scene. Staying by Gu Huai’s side, Alves didn’t get out of control again. In addition, Alves’ behaviour was allowed by Gu Huai. It was Gu Huai’s will. Once they confirmed that Alves was no danger to Gu Huai, the army leaders unconditionally obeyed Gu Huai’s will.

Gu Huai’s hair was being combed while he thought about the ongoing Tuser soil improvement project. He cocked his head slightly and asked Simodo standing near him, “Tuser should have many flowers planted in the future. Simodo, do you like flowers?”

The fourth army leader was almost as large as the Tak Zerg and had a face that looked very vicious, but he was a bit dull in front of Gu Huai. Simodo rarely volunteered his opinions so Gu Huai gradually learned to ask him questions.

“Yes, if Your Majesty likes flowers then this subordinate also likes them.” Simodo thought for a second before giving the answer according to his thoughts.

Gu Huai heard the words and scratched his cheeks. “If we can plant flowers on Tuser, the planet will definitely become more beautiful. Of course, I think Tuser is very good now but planting flowers can give the planet more colours.”

“I wish I could see it with you.” Gu Huai was in a good mood and his eyes curved.

At this point, Gu Huai glanced at Aiyi. “Yes, in Aiyi’s prediction dream, what type of future did you see? Did you see Tuser? Was it full of flowers?”

Gu Huai had used his cub form all of yesterday and heard a Zerg mention Aiyi’s premonition. Now he thought to ask about it. Gu Huai asked about this matter and all the Zerg in the room were also concerned with it. They should’ve asked about this earlier than Gu Huai but Gu Huai had been sick when Aiyi brought it up. Their worry about Gu Huai didn’t give them room to care about other things.

Aiyi gazed at Gu Huai with very light golden vertical pupils. He stopped his ability to predict the future as Aiyi watched the existence and reality of Gu Huai itself.

Aiyi felt as quiet as water to Gu Huai. The two grey patterns on Aiyi’s face gave him a bit of a mysterious feeling. Among all the Zerg, Aiyi was probably the one most able to interpret the feeling of ‘gentleness.’ His eyes on Gu Huai were extremely quiet but at the same time, they were soft. This was what could be called a gentle gaze.

“This subordinate wants to comb your hair as well. Can I?” In a rare action, Aiyi didn’t answer Gu Huai’s question and instead asked one.

Gu Huai blinked at the unexpected words before nodding in response. “Yes.”

Once Gu Huai promised, the Tak Zerg stopped combing his hair and Aiyi took the small comb. He lowered his eyes and carefully combed the black hair that Gu Huai no longer needed combed.

Then Aiyi spoke in a low voice, “This subordinate saw… Tuser has many flowers that you like. You are glad to see it. The future Tuser Star will be what you want it to be.”

“That’s great.” Gu Huai heard this and lit up a bit. Gu Huai knew that the Zerg had made many efforts to improve the soil of Tuser. Not only did they recruit soil experts from other races but many Zerg on Tuser spontaneously started to study it. These efforts were sure to have a good result. Gu Huai was certainly happy.

“Did I take you to see the flowers with me?” Gu Huai asked with interest. Gu Huai felt that once Tuser was full of flowers, he would definitely do this.

Aiyi’s eyes were slightly taken aback and after around two seconds, he responded slowly. “Yes.”

In fact, Aiyi didn’t see anything about the future of Tuser. The future he saw in the dream was probably the time before Tuser was full of flowers. Despite not seeing it, Aiyi believed that with the efforts of the Zerg and enough time, Tuser Star would certainly become what Gu Huai expected.

“Hopefully, this future will arrive early. I’d like to show you the flowers that bloom on Tuser Star early.” Gu Huai’s words were filled with a promise.

Aiyi smiled and replied, “This subordinate wants that as well.”

If this was the future then he could see it.

Aiyi occasionally had an idea that humans called ‘greedy.’ Like today, Gu Huai was alive and willing to be close for their happiness. All Zerg would hope that this would continue. However, ‘no change’ was a lot more difficult than ‘change’. In order to maintain this, Aiyi was willing to pay anything.

Therefore, even though he knew through his prediction dream that he couldn’t see this future with his own eyes, Aiyi still said he was looking forward to the future to come.

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✨ Noé ✨
1 year ago

So Aiyi es going to die?? Whaaat, whyyyy. The author is leaving so many clues saying that the future is going to be tough but I’m reluctant to believe it hahaha I’m hoping Huai can change that ;-;

1 year ago

I do not like this foreshadowing!