INH: Chapter 73

‘I’m not, I didn’t, I didn’t do those things.’ Gu Huai was stuck as he repeated these words in his heart.

It was reasonable. What he did under the influence of his racial nature had nothing to do with his normal state…?! Gu Huai thought so but he couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty when he met Alves’ eyes.

Fine… it had some relationship with him. After all, these actions were done with his body and the words were spoken from his mouth. It was hard to calculate… If he had to insist, it was really something he had done. He couldn’t even convince himself. Gu Huai closed his eyes and wished he could sleep a bit longer.

Why couldn’t he wake up well? Why did he wake up when Alves was right next to him? Gu Huai felt that he wasn’t ready to face the crematorium immediately. There was no way…

Otherwise, he could pretend he hadn’t recovered in order to gain time to think about what he should do. Gu Huai thought this method was good but as he was preparing to implement it, he suddenly got stuck at the beginning.

How could he put on a cold expression? He had no experience with deliberately putting on a cold face. Gu Huai’s face was slightly stiff and he didn’t know how to adjust his expression.

Gu Huai’s inner play was fluctuating up and down. Then he found that Alves discovered he woke up and didn’t give him much time to think. Alves first tested the temperature of Gu Huai’s forehead with his hand. He confirmed that the body temperature was back to normal and took his hand back, watching Gu Huai quietly.

Alves didn’t take the initiative to speak. He watched Gu Huai while the silver-grey tail, which he had placed on his partner when Gu Huai was sleeping, was ready to move back behind him. It was because Gu Huai previously told Alves not to touch him.

Gu Huai saw the tail about to be removed from his body and then saw Alves’ slightly pouting expression. He suddenly felt a bit rattled in his heart. You know, before Alves wouldn’t remove his tail when Gu Huai woke up. Instead, he would always wait for Gu Huai to sit up and then encircle his body.

This crematorium was a bit too much.

Gu Huai’s mouth twitched and he didn’t have time to think too much. He subconsciously clung to the tail that was going to be removed. Gu Huai hugged it and Alves’ pupils slightly shrunk. “Ah Huai.”

Gu Huai was called in a low voice and he didn’t immediately look at Alves. Instead, his eyes shifted to another place because of his guilty mood. He first touched the silver-grey tail he head, the coaxing meaning obvious.

However, he still had to face this person. Gu Huai sat up in bed and looked at Alves. “Yesterday… what I said to you wasn’t intentional.”

Once the words were finished, before Alves had reacted, Gu Huai first felt that his sentence wasn’t appropriate. Wait—

He said it wasn’t intentional but if he could say such cold and hurtful things unintentionally, it meant that he didn’t care about Alves.

“I didn’t want to say that to you. I did it because…” Gu Huai organized his language. “It is because I was influenced.”

It wasn’t easy to explain the influence of the integration period and racial nature on him. Gu Huai looked at the reaction of the big cat in front of him. Alves lowered his eyes but didn’t speak. He didn’t speak because he was unhappy. It was because he felt that not speaking could be exchanged for Gu Huai’s initiative. This was one thing Alves instinctively learned in the process of getting along with Gu Huai.

The big cat looked like a waiting man. Gu Huai saw this and carefully stroked the silver-grey tail he was holding. Then he took the initiative to place the tail around his own body.

Was this okay?

Gu Huai took this step and observed Alves’ reaction. He found that the end of the big cat’s tail moved after it was stroked but the face was still aloof, making it hard to see this person’s real reaction. It didn’t seem to work well…

Gu Huai looked into Alves’ eyes. After two seconds, he turned his face and coughed. Then Gu Huai turned his head back, bullying himself as he slightly kissed Alves’ lips. Alves’ lips were light. Due to the Zerg’s low body temperature, Gu Huai felt a cool touch the moment his lips touched it.

If there was a lip shape that Gu Huai thought was suitable for kissing, it probably belonged to Alves. His lips were beautiful and it was probably due to Alves’ personality that even such an intimate thing like kissing always felt like abstinence.

Gu Huai didn’t just kiss on the surface this time. He went to give his lover a complete kiss but the moment he reached Alves’ lips, he was immediately held behind the neck by the other person. Gu Huai was deeply kissed, his tongue intertwined with the other. The corner of his eyes was slightly red as he forgot to breathe.

By the time Gu Huai reacted, he had been pushed to the bed by Alves. However, Gu Huai had just been sick. Even if Alves had a reaction, he wouldn’t do anything to Gu Huai at this time. Gu Huai also felt the reaction of Alves’ body. His cheek suddenly became red like his fever hadn’t subsided. At the same time, he saw the restraint in Alves’ cold expression.

“Change the time and then it will be… okay.” Once he saw the last word, Gu Huai almost bit his tongue.

Alves moved his tail subconsciously at the words and his golden vertical pupils stared at Gu Huai below him. Alves didn’t miss Gu Huai’s words and asked, “Then we can mate?”

He wanted to hear Gu Huai take the initiative to nod and agree. Gu Huai glanced at Alves’ expression and closed his eyes as he thought about coaxing the big cat.

“…En.” Gu Huai basically signed a blank check.

“Any time after that?” Alves pushed further.

Gu Huai wanted to go into his shell but in front of the silver cat’s continued gaze, Gu Huai finally nodded silently. “So the things I said to you yesterday, you…”

Gu Huai still couldn’t rest assured about this. he felt that he needed an accurate response. Yet before he finished speaking, Alves declared, “Not unhappy.”

This should be coaxed. Gu Huai was thinking this when he saw Alves take the initiative to move away, his tail also moving away. For Alves, the most sensitive part of his body except for his silver wings was his body. It was because both existed entirely as weapons of battle. In order to stop his body from reacting, his tail couldn’t touch Gu Huai.

Gu Huai reacted a second later. He realized why Alves completely wasn’t touching him and blink.

The two people in the room stared at each other. In this atmosphere, Gu Huai saw Alves suppressing an impulse with his cold expression and couldn’t help saying, “Apart from mating, there are other methods…”

The moment it escaped, Gu Huai wanted to close his eyes but Alves was now staring at him. Gu Huai met the big cat’s eyes with much difficult? Why did he say this? The result of the sentence was that after nearly an hour, Gu Huai almost couldn’t feel his hand. If he could go back in time then Gu Huai would control his ridiculous mouth.

Although there was no actual possession, Alves looked down at Gu Huai’s hand and his desire for possession was satisfied.

Was it nice to coax the big cat? It was worth it, of course.

Then thinking about it, wasn’t there a group of parents he needed to apologize to and appease? Gu Huai looked blank as he felt sad about his situation. He had just finished one crematorium and had to face another. Gu Huai really didn’t know how he could face it.

Gu Huai might have memories of what he did yesterday but it was due to his racial nature. Thus, Gu Huai had a sense of unreality after returning to normal. How could he say that to his own Zerg? If he was in a normal state then he would never say it.

Due to this unreal feeling, it was clearly something he did but Gu Huai had the sensation of suddenly waking up and carrying the pot. (TL: Carrying the blame)

Look at this pot, it was big and round…

The uneasy Gu Huai decided to use his mental power to sense the emotions of his Zerg first, so he could do a psychological preparation.

The first floor hall of the mansion.

“His Majesty has woken up. The medical team said that His Majesty will be able to get rid of the fever after taking the medicine and having a good night’s sleep. I don’t know if he will be better today…”

“I’d like to go up and see but if we go into the room, the king won’t be happy.”

“Then shall we stand outside the door and listen to the movements inside the room? If we just listen and don’t go in, the king shouldn’t be unhappy.”

The Zerg in the hall were afraid to go upstairs. They all wanted to See Gu Huai and accompany him 24 hours a day if they could. The king was sick. Whether it was work or anything else, there was no reason that could stop them from staying with him. However, the king didn’t allow them to stay next to him…

Once they thought about it, the mood of the Zergs in the mansion became low.

Gu Huai had expanded his range and perceived this emotion.

Gu Huai, “…”

The pot was now on his back and he had to carry it.

How to recover from this situation? Gu Huai thought about it for a long time before finally finding a way. He didn’t know if this method would work but he would try it.

In the first floor hall, the Zerg were finally overcome by their inner worries. No matter what, they must go up to see if their king’s body was better. Once they decided, the Zerg gathered in the hall around the chief of staff and prepared to go upstairs.

However, it was at this point that a black creature heading down the stairs caught the attention of all the Zerg in the hall. The black plush creature clearly approached the Zerg. Almost as soon as they reached, the black cub raised his head and showed them golden eyes that were like a glass ball.

“Chirp… chirp chirp!”

Looking at the Zerg, the black cub made a few soft sounds.

The author has something to say:

Cool Bao: Slipped away.

Huaibao who suddenly received the pot (attempting to muddle through): Chirp~ chirp chirp!

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Gu Huai you’re such a softy 😂

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wow.. use the cub form to make everyone happy ^-^