INH: Chapter 72

Gu Huai placed the glass ball he picked up onto the bed. He watched the glass ball and the corners of his mouth subconsciously curved slightly.

Gu Huai’s mood was a bit chaotic, like there were two contrasting colours in his heart that wanted to overwhelm each other. There was just no way to do this so they could only continue to produce friction.

The Zerg genes had suddenly become prominent during the ability fusion period. This not only caused the indifferent nature carved in the Zerg genes to appear in Gu Huai, this nature was magnified several times due to the unique situation. The indifferent nature suppressed emotions so Gu Huai’s attitude toward the Zerg changed dramatically.

It wasn’t Gu Huai’s original intention to treat the Zerg who loved himself with such indifference. Once he saw the Zerg around him looking low because of his attitude, the barrier that suppressed Gu Huai’s inner emotions was struck, making a clear sound.

After putting down the glass ball, Gu Huai subconsciously glanced up at the flower on his window sill. He took one look before retracting his gaze.

In the face of the suddenly cold king, the Zerg were clearly emitting a low-pressure state.

“Does His Majesty hate us?” A Zerg soldier suddenly opened his mouth in the silence.

Before someone could answer, another Zerg soldier wondered, “Is it because we haven’t done well recently and made the king unhappy that he ignored us?”

“His Majesty isn’t feeling well these days and we weren’t careful enough. It is normal for His Majesty to be un.”

The Zerg were looking for their own reasons and assumed a variety of situations. If there was a reason then they could at least correct it. They hoped that when they changed it, Gu Huai would treat them as before.

In fact, in the beginning, the Zerg had thought Gu Huai’s gentle treatment was a bit strange. They were also surprised that their king would be so gentle and not cold. That in itself was an incredible thing. After experiencing this gentleness and then letting them face Gu Huai’s coldness, they couldn’t stand it.

The Zerg had encountered a big racial problem. Their king was suddenly indifferent to them. The chief of staff and others even went to consult the two humans who were still connected to them.

Shen Mu and Hammer were stunned by the question. Then seeing the Zerg on the other side of the communication image waiting for their answer, the two human officers immediately felt the pressure.

If the Zerg’s question was shifted to their race, it almost sounded like—

What is the reason why the child of the family suddenly doesn’t want to get close to his parents? For this problem, the human Shen Mu and Hammer first reaction was: Re… rebellious period?

Did the Zerg have a rebellious period when growing up? The two humans doubted this.

“It shouldn’t last long. First of all, His Majesty can’t hate you.” Hammer confirmed.

To be honest, Hammer had a hard time imagining what the Zerg were telling him now. Gu Huai becoming indifferent was completely different from the image Hammer had in his mind. It was even less likely that he hated the Zerg.

“As long as you stay close, His Majesty definitely won’t be able to stand it.” Hammer started to give the Zerg ideas on the other side of the communicator. “If His Majesty ignores you, act out a sad performance. It must be a sadness that shows 100 points, the more exaggerated the better.”

The Zerg thought that they didn’t need to act because they really were sad. The human’s answer didn’t give the Zerg much comfort but they expressed their gratitude.

During dinner, Gu Huai ate coldly and ignored the eyes of the surrounding Zerg.

“Your Majesty, do you like the food tonight?” The chief of staff stood beside him and asked carefully.

Gu Huai didn’t want to speak but at this time, the gazes of the surrounding Zerg became more intense. Gu Huai was silent for a long time before finally making a very light, “En.”

Gu Huai’s response gave the surrounding Zerg great encouragement. Their king wasn’t willing to ignore them. They were happy, even if the response was cold. Then they thought about how Gu Huai told them not to look at him and they soon lowered their eyes. They had just lowered their eyes when the Zerg thought about the advice the two humans gave them. Thus, the Zerg once again gathered their courage to look at Gu Huai.

Gu Huai, “…”

Previously, Gu Huai told them not to look at him but now that the surrounding Zerg were staring at him, he didn’t say anything despite his cold expression.

Gu Huai’s state of indifference had changed. It was at the highest peak during the beginning and gradually decreased with time. This was a natural process that occurred during the integration period.

“In recent days, there have been occasional star pirates aiming at our remote stars. The star thieves probably see the remote location of the planet and think that we have limited jurisdiction over these stars, so they dare to do so. This subordinate has dispatched troops and the problem can be quickly resolved without any incidents.” The chief of staff reported to Gu Huai on government affairs.

The most remote star field.

Gu Huai heard the words and his eyes suddenly cooled. “There should be a few low-grade Zerg living on this planet.”

The Zerg had too many planets and not all planets could be highly developed, especially in remote areas.

“Yes,” the chief of staff bowed his head in response.

Gu Huai was expressionless but stopped eating. He easily locked onto the light spots in his spiritual field that represented the low-grade Zerg on the most remote star. He used this to confirm the position of the remote star and then through the spiritual consciousness of a low-grade Zerg on this planet, Gu Huai saw the star pirates’ battleship that just appeared on the planet.

This group of star pirates wasn’t powerful. The reason they dared to touch a Zerg planet was simply because the planet was too remote.

“Boss, I think we should change planets and not provoke the Zerg… we’ve been to this planet a few times and it is really time to change.” A small star pirate suggested.

“What are you afraid of?” The leader glanced at him. “There are only some low-grade Zerg on this planet and we have warships. There is no need to be afraid. Besides, this planet is so remote that we can run before the troops from other Zerg planets coming running over.”

“Besides, how can the Zerg troops reach here so quickly…” The leader hadn’t finished the sentence when the communication screen was suddenly forcibly turned on, making his voice become stuck in his throat.

The one who appeared in the video was a young, black-haired man with cold vertical pupils.

“Leave the planet now or accept the Zerg’s handling of you later.” Gu Huai stared at the leader of the star pirates. ”The Lofin Star Pirates group.”

The black-haired youth didn’t use a threatening tone but the leader of the star pirates felt a real sense of oppression from the cold, golden gaze. Looking at these eyes, the leader’s body subconsciously froze and he started sweating.

Gu Huai continued, “You have a minute to leave.”

It was just an order through a communication device but it made people not dare to fight. The leader of the star pirates gulped as he felt a strong sense of fear envelop him. Then he ordered his subordinates to evacuate. After confirming the results, Gu Huai terminated the communication.

Gu Huai’s move brightened the eyes of the Zerg around him.

The king did this to protect the low-grade Zerg living on remote planets…

The king’s attitude toward the leader of the star pirates was truly cold. Compared to this, he wasn’t cold to the Zerg. The king was still gentler to them.

After coming to this conclusion, the Zerg around Gu Huai suddenly felt better. Still, it would be best if the king could be as gentle as before and smile at them all the time…

For the Zerg, no matter the changes in Gu Huai, they would still love Gu Huai. It was because Gu Huai had given them more that they cherished it very much and didn’t want to lose it.

Gu Huai didn’t initially feel anything when he used his ability during this integration period but that night, he developed symptoms of a fever.

“Your Majesty…!” The Zerg anxiously moved around the room. The king’s body wasn’t well these days, making all the Zerg anxious. A fever had never been seen in the Zerg race. Generally, diseases couldn’t infect a Zerg’s body but Gu Huai was the exception.

Gu Huai was burning up and could only accept it in a dazed manner when Alves wrapped a tail around his body and fed him medicine.

It turned out that the cold nature was no match for the illness. Gu Huai’s body was very hot. A Zerg’s body temperature was very low so when Alves held him, he started to rely on Alves in his dazed state.

After taking the medicine, Gu Huai soon fell asleep. The medicine’s effect was exerted during his sleep and his excessively high body temperature gradually decreased, returning to normal levels before he woke up.

Gu Huai woke up and opened his eyes. His eyes were now black and reflected the ceiling. After waking up, Gu Huai had a moment when his expression was dull. Then he couldn’t help reaching out to cover his eyes.

The eyes had returned to their ordinary black state because the integration period was over and Gu Huai was no longer overly affected by his racial instincts. A fever was the last physical abnormality caused by the fusion period. The passage of time had completed the ability integration but that wasn’t the focus right now.

The point was that Gu Huai remembered that during the period when he was affected by his racial nature, he said something hurtful to the surrounding Zerg. Then he remembered the sad expressions they showed to him.

What to do, what to do, what to do…?!!

This question was circulating in his heart. At this time, Gu Huai still had the silver-grey tail wrapped around his body and he turned to meet Alves’ eyes. Then he couldn’t help freezing on the spot. He seemed to have said too much to this big cat…

Be callous for a period of time and after that would be the crematorium.

Gu Huai suddenly understood the true meaning of this sentence.

The author has something to say:

Cool Bao (cool): You can’t look at me.

Zerg (wronged expression): ……

Afterwards, Huaibao paid the price.

Huaibao (foolish expression): I’m not, I didn’t…

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✨ Noé ✨
1 year ago

So funny. Now let’s see if the author writes about Huai’s mid-life crisis lol

1 year ago

Gladly that about cold attitude didn’t take long and not permanent ..
Otherwise all Zerg will be very sad ..