INH: Chapter 71

The expressions of the Zerg leaving the room were tenser than ever. Although they were expressionless as usual, the tenseness of their faces seemed to reveal a low mood. Their king didn’t let them enter the room and refused to let them take care of him, asking them to leave. The king didn’t allow them to look at him.

Gu Huai’s indifferent attitude made the Zerg feel a type of emotion they were unfamiliar with. It was just like when they learned Gu Huai was born on an abandoned planet. Their hearts were heavy. It felt like there was a heavy load pressing down on their hearts, making them feel sad.

After leaving the room, they didn’t know where to go. The Zerg outside the room had a blank mind for a few seconds until the chief of staff said, “First, go and prepare the evening meal for His Majesty.”

The chief of staff said so and the top executives of Tuser had their senses return. Yes, the king’s nutritional meal wasn’t ready tonight. The king wasn’t feeling well and they shouldn’t placed more thought onto the food.

The king should be speaking to them indifferently because of his physical discomfort. Then they would prepare nutritional food to make the king’s body better and the king would smile at them like before.

Alves, who had also been persuaded to rest, returned to the mansion after an hour, clearly aiming at Gu Huai’s room. In the room, Gu Huai was still standing by the window. Although he was looking out the window, his eyes didn’t seem to reflect the scene outside.

The temperature of the golden vertical pupils were extremely cold. These eyes were originally bright and warm like the sun, giving people a feeling of excessive beauty. Now these eyes were as calm as a pool of water. The colour was clearly bright but there was also a cold feeling.

Alves noticed that Gu Huai’s eyes were golden but he still followed his initial idea.

“Flower.” Alves held the flower very lightly and extended it toward Gu Huai.

Since discovering that the flower placed on the window sill of Gu Huai’s room was close to withering, Alves was persuaded to leave the room. He went to Noam Star in the next galaxy to pick a new flower.

It was a move Alves had done many times before and could be regarded as the default agreement between him and Gu Huai. Generally speaking, Alves would bring back an Eleanor flower except when Gu Huai made a special request.

“You said you wanted yellow and I saw this only on Noam Star.” Alves looked at Gu Huai, waiting for Gu Huai to take the flower.

The flower in Alves’ hand was small and looked a bit like a butterfly. It was called a Philae flower. It was just that in the seconds that Alves held out the flower, Gu Huai moved his gaze to the flower but didn’t show any intention of taking it.

Gu Huai glanced at it before looking away. Alves could feel Gu Huai’s indifferent attitude to him and the silver-grey tail behind him subconsciously lowered. Alves maintained his posture of holding out the flower for a while. Once he finally confirmed that Gu Huai didn’t want the flower he sent, Alves lowered it.

Alves looked at the glass flower vase on the window sill and walked forward without a sound. Learning from Gu Huai’s previous actions, Alves took the withered old flower out of this glass, cleaning the cup and changed the water. Then he inserted the newly picked flower into the glass.

After completing this series of actions, Alves returned to watching Gu Huai again. It was unknown why Gu Huai was suddenly indifferent to him so at this time, Alves chose to stretch out his tail toward Gu Huai. Alves wanted to circle Gu Huai with his tail.

“Don’t touch me.” Gu Huai frowned and opened his mouth when he perceived the intention of the silver-grey tail.

These words were enough to stop him. Gu Huai made his refusal extremely clear. His voice and tone were enough to stop Alves. Once this was said, Gu Huai could see the silver-grey tail stop but at the same time, he could also see Alves purse his mouth.

The rejected silver-grey tail hung down like it had received a blow. Gu Huai was silently stared at by Alves and felt like he was seeing a wronged silver cat. Gu Huai’s indifferent golden eyes flickered a bit and the light in them subconsciously brightened. At this time, he chose to remove his gaze. Gu Huai showed a complete attitude of indifference that had never been seen before by all the Zerg, including Alves.

“Go out.” Gu Huai said the same thing as before.

After that, he added, “If there is nothing special in the future, don’t come into my room.”

If it was another Zerg who heard Gu Huai’s words, they would probably be in a low mood but still leave submissively. However, Alves stood still and stared at Gu Huai. “Giving a flower is very important.”

Gu Huai didn’t say anything and while he was completely caught off guard, the big cat was suddenly near him.

“Chirp.” Alves spoke in a low tone to Gu Huai. It was a foul to use his cold voice to make a cub’s cry in adult form. Alves wasn’t aware of this but his instincts told him how to get closer to Gu Huai. Even in his indifferent state, Gu Huai was inevitably a bit shocked when he heard the chirping. Thus, he briefly failed to respond and was gently hugged by Alves.

Once the response came, Gu Huai pushed away the big cat. In the end, there was no way to repeat the previous ‘don’t touch me’ and he slightly frowned.

During the fusion period, Gu Huai’s Zerg genes were strongly amplified and his passive apathy made him reject everyone’s approach. Even so, his memories and original feelings would also affect Gu Huai, leaving him shaken.

Since Gu Huai refused to let him touch, Alves chose to stay beside him. Originally, Gu Huai refused to let Alves stay but he suddenly couldn’t refuse two things at once. After rejecting the first thing, once Alves wanted to stay in the room, Gu Huai inexplicably found it difficult to reject the second thing once he saw the aggrieved big cat. Thus, Gu Huai didn’t care about Alves staying but he also didn’t talk to the other person. He completely ignored Alves’ gaze.

The silver-grey tail behind Alves was extremely low and Gu Huai had the inexplicable feeling that he was bullying this big cat. The cold vertical pupils once again flickered for a second. Gu Huai subconsciously didn’t want to face this situation. He intended to go somewhere else but Alves followed him.

“Don’t follow me.” Gu Huai stopped and ordered.

Alves didn’t speak. Gu Huai had previously told him that he should always be with Gu Huai. Alves himself wanted to do so. That’s why once he heard Gu Huai’s words, he acted in a rare manner and disobeyed.

It could be seen that Alves’ pouting expression became even more obvious. Gu Huai saw this expression and the lowered silver-grey tail and dispelled the idea of going to another place. In any case, he would be followed by the other person. It would be no different from staying in this room.

Gu Huai didn’t plan to leave again and Alves’ drooping tail lifted slightly. Gu Huai ignored Alves’ gaze but somehow, he wanted to pay attention to the reaction of the tail. Seeing that the tail was slightly raised, Gu Huai forced his expression to be blank.

This body was a bit uncomfortable. Gu Huai finally lay back in bed to rest and Alves came over to stay by the bed.

At this time, the Tak Zerg who had been looking for something also came back. These Tak Zerg had gone to the small room where Gu Huai had put the glass balls and brought back a few ones they thought were the best to look at.

Their cub was sick. They should bring a beautiful toy ball to make their cub happy. They carefully held the glass balls with the sharp forearms and came to the bed. A Tak Zerg raised the glass ball to Gu Huai while making a low hissing sound from its throat.

However, there was no response. Did the cub not like this glass ball? They had brought several different glass balls. The Tak Zerg holding these glass balls took turns placing them in front of Gu Huai but Gu Huai didn’t even look at them.

Once it was found that the cub didn’t like the glass balls they selected, the scarlet pupils of the Tak Zerg slightly contracted. They still wanted to give the cub more toys so the Tak Zerg placed the glass balls they brought on the bedside within Gu Huai’s reach.

It was just really difficult to stabilize these small spheres. The Tak Zerg didn’t take this into account and the glass balls placed on the bedside table rolled to the ground. The glass balls were too small and the bodies of the Tak Zerg were too big to find them in this room.

Gu Huai was always indifferent. Since the Tak Zerg didn’t have much thinking ability, they were very late to discover Gu Huai’s apathy. They subconsciously emitted a lower hissing noise than before.

Gu Huai heard this sound and didn’t appease them, but he also didn’t ask the Tak Zerg to leave. He closed his eyes and lay back in bed. It wasn’t until close to dinner time that there was a brief moment when Gu Huai sat up in bed, covering his eyes to stop the feeling of shaking.

The golden vertical pupils were still indifferent as Gu Huai looked at the ground without expression. Then he got up and went somewhere in the room. He went to the target position and stood there for a while. Then he bent down and picked up a glass ball that had rolled onto the ground from the bedside table.

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