INH: Chapter 7

The weather on the abandoned planet had been very hot recently. Even if Gu Huai wore thin clothes, the hot weather still made him uncomfortable. Still, he couldn’t demand a good living environment on the wild star and he didn’t want to worry the Tak Zerg. Therefore, Gu Huai didn’t express any dissatisfaction with the existing environment.

In fact, this was a similar experience to what Gu Huai had as a child. It was almost always the case in summer when he was staying in the welfare home. Since the economic conditions of the children’s welfare home weren’t very good at the time, they could only afford to install a fan.

Gu Huai remembered one summer that was particularly hot. The adults who took care of them kindly sent ice bags to each child every day. The cold ice bag was placed against their cheek and felt particularly comfortable.

As he was sleeping soundly, Gu Huai felt something cold on his stomach.  To be exact, this cold object around his waist drove away the heat. The cold thing was as cold as the ice bag. In this sleep, Gu Huai subconsciously reached out and explored, the fingertips of his hand quickly touching the icy object.

Touching wasn’t enough. Although Gu Huai perceived that the thing he touched didn’t seem to be ice, the low temperature made him really like this object. He couldn’t help touching it again and again. After touching it several times like this, Gu Huai left his hand on top of it in a contented manner.

Gu Huai’s series of actions caused the focused high-grade Zerg in front of him tense up. They closely stared at the silver-haired Zerg whose tail was being touched. They were afraid that this young man’s neck would be broken by the tail in the next moment.

As a preserved ethnic trait, the silver-grey tail had never been touched by anyone other than the owner, at least in the cognition of this group of high-grade Zerg. Their leader circled the young man’s waist with his tail but this didn’t mean it could be touched.

If his eyes weren’t covered with a black cloth, the present Zerg soldiers would feel that the silver-haired Zerg’s pupils must be narrowed at this time. This was the other person’s expression when he wasn’t happy. Anyone who saw it would understand that this was undoubtedly a dangerous gesture.

The spiritual link didn’t seem to have too much of an obvious effect on alpha-class Zergs. That’s why the high-grade Zerg who knew their leader’s temper almost stopped breathing out of panic. If their leader attacked, could they stop him and protect the king? Their heart gave them a negative answer and the Zerg soldiers became even more panicked.

However, after a few seconds, the silver-grey tail closely watched by the group of high-grade Zerg didn’t move. It continued to quietly circle the young man’s waist, seemingly showing no displeasure.

The thing that made these high-grade Zerg really confused was that the youth suddenly moved this tail up to his arms, directly holding it and rubbing it against his cheek. The Zerg soldiers of the First Regiment couldn’t be clearer about the power of this tail. Their leader only needed to move his tail at will and the object hit by the tail would be completely sunken in.

This power meant that the sleeping youth could never pull the tail unless their leader agreed. Alves agreeing was the most incredible thing for these high-grade Zerg. In their eyes, the silver-haired Zerg in front of them was expressionless and didn’t show any emotions. In fact, under the blindfold, Alves’ eyelids were slightly drooping.

He was like a dangerous beast that had been appeased, showing a rare hint of obedience in front of the one appeasing it. The non-threatening sound was restrained in the throat, his claws retracted and the sharp teeth tried not to be shown. He still looked very scary but this was the most docile beast.

After sleeping for a bit, Gu Huai sleepily opened his eyes and his eyes reflected a cold and beautiful face. The black cloth over the eyes of the silver-haired Zerg made his whiteness look even colder. Gu Huai looked down to see the other side’s jawline and protruding Adam’s apple.

Gu Huai woke up to find himself being held by the other person. He froze but the cold object in his hands reminded him to lower his sight. Gu Huai saw the silver-grey tail he held and his body was stuck.

This silver-grey tail looked like the tail of a Western dragon. The surface had a metallic, icy texture. It was the same when touching or looking. In particular, Gu Huai remembered that in his half asleep and half awake state, he seemed to have touched this tail again and again. No matter how calm, Gu Huai couldn’t help wanting to cover his face.

It was really… embarrassing.

The obvious emotional fluctuations of the young man in his arms caused Alves to reflexively frown. He couldn’t see the other person’s expression but the young person’s slightly frozen body was interpreted as panic by him.

Due to this interpretation, Alves subconsciously spread his power over the entire cave as a warning. It extended hundreds of metres away from the cave and directly declared his dominance over this area. This ability brought about a real wave of terrifying pressure. Any creature that received such a warning message would instinctively want to escape. This was the fastest method to eliminate threats.

‘There is nothing that can hurt you, so there is no need to panic.’

The brain waves on both sides didn’t match. The embarrassed Gu Huai tried to quietly let go of the tail he was holding, as if nothing had happened. However, he had just moved his hand away from the top when the ice-cold tail suddenly moved a bit.

It was found…

The young man in his arms was still frozen and this discovery caused Alves to feel the familiar irritability. He re-circled his tail around the youth, this time clearly showing a protective gesture.

At the same time, the silver-haired Zerg blankly took off the black gloves of his left hand, putting his distinct slender fingers against the young man’s lips. A child was easily frightened and the babies of the Zerg family would instinctively show aggression with frightened. This young man was just born and should indeed be counted as a baby. A baby Zerg couldn’t show too many attack behaviours and mainly relied on their teeth to bite. Those who were frightened generally wouldn’t be afraid after biting.

However, Alves did this and found that the young man he was holding still didn’t seem to attack. Alves probed his finger into the young man’s mouth and barely touched a few teeth, silently prompting the young man.

The sharpness was too low and according to Alves’ estimates, the biting force should be very poor. The young man in front of him was so weak that it could be said he had no fighting power at all.

Gu Huai was dumbfounded after his teeth were touched. Even so, he finally slightly understood the brain waves of the silver-haired Zerg. If he wasn’t mistaken, the other person’s behaviour should be coaxing him…

It was different from the Tak Zerg Gu Huai had seen. The silver-haired Zerg in front of him looked cold and full of oppression. In retrospect, Gu Huai seemed to faintly sense the other side’s mood when touching the silver-grey tail.

Then… touching the tail would make this person happy? After coming to this conclusion, Gu Huai felt slightly complicated. Then he looked down to see the silver-grey tail around his waist and reached out to touch it. In a flash, Gu Huai clearly felt the tail suddenly circle him tighter, firmly locking him up. Then the silver-haired Zerg bowed his head, the icy look seeming gentle.

‘I want to be set on the ground.’

Gu Huai struggled to express himself and the silver-haired Zerg understood well once his tail was touched. The Zerg promptly obeyed Gu Huai’s wishes and put him down. His body regained its freedom and Gu Huai finally noticed more than a hundred high-grade Zerg not far from him.

At almost the same time that Gu Huai’s eyes fell on them, these high-grade Zerg fell to one knee with incomparably smooth movements. Their heads drooped and their right hands covered their chests. These high-grade Zerg didn’t hesitate to show their loyalty and surrender to this youth.

Gu Huai was unprepared to face such a scene and suddenly failed to respond. Before Gu Huai returned to his senses, a young Zerg recruit in the army asked, “King, can we look up at you?”

Their heads shouldn’t be raised when kneeling to their king but they were too eager to see the youth. The Zerg soldier couldn’t help asking this.

Gu Huai was now completely used to being surrounded. This habit wasn’t forced. It was just that he clearly perceived that these Zerg liked him and wanted to repay such emotions. Gu Huai didn’t want these Zerg soldiers to continue kneeling and said, “You can stand up and look.”

Their king didn’t want them to kneel. The high-grade Zerg received this message and quickly stood up. Then they stared at the young man in front of them with their terribly bright eyes.

What was this type of feeling?

It was like a sun had suddenly appeared in a dark way. The sudden arrival of this light was too bright but they still wanted to look despite the stinging eyes. The sudden rise in temperature was too hot but they wanted to be near, even if their bodies burned up. This great attraction was like light-seeking creature seeing light. It couldn’t be resisted or stopped.

These high-grade Zerg had seen enough when the young man was sleeping but now the youth in front of them was moving and speaking.

Their king was too cute…

After the young man woke up, these high-grade Zerg found that the youth’s eyes were black but also had circular pupils like a human. It wasn’t the same as their vertical pupils but this difference still felt cute. Their king was very good-looking. His voice was also good to hear. No matter how they looked, there were no shortcomings.

Now that the king was awake, it was time for them to leave the planet. They desperately wanted the young man to live in a more comfortable place. Deputy Alger stepped forward and said, “Your Majesty, this planet’s environment is too harsh and isn’t suitable for living. We want you to leave and go to a better planet.”

The environment of the abandoned planet wasn’t impossible for the Zerg, who had been to many worse places. However, they couldn’t accept the young man continuing to live in such an environment. It was good to be able to leave the abandoned planet. Gu Huai agreed without any hesitation.

The young man nodded and Alger immediately turned to his leader. “Leader, let Yula come and we will take the king away.”

It didn’t matter where they went but the best thing was to go back to the capital star of their First Legion, Tuser.

Alves responded in a lukewarm manner. “It is already here.”

Long before the youth had woken up, Alves gave orders to the Yula warship to park in front of the cave. Then they could leave immediately. The high-grade Zerg present were in high spirits. Two Zerg were responsible for carefully handling the huge eggshell Gu Huai hadn’t finished eating. Meanwhile, Gu Huai headed to the exit of the cave with the Tak Zerg following him.

Walking to the exit, Gu Huai finally looked at the scenery of the planet. Once he left, he would never come back. Although this abandoned planet was barren, Gu Huai had lived on the planet for some time with the Tak Zerg and the planet became a place with memories.

“It is time to leave here.” Gu Huai spoke to the Tak Zerg around him.

The Tak Zerg heard the young man’s words and let out low sounds. Their scarlet eyes stared seriously at the black-haired youth in front of them. Their cold, vertical pupils completely reflected the youth.

Gu Huai sensed the contradictory joy and sadness in these Tak Zerg, as well as a great reluctance. It was the first time he felt some complex and intense emotions from them. Were the Tak Zerg so reluctant to leave this planet?

It was true that they had lived on this planet for a long time and might’ve made this planet their home. However, Gu Huai hoped that these Tak Zerg could go with him to live a better life. Therefore, he continued to move forward despite perceiving such emotions.

He had only taken a few steps outside when Gu Huai found that the surrounding Tak Zerg didn’t keep up. They stayed at the exit of the cave and watched him. This discovery choked Gu Huai. He never thought the Tak Zerg would be reluctant to leave with him.

He never had parents before. Then he came to this world and the Tak Zerg cared for him like a baby. Gu Huai had subconsciously regarded these Tak Zerg as his parents. Gu Huai walked back without thinking. He walked in front of the Tak Zerg and looked up at them, asking, “You won’t leave with me?”

With me.


The Tak Zerg generally understood these words. Their vertical pupils shrunk but they were filled with a deep contradiction. Emotionally, they were very reluctant to part and wanted to leave together. Then there was another cold instinct telling them they were worthless to this youth and their kin would be able to better care for this newborn baby.

“You don’t want me?” He had to ask if it was for a parent. Gu Huai had thought well before asking these questions. If the Tak Zerg refused to go then he would stay.

Perhaps it was because of the tone and expression but these Tak Zerg almost instantly understood this youth. Their emotions completely overwhelmed the cold sense of reason. As if handling a very precious treasure, the leader Tak Zerg leaned down and carefully placed Gu Huai on its shoulder. This warm gesture shocked the high-grade Zerg.

The Tak born in the Zerg race had always been the more ferocious and aggressive. It was a fact recognized within the Zerg race and in the entire interstellar world. At this moment, the Tak Zerg were undoubtedly full of a sense of cherishing a treasure and loving the youth in front of them.

They responded to the question with action. Once Gu Huai was firmly secured, the Tak Zerg carried him out of the cave.

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So cuteee

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i felt sad oh my goshh

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Awww, no way can the Tak Zerg be away from their baby. The fact that Gu Huai thinks of the as parents is the sweetest thing.

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