INH: Chapter 66

The fact that Aaron had jumped from the Star Alliance to the Zerg side made the executives of the Star Alliance almost breathless.

Was it easy for them to find someone to be the leader of the scientific research team? The previous leader almost wiped out the Star Alliance headquarters. This one was also great. As far as the Star Alliance knew, it wasn’t the Zerg who came to dig at the wall. Aaron had gone over himself.

The reason was only because of love.

It was unknown which Star Alliance member had passed it onto the Star Network but it quickly spread. Gu Huai was using his personal terminal to browse the Star Network and his first reaction when he saw it was to laugh.

Aaron was a really talented resource for the Zerg. The Star Alliance didn’t want to let him go but Aaron was already on Tuser and he had gone there voluntarily. The Star Alliance couldn’t steal him from the Zerg.

The drug that stabilized the fused genes was produced during Aaron’s first week of formal employment with Tuser. This batch of medicine was transported to Ivy Star by a Yula battleship. After confirming the delivery, Gu Huai finally let go of his concerns about the Grey Tower soldiers.

The addition of Aaron meant the development speed of science and technology on the Zerg side was greatly improved. The original research team on Tuser was now committed to further rises in Tuser’s technology.

The soil experts previously recruited from other races also formed a team of researchers to begin the study of Tuser’s soil.

The Zerg knew that Gu Huai liked flowers so all the Zerg on Tuser had a high enthusiasm for Tuser’s soil improvement plan. For this reason, many Zerg independently studied soil science and joined his branch research team.

Tuser was now the only capital star of the Zerg. Their king liked flowers so they must let Tuser be filled with flowers.

Once Alves and the chief of staff made the planet’s soil improvement plan public, the Zerg looked at the contents of the plan and suddenly remembered that they still owed Gu Huai a gift. It was a late birthing gift.

The origin of the Zerg was a dark and cold planet. There was only cold winter on this planet and no other seasons. No light could be seen.

There was probably nothing on this planet. It was more barren than an abandoned planet. This cold and dark cognition was passed to the Zerg’s internal consciousness and their lack of emotional nature was also related to this.

Gu Huai’s existence was like a beautiful star shining on this dark planet. Humans referred to the star that shone on Earth as the ‘sun’. In the eyes of all the Zerg, Gu Huai’s presence was much warmer than a sun. The king was their precious treasure. Thus, the Zerg felt that they should prepare a gift that could fully express their hearts regarding Gu Huai’s birth.

Before Gu Huai was born, there was always a sense of vacancy that couldn’t be described as a lack of emotions. They were missing something but they didn’t know what it was. The strong sense of vacancy created their predatory nature but plunder couldn’t fill this vacancy. It wasn’t until Gu Huai was born and they saw Gu Huai that the sense of emptiness disappeared.

Alves’ feelings in this regard were similar but different from other Zerg. His inner gap was much larger than other Zerg and it was a gap in multiples.

This type of inner gap made Alves feel unbearable irritability all the time and he felt a destructive desire for anything tangible. He needed to suppress his violent outbursts towards anything that made him irritable by throwing away his vision.

It was only when Gu Huai appeared that Alves could be calm. He no longer had to cover his eyes with the black blindfold.

It was very difficult to prepare this birth gift. The soil problem of Tuser was very prominent. Only the most tenacious Tamou tree could survive on Tuser so wanting to improve Tuser’s soil enough to grow flowers wasn’t easy. It would take a long time but the Zerg on Tuser were very enthusiastic about it.

Since this birthing gift wouldn’t be ready quickly, they gave Gu Huai another gift this year. During the stable development of winter, autumn changed to winter and the planet finally ushered in winter again. In this season, Gu Huai received a gift from his Zerg.

The Zerg on Tuser rarely took the initiative to take Gu Huai out. Thus, he was very surprised when he heard about this from the chief of staff. You know, the Zerg on Tuser Star would always show their eyes every time he went out. They didn’t want him to leave at all.

“Where are we going?” Gu Huai asked curiously.

The chief of staff, who came to talk to Gu Huai about it, was silent for a moment while he pushed up his glasses. All the inquiries from Gu Huai should be answered according to the facts but this time, Gu Huai didn’t hear an answer.

Gu Huai was very cooperative. He thought about it and wondered, “You can’t let me know right now?”

Gu Huai finished in a tone that was a statement. Without waiting for the chief of staff to answer, he looked up and asked, “When are we going?”

“Tomorrow.” The chief of staff responded quickly this time. The Zerg were as efficient as always.

Gu Huai didn’t ask anymore and nodded to show that he knew. “Okay.”

The next day, Gu Huai sat on Alves’ tail and entered a Yula warship. Since discovering Alves’ ability to carry people with his tail, Gu Huai felt that he was becoming lazier and lazier, not wanting to walk anywhere. In addition to Alves’ tail, the Tak Zerg also liked to have Gu Huai sit on their shoulders when going out so Gu Huai had less chances to walk by himself.

After a few days, the Yula warships stopped flying and landed on a planet. Gu Huai didn’t know the destination. He looked out from the open door of the battleship and saw a strange sight. This planet seemed relatively backward since there was no airport. Gu Huai glanced out and saw many buildings in the distance that seemed to have just been built.

Gu Huai stared at this strange scene and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

“This is… the abandoned planet I was previously on?” This discovery made Gu Huai subconsciously blink.

Alves was walking beside him and quickly gave him a response. “En.”

Hearing the affirmative answer, Gu Huai couldn’t help his eyes widening slightly and he showed a more obvious expression of surprise. The changes on this planet were so great that Gu Huai couldn’t recognize it immediately.

The ground that was supposed to be full of sand and stones had become a normal road. There were many green plants on the roadside and strange buildings that Gu Huai hadn’t seen on the planet. It looked like the prototype of a town. The planet no longer looked like an abandoned planet. At best, it was a bit behind a normal planet and was still developing at a rapid pace.

“This is our birthday gift to you. I don’t know if you like it or not…” On behalf of the entire Zerg race, the chief of staff watched Gu Huai carefully after saying this.

This birthday gift actually contained their own selfishness. The Zerg had been unable to accept that Gu Huai was born on an abandoned planet so shortly after Alves brought Gu Huai back to Tuser, the senior executives worked out a plan for the transformation of this abandoned planet and started to implement it shortly after.

Abandoned planets had no developmental vale but the Zerg wanted the place their king was born to be a beautiful place. This was the greatest value behind transforming the planet. Hearing the chief of staff’s question, Gu Huai gave a positive response in less than a second. “I like it.”

Of course he liked it. Gu Huai knew t wasn’t easy to transform an abandoned planet and was touched. The moment Gu Huai said this, the Zerg soldiers secretly pricking up their ears for the answer were happy.

The reconstruction of this abandoned planet had limited progress and it didn’t look very good at present. Before giving the gift to Gu Huai, these Zerg soldiers had been worried that Gu Huai wouldn’t like the gift. Now that they heard Gu Huai say this, they put down the worries in their hearts.

Alves glanced around and spoke to Gu Huai in his usual cold voice. “The transformation of this planet is still in progress. After some time, it will be better than it is now.”

“It is still good now,” Gu Huai told them earnestly. More than the planet being good or bad, Gu Huai valued the thoughts expressed to him by the Zerg with this gift.

“I love it here.” Gu Huai repeated his fondness of the gift to the surrounding Zerg. Thus, the eyes of the Zerg lit up.

After hearing that it was a birthday present, Gu Huai realized that he had spent four seasons on Tuser. Tuser’s long winter was coming again. Gu Huai had little chance of feeling the cold winter this year, unlike the previous winter. It was because the big cat was too sticky with him. As long as Gu Huai was with Alves, it was easy to be hugged by Alves.

Although the Zerg’s body temperature wasn’t warm, Gu Huai was hugged by Alves and the other person would somehow drive the cold away. The moment Gu Huai felt that his hands were cold, Alves would return to the fluffy cub form to warm him up. Apart from tossing him at night, the big cat was obedient.

Four seasons passed and a very important thing for the Zerg was coming again. The 11th Interstellar Cutest Creature Competition was about to begin. In the week leading up to the competition, Tuser and the Zerg on the other planets took a serious stand.

The first place in the last competition was their king and this year’s first place must also be their king. They couldn’t allow any mistakes with the results. Their king was the cutest creature in the universe. Nothing could be cuter than their king. All the Zerg believed this.

Meanwhile, the Pache fans who thought they could casually get first place last year were different. Due to the result, this year’s Pache fans were full of determination to get back the first place they accidentally lost last year.

This time would be different. Last year, their voting was unorganized and not all Pache fans paid attention to this competition. Thus, voting basically depended on some fans and passersby. This time, they were prepared. When it came to the cutest creature in the universe, it must be the Pache. They couldn’t acknowledge the Zerg king who came first just because the Zerg were strong.

The last time, the Zerg armies voted together. The Pache fans hadn’t expected the Zerg to participate and they lost without any preparations. This time, they wouldn’t miss first place again.

Speaking of which, when the Zerg added their king in the voting options, they didn’t even upload any holographic images or photos. In order to make the selection fairer this year, the Pache fans thought they must go to the association to propose that all participating creatures should have a holographic image or photo.

This proposal was approved by the association under the joint request of many Pache fans and the Zerg quickly learned about it.

A photo. They had many photos of the king and every one was cute. How could they choose? Without Gu Huai’s knowledge, the senior officials of Tuser held a meeting in the conference room of the military department. The content was related to the selection of images for this competition.



The holographic images on the long table of the conference room were played and the Zerg sitting on both sides of the long table had to turn around and work hard to breathe when the images were played.

They couldn’t… the king’s cub form was too cute…

They felt like they were going to pass out.

“Just this one. The clip of 10 seconds will be uploaded.” The chief of staff held onto the table and barely managed to speak.

Gu Huai knew nothing about it until the day of the competition began. The competition began and due to the rule change that required videos or photos to be uploaded, many people were wondering if the Zerg would set their king as an option this year.

If the Zerg participated this year, they could see what the Zerg king looked like. Every Pache enthusiast was eager to know what the king, who managed to take first place from the Pache last year, looked like. With this thought in mind, the passersby and Pache enthusiasts opened to the link next to the ‘Gu Huai’ option.

The moment the holographic image opened, they saw a black cub with glass ball-like round golden eyes. It was a plush cub with a pair of tiny horns on his head and a small, plush tail behind him. The black cub walked toward them with his golden eyes, getting closer.


The cub let out a soft cry.

The passersby and Pache enthusiasts, “……”

They were stunned as a group.

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