INH: Chapter 65

Speaking of reputations in the scientific field, Aaron and Gavin, the former team leader who defeated from the Star Alliance, had very different types.

Gavin was known as a genius and his reputation before the defection was excellent. Although Aaron’s ability wasn’t lacking compared to Gavin, he had always been criticized as eccentric.

It wasn’t just because Aaron’s research thinking was exceptionally different from ordinary people and it the leaps and bounds in his thinking were hard to imagine. It was also because his personality was eccentric.

For most people, it was extremely difficult to get along with Aaron. He had a poisonous tongue as well as various requirements. The most torturous one was his obsessive-compulsive disorder. For example. in the research room, it was impossible for him to tolerate any irregularity and he would even fix the clothes of other researchers.

However, Aaron wasn’t like this when chasing Capalia. He was probably like a puppy, always running after his target. He didn’t catch her for many years but Aaron wasn’t discouraged.

“The Star Alliance’s research materials and confidential documents, don’t you know what the consequences will be if you give them to someone else?” Gu didn’t accept or refuse. He just asked a question back.

Aaron nodded and spoke objectively, “If found, I will be held accountable by the Star Alliance.”

After that, Aaron added, “But only if the Star Alliance finds evidence that I did it.”

It was a violation of the rules but Aaron’s personality never followed the established rules. If he could achieve his goals then he didn’t care about breaking some rules. Still, Aaron felt that he was much better than Gavin. At least he didn’t have an anti-social personality. He had his own bottom line and wouldn’t do things that touched his bottom line.

Gu Huai heard this and had a general measure of Aaron’s abilities, but he shook his head and refused. “No need.”

Gu Huai wasn’t too interested in the research materials and confidential documents. Even if he was interested, he didn’t plan to obtain them this way.

This road didn’t work and Aaron changed the topic. “Did you accept the Grey Tower soldiers? The Grey Tower soldiers were forced to accept genetic fusion. Maybe you don’t know this but although the gene fusion has greatly improved the Grey Tower soldiers’ ability to fight, it isn’t completely without negative effects.”

This topic immediately attracted Gu Huai’s attention. He thought of the Grey Tower soldiers building their homes on Ivy Star and stared at the other person. “What negative effects?”

Aaron replied, “Their lifespan will be extremely short. The soldiers who have undergone genetic modification shouldn’t live for more than 10 years.”

Gene fusion wasn’t a normal thing and it went against common sense. There would naturally be a price to pay.

“I analyzed the experiment by Gavin and came to the conclusion that these Grey Tower soldiers won’t’ seem to have any abnormalities before their physical limits arrive. However, at the end, they will experience symptoms of sudden life failure and die. If you don’t believe it, I can send you a copy of my research analysis report for you to personally look at or for someone else to identify.”

10 years. Gu Huai heard this number and was stunned for a moment. He remembered that Gavin had defected from the Star Alliance a few years ago. The Grey Tower soldiers had 10 years to live and subtracting the years that had passed, the remaining time was unknown.

A few days ago, Gu Huai had received the communication sent to him by the Grey Tower soldiers living on Ivy Star. To be precise, it was sent by Colin while a circle of Grey Tower soldiers surrounded the communication image.

The Grey Tower soldiers had happily reported to Gu Huai about the progress of their planet’s construction and then mentioned they had set off fireworks for him.

“We made new fireworks. Would you like to see it?” Colin asked carefully on the other side of the communicator.

These Grey Tower soldiers remembered Gu Huai saying that the fireworks looked good. During the time when Gu Huai had returned to the cub form, the Grey Tower soldiers build their homes on Ivy Star and also made new fireworks.

Once the new fireworks were set off, the shape was similar to Gu Huai’s cub form. However, the Grey Tower soldiers weren’t satisfied with the previous shape and came to Gu Huai after modifying it several times.

Gu Huai knew that the shape of the fireworks would definitely be related to him. To be honest, Gu Huai wanted to cover his eyes every time he saw it but seeing these Grey Tower so happy at the thought of releasing fireworks, Gu Huai couldn’t help nodding and saying that he wanted to see it.

Since being accepted by Gu Huai, the Grey Tower soldiers who hadn’t cared about anything, including themselves, had found a new meaning for their continued life.

They had their own home and everything was starting to go in the right direction. Gu Huai thought so but now his thoughts had been broken by Aaron.

“Is there any solution?” Gu Huai frowned and stared seriously at Aaron.

Since Aaron mentioned this to him, Gu Huai thought that the other party should be prepared. Gu Huai couldn’t just ignore the things related to the Grey Tower soldiers.

“Yes.” Aaron immediately confirmed it. “The stability of their fused genes can be maintained using special medicine. If it is injected every day, their physical limits won’t come so easily. The lifespan of the Grey Tower soldiers can be extended to around the same time as an ordinary person. I have already researched this type of medicine but they might feel severe pain within 10 minutes of the injection.

Gu Huai spoke slowly, “I still insist on what I said before. The matter about Capalia depends on her own will. However, the medicine you mentioned is really important to me. You can propose any other conditions. As long as it isn’t impossible, I will promise you.”

However, Aaron just smiled at Gu Huai. “No conditions are necessary. I just used job-hopping as a chip but I really want to jump over. If I had to say a condition, it can be you accepting my job-hopping.”

Aaron wasn’t a human. He was a Nescint and the symbol of his race was the two butterfly-like antennae on his head. It was just that he had lived for a long time on Earth due to research needs. The principle of benefiting from intimacy with an influential person had been learned while learning on Earth, as well as other things from humans.

Gu Huai heard Aaron’s intentions and sensed the Star Alliance’s bitter tears in advance. Still, he didn’t hesitate to accept this person offering himself. “Okay.”

Thus, things were determined. Gu Huai hesitated on how he should tell this matter to the Grey Tower soldiers living on Ivy. There might be a solution but in the end, it wasn’t a good thing.

In the end, Gu Huai saw the reaction of the Grey Tower soldiers through the video communication.

“Even if we only have a few years left, we are actually very satisfied.” Colin glanced at the Grey Tower soldiers around him and expressed their unanimous thoughts to Gu Huai through the communicator. “It is because we have you now and you gave us a home.”

These two things weren’t important for the Grey Tower soldiers.

“In addition, if the injection allows us to live as long as the average person then it is nothing. It is a good thing for us.”

The happy point was that they had more opportunities to see Gu Huai. As for the severe pain they would feel in the 10 minutes after the injection, this was almost nothing for the Grey Tower. Before this, they had endured pain that was 100 times worse. It was mental torture. Before being accepted by Gu Huai and finding a place to live, the Grey Tower soldiers had felt like they were in hell every second.

After the conversation with the Grey Tower, Gu Huai went to see Capalia and told her about Aaron’s move to Tuser.

“That’s it. He will stay on Tuser in the future and you might not be able to avoid meeting him.” Gu Huai blinked at Capalia.

Capalia’s expression was still cold and the sharp knife-like left hand moved slightly, making it impossible to see the emotions.

As the leader of the Zerg’s Second Army and a member of the Tak ethnic group, Capalia could make others feel fear just by maintaining her cold facial expression. There was no one among the stars who despised her combat ability just because she was a woman. Capalia’s facial expression only softened a bit when faced with Gu Huai.

Although Capalia didn’t take a stand, Gu Huai still vaguely felt something from Capalia’s attitude. Speaking of the relationship between Aaron and Capalia, Gu Huai had a rough idea about it. Around five years ago, Aaron was indirectly saved by Capalia and since then, he had chased Capalia tirelessly.

“Luna shouldn’t hate him.” Gu Huai used the nickname he previously gave to Capalia and his tone was closer to a statement than a question. Mainly, Gu Huai felt that if Capalia was impatient with Aaron chasing her for five years, based on Capalia’s personality, she should’ve already cut Aaron apart with her sharp left hand.

“I don’t know.” Capalia was cold-faced. She wouldn’t like to Gu Huai. She simply didn’t know. It was as Gu Huai said. Since Aaron would stay on Tuser for a long time, it was inevitable that he would meet Capalia.

In view of Gu Huai’s knowledge of Aaron’s behavior during the pursuit and the difficulty of the pursuit, he couldn’t help saying, “You might have difficulties to face.”

Aaron responded, “It doesn’t matter. I’m prepared.”

Gu Huai was a bit curious. “How did you prepare?”

Instead of answering immediately, Aaron turned to Capalia and asked, “If I fall into the water with His Majesty, who will you save first?”

This classic death question in human society was something Aaron had learned during his time on Earth.

Capalia’s face was frosty. “His Majesty.”

This was a question that didn’t require thinking.

Aaron turned his head to look back at Gu Huai. “It is this type of psychological preparation.”

Gu Huai who was speechless for a while, “……”

This person had a very high awareness.

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