INH: Chapter 64

After finally changing back to a humanoid form, Gu Huai was supposed to inspect Tuser to see the changes in the past two months. However, he was really tired thanks to the big cat yesterday. Not only was he physically tired, his mental state had also reacted the limit and he had to sleep.

Gu Huai could perceive the mood of the Zerg family but as said before, this wasn’t necessarily an active ability. If a Zerg’s emotions were too strong then he might a passively receive it.

On the abandoned planet, Gu Huai had passively received a sharp madness passed on by Alves that he subconsciously pacified in his sleep. Then yesterday, Gu Huai passively received another type of excessive stimulation from Alves.

Gu Huai couldn’t bear his own feelings, let alone the ones from Alves. He felt that his uncontrollable tears at the time were excusable. This incident also caused Gu Huai to establish a spiritual link with Alves. As for what Alves discovered through the spiritual link, Gu Huai refused to think about it.

Gu Huai was still an ostrich in bed. Since he didn’t move or speak, Alves gently touched the corner of his eyes, movements very careful.

“Ah Huai.” Alves’ voice was low. Gu Huai didn’t move and Alves stood beside the bed, his golden vertical pupils staring at Gu Huai’s face like a dangerous beast guarding his beloved thing.

Alves’ performance made Gu Huai think. The big cat in front of him seemed to think that he had done something wrong even though Gu Huai explained that his tears weren’t because of pain. This matter couldn’t be made too clear. He couldn’t stay that he tears up because… the reaction was too much.

Gu Huai couldn’t say it so he had to pretend to cough. Then he reached out and pulled Alves so that the other person bent his head. Gu Huai reached out and touched Alves’ hair in a random manner, making the silver hair messy.

Blame the big cat for doing too many fouls. Otherwise, how could he take the initiative to teach Alves how to mate…

The shame of this matter wasn’t ordinary. Under Alves’ straight ball offensive, Gu Huai couldn’t hold back and gave consent.

He always thought that the big cat was cute because he liked Alves. Gu Huai might be dull when it came to emotions but once he was sure he liked someone, his bottom line toward Alves became lower. Especially in cases where the big cat himself was too foul, Gu Huai found it hard to hold onto his bottom line.

As a romantically dull person, Gu Huai couldn’t face Alves calmly after the most in-depth intimate exchange. This could probably be regarded as a delayed neural rebound. He was just… very shy.

Despite this, Gu Huai still tried to pretend to be calm as he told Alves, “I want to go out and see the recent changes on Tuser, but I don’t want to walk now.”

This was equivalent to Gu Huai making a disguised request to Alves. Alves slightly cocked his head and didn’t respond, but he moved his tail in front to let Gu Huai sit on the tail. Then he prepared to go out.

“Wait a minute, let me brush my teeth, wash my face and look in the mirror…” The most important thing was to look in the mirror.

Alves silently took Gu Huai to the bathroom. Gu Huai said he didn’t want to walk so even indoors, Alves didn’t let Gu Huai’s feet touch the ground. Alves walked to the sink and stood still. Gu Huai reached out to get the toothbrush cup and toothbrush on the basin and started to brush his teeth. As he brushed his teeth, Gu Huai subconsciously sat on Alves’ tail and swung his legs.

For Gu Huai’s behaviour, Alves remained silently, his tail in a high and motionless position. In fact, no matter how GU Huai moved, he wouldn’t fall from Alves’ tail. It was because Alves’ attention was always on him.

There was a mirror and in the mirror, Gu Huai saw the marks visible on the side of his neck. They were light red bite marks and made Gu Huai’s expression become a bit unnatural. How could this be covered up? It shouldn’t be strange to wear a thin scarf in autumn…

Tuser’s summer ended in the two months since Gu Huai returned to the cub form and now it was in autumn. Tuser had a relatively short warm season and a longer cold season, unlike Earth’s four seasons. Tuser’s annual spring and summer added up to around four months while the autumn and winter seasons took up the remaining time.

Gu Huai said they could go out and Alves walked out the door while carrying him on the tail. Once they saw the black-haired youth on Alves’ tail, the first reaction of the Zerg was a bit disappointed and this was clearly shown on their faces.

The king’s cub form was gone. The Zerg discovered this and thought of one thing. They wouldn’t be able to comb their king’s hair every day. Combing a cub was a way to express their love. Thus, the Zerg with a parents’ mentality had a type of obsession with combing Gu Huai in this cub form.

Although every Zerg intentionally or unintentionally hid it, Gu Huai had long discovered that the Zerg were very happy when he was in his cub form. The Zerg loved his cub form so they would have such a reaction after discovering he changed back.

Gu Huai faced this situation and didn’t know what he should do for a time. He felt helpless.

It has only been a short two months but the change in Tuser’s central city wasn’t small. The most distinctive change was probably the gradual formation of a business circle and the increase in investments of businessmen from other races.

The air track covering all of Tuser had started construction and the central part of the city had been completed. Tuser made it clear that it was open to the outside world, creating a lot of talk on the Internet.

[neto (Yaza Galaxy): Our planet’s airport has more flights to Tuser. I almost thought I saw wrong and repeatedly confirmed it several times.]

[— (Gallen Galaxy): Can we go? The airport here also has flights to Tuser and I’m actually a bit interested…]

[ja (Shiva galaxy): I heard that the Zerg have opened Tuser to the outside world. As long as you obey the laws, there should be no problems.]

[—(Norz Galaxy): Who would dare to make trouble on the Zerg planet? They are just looking to die. I bought an air ticket for the day after tomorrow. Is anyone going with me?]

Gu Huai sat on Alves’ tail to see the recent changes on Tuser. He also opened his personal terminal to browse opinions on the Star Network. It was easy to see that the external image of the Zerg had greatly changed.

Just recently, the Zerg received public thanks from the Fields leaders, saying that the Zerg saved them from a tragedy of consequences, preventing a tragic incident and giving their race a chance to resolve internal contradictions.

If they had suppressed the rebels in a violent manner through bloodshed, the conflict within their race would be irreconcilable. Gu Huai’s solution gave them a turnaround that would’ve been almost impossible. Thus, the Fields race’s gratitude toward the Zerg was genuine.

Gu Huai closed his personal terminal and thought that Tuser should soon welcome many guests from different races. Gu Huai’s guess wasn’t wrong but he didn’t expect that among these guests, a very special person would appear.

It was a young researcher called Aaron Phoenix. He wasn’t unknown. Aaron was considered an eccentric in the field of interstellar research. After Gavin defected from the headquarters of the Star Alliance, Aaron became the current leader of the scientific research group. However, this wasn’t why Gu Huai considered Aaron as special. The really special thing was when Gu Huai learned that Aaron was Capalia’s pursuer and had been pursuing her for five years.

Gu Huai only knew this and the specific details weren’t clear. Aaron met Gu Huai under the pretext of requesting an exchange as the current leader of the Star Alliance’s scientific team.

“Capalia isn’t here?” Aaron was clearly disappointed when he looked around the hall and didn’t see the person he wanted to see.

Normally she would be present. Gu Huai thought that Capalia seemed to be avoiding this person and answered honestly, “She might not want to see you.”

However, Aaron’s answer was beyond Gu Huai’s expectations. He dismissed his expression of disappointment and nodded normally. “I think so.”

He added, “Then can you let me see her? If it is Your Majesty, you should be able to do it?”

Gu Huai responded, “It depends on Capalia’s own wishes.”

Aaron scratched his head as he thought about the chips he could use. Finally, he said, “Let’s do this. I will copy all the information of the Star Alliance’s research group to you, including the confidential documents, and I will jump ship to you. What do you think?”

This was the most valuable thing in his hand.

Gu Huai blinked. First, he got a general idea of the seriousness of Aaron’s pursuit of Capalia. Then he had to wonder one thing. Was there any problem with the Star Alliance’s research team leaders?

One of them defected and now one was telling him that he would jump ship. If Gu Huai was the leaders of the Star Alliance, he would’ve died on the spot.

The author has something to say:

Huai Bao (blink): Don’t want to walk.

Chirp Chirp (stretching out his own tail): ……

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Hua Cheng's Bitch
Hua Cheng's Bitch
1 year ago

Is this Aaron guy not Zerg? Is he human or some other race? If so, how’s a non Zerg been pursuing Luna, a Zerg, for 5 years? Wasn’t their race literally universally hated and/or feared, till about 1 year ago?

1 year ago

No idea what race but I think he just like her for a while now for some reason and the universally hated and/or feared is just the norm but there are still some people who don’t follow the norm like Aaron

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