INH: Chapter 63

Gu Huai’s blush was completely uncontrollable and the heat on his cheeks spread to his neck. Gu Huai really couldn’t imagine anyone who could request ‘mating’ and still be so pure except for Alves.

In front of him, the big silver cat didn’t seem aware of what type of request he had made. After Alves finished speaking, he just stared at Gu Huai. His expression was cold but obedient, waiting for Gu Huai’s approval and teaching.

If this was the classroom then Alves was like a good student waiting to listen to the teacher’s lecture. However, like a teacher standing inattentively at the podium, Gu Huai wanted to say that he wasn’t good at this question…

Alves could see Gu Huai blushing but he didn’t know the reason for it. He only knew that after seeing blush, he wanted to wrap his tail around Gu Huai.

It was because Alves felt that Gu Huai’s blush looked very good. He wanted to wrap around the other person so that no one could see Gu Huai. On the other hand, once his tail encircled Gu Huai, his possessive desire would be satisfied to some extent.

“You are better suited to the Eleanor flower than me.” Alves’ gaze was a bit much and Gu Huai couldn’t help looking away slightly.

Pure lover. As things stood, the big cat was clearly more suitable for this flower language than him. Look, he was so pure.

Alves didn’t speak when he heard this. He just continued watching Gu Huai. In addition, as he said these words, Gu Huai clearly confirmed what type of postilion he placed Alves in.

He had been previously kissed by Alves. In order to coax the big cat, Gu Huai threw away his moral principles and actively kissed the other person. However, Gu Huai had always been ambiguous about the relationship between them.

This was mainly because Gu Huai’s perception of this emotion was relatively dull.

In terms of appearance conditions, Gu Huai was tall, had clear facial features and beautiful eyes. His skin was white and he looked very good when his eyes slightly curved. It was easy to establish a good first impression with others.

Based on this appearance, Gu Huai wasn’t lacking in people who liked him in his original world. In particular, during his student period, his good-looking appearance and excellent academic performance meant the people who liked him could form a long line.

Despite this, Gu Huai had never been in love because most of the time, he didn’t even know that someone liked him. Hints were completely undetected and expressing it wasn’t necessarily clear. It was only an Alves-level straight ball that could make Gu Huai realize his feelings after several straight balls in a row.

Realizing didn’t mean accepting. It was just that he saw the proud and aloof big cat be so obedient because he liked Gu Huai. The more Alves obeyed him, the more Gu Huai clearly felt that Alves just liked him.

It was too direct and strong. Gu Huai was touched several times and this silver cat’s behaviour made him feel it was cute. That’s why he had slowly failed to notice. It was because of love that he felt Alves was cute.

“Ah Huai, teach me,” Alves spoke in a low voice as he looked down at Gu Huai with a good learning attitude.

Gu Huai, “…”

Gu Huai couldn’t get rid of his blush. How could he teach such a subject…??

Gu Huai had never been in a relationship before, let alone done this thing. Gu Huai only had a basic theoretical understanding of the subject that Alves wanted to learn. In practice, he was at the novice level.

“This should be a natural thing. Why don’t you…” Gu Huai couldn’t calmly delay the topic. He didn’t immediately pass it but for him to take the initiative to teach Alves, it was a bit…

Alves was silent for several seconds. The Zerg were inherently less emotional in a natural and Alves’ character was much more indifferent than the average Zerg. The instincts related to desire were very weak. Although this instinct was triggered because of Gu Huai, Alves was still very understanding of these strange instincts.

Alves’ gaze didn’t waver and he repeated in a low voice, “Ah Huai, teach me.”

Gu Huai couldn’t change the topic. He reasonably doubted how the big cat had learned to act like this himself. Otherwise, why could Alves always speak so accurately?

“Do you really want to learn?” Once Gu Huai asked this question, he couldn’t help raising his hand to cover his eyes. He even tried to raise the quilt and wrap it around himself while he lay down in his side position.

It wasn’t a problem to do intimate things with the person you liked on the premise of a lover’s relationship. This was normal Gu Huai just thought there was a problem that the big cat in front of him needed Gu Huai to teach.

Alves was so simple that he didn’t even have a driver’s license. Meanwhile, Gu Huai was a novice driver with plenty of theoretical knowledge…

This situation was too much.

“I want to learn,” Alves replied immediately.

The question was asked and answered. Gu Huai lowered the hand covering his eyes. Then Gu Huai saw the big cat obediently move his tail into Gu Huai’s hands. The silver-grey tail touched his hand and Gu Huai passively felt the cold touch. He blushed at first and now felt helpless and a bit amused. “The tail isn’t used.”

Hearing Gu Huai say this, Alves didn’t take back his tail. Only his tail moved slightly to show that his reaction to Gu Huai’s words wasn’t small.

The reaction made Gu Huai smile even more. “If if it necessary to use the tail, what will the Zerg who don’t have tails do?”

Alves’ reaction was to move the tip of his tail again and the corners of his lips lowered even more. Alves hadn’t thought about this issue. He had been indifferent to everything. His understanding of the word ‘mating’ was from his own point of view and he took it literally. Although the tail couldn’t be used, Alves had handed it to him and Gu Huai touched it.

He was pretending to be calm but he was actually giving himself psychological construction. The difficulty and shame of personally teaching was too high…

“You can start with… kissing me first.” Gu Huai was in a subtle state of tension as he spoke slowly.

Gu Huai’s eyes were still slightly red when he woke up the next day. Last night, there had been too many physiological tears. They hadn’t stopped since almost the beginning when he was entered.

The moment Gu Huai woke up and opened his eyes, he was licked and kissed by Alves at the corner of his eyes, which were red. It was a kiss with caution. At the same time as the kiss, Alves habitually circled his tail around Gu Huai.

Although Alves didn’t mention anything, Gu Huai saw the silver-grey tail around his waist and the expression on his face became a bit unnatural. Fortunately, Alves didn’t say anything. If Alves mentioned his tail or wings right now then Gu Huai’s reaction would be a lot bigger. He had to wrap himself up with his quilt like a silkworm, wanting to stay in there for three days and three nights.

“Several soil experts have been recruited. They have formed a research team and will start the soil restoration on Tuser today.” Alves’ eyes drooped slightly. At this time, he showed a particularly obedient attitude to Gu Huai, expressing the meaning of wanting to please Gu Huai.

Since he felt that he made Gu Huai cry and did something wrong yesterday, Alves took particular care of Gu Huai today.

Gu Huai’s unnatural expression hadn’t completely subsided but this time he couldn’t help blinking. Alves was determined to plant flowers for him on Tuser. Every time he mentioned it, Gu Huai always thought this big cat was cute.

Flowers were a beautiful but very fragile thing. This was the most important thing Alves had learned about flowers. There was a flower in Alves’ heart. It was enough if he guarded the flower but the flower told him that he hoped there would be more flowers on the planet.

Since this was the desire of the flower in his heart, Alves wanted to achieve it. He wanted to create a flowery planet for Gu Huai.

There is a slightly more detailed version of this chapter. Those who are interested can read it here.

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Almost forgot of danmei annoying metaphor of driving… Whyyyy… But thanks for the chapter ~

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Thank you for this chapter and another detail version .. ^o^