INH: Chapter 62

“Chirp.” His fluff was locked and Gu Huai’s golden eyes widened. His body shrunk into a ball on the quilt and didn’t move.

In the cub form, he was entirely fluffy and it couldn’t be seen if he blushed. However, if he was human then Gu Huai would be blushing right now. After carefully grooming the raised hair, Gu Huai didn’t move and didn’t refuse so Alves continued this behavior.

Licking the fluff made Gu Huai feel itchy. Still, he might not be clear on the specific meaning of this behaviour in the Zerg race but he could tell from Alves’ serious attitude that this should be a very important and special thing.

Thus, although Gu Huai felt a bit itchy, he didn’t want to reject Alves. Otherwise, the big cat would probably turn back to a human and pout silently. Gu Huai always felt it was very cute when Alves showed dissatisfaction but he never thought about intentionally displeasing the other person, especially when it came to such an important matter.

In fact, it wasn’t exactly itchy. It also felt comfortable. Gu Huai endured the itchiness without moving and continued to shrink his body into a ball, letting Alves approach him to lick his fluff.

There was more than a handful of curled hair on the black cub next to him. Alves stared at the disobedient fluff with his light gold eyes and quickly stretched out his tongue to lick them all. It was very comfortable to have his fluff groomed. Thus, after enduring the initial itching feeling, Gu Huai’s pupils gradually narrowed as he enduring the licking and grooming.

He remained calm and undisturbed throughout the process of having his fluff groomed. Once it finished, Alves licked the fluff a final time and slightly raised his silver-grey tail behind him. Then the two cubs lay close to each other on the soft quilt. Gu Huai fell asleep first but Alves on his right didn’t sleep. Alves didn’t need to sleep but in order to sleep with Gu Huai, he closed his eyes and pretended to be sleeping.

During the period where Gu Huai failed to change back to human form, the Zerg’s happiness index reached the peak. Even if they didn’t live on Tuser, the Zerg soldiers on other planets received the live video sent to them daily by the chief of staff and their mood was visibly higher.

The recorded videos of their baby king were too precious. How deeply regretful were they when they couldn’t see their king’s true cub form and how happy were they now? Their king was born on an abandoned planet. It was something that always made the Zerg scratch their heads.

The conditions of the abandoned planet were difficult and there were many dangers on the planet. Their king couldn’t stay in such a place.

For the Zerg, they felt that when Gu Huai was still in the egg, they should’ve protected the egg on the most powerful planet. They could the guard the egg every day until their king was born from the egg.

Why was Gu Huai born in an adult form? Although no one in the Zerg race discussed this issue, sometimes they couldn’t help wondering if this abnormal situation occurred because the egg was damaged. They thought that the cub might’ve been hurt and felt a strange feeling of sadness.

Now they saw Gu Huai’s cub form with their own eyes. Although they didn’t see Gu Huai born in this form from the egg, they finally felt relieved. Their king was healthy and would grow up well under their protection.

Gu Huai wasn’t ignorant of the recent mood of his Zerg. His perception ability wasn’t lost just because he had become a cub. Even if he didn’t use his perception ability, he just needed to look at the surrounding Zerg’s eyes on him to know what they were feeling.

It was due to this soft heart that led his bottom line to go lower and lower. In the recent period, it could be said that Gu Huai had no bottom line. For example, it was unknown who taught the Zerg to buy a warship model and put it on a velvet blanket for him to play with. The black cub sitting on the velvet blanket couldn’t help it. He didn’t want to refuse the Zerg’s intentions so he had to play with it. Then one day, Gu Huai also put on small dinosaur clothes in his cub form. Of course, he only wore it a bit to let the surrounding Zerg record him. Then Gu Huai broke free of these clothes.

However, if the Zerg had to be asked about what they wanted to do most every day during this time, it was to take a small comb to their king’s cub form to comb his hair. Parents grooming their young was an expression of affection. Every Zerg who had a parent mentality toward Gu Huai wanted to do this.

Today was Capalia’s turn. Capalia’s expression was frosty as her sharp knife-shaped left hand hung down. Her right hand was holding a small wooden comb and a fluffy black cub was lying on the couch next to her.

Capalia seemed very calm but as she was about to start combing the cub, she squeezed the small comb held in her right hand and it broke. She changed to another comb with a blank expression and carefully combed the black cub. After carefully combing him, Capalia’s expression slightly changed.

Over the past two months, there had many many changes to Tuser Star. They conducted trade with many races and Tuser had many shops introduced to it. Many races signed a frendly alliance with the Zerg and various investments were made in Tuser. Tuser Star’s business circle was gradually being established. The development of Tuser’s tourism industry was also put on the agenda. Now that the Zerg’s external image had changed, their capital star became a great gimmick.

However, Gu Huai wasn’t able to go out recently to look at the changes on Tuser. There were still many inconveniences in his cub form. His habit of taking a nap led Gu Huai to return to his bedroom in the afternoon. Alves had been sleeping with Gu Huai recently, including during the nap time.

After being in the cub form for two months, Gu Huai still couldn’t find a way to change back, making him feel slightly worried. During this time, Gu Huai hadn’t carefully observed the appearance of his cub form. Thus, he turned his head while lying on the quilt and examined his tail first.

It was a plush tail that was very different from Alves’ tail. The fluff on Alves’ tail had faded and the silver-grey tail looked cold and metallic. Gu Huai thought that his tail should become like Alves’ tail as he approached the next stage of growth. However, he didn’t retain this feature in his human form. He had two small horns on his head but due to the fur, these horns were small and hard to find if someone didn’t look carefully. Similarly, his human form didn’t retain this characteristic.

Gu Huai stared at his tail for a moment, He felt that this tail never listened to him and that he couldn’t control his tail like Alves. Thinking this, Gu Huai felt that he should practice more. Thus, he tried to move his black tail.

He just moved it a bit when Gu Huai saw the silver-grey tail near. The silver-grey tail moved a bit closer and after determining that Gu Huai didn’t move his tail, it came closer until it was attached to Gu Huai’s tail. Then the silver-grey tail seemed to solemnly… circle his tail.

“Chirp?” Gu Huai didn’t understand the meaning of Alves’ action. However, it was just a cry. Gu Huai passively accepted Alves’ grooming of his hair and couldn’t help shrinking himself into a ball again.

The golden vertical pupils were big and his curled up body looked even more round. Once again, his fluff was groomed and Gu Huai couldn’t help wondering if he should return the courtesy. Then Gu Huai examined the cub next to him and found that the fluff on this cub’s body was very obedient. Gu Huai searched for a while before finally finding a handful of curly fluff on Alves’ body. He recalled how the other side had done it and approached, gently licking and grooming the fluff.

“Chirp.” The silver-grey tail couldn’t move because it was doing a very important thing but the golden vertical pupils obviously narrowed.

Gu Huai had only felt a bit itchy when his fluff was groomed but now that he was licking Alves’ fluff, he felt a bit unbearable. It was itchy…

The itching feeling was growing stronger. Once it reached a point that was hard to endure, the black cub suddenly changed shape. He was back…?

Gu Huai couldn’t react for a moment. He lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. The next second, Alves had also changed into a human form and blocked his view of the ceiling. It was because he was currently under Alves’ body. Although they weren’t pressed against each other, this pose was a bit ambiguous due to the proximity.

“Tail…” It was known that Gu Huai had no tail in his human form but Alves still pursed his lips and looked for it. Once he couldn’t find it, his mouth became even flatter and his eyebrows dropped slightly.

Seeing Alves’ reaction and recalling how he had solemnly circled Gu Huai’s body Gu Huai couldn’ resist temporarily ignoring their ambiguous posture as he asked, “Why touch the tail?”

Alves looked down. His expression was cold but his response was serious. “Mating.”

Gu Huai was stunned by the word. Before Gu Huai could wonder if he heard incorrectly, Alves repeated, “I want to mate with Ah Huai.”

In Alves’ understanding, mating was the most intimate thing to do with a loved one. It was unknown if a Zerg knew what ‘love’ meant. It was difficult to ask them if they understood the meaning of ‘heart’ or ‘love’ but Alves understood what this meant from Gu Huai. His beloved person was Gu Huai so he wanted to do it with the other person.

Gu Huai, “…”

Gu Huai repeatedly switched between a stunned state and an amused state. It wasn’t because he was dismissing Alves’ words but because he was thinking…

Who had taught the big cat that circling the tails meant ‘mating’? Gu Huai really felt helpless. How pure was this big cat that he thought mating meant simply circling the tails together?

“Mating doesn’t mean touching the tails together…” Gu Huai’s expression was a bit unnatural. Although he was previously human, he still knew what ‘mating’ meant…

Hearing Gu Huai’s words, Alves slightly moved his tail. Instead of putting their tails together, what should they do?

There was a silent inquiry in Alves’ gaze. Gu Huai was stared at by the other person and suddenly felt a bit speechless, his ears inexplicably turning slightly hot. “……”

Even if he knew how to do it, it was impossible to explain to the other person. How could he explain…

As Gu Huai was thinking hard, the big cat in front of him had no psychological burden. Alves moved closer, kissing him and committing a foul. “I like Ah Huai and I want to mate with Ah Huai.”

Gu Huai’s face was red.

The author has something to say:

Chirp Chirp: I want to mate with Ah Huai’s tail (circles tail)

Huaibao: ……(blinks and looks at the tangled up tails)

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Confession time but I was looking forward to their tails being entangled like Siamese cats hah this is my chapter!

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