INH: Chapter 61

Gu Huai finally managed to explain to his Zerg what ‘picking the stars and moon’ meant. He used the spiritual link to explain that this was just an abstract metaphor and that he didn’t really want them to pick the stars and the moon. Gu Huai explained it this way but the Zerg around him still seemed unconvinced.

“Your Majesty, you don’t want the stars and the moon?” The chief of staff confirmed again.

“Chirp.” The black cub raised his head and called out. The golden eyes meant the chief of staff failed to maintain his expression and he couldn’t help taking a step back.

After stabilizing his body, the chief of staff pushed up his glasses. “This subordinate understands.”

Since the king said that picking the stars and moon wasn’t what they thought it meant and he didn’t want it, they wouldn’t pick it. On Levin Star, Shen Mu and Hammer finally returned to the human side and were called to the study for a detailed cross-examination. Since the two had returned without warning and then a rebel attack was encountered, Admiral Shen hadn’t had time to ask about their experiences during this period.

Tomorrow they would set off for the Earth Federation. Before going back, the questions must be asked clearly. After calling the two men to the study, Admiral Shen looked at the two of them. It could be said that he watched the two of them grow into the officers they were today. He pointed to the two chairs opposite him and wondered, “Why aren’t you sitting?”

They didn’t dare to sit down…

Shen Mu and Hammer glanced at each other. They saw the feelings in the other person’s eyes and sat down stiffly. They knew they would be questioned sooner or later and would die after the questioning. The two people had been trying to feel optimistic but now they couldn’t run away.

Once the two of them sat down, the already elderly Admiral Shen knocked on the table and asked, “What happened to the two of you after the fleet encountered the star pirates. Why were you on the Zerg planet as a guest?”

Shen Mu and Hammer both closed their eyes. For a long time, neither of them dared to speak before Hammer finally said, “That… Uncle, this is a long story and the process is very complicated…”

Admiral Shen frowned and interrupted. “Then pick out the key points. The two of you have been in the military for so long. Do you still need me to teach you how to report?”

Wasn’t he afraid to die on the spot after speaking?

Hammer thought painfully in his heart. After a long silence, he barely managed to say, “Our fleet met the star pirates and we were captured by the star pirates. Then the star pirates hit the Zerg battleships and naturally, they were annihilated by the Zerg… The Zerg took both of us back to Tuser and locked us up, but it was really saving us.”

“Then?” Admiral Shen asked.

“Then…” Hammer gulped before continuing. “Then there was a little misunderstanding. Shen Mu and I escaped and tried to find a chance to return to the Earth Federation. During our escape, we stumbled upon the Zerg king…”

Admiral Shen’s expression slightly changed and there was an ominous feeling in his heart. “Continue to speak.”

Hammer thought about their glorious deeds and it was really impossible to say it. Finally, the silent Shen My took over. “Due to his misleading appearance, we mistook the Zerg king as a fellow human captive. Thus, we took him to escape from Tuser to another planet.”

The moment Shen Mu finished speaking, there was a heavy bang in the study. The table between them and Admiral Shen was directly smashed by the latter’s fist. When Admiral Shen was young, his nickname in the military department was ‘Iron Fist’. He had a very bad temper.

Hammer looked at the shattered table in front of him, his body shaking. He felt like the punch had been thrown at both of them. Hammer trembled. “U-Uncle, please calm down. You must calm down—”

“I’m calm!” He had been cultivated himself for many years when he got old. Now Admiral Shen’s violent temper was aroused again. He pointed to the two young people opposite him. “Do you know what you have done? You escaped from prison and took the Zerg king to another planet. No wonder why the Zerg army suddenly came to Earth and told us to return a person. It was the mess caused by the two of you!”

“That day, the Zerg nearly fought with us. If that had happened, the two of you would be sinners who caused a war. You will be written about and criticized in history textbooks in the future!” Admiral Shen became angrier, the veins in his forehead bulging.

Since entering the new era, there might be a bit of friction between humans and Zerg but a big war hadn’t occurred.

People living in the era of peace wouldn’t want to experience war again. This hard-won security was in danger of easily being broken by the two people in front of him, making it impossible for Admiral Shen to not be angry.”

“If I wasn’t the one you encountered on the planet or if you weren’t my son and my son’s best friend… once you return to Earth, the two of you would’ve been handed over to the Federal Military Court.” Admiral Shen glared at the two of them. “Do you know?!”

Hammer quickly nodded. “We know. Please calm down and don’t be angry.”

“What else have the two of you done? Hurry up and tell me!”

“Nothing, there really isn’t anything else.” Hammer looked earnest and sincere.

Admiral Shen calmed down his anger and he almost returned to normal. Coincidentally, Hammer received a communication from Tuser Star at this time.

This communication was sent by Gu Huai.

“Um…” Hammer glanced at Admiral Shen and didn’t dare pick up the communication.

Admiral Shen’s expression sank. “Take it, you can pick it up here.”

The elder had spoken. Hammer didn’t dare refuse and had to accept the communication. In Tuser, Gu Huai had returned to his room using the excuse that he was sleepy. He avoided his Zerg and sent out this communication to Hammer. Once the communication was connected, Gu Huai sent a text to the other side.

[I am in a state where it isn’t convenient to speak and can only convey it thought text.]

The black Zerg cub lay on the bed and stared at the communication image with golden eyes, using his power to enter the text.

“Okay.” Hammer saw the message sent and quickly nodded.

[In fact, there isn’t anything. I just want to remind you that if the Zerg asks you any more questions in the future, it is best to be straightforward when you answer and don’t use any embellishments… especially metaphors. They are likely to misunderstand.]

“Eh?” Hammer couldn’t respond. He didn’t know why Gu Huai suddenly said this to him.

[You told them this time to pick the stars and the moon. They misunderstood and thought this meant to occupy planets. They told me that it would take a little time to pick the moon. I’m sure you should understand what I mean?]

Gu Huai sent this message to remind the two people about the cultural differences and to avoid speaking carelessly. If something really happened then it would be huge. The moment this text was received, Hammer’s body stiffened. He didn’t dare look over to see Admiral Shen’s current expression.

Oh… they came close to letting the Zerg take the moon. Their Earth satellite had nearly become a target for the Zerg. Once the communication ended, Shen Mu and Hammer stood still and didn’t dare to move. They could feel the death glare being sent at them by the opposite person. This gaze almost pierced a hole in both of them, like it wanted to burn them together.

“Both of you, get out and run 10 laps around Levin! If you can’t finish then don’t even think about returning to Earth!” Admiral Shen roared.

Shen Mu and Hammer didn’t dare to stay. They hastily left or the run, not daring to speak even a single word to refute it. Running 10 laps around a planet wasn’t something that normal people could do but now was the time for them to shut their mouths.

After being pitted several times, Gu Huai finally unknowingly pitted the two human officers. The moment the communication ended, Gu Huai felt himself being gently touched by Alves. The round cub with the silver-grey tail rubbed against Gu Huai and the metallic tail was slightly raised.

Gu Huai found that after returning to his young form, Alves liked to be close to him and would occasionally rub against him from time to time. Alves seemed to want to do something but he was slow to do it. Even so, he would be happy when Gu Huai responded to him.

This time was the same. Direct love could be felt from such closeness so Gu Huai intended to respond more clearly. Thus, this time he showed a stronger response than before.”

“Chirp.” The golden eyes that looked like a glass ball looked particularly beautiful. The young black Zerg on the bed leaned his body over and pushed hard against the cub next to him with a pair of small wings.

After receiving such a clear response, Alves’ golden vertical pupils slightly widened and the small wings on his back subconsciously moved. It was because of this response that Alves finally decided to do what he wanted.

The golden eyes reflected a bunch of fur on Gu Huai’s head. Alves stared at this small bunch of fur and moved the silver-grey tail behind him. The next second, the cub with the silver-grey tail leaned out and stuck out his tongue to lick the disobedient fluff on the head of the black baby zerg next to him.

Licking the hair of another cub i.e. combing the hair, was a particularly significant thing in the Zerg race. It expressed a pure feeling.

‘Since I like you very much, I’ll take the initiative to do it.’

The author has something to say:

Chirp Chirp licking Huaibao’s fur.

Huaibao (body shrinking due to itchiness): Chirp—

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Hua Cheng's Bitch
Hua Cheng's Bitch
1 year ago

Arrrrgggghhhh! The fluff uwu
Side note: author seems to have forgotten that in the milky way alone are hundreds of moons, not to even mention the rest of the galaxy

1 year ago

I think the zergs just thought of the most popular moon in that era and earth should be the first thing that come to mind or the other moons are not named moons and only earth’s moon is named moon

1 year ago

I wish Huaibao knew what all the Zerg’s significant meanings Alves does with him!

3 months ago

Translation advice: Star can also be translated as planet, so when there is a planet name followed by star, you should most often remove the star part when translating to english. Tuser star, Earth star, and probably Ivy star, should just be Tuser, Earth, Ivy.