INH: Chapter 60

The cub drank milk from a small bottle. The vertical pupils of the Zerg were in a state of contraction and their eyes were bright. They looked like shiny crystals. The things that the two humans taught them were really useful. This bottle was invented by humans…

At this moment, the Zerg saw the advantages of their enemies from the old era. In terms of raising babies, humans had many references.

After drinking the first mouthful of milk from a bottle, Gu Huai felt that he had no bottom line as a person, even if he wasn’t a person now. Since he already endured the humiliating burden of drinking the first mouthful, he would drink all of it. Otherwise, this humiliating burden would be meaningless.

Gu Huai gave himself a lot of mental construction. At this time, the cub’s mouth was around the small bottle. His golden eyes looked at the bottle and tried hard to drink the milk, wanting to finish the milk in the bottle quickly.

Every time the cub sucked at the bottle, the suction would make a slight sound. This sound was actually very light but due to the Zerg’s excellent hearing ability, the sound from this bottle could be called very clear. Once this sound appeared, there were Zerg in the room who found breathing difficult and slightly leaned back, but no Zerg fell backwards.

It wasn’t because the impact wasn’t large enough. They just felt that they couldn’t miss the scene of their king drinking milk from a bottle, so they persisted with a strong will.

Meanwhile, Gu Huai closed his eyes and didn’t pay attention to them. The small bottle couldn’t contain a lot of milk. Gu Huai grunted as he drank and soon finished it. The bottle was empty.

The king completed his first bottle of milk and the Zerg were excited and happy. This was a particularly memorable thing. Once he finished this, Gu Huai felt like his entire body was sublimated. Aiyi took the empty bottle from the baby’s mouth and thought about what to do next.

The two humans said that after drinking the milk, hold up the baby and tap his back. Aiyi did so. He carefully held up the black cub on his leg and patted the baby on the back with the lightest force.

After burping, Gu Huai was put back in his previous position. The black cub on the table was already round. After drinking a whole bottle of milk, his stomach was bulging and his body looked rounder.

The king was so cute. The Zerg didn’t want to do anything. They just needed to look at their king in his baby form for the whole day and they would feel joy.

After experiencing a difficult life, Gu Huai looked at all the Zerg in the room and comforted himself by saying he had done something meaningful. Meanwhile, Alves was in his cub form and place his small silver-grey tail around the cub next to him, using his tail to pull the black cub over. Since Gu Huai didn’t want to use the bottle, Alves hadn’t been interested in the task of feeding. Now his instinctive desire for monopoly meant he used this action.

Gu Huai was able to roughly understand Alves’ reaction. He knew that this big cat could be coaxed as long as he was obedient. Thus, once the black cub finished drinking milk, the two round cubs stuck together again.

Gu Huai had accepted the invitation to come to Levin to establish diplomatic relations with the Fields. Now that this task was completed, they could go back to Tuser. Even if Gu Huai didn’t say that he wanted to go back to Tuser, the Zerg who followed him to the planet were eager to go home. Today’s Tuser Star had the most powerful defenses. It could be called a steel fortress. Their king was currently in his baby form and they had to protect him in the safest place.

The Zerg fleet was ready to leave Levin but they had to say goodbye to Shen Mu and Hammer, who were staying on Levin Star for a few days before returning to the Earth Federation. They had been the Zerg’s guests for a long time. In fact, during this period, they were treated well and had some friendship with the Zerg, although it wasn’t know if the friendship was a one-sided thing.

The Zerg were always cold and it was hard for outsiders to pry into their emotions. Their most distinctive emotion was their love for their king. However, Shen Mu previously received a small parting gift. He should have a bit of friendship with the Zerg.

Due to their separate racial identities, Shen Mu and Hammer thought that it might be difficult to meet the Zerg like this again. These two of them had a bit of regret at this thought.

“Chirp.” Facing the two humans saying farewell to the Zerg, the black cub resting on the shoulders of a Tak Zerg called out to them, golden eyes watching them.

The chief of staff received a spiritual link at this time. He steadied his expression and stepped forward towards the two humans. “His Majesty says that he welcomes you to come to Tuser Star again. He hopes there will be a chance to meet in the future.”

Shen Mu and Hammer were moved. Just as they were thinking it might be their one-sided thoughts, they received a definite response.

Hammer was so touched that he felt he should give something back. He remembered that this Zerg had asked them how to spoil babies a long time ago. Hammer waited for the Tak Zerg carrying Gu Huai to enter the ship first before coughing and giving the Zerg some small advice. “In fact, the method of spoiling a baby is very simple. The essence is one thing. Pick the stars and the moon to give the baby everything they want.”

Picking the stars and the moon.

The Zerg present were thoughtful when they heard this sentence. Hammer said this but he had forgotten the cultural differences between the two. ‘Picking the stars and moon’ was just a metaphor but it didn’t sound like that in the ears of the Zerg.

“Thank you for the information.” The chief of staff nodded to Hammer.

Unaware of the seriousness of the situation, Hammer had a smile on his face as he waved to the leaving Zerg. “It’s fine. If you have any questions to ask in this regard then you can send us a message.”

The chief of staff responded. “Okay.”

The two sides separated. The Yula warship carrying the king in his cub form constantly flashed blue lights as it flew, reflecting the Yula warship’s good mood. To the other starships encountered along the way, the flashing lights meant that even the destroyer-class Yula warship didn’t seem so terrible.

They returned to Tuser. Tuser’s airport was already full of Zerg soldiers waiting for their king to return. They wanted to see their king’s cub form with their own eyes and didn’t want to wait another second. If they had a space transfer ability, they would’ve immediately teleported to their king’s side. The king had become a real cub but they couldn’t see it. They felt a bit down.

The moment Gu Huai landed at Tuser’s airport, he had to face this scene. Watching the Zerg whose eyes widened by the sight of him, Gu Huai learned to take advantage of his current form.

“Chirp.” The black cub on the Tak Zerg’s shoulders stunned the Zerg greeting him at the airport, golden eyes watching them. Hearing this soft chirp, the Zerg waiting on Tuser immediately had difficulty breathing and subconsciously held their breath.

It wasn’t just one cub Zerg on the Tak Zerg. Next to the black cub, the silent silver cub kept his tail around the other side to keep the black cub from falling off. Due to having two cubs on its shoulder, the Tak Zerg became extra careful. Despite its terrible appearance, the Tak Zerg undoubtedly showed the gestures of a parent at this time.

Almost all areas of Alves’ private mansion was now covered with several layer of velvet blankets, which the Zerg had prepared in order to prevent their king from accidentally falling when walking in his cub form. Their king in this form wasn’t able to walk very well. If he was unstable like before and fell to the ground then he would be hurt. Don’t talk about how their king could tear apart two or three warships. Tearing apart a warship didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt when falling. How could these two things be the same?

Once they returned to the mansion, the Tak Zerg carefully leaned down and placed the two cubs onto the soft, velvet floor. After putting them down, the Tak Zerg stared at the black cub on the velvet blanket, a low hissing sound coming from its throat.

“Your Majesty, this is a glass ball for you.” The chief of staff placed a glass ball in front of the black cub on the ground.

Putting down a toy ball for their king… all the Zerg in the room were looking forward to it.

Gu Huai, “……”

The thoughts of these Zerg were so obvious that Gu Huai could see it instantly. Gu Huai glanced at the glass ball in front of him and was silent for two seconds. Then he thought about how he drank milk from a bottle so playing with a toy ball was nothing. In order to meet the expectations of the surrounding Zerg, Gu Huai opened his golden eyes and stared at this glass ball. After a few seconds, he stretched out a front paw and gently touched the glass ball in front of him.

Seeing this scene, many of the Zerg stopped breathing and had to turn around to try and breathe a few mouthfuls. The chief of staff could barely maintain his expression but he had one more thing to ask.

“Your Majesty, how many stars do you want?” The chief of staff kneeled in front of the black cub. “The moon might take a while to pick because… the moon is the satellite of the human capital, Earth Star.”

The chief of staff mentioned it and all the Zerg in the room remembered the matter. The two humans taught them that spoiling the baby meant picking the stars and moon for him. There was only one moon so they had to pick many stars for their king.

“Chirp?” Gu Huai was confused and didn’t know where this topic came from.

“Humans say that parents who love their baby will pick the stars and moon for their baby. We can pick many stars for you, as many as you want.” The chief of staff spoke seriously.

The word ‘pick’ meant to occupy it. This was what the Zerg understood. Gu Huai heard this and hastily established a spiritual link in order to avoid his Zerg really running to pick the stars and the moon.

「 Picking the stars and moon doesn’t mean that… 」

It was difficult to explain the meaning of this statement to the Zerg and Gu Huai started to have a headache.

The two humans far away on Levin Star didn’t know that they had pitted Gu Huai once again or that something rich and colourful would be added to their lives’ glorious deeds. They were almost recorded down in history as the initiators who caused the Zerg and humans to compete for the moon.

The author has something to say:

Zerg (serious): Pick the stars and moon for the king.

Chirp Huai (stunned): Chirp?!

The two humans: Brush things away, deeply hide their work and fame.

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