INH: Chapter 6

Gu Huai’s first reaction to seeing a high-grade Zerg on the abandoned planet filled with only himself and the Tak Zerg was surprise. Although Gu Huai wanted to show a second reaction, it was just after transferring his mental energy to the injured flower. The flower was rejuvenated but he quickly felt sleepy, as expected. This type of spiritual drowsiness couldn’t be resisted. In just a few seconds, Gu Huai fell into a dream.

The young man leaned to the side. At this time, Alves was still staring without any thought and didn’t move, but the silver-grey tail behind him seemed to instinctively circle the other side’s body.

The Zerg above the gamma class would retain certain racial traits when entering the humanoid adult form. The specific preserved part was different according to the Zerg. The ethnic characteristics retained by Alves was the tail.

The silver-grey tail seemed to be afraid of accidentally wringing the human body it was circling. At first, it was a light ring but it fell to temptation and kept tightening until the youth was firmly circled. Then the tail didn’t move.

Alves looked at his tail with a blank expression. The tail was part of his body and used as a weapon during combat, making it easy to use. The tail shouldn’t defy its master’s will or make its own decisions but Alves found his tail wasn’t willing to let go of this person.

He should be unhappy that his body parts weren’t following his will but he wasn’t angry this time. Through the tail, Alves felt the warm body temperature of the person it encircled. Normally, the Zerg’s body temperature was low and Alves silver tail had no temperature at all. The cold tail came into contact with a warm body and the excessive difference in temperature gave Alves the illusion of being burned.

Warm, soft and weak. If he tightened his tail a bit more, the man he was currently circling would be broken in a flash.

“Huwu…” Since his sleeping position wasn’t very comfortable, Gu Huai slightly frowned and let out a slight sound. Alves’ vertical pupils shrank when he heard this sound, a change that was obscured by the black blindfold covering his eyes. The blindfold blocked his vision. In this black world, Alves’ tail consciously moved the youth closed to him. He held out his hand in this darkness and easily touched the sleeping person.

Alves silently held the other person in his arms. Such a position was more convenient to sleep in. Gu Huai, sleeping in the silver-haired Zerg’s arms, gradually relaxed his brow and his breathing became more shallow.

Seeing this process, the Tak Zerg showing vigilance to Alves finally stopped staring at the other side with their scarlet eyes. Since the youth was protected by the surrounding Tak Zerg, the Tak must’ve found a place to use as a nest. Alves, led by the Tak, brought Gu Huai back to the nest and then sent a signal to his subordinates.

The high-grade Zerg who received the position signal rushed to the cave. As soon as they arrived, the high-grade Zerg in black uniforms were completely glued to the black-haired youth their leader was holding.


A great joy filled these high-grade Zerg, leaving their limbs stiff and their mind blank of any thoughts. The sudden and intense emotion didn’t have a suitable method to be vented. It ran through their brains and eventually, some of the Zerg soldiers vented their emotions through their eyes.

They didn’t know why but liquid flowed from their eyes. This cool liquid blurred their line of sight, causing them to be unable to see the young man sleeping quietly. This made some of the high-grade Zerg feel disgruntled or raise their hands to wipe the liquid with a puzzled expression.

For the Zerg who lacked an emotional nature, they didn’t understand what tears were.

It was clear that their leader usually didn’t like someone to be within two metres of him, let alone physical contact. His only physical contact was piercing the enemy’s body during battle. Once the high-grade Zerg recovered their senses, they belatedly felt shock at the sight of their leader holding this young man in his arms.

Still, Gu Huai’s attraction was too great. The high-grade Zerg were only surprised for a second before their attention was taken away by the youth in the silver-haired Zerg’s arms.

The black hair looked very soft and a bit messy. Due to the side posture, it was gently attached to the white cheeks. The young man’s eyelids were quietly lowered and the long eyelashes were still. Their king looked very different from them. In this youth, the high-grade Zerg didn’t see any remaining ethnic identity.

Their skin was cold white and extremely defensive. Ordinary beam weapons could only give them small bruises. Meanwhile, this young man’s skin was a different type of white and seemingly vulnerable to injury. The above was a rational judgment. The irrational feelings of the high-grade Zerg at this time was:

King… too cute…

The soft black hair was cute, the quiet sleep was also very cute and the slightly raised eyelashes were particularly cute. The more they looked, the brighter the eyes of the Zerg became. The brightness was like a small sun.

“Leader, shall we take the king out of this damn place now?” A high-grade Zerg spoke excitedly.

Deputy Alger stepped forward first before Alves could reply. “The king might be afraid if he wakes up in a strange place. I think we should first wait for the king to wake up.”

Inside the cave, only a small part of the eggshell was eaten. Their king had just broken out of the shell for a few days. The situation might be special and the body inside the egg had grown into adulthood but it was true that it was only a few days after birth. Babies were easily frightened, even Zerg babies.

Alger said so and the Zerg found that they hadn’t thought about it properly. They agreed with the former’s view. Alves glanced at the others and acquiesced to his deputy’s advice.

Waiting for the king to wake up was also a very happy thing. The high-grade Zerg started to watch their king. The Tak Zerg in the cave instinctively let out a low hissing sound as they also watched the sleeping youth. Even without intelligence, the Tak Zerg were vaguely aware of what the appearance of the high-grade Zerg meant…

The baby they were looking after might be going to another planet. These much more powerful contemporaries would take the young person to a planet that was more beautiful than here. He would get everything he wanted and grow up healthy thanks to so many high-grade Zerg.

In this case, the youth didn’t need them. There was no reason to stay with them. This awareness and understanding made the Tak Zerg instinctively release a sound.

They were happy that the baby could go to a more beautiful planet. They were happy that the baby could be better cared for and protected.

They were reluctant to let go of him.

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1 year ago

Aww the take zergs are so freaking cute.

1 year ago

It came faster than I thought

Mr. Quack
Mr. Quack
2 months ago

Awww the Tak zergs better come with or imma cry (⁠ノ⁠ಥ⁠,⁠_⁠」⁠ಥ⁠)⁠ノ⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻