INH: Chapter 59

Gu Huai shrank back and hid behind Alves. This behaviour clearly expressed his rejection.

“Chirp chirp.” Gu Huai was calling for Alves.

“Chirp.” Alves replied in response to the call. He didn’t change back to an adult form but Alves kept Gu Huai behind him.

The picture was of a white, fluffy Zerg cub with a small pair of wings covering the other black cub with his baby, silver-grey tail quietly shaking behind him.

Alves only listened to Gu Huai’s words and ignored the ideas of the other Zerg. However, the Zerg present didn’t easily give up.

This idea wasn’t very good but Gu Huai’s attitude towards them and his many concessions made the discover one thing…

The king was actually very soft toward them. It was because Gu Huai was always gentle to them and in some cases, even indulgent. This was why they were like this, trying to make Gu Huai change his mind. All the Zerg, including the three army leaders, were all on the same side except for Alves.

The chief of staff held the small bottle filled with warm milk and brought out the reasons he thought of earlier, “Your Majesty, it is more convenient to feed you with a bottle right now. It is easy and won’t dirty your body.”

The chief of staff said so and the other Zerg in the room looked at the black baby crouching behind Alves, silently showing their anticipation.

“Chirp!” No, this time, he wouldn’t agree no matter what the Zerg thought. Gu Huai felt that he should have a bottom line as a man and couldn’t drink from a bottle.

The eyes of the Zerg had been shining brightly. Once Gu Huai disagreed, those bright eyes turned helpless. This look was very direct and they hoped that Gu Huai would change his mind.

“Your Majesty…” One Zerg even spoke.

The black cub behind Alves moved his body slightly. Gu Huai was a bit shaken. During a rejection, even the slightest shaking was fatal. Gu Huai’s attitude subconsciously softened.

The eye attack of the Zerg continued and Gu Huai finally lost. “…Chirp.”

This… the bottom line could be lowered. In any case, he wasn’t human anymore. This way, Gu Huai felt much better. In fact, the chief of staff’s words made sense. If it wasn’t a bottle, his current form meant he could only lick a cup of fresh milk. That was also a bit shameful. Gu Huai tried to convince himself as he finally emerged from behind Alves.

“Chirp.” The black cub with golden eyes quietly cried out to the Zerg in front of him, voice so small that they could hardly hear it. Still, the Zerg who heard it were instantly happy. They knew that Gu Huai had agreed.

There was just a question among the Zerg. Who among them would feed their king? Even if they went by class order, there were four alpha class Zerg. If Alves wasn’t involved, there were three left. Was it right to go out to fight and the winner would feed him?

Of course, things didn’t go that far. Gu Huai saw that the Zerg were struggling and casually proposed a method he felt was quite fair.

「 Use rock paper scissors. 」

Let them play rock paper scissors for a while and Gu Huai could also have time to accept this reality. It was estimated that the Zerg didn’t know what rock paper scissors was. Gu Huai established a spiritual link and explained.

「 It is a two person game. There were three gestures: rock, paper and scissors. Two people will make one of these three gestures at the same time. Then rock wins against scissors, scissors wins against paper and paper wins against rock. It is very simple. 」

Gu Huai conveyed his thoughts through the spiritual link to every Zerg in the room. After hearing Gu Huai’s words, apart from Alves, Capalia frowned slightly, Simodo scratched his head and Aiyi’s cold expression showed a soft smile.

This method of choosing was indeed fair in most cases, even if they used their extremely keen dynamic vision to guess whether the opponent would produce rock, paper or scissors Since they had similar combat capabilities, this could also be considered fair.

However, Aiyi was here and it wasn’t fair. Aiyi’s prediction ability allowed him to know the results of the game a few seconds in advance. He only needed to make corresponding changes based on the result.

Gu Huai hadn’t taken this into consideration when he told them to use rock paper scissors. Although the Zerg present realized it, they didn’t want to oppose Gu Huai’s words. Thus, the result had no suspense.

“Um… you cheated.” Simodo looked at his scissors and Aiyi’s rock and couldn’t say anymore with his fierce face. Aiyi smiled at him, looking at ease. Capalia had lost before Simodo. She just coldly used her knife-shaped left hand to make a pit in the ground and snorted coldly.

The bottle went to Aiyi. Although it was a pity that they couldn’t feed the king by holding a small bottle themselves, the Zerg in the room were still enthusiastic that the king was drinking milk in the form of a cub.

The time had come. Seeing that there was already a result, Gu Huai knew he couldn’t hide. The black cub on the table subconsciously approached the other Zerg cub next to him. This was a subtle change. Since he knew that Alves only listened to him, Gu Huai unknowingly developed a habit that could be considered as dependence on Alves.

“Chirp.” Alves whispered in response, the silver-grey tail behind him enclosing around the black cub. Since the two of them were so close together, Alves only needed to move his body to complete this light action.

For no reason, Gu Huai was moved so close to the other person. He looked at the silver-grey tail guarding his body and suddenly felt a bit shy. Perhaps it was because from Alves’ actions, Gu Huai clearly felt that Alves expressed his love toward him.

Fortunately, he was now covered in black fur and a blush couldn’t be seen. Thinking about it, Gu Huai responded to Alves with the same action.

“Chirp.” It was the same sound and the black cub with round eyes also moved closer to the other baby with similar golden eyes. The two round cubs stuck to each other made the other Zerg in the room stare intently.

However, the feeding couldn’t be delayed. After watching the two cubs for a while, Aiyi took the baby bottle and walked forward.

In fact, who taught the Zerg about bottle feeding? The answer was the two human generals who visited the Zerg an hour ago. They pitted Gu Huai.

First, place the baby on his lap.

The black cub on the table was placed onto Aiyi’s lap and his posture adjusted. It was said that a semi-lying position was better. Thus, the black cub passively moved his body on Aiyi’s lap. Then the small bottle was placed into his mouth.

It had progressed to this point and the eyes of the Zerg lit up by dozens of degrees. They could only be described as hot.

Gu Huai’s brain was naturally empty. He just opened his glass-like eyes. Things were already like this. Once a person’s integrity had fallen, it couldn’t be picked up. His bottom line couldn’t go back so Gu Huai gave up struggling. In order to make his Zerg happy, it was too difficult, really too difficult.

Gu Huai closed his eyes and bore the burden of drinking from a bottle. The black cub lay on Aiyi’s lap and drank the first mouthful of milk from the bottle.

The author has something to say:

When Huaibao first used a small bottle to drink milk:

Huai Bao: It’s too hard.

Zerg (excitedly recording videos): Snap, snap, snap—

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1 year ago

This is so funny xD

✨ Noé ✨
1 year ago

This reminded me of the first scene of the movie Two Brothers (2004), when the tiger cub was fed milk with a bottle and the camera zoomed on his amber eyes, bright from the sunlight. Thank you for the chapter!

4 months ago

welp I think he has a problem of saying no feel bad for him

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