INH: Chapter 58

The king was doing something as important as learning how to walk, how could it not be recorded? Although the chief of staff fell down, once he saw Gu Huai learning to walk while being escorted by Alves, he used his strong will to let the Zerg soldiers next to him help him up. Not only could he not miss the process of watching his king learn to walk, he still had to record the whole process.

After barely standing up, the chief of staff watched the black cub on the bed learn how to walk and didn’t let go of any details. Since the first video recording of Gu Huai, the chief of staff had specifically added a video recording function to his glasses that could be turned on at any time. There were too many things to record, the chief of staff thought.

The entire growth process of the king during the cub period was very meaningful to the Zerg. The growth process was only once and they could no longer see it if they missed it, whether it was learning to walk or other things…

The chief of staff calmly steadied his glasses. For this glorious task, he couldn’t fall!

Gu Huai learned to walk with the escort of Alves. From when he walked between the head of the bed and the end of the bed… or when he was crawling around, he had no idea that his learning to walk had been fully recorded.

Their king learned to walk so fast.

Once the Zerg cub with golden eyes could walk on his own without needing the silver-grey tail of the cub next to him to adjust his body balance, the eyes of the Zerg around the bed could only be described as shiny.

In fact, for the Zerg race, a cub learning to walk should’ve been taken for granted and was nothing special. The cubs of the Zerg race were already capable of attacking at birth compared to the young of other races. If ordinary humans without any weapons faced a Zerg cub, escaping was normal. After all, the sharp teeth and biting force of a Zerg cub could already penetrate steel and alloys. For a cub who was born to fight, there was no need to pay attention to walking.

However, the king was different. He didn’t seem to be able to fight as a cub and even in adulthood, he didn’t have much defenses. The Zerg also knew that creatures were more vulnerable when they were young compared to when they were adults. Thus, the Zerg’s caretaking mentality was now at 120,000%.

“Your Majesty, can this subordinate send the video of you to the soldiers on Tuser and other planets?” The chief of staff knelt beside the bed so that his gaze was parallel to the black baby on the bed. “This is mainly for the sake of fairness.”

Although absolute fairness couldn’t be achieved, the chief of staff tried his best to consider the other Zerg who failed to follow Gu Huai to Levin. Hearing the chief of staff, the black cub who just learned to walk was in a stunned state. His already wide vertical pupils became even bigger.

What video? Wasn’t this punishment too public…? However, facing the bright eyes of the Zerg surrounding him and thinking of how upset the Zerg left behind on Tuser had looked, Gu Huai finally chose to agree.

“Chirp.” It wasn’t a complicated word so the black cub on the bed didn’t set up a spiritual link. He just cried out toward the chief of staff to express his consent. The chief of staff was directly affected by this chirp and couldn’t maintain the expression on his face for a moment, He turned his head and tried to breathe a few times before looking back.

With Gu Huai’s consent, the chief of staff started sending the video to groups of Zerg soldiers on other planets. After receiving the video link sent by the chief of staff to their personal terminal, the Zerg soldiers on other planets looked as cold as usual. They once they accepted the connection and saw the Zerg cub appearing in the video, none of the Zerg soldiers could move.

In addition to a live video, they also received a recorded video to their terminal. This recorded video included scenes of Gu Huai accidentally falling forward while walking on the bed and the black cub learning to walk while a silver-grey tail guarded his body.


Upon hearing this, many Zerg soldiers watching the recorded video couldn’t bear it and fell straight down like the chief of staff. The soldiers of the Grey Tower also received this video and there was no need to ask about their mood. They were so happy that they wanted to use the Meteorite on the Star Alliance again. Of course, the Meteorite couldn’t be used to blow up anything but fireworks could be exploded.

Looking at Gu Huai’s cub appearance, the Grey Towers living on Ivy Star decided to start making new fireworks. The shape of the fireworks after exploding was Gu Huai’s cub form. If the Star Alliance knew what these Grey Tower soldiers wanted to do, they would probably have only one idea right now:

Aren’t your Zerg genes too poisonous?

Since the Zerg helped the Fields race during the attack on the imperial academy by the rebels, Fields’ governor wanted to thank the Zerg personally the next day. They should also discuss the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two sides.

To be honest, the current state of the Zerg was that they didn’t want to care about these people at all. Their mood could be summed up as:

Don’t message us, no time and no interest. Busy raising the baby.

Seeing that their king had returned to his cub form, they didn’t know how long it would last. He could change back at any time. They were busy watching him and how could they have time to manage other things?

Once Gu Huai said that he couldn’t find a way to change back, the Zerg might’ve maintained a cold expression on the surface but they were actually very happy in their hearts.

Gu Huai couldn’t not see it. These Zerg obviously particularly liked how he was now so he gradually came out of his ostrich mentality. In fact, thinking carefully, it wasn’t that humiliating…

Wasn’t it just walking, falling and learning to walk again? Why be embarrassed? Gu Huai convinced himself in this manner and started to look at his young form. In Gu Huai’s current form, he couldn’t directly talk to the Fields’ ruling officer. In addition, the Zerg now refused to leave him so the governor faced a great number of Zerg when he came over.

The governor was a bit embarrassed and he used his eyes to search for the black-haired youth who should be surrounded by the Zerg. However, he never found it. Instead, he found that all of the Zerg’s eyes were directed at the same place.

He followed the eyes of the Zerg and saw two young creatures, one black and one white, looking fluffy and round. They were on the head of a huge Tak Zerg and seemed to be leaning together. The cub on the left used his silver- grey tail to protect the black cub on the right, as if it would prevent the black cub from accidentally falling off the Tak Zerg.

In fact, this was indeed the case. In order to avoid anything happening when Gu Huai failed to control the balance of his body, Alves wrapped his tail around Gu Huai next to him as much as possible, causing the two cubs to be intimately close to each other.

It wasn’t convenient to convey complex ideas with chirping so Gu Huai used the spiritual link. Thus, this was the scene that followed:

The three army leaders and chief of staff sat opposite the governor. On the table between them was the black and the white Zerg cubs. The governor saw two Zerg cubs with different golden vertical pupils and suddenly squirmed.

“His Majesty can’t speak directly to you right now. I will act as an intermediary to convey His Majesty’s words to you.” The chief of staff stated.

It should’ve been a very solemn and serious scene. The governor was a bit overwhelmed and paused for a few seconds before saying, “First of all, I want to express gratitude to the Zerg race on behalf of the Fields people. Thank you very much for helping our race during the incident…”

“Chirp.” The black cub on the table gave a cry.

The eyes of the Zerg opposite the governor flickered for a moment. Then the chief of staff barely recovered his expression and pushed up his glasses. “His Majesty has accepted your thanks.”

The governor, “…”

He had no way when facing this type of diplomatic scene. The governor had to say, “About what our two sides previously discussed, the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Zerg and the Fields…”

The other side didn’t finish. Gu Huai felt that his current state wasn’t suitable for an official conversation so he gave a quick response.

“Chirp chirp.” The black cub on the table made a sound again.

The eyes of the Zerg in the room brightened. It was difficult for the chief of staff to maintain his expression as he replied calmly, “His Majesty agrees with you. The two races should establish a friendly contract.”

“We will draw up a friendship contract as soon as possible. Can I ask if you have anything else you want to discuss?” The chief of staff inquired.

The governor knew that the Zerg’s attitude of ignoring him wasn’t aimed at him at all. He could basically see that this group of Zerg was now in a complete ‘don’t come to me state.’ Their hearts were only full of their king.

Thus, the governor walked out quickly. He didn’t want to stay and be annoying.

After sleeping for so long, combined with his mental exertion in the previous battle, Gu Huai now felt a bit hungry. Before Gu Huai could speak, the chief of staff spoke the moment the Fields governor left. “This subordinate has prepared food for you.”

As he said this, the chief of staff’s eyes under the glasses were extremely bright. The other Zerg in the room had the same reaction but Gu Huai didn’t notice.

“Chirp.” The cub gave a soft cry and continued to rest on the table comfortably. Gu Huai was very comfortable until he saw his chief of staff take out a small bottle…

The golden eyes that were like a glass ball widened and the black cub subconsciously hid his body behind Alves. “Chirp, chirp chirp—!”

Who would tell him why there was a bottle here?!

The author has something to say:

Huai Chirp: Chirp, chirp chip—! (No bottle!)

Zerg: …… (Bright eyes offensive)

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