INH: Chapter 56

After completely crushing an iron warship, the black-haired youth surrounded by Zerg looked calm, like nothing had happened. He just looked at the complete wreck of a warship and was silent. The young man had soft black hair and looked good.

The surrounding people’s first impression of Gu Huai was softness. Placed among the cold Zerg, he was like a small animal mixed into a group of ferocious predators. The soft-skinned animal was protected by a group of terrible creatures with sharp teeth and claws. It seemed a bit out of line with this group.

So at this moment, when Gu Huai converged his expression and showed his golden eyes and power as the king of the Zerg, the people present suddenly found that the person protected by the Zerg was actually a more terrible existence.

However, the Zerg clearly didn’t think so.

“Your Majesty—”

The moment the battle was over, the Zerg soldiers scrambled to reach Gu Huai’s side. They scanned Gu Huai from head to toe several times with a nervous gaze. The Zerg were usually expressionless and would rarely show such an obvious emotional response. The reaction of the Zerg entered the eyes of the rescued Fields people and the rebels, who remained silent.

Obviously, not a single hair on Gu Huai’s head was hurt yet the Zerg were still worried. This made other people at the scene really want to insert a row of question marks above their heads.

?? What was going on with this group of Zerg???

Originally, the Zerg caring for their king wasn’t a problem. The problem was that they had just watched Gu Huai dismantle a few warships. It made them unable to understand the Zerg’s tension at this time.

The Zerg behaved like parents, treating their king as a baby in need of protection. They were determined not to waver in this idea, no matter the reality. If they had a conversation with the Zerg, it would probably be like this:

Them: Wake up! Your king is an adult!

Zerg (firmly): Our king is a baby.

Them: Wake up! Your king can tear apart warships!

Zerg (stubborn): Our king is a baby.

What was wrong with being able to dismantle warships? Even if he could dismantle warships, their king might be injured. In addition, using so much mental force was a lot of consumption for their king. His body might be uncomfortable. Even if his body wasn’t uncomfortable, their king might be scared by the attack. How could they not worry?

In the face of the Zerg’s nervous concern, Gu Huai finally opened his mouth. “I’m not injured. Don’t worry about me.”

Gu Huai didn’t want to talk because he was no particularly tired. He blinked to drive his sleepiness away and turned to look at the Tak Zerg around him. “Is Karu hurt? In addition, the others, are you all okay?”

The Tak Zerg called by Gu Huai responded with a low hiss, scarlet eyes fixed on Gu Huai. They were just hit by small stones and this wasn’t itchy for the Tak Zerg. The small stones would at most leave a few traces where they hit and there would be no actual harm.

However, Gu Huai saw the small traces where the Tak Zerg were hit by the small stones and his eyes stopped on them for several seconds. Due to Gu Huai’s actions, the scarlet pupils of the Tak Zerg slightly narrowed. Despite not having much intelligence, the giant Tak Zerg instinctively raised its forearm, avoiding the sharp side as the forearm was used to gentle touch Gu Huai’s soft hair. This behavior was to pacify the baby.

‘If only the eggshell were still here,’ the Tak Zerg thought with their monotonous thinking.

If the eggshell was still there while their baby was unhappy and frightened, they could keep the baby in the eggshell and rock him to sleep. Gu Huai’s hair was touched in this way and he subconsciously blinked.

Even if the planet’s defense system had problems and they couldn’t react in time, how could the army respond slowly? Such a big thing happened at the most important school on the planet. Levin’s army should arrive by now.

Knowing that it was a rebellion by the rebel forces, the governor of the Fields people couldn’t sit still and came with the army. The governor’s mood could be called in a hurry. He was anxiously thinking about how he could suppress the riot without casualties. It was clearly almost impossible to achieve, making the governor’s heart sink.

He originally thought they were going to face the rebel warships surrounding the school or even a scene of destruction. Then once he arrived at the scene, he saw warships on the ground unable to operate due to the destruction of their power system and he directly lost his ability to speak.

What was this situation?? The governor’s mind was consumed by the riot and the next second, he was stunned by the scene where it seemed like the battle had ended. There was no need for him to hesitate to deal with this matter. The incident was perfectly solved.

Why was it perfect? It was because the situation on the ground was as he hoped. It was largely free of casualties. Although all the warships had fallen to the ground, they had just fallen and didn’t crash. The rebels were now in a bound and captured state. Without warships and other weapons, the ground force had their weapons twisted into pieces by Alves and Gu Huai used his equivalent exchange ability to turn the weapons into iron bars.

In the face of this situation, it was easy for Levin’s army to completely control the scene. Soon after learning about the situation through others, the Fields governor expressed his deep gratitude to Gu Huai in person.

In fact, he was sleepy but Gu Huai barely supported his spirit to solve this problem. Due to his desperate desire to sleep, Gu Huai’s expression didn’t show sleepiness but it wasn’t the same as usual. It gave people an illusion of cold indifference.

Gu Huai spoke flatly, “The reason for this riot, you are more aware of the reason than I am. If you don’t solve the root cause, the same thing will continue to happen in the future. Maybe next time, it won’t end with no casualties.”

After saying this, Gu Huai looked at the Tak Zerg next to him. “The soldiers of our race are divided by class by the low-grade Zerg are still very important to me.”

The Zerg had a typical pyramid-type society but there was no class discrimination within their race.

“I understand, thank you for your help.” The governor didn’t pretend to be ignorant and answered positively. In fact, since taking office, the governor had been working hard to resolve the problems within his own race but the results had been relatively slow. It was because their racial discrimination against the dark-skinned Fields was so entrenched that it took time to address it.

Gu Huai had no intention of interfering with the politics of other races. It was just that this time it happened to hit him and he helped out. Now he verbally mentioned it and it was up to the other side to follow up. How they handled the situation was their own choice. As soon as the matter was resolved, Gu Huai no longer forced himself. He immediately raised his hands and rubbed his eyes, an expression of sleepiness appearing on his face.

“Sleepy…” Gu Huai muttered to Alves standing next to him in a low voice, almost too low to hear. Alves saw Gu Huai rubbing his eyes. His tail had been circled around Gu Huai and now that he heard Gu Huai’s words, he held Gu Huai in his arms. After being held safely, the long sleepy Gu Huai couldn’t contain his sleepiness and fell asleep.

This… was it? Apart from the Zerg, the people in the audience was stunned. The surrounding Zerg looked like this scene was natural. Their king was still a baby. His mental energy consumption was too much and he was tired. It was natural to want to sleep. Once their baby was sleeping, no one was allowed to argue.

At this time, the Zerg were expressionless and seemed to be warning the people around them to make no noise. Gu Huai fell asleep and knew nothing. He was taken back to the second floor room of his residence by Alves, where he slept for more than a dozen hours.

Once he woke up, Gu Huai’s entire world changed.

「——! 」

A spiritual link.

The Zerg waiting downstairs for Gu Huai to wake up suddenly received the spiritual link filled with panic. No matter how many times they received such spiritual links, the reaction of these Zerg wouldn’t change.

“The king—!”

This time, no one was in Gu Huai’s room out of fear of disturbing his sleep. This included Alves who was staying on the first floor. Even though they knew that no enemy could go to the second floor unnoticed, the Zerg who received a spiritual link were tense and immediately rushed to Gu Huai’s room.

Alves directly used space transfer to move to the room within a second or two. Meanwhile, the other Zerg rushed to the door and pushed it open.

“Your Majesty?!”

Once they entered the room, the Zerg didn’t see Gu Huai on the bed. Their eyes swept over every corner of the room but the results were still the same. The king was gone?! This knowledge made all their pupils contract. The huge Tak Zerg let out sharp hisses, scarlet vertical pupils compressed to a thin line. Their chaotic concern and excessive tension made these Zerg lose their original keen perception. Even Alves squinted for a moment before his eyes suddenly locked on the bed.

The other Zerg followed Alves’ line of sight and saw something bulging from the pure white quilt laid out on the bed. They watched Alves walk over to the bed, reach for the corner and slowly lift the pure white quilt. Then all the Zerg in the room saw the precious treasure hidden under the quilt.


In the bed, body shrinking back like he didn’t know how to act when facing so many Zerg, a black plush creature opened its golden pupils that were round like a glass ball. Then he made a chirping sound toward the Zerg watching him.

The author has something to say:

Black dumpling Huaibao (body shrinking back): Chirp!

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NO WAY! A fluffy ball with golden eyes! So cute!! Aaaah 😭😭💕