INH: Chapter 55

The brilliant gold eyes that were like the sun shocked the Fields people. They didn’t dare to continue to look directly. Meanwhile, the reaction of the Zerg were different.

In terms of racial nature, the Zerg soldiers always performed their attacks with absolute reason and coldness. They wouldn’t shake in the slightest until the enemy was completely wiped out but that wasn’t the case this time.

Even during the battle, the Zerg soldiers who saw Gu Huai’s eyes turn into gold vertical pupils came to a slight halt. These eyes had a great attraction for them. The desire to surrender, which was originally rooted in the heart, became more prominent and stirred up. The thing that really made these Zerg soldiers stop was the realization that their king was protecting them.

This discovery was mentally stimulating for all the Zerg present. On one hand, their hearts were hit by something hot. On the other hand, these Zerg soldiers felt that they couldn’t accept this scene.

They should be the ones protecting the king. In the event of a fight, it was up to them to keep any danger out of the way and protect their king. This was what they wanted to do and was the meaning of their existence. Their king was still a baby. How could the other person participate in a dangerous battle? What would they do if the king was injured?

This thought made the Zerg soldiers completely tense. They felt an emotion like joy due to Gu Huai’s protection but at the same time, they were inspired by a stronger protectiveness. They were conflicting ideas but this was how the Zerg soldiers felt now.

The sudden tearing of a warship disrupted the pace of the rebels’ offensive. The terrible situation in front of them was so unrealistic that the rebels couldn’t help feeling a bit of fear.

Alves’ tail was always surrounding Gu Huai. In the face of such a battle, Alves would normally find the right opponent and immerse himself in the battle to vent. Fighting could make Alves feel a certain sense of pleasure. Yet at this time, Alves suppressed his militant nature. He didn’t find an opponent and instead stayed by Gu Huai’s side.

Alves quickly solved the beam weapons that the rebels on the ground near Gu Huai. His space ability could easily twist the weapons in the hands of the rebels into a pile of scrap iron. As for why he didn’t directly twist the person’s body, it was because Gu Huai said to try and keep them alive.

After taking care of some of the enemies pointing weapons at Gu Huai on the ground, Alves ripped apart a space in the sky. There was a huge roar from the torn space and the flanks of another warship were moved. The sides were completely severed.

The second rebel warship was destroyed. The Fields students on the ground watched and didn’t know if they should keep panicking. Was it so easy to demolish a warship?

Normal learning told these students: of course not.

In the normal sense, if you wanted to fight a warship then you either needed to send a warship of the same specifications or use a weapon like an orbital gun. Now in front of their eyes, the Zerg race had two people who could destroy such a behemoth with ability alone.

Compared to the number of rebels, the Fields and Zerg troops on the ground weren’t dominant. However, the Zerg soldiers who entered a fighting state were tricky and terrible. The rebel ground troops couldn’t occupy the advantage.

Any attack on the king was seen as a declaration of war on the entire Zerg race. The stimulus of a strong desire to protect meant the fighting ability of the Zerg soldiers were improved by almost one level. The rebels hadn’t yet accepted the demolition of their two warships when the next unexpected change was ushered in.

All around their warships, Yula warships appeared one after another. None of these Yula warships were operated by the control room, They had received Gu Huai’s spiritual link. The Yula warships waiting at the airport directly changed to destroyer class warships and headed straight to the academy.

The rebels had taken advantage of the loopholes in the planetary defense system. The Levin army was too late to response and the school surrounded by the rebels shouldn’t receive any support from them.

The problem was that Gu Huai was here and the Zerg Yula warships were unknown technology. Within a short time, a large oppressive area of icy blackness surrounded the rebel warships. This blackness was the fleet of Yula warships.

“Just destroy the power system.” A spiritual link was established and Gu Huai passed on his thoughts to these Yula warships.

The Yula warships received the spiritual link and flickered their ship lights. They liked to hear Gu Huai’s voice but through the spiritual link, the Yula warships could feel the emotion passed on from Gu Huai.

It was unhappiness. In every previous spiritual link, they had felt calm and gentle emotions. This was the first time they felt an emotion like this. It was due to these warships in the sky that the king was unhappy. Due to this understanding, the lights of the Yula warships suddenly turned a sharp red. If Gu Huai wasn’t happy then they weren’t happy.

The angry Yula warshpis immediately locked onto the targets. Their weapon system started, ready for use, and the orbital gun started to charge energy. No fleet would dare to be careless when facing a Yula warship and the rebel fleet was no exception. They were on full alert for the first time. Facing the weapon system that had been started, the rebel fleet was preparing to dodge but the situation didn’t go as smoothly as they thought.

“What’s going on? The warships can’t move?!” The people in the control room were sweating. The weapons of the Yula warships were very quick and one second of delay was fatal. Now their warships seemed to have solidified in the sky. They were completely immobile.

In the second that it took the Yula warships’ weapons to charge, the personnel in the rebel warships couldn’t restrain themselves and beat helplessly on the console. However, their warships remained stationary in the sky.

It was like an invisible force was around the battleship, constantly squeezing them and locking them firmly in this position. Gu Huai’s eyes focused on these rebel warships. The more the warships tried to move, the more distinct the gold colour of his eyes became.

It was like the burning sun. The unmoving rebel warships were easily targeted by the Yula warships and their power systems accurately destroyed. The power system was destroyed and these iron warships were forced o fall in a straight line, hitting the ground with a loud noise. The ground was rocked violently by the impact.

Still, the warship’s defense system was intact. Hitting the ground in this way didn’t damage the warship, simply incapacitating them. Gu Huai was very unhappy that the rebels hurt his Zerg but even angry, Gu Huai was ready to leave them alive. It was because he knew the reason for the rebel uprising.

The rebel warships in the sky fell to the ground one after another. The sky above the imperial academy soon became empty and Gu Huai finally blinked once all the rebel warships in the sky had completely fallen to the ground.

The continuous use of power wasn’t easy for Gu Huai. He was a bit tired. To be precise, he was a bit sleepy. The degree of mental strength consumed to use this power was a very scary value. It wasn’t a small burden even for Gu Huai.

The riot could be considered to be over. All the Fields students and human forces in the auditorium thought so. Then at this time, a ship that had originally fallen to the ground and lost its ability to move suddenly started.

The warship should belong to the rebel leader. The guns of the Yula warships had indeed destroyed the warship’s power system but this was an unconventional warship with dual power systems. The secondary power system was activated at this time.

Hammer, who had come with the humans and was watching not far away, called out. “It is about to make a space leap!”

It was too late to intercept.

Countdown to the leap: 3, 2, 1…


There was the sound of warship parts breaking. After a few seconds, the rebooted rebel warship failed to make a successful space leap. Instead, it seemed to be under an invisible pressure as the ship slammed into the ground again. The damage to the warship’s defense system was another 10%.

There was no conflict before leaving them alive and his anger. Gu Huai meant all of them must be alive and not a single one could leave. He quietly watched the warship that hit the ground and slowly closed the hand that was stretched out toward it.

In the eyes of everyone, following Gu Huai’s action, the warship trapped on the ground was squeezed under a terrifying pressure. Then came the sound of parts breaking down all over the ship. Once Gu Huai’s hand was completely closed, the iron warship made of an extremely strong alloy material was completely squeezed and deformed from inside to outside. All the ship’s systems were down.

Apart from being able to accommodate people inside, the warship was now equivalent to an extremely large piece of scrap iron. The people watching the scene were now silent. They looked at the black-haired young surrounded by Zerg soldiers and the shock in their hearts was indescribable.

This was the king of the Zerg race.

The author has something to say:

Cool Bao in front of people (coolly don’t talk): ……

Huaibao away from people (sleepily rubbing his eyes): tearing up from tiredness.

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