INH: Chapter 54

Since only lovers could kiss that position and progress was interrupted, Alves looked colder than usual. Behind him, the silver-grey tail was swinging due to the owner’s mood. The Zerg who received the spiritual link were frightened and ran up to the second floor to reach their king but the entrance of the room was blocked by Alves.

The low pressure emitted from Alves was obvious and his pupils narrowed. Gu Huai realized what he had done and immediately covered his face, but he still hurried to appease the anxious Zerg. “Nothing happened, I just accidentally scared myself.”

Seeing that Gu Huai was well, the Zerg relaxed their tight nerves. In fact, the emotion that Gu Huai passed through the spiritual link wasn’t simple fright. There was also a bit of embarrassment mixed in. However, the Zerg didn’t understand this emotion and just thought that Gu Huai wasn’t completely frightened.

After taking care of the chaos caused by being unable to control his mental strength, Gu Huai returned to his room, scratched his cheek and sighed with relief. Then he turned his head and found that he had relaxed too early.

Alves was still tense by his side. His tail was swinging hard in the air and he was obviously unhappy.

“How can you always be unhappy?” Gu Huai felt there might be something wrong with his perception but he thought this big cat was cute every time he saw Alves’ unhappy appearance.

Alves’ mouth pursed and he remained silent as his tail hung motionless.

“Will you be happy if I kiss you?” Gu Huai suddenly asked.

Alves remained silent and his cold side profile didn’t change, but the silver-grey tail behind him moved slightly. Gu Huai saw the movement of that tail and his eyes couldn’t help showing a little smile. “Two times?”

The tail moved more obviously than before. Alves watched Gu Huai and relented, “I’m not unhappy.”

After saying this, Alves seemed to be quietly waiting for Gu Huai’s action. Gu Huai saw the big cat’s performance and immediately wanted to pull his tail. “Since you’re not unhappy then I won’t kiss you.”

Gu Huai said this and saw Alves’ mouth flattening, his tail shaking honestly. Gu Huai really thought the big cat’s reaction was cute. He coughed and pulled at the other person’s clothes with his hands, signalling to Alves to bow his head.

Alves lowered his head and Gu Huai kissed the other person twice in accordance with his promise. Seeing that the big cat was comforted by these two kisses, Gu Huai asked, “Just now… who taught you to lick when kissing?”

Alves cocked his head. “The Star Network.”

Gu Huai, “…”

“The Star Network said that a lover’s kiss involved sticking out the tongue.” Alves explained with a blank expression. However, he was interrupted before he could achieve it so Alves was in a bad mood.

Gu Huai heard this and suddenly choked. “Cough cough…”

“Don’t learn messy things from there.” Gu Huai’s expression was strained.

Alves gazed into Gu Huai’s eyes and responded. “Not messy.”

Alves had looked at the required courses on the Star Network such as:

[How to Show Weakness to your Lover]

[How to Make your Lover’s Bottom Line Retreat]

[How to Treat your Lover]

[50 Questions about Getting Along in Love]


Gu Huai didn’t delve into this matter. Since he had a habit of napping, he told Alves that he was a bit sleepy. Then he curled up on the sofa and fell asleep. Once Gu Huai fell asleep, Alves carried him to the bed and then looked down at him.

There was a hole in his heart. Once he saw Gu Huai, the hole in Alves’ heart was filled. It was like a dragon who had found a treasure lost for a long time. Once Gu Huai appeared in his vision, the irritability and destructive desire would disappear from Alves’ world.

Listening to the young man’s quiet breathing in bed, Alves didn’t move his feet. He stood quietly, silently guarding the young man’s side.

The next day, Gu Huai accompanied Aiyi to go to the school where he had an accident the day before yesterday. In any case, he had already attracted the attention of the entire school so he let the Zerg follow him this time.

“Levin Star is a bit cold.” Gu Huai spoke softly while breathing into his hand.

Despite coming to this planet for a few days, Gu Huai still hadn’t fully adapted to the weather of this planet.

It was already springtime in Tuser and was about to enter summer. He came here from Tuser and it suddenly changed from spring back to winter, meaning the temperature difference was slightly large.

Seeing Gu Huai rub his hands together, Alves silently took off his words. He pulled Gu Huai’s hand over and put the gloves on Gu Huai’s hand. Gu Huai blinked and didn’t move as Alves helped him wear the gloves. They were military gloves and didn’t suit Gu Huai’s regular outfit. However, since Alves was standing next to him in a military uniform and took off his gloves, this mismatch seemed to have become another type of affinity.

This time he came to school and met the exchange student he had been impersonating the day before yesterday.

This year’s exchange students were personally sent over by the president of the Earth Federation’s military academy. The reason for this arrangement was because the president of the federal military academy ha something to discuss with the principal of the Fields’ imperial academy.

The federation president and retired admiral had wide eyes when he saw Shen Mu and Hammer in the Zerg camp.

“Hello, Uncle.” Among the Zerg, Hammer smiled awkwardly and politely greeted the admiration.

Why call him Uncle? It was mainly because this was Shen Mu’s father. Admiral Shen thought that his son had died in the hands of the star pirates. He hadn’t received any news of his son for several months and even held a funeral for the other person. He hadn’t expected to see his son among the Zerg today.

This sudden reunion left Admiral Shen wondering for a moment if he should be happy that his only son was alive or afraid because he suspected that his son was captured by the Zerg. The reason he used ‘suspected’ was because Admiral Shen saw the two people on the Zerg side seemed to be treated well. This made him doubt his own eyes. Since they were senior members of the Earth Federation’s military department, they were escorted by a group of humans. Once they encountered the Zerg envoy, the Fields people were nervous.

The Fields’ principal was afraid that the human and Zerg forces would fight in the school. However, the two sides stood opposite each other and there was no conflict.

Admiral Shen had an indescribable expression. Before Shen Mu could say anything, Hammer hurriedly opened his mouth out of a strong desire for survival. “Don’t misunderstand. We absolutely didn’t betray humans.”

The moment the human forces and Zerg forces met, both sides seemed to have an automatic button on their bodies and they were suddenly on alert. In particular, Gu Huai’s presence meant the Zerg’s pupils shrank.

The scene was eventually broken by Gu Huai.

“Hello.” Gu Huai took off his gloves and extended his right hand to the human admiral in front of him.

Admiral Shen had seen all types of big scenes but he was obviously stunned at this moment.

Gu Huai’s appearance wasn’t circulated in the Star Network but the characteristics of black eyes and black hair were widely known. Seeing Gu Huai surrounded by so many Zerg, it wasn’t difficult to guess his identity.

The scene of the Zerg king shaking hands with a human admiral was incredible.

Thanks to Gu Huai’s move, the atmosphere between the two forces facing each other eased and it wasn’t as tense as before. Admiral Shen immediately took off his gloves and held the hand of the young man opposite him.

Since the Zerg had taken the initiative to show friendship with the outside world, humans didn’t have to be hostile to the Zerg. There was just a long gap and estrangement left over from the old era of war between humans and Zerg. The elimination of this estrangement would take some time. It was impossible not to remember his only son. After shaking hands, Admiral Shen opened his mouth, “Can I ask what conditions are needed to release these two prisoners?”

Gu Huai replied with a light smile. “You might’ve misunderstood. They are important guests of the Zerg race, not prisoners.”

The word ‘guest’ caught Admiral Shen off guard and then he heard words that were even more startling.

“Our Zerg fleet found the two human officers on the warship of the star pirates. They were being imprisoned and the Zerg rescued them to Tuser.” Gu Huai narrated without changing his expression.

The moment this sentence came out, it wasn’t only Admiral Shen who was surprised. Even the two people who were the topic were stunned. Why did they feel like what they heard wasn’t quite right…??

Gu Huai didn’t lie. His entire sentence was the truth. At that time, the Zerg could indeed be considered as ‘rescuing them.’ It was obviously the truth but Shen Mu and Hammer had a complicated feeling that something was wrong, but they couldn’t describe it. Meanwhile, the reaction of the Zerg was much simpler. The process of thinking they went through was:

Q: Did they rescue these two humans?

A: It doesn’t seem to be the case.

Conclusion: It is since the king said so.

All the Zerg at the scene were expressionless. This combined with the silence of Shen Mu and Hammer meant that Admiral Shen was speechless for a few seconds.

“I’m sorry that I misunderstood you. I can’t represent the Earth Federation but on my own behalf, I’ very grateful for the Zerg’s rescue.” Admiral Shen had fatherly feelings for both people and his thanks were sincere.

Gu Huai nodded and wasn’t timid at all about accepting the thanks. “You’re welcome.”

Before the other side could open his mouth, Gu Huai spoke first. “The two officers have been with the Zerg fora long time. I had intended to send them back after returning to Tuser from Levin but since I met you by chance, I hope you can take them back.”

Admiral Shen had nothing to say and had to express his gratitude again. The Zerg and human forces were able to act in harmony and this directly stunned the Fields people. Shen Mu and Hammer were now going to join the ranks of the humans. Before going over, Shen Mu received a farewell gift.

“Um… this isn’t toxic right?” Seeing Lisa hand over a silver handkerchief to Shen Mu, Hammer couldn’t help gulping and asking a bit anxiously.

Before Lisa could answer, Shen Mu accepted the handkerchief. “Thank you.”

After taking the handkerchief, Shen Mu did nothing. Hammer waited a few seconds for his gift only to see Lisa just walking away. Hammer’s expression of anticipation suddenly froze in his face. He turned his head and asked, “Wait, this isn’t fair. Why are you the only one who received a gift?”

During his stay with the Zerg, this wasn’t the first time Hammer had felt this unfair treatment but it wasn’t so obvious before…

For example, during the time when the two of them were in Tuser’s prison, Shen Mu’s meals were always better than his. This time it was so obvious that Hammer felt that his young heart was hurt.

Shen Mu’s expression was unchanged as he calmly thought about the most likely reason. “It is probably because of his appearance.”

If they weren’t familiar with each other, Hammer might think that Shen Mu was mocking him.


Hammer looked at Shen Mu’s standard Oriental face. He noticed that Shen Mu had the same black hair and black eyes as the young man surrounded by the Zerg and fell into silence. Black eyes and round pupils were the current highest aesthetic of the Zerg race. For those who met the highest aesthetic standard, the Zerg’s approach to them would naturally be better.

This incident ended and Gu Huai took the Zerg to the place where Aiyi would teach today. In order to allow all the students to attend, the lecture was set up in the school auditorium. The auditorium was already full of students. Gu Huai went to the spot the school had prepared for them, sat down and then looked at the stage.

Today’s instructor, Aiyi had gone to the podium and faced the thousands of students in the auditorium. Aiyi’s lecture was very concise. “It is practical teaching. Anyone can come to the podium and fight against me with your abilities. You have three minutes.”

Gu Huai coughed. This result was actually a bit expected. He also felt that his Zerg couldn’t give a theoretical class on fighting. The Fields students in the auditorium were eager to try it. They heard that the Isadore ethnic group was similar to the Fields race in that they were born with better mental strength than others.

In front of them was an alpha class Isadore Zerg, only of the four Zerg army leaders. How powerful would the other person be?

The Fields students were young and they were only curious about strength. They hadn’t learned how to be afraid so they still dared to fight. However, Aiyi quickly let them feel the gap. He gave them three minutes to fight but the students who came to the stage couldn’t even hold on for one minute. Aiyi didn’t move seriously but they were out of the match in five seconds on average.

Aiyi just stood still. He predicted the future a few seconds ahead of him and eliminated the students in the simplest and fastest way. Unlike other Zerg, Aiyi didn’t like to attack with anything other than his ability. He always used it to resolve enemies and the only exception was today.

After Aiyi simply eliminated another student, the next student was getting up when Aiyi’s pupils suddenly shrunk and he moved to Gu Huai under the stage.

“?” Gu Huai made an expression of doubt.

Alves and the other two army leaders didn’t have any doubts. As a result of Aiyi’s actions, they were immediately on alert and Alves circled Gu Huai’s body with his tail. The moment Gu Huai was surrounded by his tail, the dome of the school auditorium was blown open.


Deafening blasts rang out. Large and small stones fell down from the destroyed dome and the auditorium immediately became a mess. The students’ screams rang out. Through the blasted dome, the students and mentors in the auditorium saw warships in the sky. They were all marked with the symbol of rebels.

Due to the inequality within the Fields race, the dark red-skinned Fields suffered a lot of unfair treatment and even racial discrimination. Thus, they joined together to form the rebel army. The rebel ranks had grown and this day, they decided to cause a riot on Levin Star and they chose the imperial academy.

The raid caught everyone off guard. The rebels had found loopholes in Levin’s planetary defense. One of them, a Fields person who worked in the department related to the defense system, was angry because of unfair treatment and joined the rebels. This loophole meant that Levin didn’t send an invasion alarm at this time.

Even if Levin’s army came now, it would be too late to rescue the school. The rebels were determined to express their dissatisfaction with their own race with this raid. They didn’t hesitate to point their guns at the innocent people present.

It wasn’t just the auditorium. The other buildings in the school were similarly damaged. Once it was found that the students were concentrated in the auditorium, it was surrounded by rebel soldiers who landed on the ground.

The Fields students present felt fear. The tutors and principal felt hope when they thought about the group of Zerg in their school. However, the warships in the sky extinguished their hopes.

The Zerg might be powerful but they couldn’t use the power of their bodies against the giant warships.

Large and small stones continued to fall from the broken dome. The large slates that fell first toward Gu Huai were crushed to powder by the tall Alves. The smaller stones were blocked by the Tak Zerg who were closest to Gu Huai.

After discovering the stones falling from the sky, the Tak Zerg guarding Gu Huai’s side immediately made a sharp hiss. It used its huge body to cover Gu Huai, letting the small stones continue to fall on its back. No matter how many small stones smashed into them, the Tak Zerg were still motionless. As long as the Tak Zerg stopped it like this, it wouldn’t hit the baby and their baby wouldn’t get hurt.

“Karu…” Gu Huai looked at the Tak Zerg repeatedly being hit on the back by small stones in front of him and subconsciously reached out. Gu Huai made this action but the Tak Zerg immediately made a low hissing sound. This was in response to the baby’s call but to also tell the baby not to move in order to not expose his body to the stones.

“Karu.” Gu Huai’s eyes slightly widened.

The more the small stones fell on the Tak Zerg’s back, the more Gu Huai felt a familiar emotion rise inside him. This emotion was accumulating.

The rebels surrounding the auditorium started to advance and as the rebel soldiers pointed their weapons inside the auditorium, an area which included Gu Huai, the pupils of the Zerg shrank into obvious thin lines and they were in a clear state of rage.

The Zerg were very powerful but the enemy was driving warships. There was no chance of winning…

The Fields in the auditorium were desperately thinking this when something happened in the sky that stunned them. A huge distortion appeared above the crowd and absorbed all the falling rocks. Then the warship closest to the dome seemed to be pulled by some huge external force and made a creaking sound.

Just like a rubber band being pulled to the maximum, this warship was pulled by some type of invisible force and parts of the ship’s body were torn suddenly. A good warship was torn apart in an instant. The scene stunned both the rebels and the Fields students.

Alves had this ability but this time, it wasn’t something that he did. The Fields people present followed the fluctuations of energy and found that the power came from the black-haired young man surrounded by Alves’ tail.

Gu Huai gazed at the sky and his eyes turned to golden vertical pupils. The colour of the gold vertical pupils was more vivid and warm than that of the alpha class Zerg. It had a heat comparable to the sun and was as brilliant as the stars.

This was real gold.

The author has something to say:

His parents were hit by a small stone. Huaibao was so angry that he tore apart the battleship.

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1 year ago

So amazing! I was wondering when we could see more of his power, yey! Thanks for the translation <3

9 months ago

Finally showing true power of Zerg king. Really shocking ..
Thank you for the translation.

7 months ago

Damn, no one is going to be underestimating Huai Bao after this! He’s usually so calm, but his family is his bottom line and no one can touch that!

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