INH: Chapter 53

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The principal tried very hard to decline. He showed a sincere expression and said that the school didn’t need the Zerg to compensate them.

Not only were they interested in establishing diplomatic relations with the Zerg, tomorrow there would be a Zerg at the school to teach students. In order to consider the long-term friendly relations between the two sides in the future, they couldn’t help expressing their attitude on this matter.

Once the principal said this, the reaction on the Zerg side was—

The expressionless Alves, “……”

Capalia frowned and the sharp knife-shaped left hand accidentally scratched the ground.

“Humph.” Simodo’s huge body moved as he made a dull hum.

Finally, Aiyi declared, “We refuse.”

The principal made a stiff smile and froze again.

‘We refuse your refusal. You can’t refuse.’

The principal understood this idea and quietly replied, “Then… I’ll follow your thoughts.”

He said there was no need for compensation but the Zerg insisted on paying. He had never encountered this type of situation before and the smile on the principal’s face became more and more difficult.

Once the four Zerg returned home from the school, Gu Huai was lying on the couch in the hall and watching a holographic TV series. He quickly sat upright and looked at them, asking, “Did it go well? What is the reaction of the school people?”

What was the reaction…

The expressions of the four Zerg were unanimous and they didn’t immediately answer. Aiyi reflected on this and raised his hand, righting his clothes. “They smiled very happily.”

Smiled very happily. Then there didn’t seem to be a problem.

Gu Huai had no doubts and soon put down his worries. “Well, that’s good.”

Aiyi would go back to the school tomorrow. Gu Huai thought about it and said, “I will go to school with you tomorrow.”

He knew that his Zerg didn’t have the experience of being a teacher. Gu Huai felt that it was more prudent to take a look. Aiyi had a very shallow smile on his face and nodded in response. “This subordinate understands. I’ll be waiting for you to leave tomorrow.”

Today he could still move freely on Levin Star. Gu Huai spoke to the Zerg following him that they could go anywhere they wanted on the planet. They didn’t have to stay with him.

Levin Star, in general, was a good planet. Gu Huai felt there were enough guards around him. Gu Huai told this to all the Zerg in the room and they were motionless. Suddenly, they were staring at him.

“Your Majesty, we don’t have a place to go.” A Zerg soldier said.

“We want to see you.” Another Zerg soldier opened his mouth. The place they most wanted to be was beside their king. There was no place more attractive to them than their king. They just wanted to be with the king and didn’t want to go anywhere else.

Gu Huai was watched by so many Zerg and couldn’t help changing his words. “If there is no place you want to go then don’t go.”

Gu Huai said this and the Zerg were still cold-faced, but Gu Huai could sense joy from them. As long as Gu Huai was here, even if he stayed in the house all the time, these Zerg wouldn’t feel bored at all.

The moving king. The Zerg were happy even if they watched Gu Huai sleeping on the sofa.

Gu Huai didn’t plan to go out today. However, looking at his family’s Zerg, he decided to go outside. He went out yesterday and didn’t let them follow him. If he didn’t go out today, the Zerg around him would go out and would be stuck in the house for two days. The Zerg didn’t care about this but Gu Huai felt bad. Since they went to another planet, he should let his Zerg see the beautiful places outside.

“I’m going out. Are you going out with me?” Gu Huai’s tone had no question. The moment he finished, the Zerg in the house were ready to go out.

Gu Huai went out with a large group of Zerg and inevitably gathered a lot of attention but the Fields people living in the capital of Levin Star were prepared for the visit from the Zerg and didn’t panic.

After visiting a few stores on the commercial street, Gu Huai found that the Tak Zerg suddenly stood still. Not only did they stand still, but they were also staring at a dark blue gem ball in the store with scarlet eyes, making a hissing sound from their throats. So many large-sized Tak Zerg stopped at the door of the store, causing the store owner to feel very stressed.

Gu Huai quickly approached the display cabinet and saw what had caught the Tak Zerg’s attention. He looked up at the Tak Zerg and asked, “Karu, do you want this thing?”

The Tak Zerg’s name was called by Gu Huai and slightly bowed its head to Gu Huai, once again letting out a low hiss. They couldn’t grab everything they liked. Gu Huai had previously told them this so the Tak Zerg didn’t directly snatch this master gem ball.

Gu Huai heard a positive response but he was penniless and couldn’t buy it at this time. He could only look at the price of the item and subconsciously turned his eyes to the nearest Alves. Alves received Gu Huai’s gaze and said nothing. He just moved forward without a word to buy the gem ball.

After buying it, Alves put the gem ball directly into Gu Huai’s hand. Gu Huai handed the gem ball to the Tak Zerg but none of them took the gem ball away.

He was watched by dozens of scarlet eyes and Gu Huai suddenly understood. “You want this gem ball… to give to me?”

The scarlet pupils of the Tak Zerg shrank slightly and they hissed at Gu Huai. Their baby had too few toy balls. These Tak Zerg remembered that Gu Huai liked such a toy ball and wanted to collect a bit more for Gu Huai, but they hadn’t seen any that looked good before. There were some beautiful stones with irregular shapes but the stones weren’t completely round, so they couldn’t be used as toy ball for their baby.

Hearing the response, Gu Huai put the dark blue gem ball into his pocket. Then he opened his arms and hugged the Tak Zerg in front of him. Due to the difference in body size between the two people, this scene became like a little man opening his arms and sticking to a giant.

Alves looked at the scene and said nothing. However, after returning, he silently looked around Gu Huai’s room. Gu Huai received the gaze but he didn’t understand why the big cat was looking at him so.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Huai asked.

Alves heard the words and circled Gu Huai with his tail. Then he watched Gu Huai from up close and asked, “I don’t get a reward?”

Reward? Gu Huai heard this and thought carefully before understanding that the other side might be referring to the matter of buying a gem ball. It really seemed like it…

Gu Huai just thought so when he felt the tail around him tightening a bit. Then he heard Alves speak in a low, cold voice, “Chirp Chirp also wants a reward.”

Who could stand it? Once Alves said so, Gu Huai couldn’t calmly face the other side’s gaze.

“…What reward do you want?” Gu Huai had just asked this question when he realize what answer Alves might give him and a less natural expression appeared on his face. Alves didn’t answer and bowed his head directly toward Gu Huai’s cheek. However, the kiss didn’t stop at the cheek and gradually moved closer to Gu Huai’s lips.

Gu Huai was slightly frozen and didn’t move. The gentle touch on his cheek was soon transferred to the corner of his lips. Alves’ kiss stopped here. After confirming that Gu Huai didn’t refuse, Alves finally placed his cool lips against Gu Huai’s lips, really kissing the other person.

Gu Huai’s ear tips immediately turned red. Usually, the first kiss should be a light touch but in Gu Huai’s eyes, the big silver cat didn’t follow the usual methods. Not only did he touch them, he even licked them like ice cream without any warning.

「——! 」

A spiritual link was formed. It was too late to prevent it. Gu Huai accidentally released a small-scale spiritual link, causing the Zerg in the first floor hall to instantly react.

“The king—!”

“His Majesty.”

A group of Zerg ran to Gu Huai’s room. They hadn’t managed to open the door when the door was opened from the inside. Alves stood at the door, looking at them in an expressionless manner.

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