INH: Chapter 5

The voice conveyed in his consciousness was very light, like it was talking in its sleep.

The spiritual link continued but the owner of the voice no longer spoke.

His ears still instinctively captured all the sounds in his environment but the sounds that made Alves irritable and impatient seemed to disappear. All he could hear was the shallow breathing in his consciousness.

This wasn’t the first time Alves had heard the sound. Like the other Zerg, he received the brief spiritual link two days ago.

At that time, he was in the middle of battle and in a high combat state.

Unlike the other Zerg, Alves didn’t feel any subservience because of this spiritual link.

Perhaps it was due to being an alpha-class Zerg or because he was a different type from the rest of the Zerg, but he was only irritated by this spiritual link.

He didn’t understand why but this irritability was so sharp that he almost wanted to give up his sanity.

Now, the second time he heard the voice, he was appeased.

It was hard to understand the difference between the two times but the sound of breathing now caused Alves to subconsciously shake his silver tail. The terribly cold pressure around him was reduced to an ordinary indifference.

This meaning was clear.

Alger, who had been hiding a few metres away, soon found the difference and ran over.

“Leader, where are we going next?” Alger suppressed the wavering in his heart and looked at the silver-haired Zerg in front of him.

Alves’ expression was cold and he didn’t immediately answer. At his silence, Alger added, “There is something to report to you. Some of our soldiers left alone but this subordinate didn’t stop them…”

He was unable to stop them.

In Alger’s heart, he might not be able to leave to find the king but he hoped the other Zerg would find him.

He wanted the precious thing he hadn’t seen to be protected. Therefore, Alger didn’t try to control the Zerg who should’ve been considered as traitors.

His restraint had already been shaken to the limits. It wasn’t just Alger. The Zerg soldiers watched their colleagues leave and were influenced by the same selfish desire. Therefore, they didn’t see this as a betrayal.

Even one person was fine. If one person could quickly find the king and protect him…

“Why didn’t you and the others leave? Nothing was said about betrayal.” Alves asked in an expressionless manner.

“If you want to leave, Yula should go with you.” Alves’ tone was cold, which was why it was so difficult to discern emotions.

Yula referred to the Zerg’s biological warships.

Like the Tak, the Yula were an ethnic group that specialized in providing transportation, air combat and other assistance to the Zerg.

In stark contrast to the warships of the other races, the Zerg ship had a consciousness. In the eyes of other races, they were a monster that could transform at will.

“Don’t think that we can betray you so easily… we can’t search without you giving an order.” Alger stated. “However, I don’t know what the Yula is thinking. The worst result is the Yula leaving us without warning.”

It was really possible. If a self-conscious warship wanted to leave then it could make a space leap and leave the current planet. The Zerg couldn’t go into space on their own.

From Alger’s perspective, their Yula warship might not be far from becoming angry.

“Then let’s go.” Alves stopped looking at him and moved towards the battleship.

Where were they going?

Alger didn’t immediately ask the question. He followed the indifferent silver-haired Zerg and somehow came to a surprising conclusion.

“You mean… go and look for the king?” Alger couldn’t hide the joy in his tone.

Alves didn’t deny it, which was a default agreement. The high-grade Zerg on the warship who received the news entered a state of jubilation.

The Zerg race lacked emotions. This made it difficult for them to feel strong emotions. Therefore, the euphoria in their heart was unprecedented for them.

Compared to humans who smiled when happy and cried when sad, both emotions and expressions were too strange to the Zerg.

Therefore, the high-grade Zerg were clearly very happy but they didn’t know what type of expression should be used to convey this emotion.

The group of high-grade Zergs were currently having a discussion.

“What type of gift should I give the king when I see him?”

“I don’t know what type of gift the king would like…”

“Will the king be glad to see us?”

The more they talked, the brighter the eyes of the high-grade Zerg became. Alger resisted joining in the discussion and stood next to their leader. He said, “The king’s spiritual link to us was too short and there is no way to determine the specific location. What planet do you think it is better to start with?”

“He is here.” Alves opened a virtual star chart and directly pointed to a very remote starfield.

The previous spiritual link was so short that even Alger couldn’t determine the location. The fact that their leader could so accurately know the location meant…

“The king… called you?” Alger couldn’t help asking.


Alves listened quietly to the breathing in his consciousness. The sound had silenced his world and without knowing what attitude he wanted to use, he responded without any emotion.

Hearing this, Alger settled down his heart.

This range was much better than having no range. Searching the star field didn’t take much time and they would soon be able to rummage through all the stars in this star field.

However, even if the Yula ship used the highest speed in its excitement, they still took three days to arrive at this remote star field.

On the day that the high-grade Zerg arrived, Gu Huai was together with the Tak Zerg. He held an umbrella and explored the part of the forest that he hadn’t been able to previously explore.

In the past few days, Gu Huai had used his ability to create enough umbrellas and taught these Tak Zerg how to use the umbrellas.

“Raise it above your head like this, so you don’t get caught in the rain.” Gu Huai raised the umbrella as a demonstration, carefully showing these Tak Zerg the correct umbrella posture.

After the demonstration, Gu Huai handed his umbrella to the Tak Zerg in front of him, looking up at the other side.

The Tak Zerg extended part of its forearm and clamped onto the umbrella handle. The scarlet eyes stared at the umbrella for a while before raising the umbrella above Gu Huai’s head.

Gu Huai hadn’t expected this result and helplessly scratched his cheek. He looked into the Tak Zerg’s scarlet vertical pupils and patiently explained, “You have to lift it above your own head.”

It wasn’t enough to just say so. Gu Huai pushed the umbrella above his head and pushed it towards the Tak Zerg holding it for him.

It was only once this umbrella had gone to the right place that Gu Huai’s eyes curved. “Yes, that’s it.”

This planet had nothing for entertainment but this didn’t stop Gu Huai from entertaining himself. Exploring a new location was also very interesting in Gu Huai’s eyes.

The grey-blue sky was drizzling again. Gu Huai sat on the shoulder of a Tak Zerg and was carried into the small forest. Thanks to the umbrella, the Tak Zerg around Gu Huai didn’t have to use their bodies to block the rain.

Once both feet were on the ground, Gu Huai walked with his umbrella to the place he wanted to go a few days ago.

It was on the edge of a huge stone. A small and pure white flower grew in the gap between the stone and the ground.

At this time, the huge Yula battleship had just landed on the planet.

It landed on this abandoned planet and more than a hundred high-grade Zerg descended, falling silent at the barren scenery in front of them.

Their king was born on this planet…

It was severely polluted and the sky had become grey-blue. Sand was flying and in places covered by dust and sand, some abandoned buildings that were destroyed and buried after they collapsed could be seen.

This was a common sight for abandoned planets.

In the interstellar era, there were many livable planets and many resources stars were regarded as one-time consumables. The occupants consumed resources without any limits until the value of the planet was completely drained. The planet would become an abandoned planet.

The environment of the abandoned planet was so bad that it was impossible for people of some races to step foot on it without wearing protective clothing, let alone live on such a planet.

According to records, this planet should’ve been abandoned more than a hundred years ago.

What kind of planet would their king be born on?

Before coming to this star field, the high-grade Zerg spared no effort to imagine it.

They hoped their king was born on a beautiful planet with gentle sunshine, a soft breeze and was green and vibrant.

The sight was hard for them to accept.

“Once we find the king, we will occupy beautiful planets to give to the king. The human planets are very beautiful.” A high-grade Zerg suddenly spoke.

“How is one enough? We will occupy them all and let the king pick himself.”

“Go and look at the star rating of the planets. We will grab the planet with the highest rating first.”

If a planet could think then the good-looking planets were probably alarmed right now. It was because every Zerg talking about stealing were serious.

Such a discussion in the presence of their leader could be called a transgression but Alves only gave instructions for his subordinates to disperse and search.

The planet gave Alves a slight sense of familiarity but it wasn’t unusual for abandoned planets to look similar.

Once the person he was looking for woke up, the spiritual link to Alves’ consciousness was broken. The noisy sounds he thought had disappeared appeared again and his pent-up irritability accumulated again.

This accumulation speed inexplicably increased by several times than before. It was only a few days but he didn’t want to endure it.

Previously, Alves would’ve looked for an opponent to vent his irritation through fighting. However, now he was enduring it for an unknown reason.

His subordinates scattered to search. Alves looked in the east direction and chose to go in this direction.

Despite the black blindfold, Alves still knew there was a forest in the east.

In the forest, Gu Huai was crouched down in front of the little white flower he found. He didn’t want to pick the flower, he just wanted to crouch down to see it.

The root of the flower was injured and it might not survive.

Gu Huai stared at the injury on the flower’s root. He didn’t have the ability to heal the damage but he didn’t know if his mental strength could help this flower.

He would use a lot of his mental strength and probably fall asleep again.

In order to avoid falling asleep hungry, Gu Huai first took out an eggshell from his pocket and put it in his mouth to eat. Then he stretched out a finger and touched the petals of this flower.

Since he was concentrating on conveying his mental energy, Gu Huai didn’t find that the Tak Zerg in the vicinity suddenly became highly alert.

Despite being the same race, these Tak Zerg showed their sharp teeth and forearms. They showed wariness to the silver-haired Zerg who came to them.

However, they were facing an alpha class Zerg. The absolute hierarchy gap suppressed these Tak Zerg. At this time, they could only allow the other side to continue to approach.

Gu Huai didn’t hear any footsteps because he had managed to convey his mental strength to the injured flower in front of him. Then from his crouching perspective, a pair of black army boots appeared in his field of view.

Gu Huai looked up and saw a blindfolded silver-haired Zerg.

The silver-haired Zerg had an unusually handsome face. His thin lips were extraordinarily beautiful and even with his eyes blinded, his facial features seemed impeccable.

The other side was now bowing his head to ‘watch’ Gu Huai, cold and quiet.

The fine rain fell on the other side, leaving the silver hair slightly wet. Even so, the high-grade Zerg didn’t move.

He couldn’t look at people in the rain like this. Before speaking, Gu Huai stood up and approached the other person, holding the umbrella in his hand to the head of the silver-haired Zerg.

Alves couldn’t hear any sounds or see anything. At this time, he could only perceive Gu Huai’s existence and proximity. This way, quiet was instantly restored to his noisy world.

Alves couldn’t understand why but the silver tail, which reflected the owner’s true mood, instinctively swung. The tail wanted to get close to the young man but finally stopped at touching the ground.

This was the first time Alves had felt such a contradiction.

He wanted to see this man but he didn’t want to hurt this man. Therefore, he preferred not to see the other person.

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